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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 40-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 40 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 40-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp?

Questions about the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 40-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from AL - Alabama June 14, 2016


    As usual, great service from Brandon and Sweetwater. 2 day delivery from Indiana to Alabama not bad. Had a lot of great amps over the years just can't beat Fender tube amps. The clean channel with a touch of reverb has a sound of its own. Plenty of power and as loud as anyone could want.overdrive sounds great also. Plus it has a more drive channel, for nice leads. Just a all-around great amp. You will not go wrong with Sweetwater or this amp.

  • from May 30, 2016

    Hot Rod all the way

    I have been looking for an amp in the $700 price range. I wanted a really great warm clean tone that I could build upon with my pedals. I sometimes lead worship with electric so wanted the flexibility of a great sounding distortions with clean in the lower moments. This amp does not disappoint! I tried 3 amps - Fender blues deluxe re-issue - VOX AC15 - Fender Hot Rod III. I tried all amps side by side using a USA telecaster. I ran all the amps clean and was shocked out how mechanical and flat the VOX sounded in comparison to the other 2 amps. The blues junior deluxe and hot rod sound very similar thou I found the hod to have a slightly more cleaner purer sound. There was a very small amount of grit from the blues junior in comparison.
    Hot rods distortion tones were a lot better than any of the other amps and gave the tone I was really looking for. It has great head room and versatility to have a nice just a breaking point distortion to full on grunge sound. Handles both really well.
    I believe this amp is the best in its price range. I was actually shocked as well by the natural distortions the amp produces with the foot pedal it comes with. Great surprise.

  • from Ann Arbor, MI May 2, 2016Music Background:

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III Rocks!

    This was my first all-tube amp. I wanted something with smooth cleans and a nice drive channel. Well, this amp is it! The amp is very solid and by far road worthy. The power amp in and pre amp out makes this amp very versatile for running effects pedals or modeling amps in and also for recording.

    The footswitch and the cover were an added bonus. Thanks Drew Foster for helping me make the decision to go with this amp. I couldn't be happier!

  • from August 7, 2015

    Wow Sweetwater

    Got this great amp ordered on Thursday, arrived on Friday,,,, Super customer service, thanks Matt Fuller. No more searching the internet for gear, straight to Sweetwater. oh and the amp rocks, great clean and dirty, I can toss my pedals. Was worried it maybe too loud but the volume has been evened out compared to the old one.

  • from August 3, 2015Music Background:
    Played professionally

    Hot rod deluxe

    Excellent sounding amp,just what I've been looking for! Great Fender cleans and the overdrive channels are spot on,reminiscent of the old baseman amps.

  • from May 10, 2015


    This amp is absolutely amazing! It has shimmering cleans and extremely high headroom. I would never use another amp in this price range. The 1x12 with 40 watts is plenty for most applications. It is earpiercing with the volume at 3. The deville is only necessary if it you are playing for a large crowd and not miked up. Outstanding!!

  • from Fort Wayne, IN. February 20, 2015Music Background:
    ProMusician, Studio player, Live Sound

    That Fender Sound

    This is my second try at the Fender Hotrod. The first hotrod I bought from Sweetwater was great until something went haywire in the first week. Most likely a tube went bad. The floor level noise with the volume at zero was high at 30 to 40 db. Sweetwater took the amp back and I got a new one. So far the amp noise level is low. I have ran the amp for 30 hours so far and it’s a good one.
    I had a Fender Twin back in the 70’s and it was noisy and without humbuckers it’s a noise bucket.
    I then had solid state amps ever since that Twin. I decided to get a real guitar amp just recently and zeroed in on the best-selling amp in the world – Hot Rod Deluxe.
    My time that I have spent on the amp with my Godin with seymour duncan pickups, I have been blown away at the tone. I am using a Boss GT100 up front and I have found traditional guitar sounds from Wes Montgomery to Eric Johnson from this amp. Pedals can only do so much to the tone. The amp is the key to adding breath to the sound. At 40 watts I run the amp at 2 in the house.
    The sound is the true Fender “jangle” sound. No matter what you do you cannot get a bad sound from this amp. I am convinced that solid-state amps cannot achieve the true valve sound.
    I do have a wish list on the amp:
    1. Add multiple wattage output switching: 5watt, 10watt, 20watt, 40watt.
    2. Most players use pedals. Overdrive features in the amp is not so much of an issue. Give the player channel switching features for volume and tone changes.
    3. Remove the plastic handle and but on a leather type handle.
    4. Does Fender have cabinet corners that you can install on this amp?
    Fender could offer different cabinet coverings.
    I would recommend this amp to any guitar player who wants the real thing.

  • from St. Louis, Missouri January 11, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musican

    Just arrived, but so far, the most versatile Iamp have played.

    This just arrived from Sweetwater, and I must say, what took me so long to buy this amp? Tone is amazing, 3 USABLE channels at the touch of the foot switch and incredibly portable. By far the most versatile amp I have owned ( and I have owned quite a few). I currently play newer country/rock, and I can get all of the tones I need from this one, compact amp. Reverb is subtle at 3 and from there, can get very "spacey" as you increase it. Volume can be loud if you need, but I can't get over the tone from a single coil Tele, to my humbucker EVH Wolfgang. Can't wait to get this baby into the studio , as well as mic it up live. Overall, amazing value for true Fender tone!

  • from oklahoma city December 20, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician

    If you can't make this amp sound good... the problem is you

    Great amp. Super tones. Have owned for 3 years now and not had a single problem. It just rocks!

  • from Wisconsin November 10, 2014

    Clear n loud

    We want another one. Only been playing less than a year. My 13 yr old can only turn up to 2 when I'm home it's so loud. Sounds awesome. When he's at school I crank it up!

  • from Live Oak, FL October 3, 2014Music Background:
    40 experience although I don't make my living playing.

    The best combo amp I ever had

    The Celestion speaker and the bright button as well as the two drive settings in this amp are the best features I ever found in a Fender amp. The clean channel with the right pickups can get saturated at around 5, which is something I never saw in any other amplifier I had. Fender guitars absolutely rock in this amp. Reverb is beautiful. The versatility of Fender amplifiers is what places them at the forefront of combo amps worldwide. I am absolutely pleased with this amp. I don't see how you can improve on the power, features, and quality of this amp at this price level.

  • from El Segundo, CA August 27, 2014Music Background:
    Band-leader, songwriter, engineer

    Amp Greatness!

    This fender amp is magical. There is no better clean channel on any other amp on the planet. The crunch channels are stellar, but I prefer running the clean and jamming my own distortion boxes through them for my own signature sound. Thanks Fender for the best tube amp out there in this price range. P.S. I modified this with a Hellatone 60/Celestian Vintage 30 speaker and now it sounds even more amazing!

  • from Colorado March 31, 2014Music Background:
    Old school rock-hobby- gig with band occaisionally

    Much Improved

    Just got one. Wow super tone and much improved from the last version. This one is a little louder than previous. I also like the improved
    Volume controls. much smoother. I am a Fender amp Junkie. Had a lot
    of them. This is my go to stage amp, even over the SS22. which is much higher rated and expensive amp. I like having a 3 channel amp.
    Clean, Crunch, Lead. Works perfect. No other distortion needed.
    Get a Chorus and a Time delay and you are In business.
    Also Sweetwater is to pleasure to deal with. Thanks Katie!
    My advice- call Sweetwater and order one, You won't be disappointed.

  • from January 7, 2014

    Better Than a Plug-in

    I bought this amp because my other amp was producing a humming noise. When I plugged in the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III, I was happy to find that it was noise free. It sounds really warm and you can crank it up very loud while maintaining a clean sound. Of course if you want distortion, you can at the flick of a switch or the pedal that is included.The distortion sounds better than any plug-in or effect pedal that I've tried. I always relied on amp simulation plug-ins, but I didn't realize how much better a real amp could sound until I tried this amp.

  • from Paden City WV November 15, 2013Music Background:

    Fender Sound!

    This amp has that classic Fender sound I was seraching for. It is a very clean amp and can get down and dirty when needed. The quality is just what you would expect from Fender. I played a lot of tube amps searching for the best clean sound I could find but was not ready to give up on that classic rock sound. Modeling amps are not for me, the sound of a good tube amp cranked up will not be beaten. Give the tubes some breakin time and you will only be more impressed, I love thisamp and you will have plenty of power, I will purchase the extenstion cabinet to go along with it. Give it a try!

  • from Brunswick, GA September 6, 2013Music Background:
    working musician

    Just what my sound need

    This amp was just what I was looking for. Classic rock to acoustic, this amp met all my expectations. This amp replicates in live sound I hear in recordings. Pedal friendly and that great Fender clean. I also got the 112 extension cabinet and it really added to total sound quality. I used to buy from those other guys but not anymore. Buying from Sweetwater was a great experience. Sales person was very knowledgeable and answered every question I had. Sweetwater has my business from now on.

  • from Forest Lake, MN August 26, 2013Music Background:
    Playing in a band since the 70's!

    Great Amp!

    I have a dozen high quality tube amps and needed something I could leave at a practice room and not worry about it! Wow--this amp cranks and sounds great! I would put it up against my Orange, Marshall, Mesa Boogie any day--and it's way less expensive. Fender did a great job re-working this amp from previous models. You won't be disappointed.

  • from United States July 1, 2013


    As always, Fender continues to put out amazing sounding gear. The Hot Rod Deluxe III is no exception. Painfully clean and crunching OD. The FX loop is a must. With my added distortion pedal in front of the amp, the FX pedals are given the opportunity to shine through the loop. The spring reverb adds just that little extra my sound needs. And, at 40watts of tube power, this puppy is LOUD!!!! I love it!!!!

  • from Bluffton,In. May 21, 2013Music Background:

    Wonderful sounding amp,...I love it!

    I'm at a loss for the right words to describe this amp,....maybe my review title says it all. Anyway,...I do love the amp and yes,it does sound wonderful. It's also easy to use,...not complicated at all,and though slightly heavier than a Blues Junior,still easy to move around. The "clean" channel is beautiful on this amp. I wanted a Deluxe Reverb amp,but that was out of my budget as was the Blues Deluxe Re-issue amp,so I went with this one,...glad i did. I bought this amp to go along with my brown sunburst MIM Standard Stratocaster guitar. I can practice comfortably at home with this amp and I don't need to go above 3 or 4 on the volume at all. I would buy a second one to use at church and keep this one at home for practice,but my budget won't allow that at this time,so I will use this one at home and at church. I also like the fact that the amp came with a cover,...thanks,Fender,...as I want to keep it covered when not in use.

  • from Parkersburg, West Virginia April 8, 2013Music Background:

    Lovin the Sound

    This amp is everything I expected it to be. After watching the Sweetwater review on it, I had to have this tube amp sound. It has more power than I will ever need, and the Clean channel is amasing. I personally like the Drive channels. It has a great sound. If you need more dirty drive, there are pedals to create anything else you need. I had a small issue with the Reverb tank, that probably happened during shipping. It was a month after I received the amp that I was able to crank it up, and heard the reverb spring buzzing. Sweetwater sent me a shipping label, and sent me a brand new amp when I returned the original one. Sweetwater is Top Rate with customer service, from your first phone call, to resolving any issues that might arise. Thanks Sweetwater!!

  • from Stephens City, VA December 23, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Loves Stomp Boxes!

    I purchased this amp a couple weeks ago and have been logging several hours/day on it- and yes I have a full-time job- I just can't get enough of this great amp after hours at home, (and the variety of awesome sounds that I get with a few different effects boxes

    I had another amp that hummed and complained with the boxes, but this baby is quiet and makes the most of any effect/combo of effects that I choose.

    The pedal included makes it quick & easy to go from clean to dirty- but I prefer to get my heavier drive and gain from my boxes while running it on the clean channel. The Boss Blues box sounds incredible on this amp as does the Tattoo and Holy Stain.

    The cleans are incredible and this amp can get LOUD if you need to.
    Excellent value with the new Celestion Speaker- Highly Recommended!!

  • from Florida October 16, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Acustic Guitar and now Electric Guitar

    Fender Hot Rod review

    I had purchased a 75 watt modeling amp, when I made the transition from acustic guitar to electric guitar. I was not happy. i decided to try this amp. I cannot believe how awesome the different guitars sound through this amp, the spring reverb is great also. It really brought out the sound of my Gretsch, Dot , and Am telecaster. i am even running my Taylor 814 through this amp. I can't say enough good things about the Fender Hot Rod Delus III! Thank you Ryan S from sweetwated for making this happen for me.

  • from Bolingbrook, IL October 8, 2012Music Background:

    Great, Clean, LOUD amp

    I've owned this amp for about a month and I'm having a blast getting used to it. As you have probably heard in other reviews, "the clean channel is absolutely great", as well as the spring reverb. The 2 gain channels are also great, although I would only use the regular gain for the types of music I play (Blues, Jazz). The amp is very loud, so you don't really have to set your volumes very high. I've found that I'm able to better control the volume of the amp with the volume knob on my guitar. The Hot Rod Deluxe is a perfect match for my Big Apple Strat, as I'm pretty sure it would be with any other guitar. I'm very pleased with my purchase. The staff at Sweetwater was very helpful and provided top notch service. I am your customer for LIFE.

  • from March 9, 2017

    Hot Rod Deluxe III

    I've been through so many amps the past 15 years I've lost count. Probably 50 or more. Before the bug hit me I used a Fender Twin or Mesa Boogie for years. Then I discovered the great Dr Z amps in 2000 and ended up owning quite a few of those along with other higher end brands. Since, I've had most of the Fender vintage models and several of the newer re-issues. All these years never thought about a HRD. One day in late Dec 2016 I bought a Katana, didn't like it onstage with a band, and on a whim traded it in for a HRD. It showed up with cabinet damage, but my sales rep Ian Angle and Ian in tech support hooked me up quick with a new one. Both amps were consistent in tone and surprisingly effective as a clean boost. I went in and upgraded the speaker to a super clean neo and set the bias to 70 mA. Also put an RCA blackplate in V1 and V3. I now have a half dozen gigs with it and use it only as a clean pedal platform, I don't care for the drive channel. It's very loud with lots of headroom, but if you can get the volume up and play with your guitar volume it really comes alive. Oh and I also have a nice leather handle from Brookwood leather, as I didn't trust the 'plastic' dog bone.

  • from Bloomington, IL January 3, 2017Music Background:
    Country Singer/Guitarist

    Hot Rod Deluxe

    I play out with this amp every weekend for 3-4 hours at a time. This amp is durable and dependable even through the temperature changes, humidity and adult beverage spills. The only mod I have done is a speaker swap and I would say that was a great move. The tone doesn't compare to more boutique style amps but it definitely gets the job done and you can window shop while you save up :) 4.5 rating based on overall bang for the buck

  • from Michigan April 19, 2016

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III Delivers!

    I was in the market for my first all-tube amp. After playing a variety of amps from other companies, I kept coming back to the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Not one amp in this price range even came closing when comparing the clean channel. The cleans are amazing and the Drive and More Drive channels have an excellent blues sound. I was actually presently surprised by how much crunch you could get out of this amp by cranking up the Drive channel. In my opinion, you can get a good alternative sound out of it (Bush, Green Day, Nirvana, Pearl Jam).

    I love that it includes a footswitch. This makes it very easy to go from Clean to Drive to More Drive. It also comes with a nice amp cover. The Hot Rod Deluxe III is well built and sturdy.

    The only feature I wish that this amp had would be an emulated line out for recording.

    Overall, if you want a really reliable amp that sounds amazing and won't break the bank, this is the amp for you!

  • from Arkansas February 26, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, played in a band to put myself thru college.

    A great amp - Fender of Course - Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III

    Read the February 2015 review in Guitar Player for a professional review of the old Hot Rod Deluxe vs. the new Hod Rod Deluxe III. I agree with everything they said. Major Points:
    1. Made in Mexico now vs. California. You choose which is better.
    2. There is no overall volume knob. This is a big mistake, but the only one.
    3. The Deluxe III has a new Celestian 80 w. speaker - big upgrade.
    4. Personally, I really like this new amp.
    5. Once again, read the above mentioned amp and make your mind up.
    6. My sales professional, Jake Longardner, was fantastic, and helped me make my decision. His customer service was fantastic.

  • from Juneau, AK October 7, 2014Music Background:
    Excited hobbyist.

    Great Gig Amp. Great Home Amp. too, with a caveat.

    Shoppers, remember what you're looking at. This thing is 40 watts, and it means it! Put it on any reasonably sized stage and crank it, and you'll be shiny! You won't be playing in anybody's shadow, that's for sure. I should have thought of that. I wanted something primarily for home-garage-band use. When this amp came in (on time and in great shape, thanks Sweetwater), I hooked it up and nearly blew my windows out. Read around and you'll see some discussion of the twitchiness of the preamp volume control . . . loud on 1.0, really loud at 1.5, too much at 2.0. Supposedly this version III cured that issue, but it didn't for me. I couldn't control the thing. But, easy $15 fix. I swapped a 12AU7 into the first preamp hole (V1), and it calmed it right down. Now I can play with volume from 1 to 5, sounds sweet at home. Then i can push it as loud as i want when i go public. Don't be put off by anything you read. This thing is a best seller for a reason.

  • from Cleveland, OH USA July 15, 2014Music Background:
    Semi Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    Half stack killer

    I played 100+ club gigs with my Marshall DSL 100 and 1960A slant cab. I never could get my practice space tone on stage. We rehearsed in a small room, and our drummer was VERY loud. I was able to crank the Marshall to "5" and it sounded great, but stage volume was more like 2.5-3. I considered a power break, or mod. Then one day I tried the Hot Rod Deluxe III. It's amazing! It's still loud as heck, but at 4.5-5.5 it really starts growling. For my taste, I need an overdrive pedal for leads, but your rhythms will be tight and nasty with this 40w combo. This amp is the reason I leave my Marshall half stack at home.

  • from Whitefish, MT May 29, 2014Music Background:
    Noise gymnast

    Tube screaming!

    Lacking the funds for a Twin Reverb, the Hot Rod Deluxe was my next option and I can safely say it was worth every penny.

    The reverb can be subtle or intergalactic depending on the setting while the distortion channels add a muscle-bound boost to the warm tube sounds.

    I play a Telecaster, Mandocaster and various synths through this puppy. I am happy with the amps versatility overall.

    The half star deduction is for the weight of this thing and for the pain I cause my roomate when I play through it. It is LOUD.

  • from Newport, NC April 8, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist since 1965.

    Excellent amp

    Had a 2000 year Hot Rod Deluxe model. Really enjoyed the clean tone and the distortion/overdrive settings. but the inut jacks came lose, although they still worked, it worried me.
    So I bought the new Hot Rod Deluxe III. I am very satisfied with the improvements made. The Celestion speaker sounds great and the improved markings on the control knobs is really a nice improvement. For me it is the best Fender sound for the price. The clean & the distortion/overdrive have gotten better. Also plenty of power if you need it and it sounds great at lower levels. Sweetwaters price was the best. Get one!!

  • from Spokane Valley, Washington April 3, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, lately less Pro, more Am...

    surprize surprize

    I have always liked the "Fender" sound. In recent years, the amps from fender have not gotten any lighter. (this one is a relatively light 45 pounds) I have gotten older. My playing "career" has lasted 50+ years. You could say I am a "lifer"

    My new Hot Rod Deluxe lll has rejuvenated my enthusiasm for playing.
    The amp is a home run for Fender, and me. The TONE is nostalgic with the new cutting edge. This is not a metal amp, but it has plenty of grit for anything else.

    I have played country, blues, r&r, jazz, and the rest...

    Buy this amp...it sings...I promise...Dave Mize...old guy...

  • from Wayzata, MN USA December 25, 2012Music Background:
    Nearly 50 years, semi-pro, bass & guitar. Recording & live sound.

    Hod Rod mk III

    Solid combo amp. This one is a backup for the mk I that I've been playing for about 13 years. That one needs new tubes, filter caps and possibly some Mercury Magnetics iron, to Hot-Rod the Hot-rod, as it were.

    A no-brainer for me. I like Fender amps and I already know how to use this one. I think that I favor the Celestion speaker in the new one, vs. the Emminence installed in my original amp. I would prefer a cab & baffle made of birch-ply rather than MDF, to cut the weight by a couple of pounds & make it a bit easier to move about. Might change the sound a bit, I suppose.

    So far, I've tried a Strat, a Tele, a couple of LP-types & Epi Wilshire through it... no surprises, good or bad, just the great Fender sound that I like. Also have tried the matching 112 ext. cab & the Groove Tube 410 that I usually use. Both wonderful.

    I would recommend this amplifier, (& have, to many). It is a good value & sounds righteous & should be reliable.

  • from Bristol,VA October 29, 2010Music Background:
    Been playing guitar for some time now.

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 3

    Very loud amp!It's a Fender so that's to be expected.The spring reverb is awsome.You can get some great Blues going with this baby.Easy to set EQ and it's what I've always wanted from an amp.Great job Fender.

  • from TX - Texas April 28, 2017Music Background:

    Great Amp, But Still Not For Me

    This is a fantastic amplifier, headroom for days, and the 6L6's really deliver a that beautiful fender spank in spaids. Likewise, the overdrive channel I find 100% useful, if you're like me and you've tried using a clean amp with pedals, you will appreciate having a built in drive that works and sounds excellent. The reverb is again, absolutely great and despite what people say I find 100% useful. As many people have said before, I think this amps strongest point is it's huge bass end, it doesn't surprise me it's such a high selling gigging amp because this is an absolutely 100% room filling amp.

    The reason I rate this amp 4 stars is I find it kind of harsh, and kind of middy. To me when I played chords I really wasn't pleased with the tonality I was getting, which again was kind of harsh and middy, versus the mid-scooped clean tone I've come accustomed to with fender amps.

    So YMMV, again I really like this amp, I just couldn't get along with the way it worked with chords. Maybe in the series 4 they'll do something to change the voicing to have a more mid-scooped and natural fender tone, or at least that's kind of the goal I had in mind for a clean amp.

  • from St louis January 18, 2016Music Background:
    Professional gigging and recording.

    Amazing clean channel w single coil guitar

    Live play: awesome, might be the best, clean sounding amp with a single coil guitar ( tele or Strat). I have tried to get away w clean channels from other amps, Peavey, Orange, etc... Nothing touches the HRod... On board reverb is best I've used.
    I'm not as impressed with the overdrive crunch as some reviews I have read... It's ok live, but lacks that punch from an orange or other amps. I use an orange for that live crunch. That said, for studio, this can do just about anything.
    Studio: regardless of sound you want, this amp has it for studio . Takes a Tube screamer pedal or other overdrive very well. I used this amp in the studio, tried to get some really mean distortion and was successful ( just don't expect that to translate to live performance). For me, a working and recording musician, this amp will be with me forever. I run two amps live, this for cleans and an Orange for dirty.

  • from August 7, 2015

    Gets loud fast

    Good amp. It is hard to play at really low volume. When the volume kicks in you are already loud enough to disturb others in the house. But the amp sounds great

  • from January 26, 2017

    Buzzing noise

    This amp has the looks and that big sound you need—but it makes this buzzing noise that I hate. It's really hard to record and It still makes that noise even with the clean channel.

  • from Jackson Nj April 5, 2017

    Hot Rod Deluxe 111

    Well I looked at all the reviews, shootouts, and youtube reviews before purchasing this amp from the awesome Sweetwater guys. I have to say I was a bit fooled. This amp out of the box is terrible. The highs were like ice picks in your head. The guys in the band's ears were hurting. The volume was difficult to find a usable spot. So I furthered my research. I swapped the speaker out for a Reaper 65 and changed one of the tubes which made volume much more user friendly and really warmed the sound up. The overdrive and boost channels are useless. Now with the mods this amp on clean channel is a great platform for pedals. I am currently using it and the sound is awesome but out of the box or without a couple pedals stay clear. I've been playing for 35 years and have owned a bunch of different amps. I even owned one of the original Hot Rods that burst into flames on stage one night. It never sounded the same. I play several high end guitars with pickup and wiring upgrades on most. So the foundation for quality of tone was there. None of my guitars sounded good out of this amp stock. I would not recommend this amp if your looking for tube overdrive sound. If you want a good foundation for a pedal board and don't mind spending an extra $ on upgrades it's a good amp. Not difficult to get that quality classic fender clean but it's not there stock.

  • from December 21, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player for Hill Country Bible Church


    This amp sounds fine. Takes pedals well. I have had over 6 things break on it rendering it useless. Not my fault because I have a nice road case for it and it never goes past 4. Fender is terrible to work with as far as repairs go. If you buy it because its cheap, think again because the amount you will spend on repairs will make it the same price as a more expensive amp.

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