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Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 III 60-watt 2x12" Tube Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 III 60-watt 2x12" Tube Combo Amp?

Questions about the Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 III 60-watt 2x12" Tube Combo Amp?

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  • from LA June 2, 2015Music Background:
    Professional +40yrs

    Fender Hot Rod Deville

    This amps is a killer! Punch & presence! I also use a Hot Rod Deville 4x10 stacked with this one....man talk about heavy sound they are a beast. The first time I played out of the 2x12 in a rehearsal studio, I knew I had to have it. Outstanding amp!

  • from September 22, 2013

    Great sound

    This thing sounds great. It's very loud. A bit too much for the livingroom.

  • from Waynesburg Pennsylvania July 22, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Play the bars on weekends.

    All around great amp.

    I ordered the Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 on Friday and had it at my house on Saturday, fast free delivery, just one of the reasons I do business with Sweetwater. Now for the amp, I was impressed with the wide range of sounds that can be coaxed out of this amp. Great cleans and amazing reverb. You can tweak the E,Q. and presence to achieve a wide range of tones.The drive is great in my book, I set mine for a mild distortion somewhere in the bluesy range. By doing this, the more drive comes in as a solid rock sound,. I know, most people seem to be unhappy with the more drive.Look,, if you want that Marshall sound then you have to buy a Marshall. I plan on trying some O.D. pedals with the Fender to cover the heavier music that I play. Yes the amp weighs about 50 lbs. but it is easier to transport than any head and 4x12 cab.You can get bed room volumes from this amp but you will lose a lot of the body and life of your tone.This amp sounds best when you get the volume and master cranked up , it truly comes to life with singing sustain. I would recommend that you play any amp before you buy, you need to be positive that it will fill your needs.

  • from Rockwall, Texas February 26, 2013Music Background:
    Live musician

    For Fender cleans - Get a Fender!

    The cleans on this amp (bright switch on, Celestion speakers) are some of the very best Fender clean tones I've ever heard. And that is compared to all of the top line Fender amps. It's a bargain for the price!

  • from August 17, 2012Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Best amp you'll ever own so buy one

    I bought a Mesa Mark V, had it for 6 months and it sounded awful. I traded it in for this amp and a Fender hot rod Deluxe (haven't opened that yet) and this amp makes the Mesa look like a $2400 piece of crap. This amp sounds amazing with distortion and overdrive pedals too on the clean channel. With my Keeley modified DS-1 this amp sounds just like a Marshall JCM 800 but the Marshall didn't have a good clean sound. This amp does.

  • from Chicago, Illinois June 2, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Hobbyist, Recording Engineer

    Amazing Out of the box...

    I have been a Fender guitar and amp owner throughout the years, and while I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first from all the Fender hater negative reviews.

    While there is nothing wrong with Hi-Gain amps , or it's lovers for that matter, you can't compare apples to oranges people, and give Fender a bad rap. Even IF they are made in Mexico and not in the USA. You also wouldnt be paying $899 for it either if that were made in the states!

    I was , and still am blown away on how it sounded out of the box, with the stock GT tubes, to which I am NOT a fan of what so ever.

    Without getting too techincal, let's move on:

    I rebiased the stock GT power tubes, which only made the tone better. I can only imagine how a tube upgrade would positively affect the tone of this amp.

    Graduated volume and treble pot upgrades help substantially. (In comparison to my BDRI)

    This amp takes OD / Dist. pedals in the front very well. (Fulltone Fulldrive 2, Hardwire SC-2, TC Novadrive, TS9DX) as well as chorus & delays, Sonic BBE)

    Spring reverb is superb....For me , almost too present with it's setting past 4...Could be the V2 GT tube playing a part. Not certain. Definately nothing to complain about.

    FX Loop. I won't pass judgement here since I haven't used it yet.

    Adjustable Bias point. How convenient to have on board without a mod!

    Clean Channel? If you know anything about Fender's cleans, need I say more? Ok. I will. ;) Fender Guitars and Amps were definately made for each other.....You want that Texas grit? Bust out your single coil's and push that clean channel to Texas grit heaven....The cleans have a punch like no other when the tube's are slightly pushed. Toss in a Keeley Compressor , a TS-9 or Fulltone Fulldrive and wallah.....LUSH BABY. PURE CREAMY LUSH! Or, use your favorite distortion pedal for full on rock n roll!

    Drive and More Drive. It's all subjective to personal taste. I personally don't think the drive is horrible. Definately useful, however I prefer my pedals over it. It's a great backup if I don't feel like schlepping a pedal board. Maybe even as a back up in the event of a pedal failure.

    Celestion G12P-80's sound superb, and give this amp some well defined acousics. Can't wait until they are broken in to really hear their true tone.

    Esthetic's...the black top control panel was a great add. The mirrored reflection of it's earlier model , as well as the BDRI makes it difficult to see in certain lighting situations. The Silverface repo grill, really sparkles on stage. Any pics online I've come across don't justify how great it looks.

    It was delivered on a Thursday, took it to it's first show that Saturday , put it thru the wringer, without a hitch, and it preformed flawlessly.

    There is one downside. It's damn heavy. You wouldn't think 53.5 lbs is a back breaker. Ha. Using the single rubber handle to lift it with two hands feels awkward and wobbly. Side mounted top handles would be a great add. (Check out the VOX VT120+ top handles to see what I mean.)

  • from Chicago February 17, 2016

    Great Platform Amp

    I bought this amp and it sounded really good, but I am a tinker and I am never satisfied. I first changed the speakers to Eminence Hemp Ragin Cagin's. Cleans up the bottom end nicely. I added a JJ 5751 in V1, an ECC832 in V2 and an ECC83s in V3 which made a great difference. Really smoothed out the drive. Then I added a jumper so the bright switch works on both channels. I then purchased the Fromel Supreme Mod (volume pot, caps, resistors) and it just made the amp killer. I also took out the C9 cap which cuts the more drive in half so it is more usable. I get complements on how amazing this thing is all the time. Its modded like crazy but that is the great thing about Fender.

  • from NH August 2, 2015Music Background:
    musician 30 years

    great amp

    I gave it a 4.5 because every amp has something someone may not like. I absolutely love it. I have a wampler duel fusion running my distortion sound and it has been just a great sound. Fender clean tone is just a++. Always has been in my opinion thanks fender. I have the mustang as well but never use it as the tube tone is just amazing.

  • from San Diego, CA USA November 13, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Such a great sounding amp

    Ive played half stacks for 20 years because thats been the punk rock way that ive known. But as life happens, I have to drive a 4 door sedan to take the family around... and throwing a 4x12 cab in the trunk and/or backseat really gets old.. so i had to find a combo amp. Didnt want to mess around with solid state or hybrids. i was worried about the 60 watt versus my 100 watt Dual Showman head but it puts out fine at like 3 or 4. And the fender clean that ive heard so much about really shines in this amp. It is slightly heavy and there are no casters... ive read that i shouldnt just drill holes in the bottom because of the reverb tank down there so ill have to hand carry it all the way from car to stage.... but thats fine. Im glad i got this.

  • from Nova Scotia, Canada May 9, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Student

    An Amazing Amp at a Great Value!

    All I can say is "Wow!". This amp just rocks! No matter what I throw at it, it chews it up and produces this really ballsy tone that compliments any kind of music.

    Obviously, Fender amps go best with Fender guitar, so I normally run my American Deluxe Telecaster through it. I have yet to hear a better sounding amp.

    My only two complaints are that after a while, the distortion gets a little to grainy, but this is easily fixed by buying a distortion pedal for your high-gain needs. Also, this amp is REALLY loud, so bedroom practicing it is a no-no. This thing literally shakes my house at level three, and it goes to twelve. On the clean channel... Yeah, it's loud.

    But all that aside, it's amazing!

  • from Over Yonder April 6, 2016Music Background:
    Amateur Musician (

    Fat Clean Sound is Awesome; Drive Channel, Not So Much

    The bad news first: the Drive/ More Drive channel is simply horrid. I play mostly hard rock and blues and I find that, even for blues and country-ish applications, the Drive channel simply does not produce a pleasing musical sound. That might be just me, but I would suggest that anyone interested in a 2 channel Clean/ Drive sound audition the amp first to see if it works for them. I, for one, do not like it. Now, for the good news: the clean channel on this amp is fat, punchy and glorious. I get my distortion mostly from dedicated pedals into the clean channel of the amp, and combined with the amp's tone stack controls, and effects loop I can get anything from great sounding bluesy crunch to full metal roar and the amp stays responsive, dynamic and powerful. Note: this dude is LOUD. Like bordering-on- leaving- you- sterile loud; I've played the amp in medium size bars and never gone past 3-4 on the amp and it still fills up the room impressively (and I have a drummer who bangs away like there's no tomorrow). If Fender would put out a 2x12 amp like this, but with a single clean channel (and with an even lower price point, because you'd be doing away with the unnecessary hardware and circuitry of the Drive/ More Drive channel) I would give it 5 stars without hesitation. Even so, it is an impressive bang for your buck- it's solidly built, quality hardware, great clean tone and awesome loudness for the price. Very definitely a great value.

  • from nj June 5, 2016

    mixed feelings about this amp

    ok, first off, i have to comment that the cleans are the best i have heard on ANY amplifier, and they're versatile too. with pickup selection and a few buttons pushed and knobs turned you can go from bebop to bluegrass. that being said, their are some qualms i have with this amp. first off, this thing is LOUD, and really loud. now this can be a double edged sword. if you're doing small gigs, you will not need to mic this thing at all. however, you can't put this thing past 1.5 volume if you want bedroom levels. also the distortion on this amp isnt all that. it's a very muddy yet piercing type of distortion. You'll be able to use it for ambient and post punk stuff like la dispite or arctic monkeys, or maybe if you use a condensor with a decent bass response classic sludge metal (if you're after the less polished sounding stuff), but that's about it distortion wise. great for gigs, great for cleans, not so great for practice or distortion

  • from Philadelphia August 22, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Not the greatest tone

    First of all the amp is heavy, but with 2 12" speakers that is to be expected. If you're a gigging musician, think about that before you buy. I own a '65 Super Reverb, a '65 Deluxe Reverb and I bought this for the versatility. I'm obviously not a Fender hater. I gig a lot. I'm giving an honest review from my point of view. The distortion channels are OK at best when turned down very low. Put the volume at 3 and you start to hear why people complain about both the distortion and more distortion channels. Its just not acceptable. There is a presences dial that helps, but dont buy this amp for the distortion. The clean channel is fine, but really nothing that just floored me. The reverb sounds somewhat processed. Maybe I'm spoiled with my other amps but why settle when there are so many other options. Fender makes a great amp, unfortunatley this one just doesn't cut it for me.

Questions about the Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 III 60-watt 2x12" Tube Combo Amp?

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