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Schecter Hellraiser C-1 with Floyd Rose and Sustainiac - Black Cherry Reviews

5.0 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 with Floyd Rose and Sustainiac - Black Cherry?

Questions about the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 with Floyd Rose and Sustainiac - Black Cherry?

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  • from Berryville, VA May 26, 2017Music Background:
    Lifetime apprentice

    Best guitar purchase in 45 years...

    With guitar prices escalating (especially those made in the USA), there is no guarantee you'll end up satisfied. Having just bought my first (and last) Gibson USA LP I saved so long for, in the finish and appointments I could afford, I learned a sad but valuable lesson. Quality and pride here in the US as far as guitar construction goes hands down to the mom & pop shops and can set you back up to $10,000.

    That being said, I knew this purchase would be Asian made for most if not all parts, but Sweetwater has always stood behind its warranties and service. I depended on Kenny Bergle and his staff to stand behind their word and I wasn't disappointed. The fit, finish, Floyd Rose model and the Sustainiac info was right on and it plays perfectly for me. I'm getting older (LOL) and by no means a shredder; never was, especially when you consider I actually watched the Beatles on black & white live visiting Ed Sullivan. I consider myself lucky to have experienced music from the 60's through todays metal madness with most of my grey matter intact.

    I now get a laugh out of playing anything from Jefferson Airplane to Pink Floyd to Stryper and in between. Had to have this guitar and I'd recommend it to anyone, unless you can afford a Jackson Phil Collen signature in Satin. Best money I've spent in years and I'll always come here to SW for any purchase.

  • from April 1, 2017

    Sic sic sic

    Dude, this guitar is sweet. The best sounding guitar I have ever played on. The sustainiac pickup is off the hook.

  • from Cincinnati Ohio February 14, 2017

    Hellraiser / Sustainiac

    This takes you in to a new demention to work with .The Sustainiac takes some time to get use to, but after awhile you can really get creative . Great workmanship , setup was spot on ,Sweetwater takes care of that ! Floyd Rose holds tune fabulously . This was guitar # 16 and I think I've got it covered now .

  • from Berkley, MI January 18, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist/Amp Builder

    Not Just for metal!!!!

    I will get to the sustainiac part of this review in a bit...

    This write-up is for all the people on the fence like I was. So much press has been given to this guitar about how perfectly suited it is as a lead solo shredder that I was hesitant to buy it because I'm not a metal thrash god. Yes, I grew up playing Van Halen, Pink Floyd, AC/DC--So my playing style is classic rock/blues/ambient/lead oriented, but I'm still all over the map.

    If you're like I was and wondering if the guitar is right for you, let me put this to rest. If you are comfortable with active pups and a dual humbucker layout, this guitar has everything for you. From a rhythm players perspective it has it all; Wood chopping crunch, free flowing strumming.. this guitar is very bright and responsive and I could be very happy playing in the pocket all night.

    From a lead players point of view it's buttery smooth when you need it nice and slippery and if you're going to go all "Steve Vai/Paul Gilbert/Satch" it's quite capapable of melting everyone in the room's face off under the right gain settings! This guitar is effortless to play and I will say that I am very happy to add this guitar to my collection.

    The volume knob rolls down VERY NICE and cleans up quickly(LOVE IT). The tone knob works as expected and there's the third knob on there too...

    The sustainiac: The third knob is for getting a good leash on the sustainiac. Let me say it this way; This guitar throbs! It's a pulsating monster underneath the hood that's waiting to be un-caged!! And that's the beauty of this thing!! You can dial this guitar in EXACTLY the way you like it. AWESOME. I love having the intensity knob on there because there's moments when you are striving for subtlety and moments where you need more sing. A mini toggle activates the sustainiac while another 3-way toggle determines how it behaves.. Although I don't use the sustainiac a lot, I love having it at my disposal.

    I just might have to own another one if they unleash a color I'm fond of.. And, as always, I could go ON and ON about how awesome Sweetwater does setting these up before they ship.

  • from Conroe Texas November 16, 2015Music Background:
    Singer-songwriter,producer and artist

    The best guitar I have ever played.Overdrive is awesome and the sustain is sick.

    I noticed right away I would love this guitar because of the feel of the neck,wow I was amazed at the ease of soloing and chording and the sounds from the EMG 81 bridge and the Sustainiac driver,are very ballsy.Thanks for building a guitar I can cherish.

  • from Houston, TX April 30, 2015

    Great guitar that will broaden your range

    This guitar is extremely well made, great vibe, and fit and finish were excellent, especially at this price point. The setup by Sweetwater was very good. The thing I appreciate the most is how well you can get up into the upper registers. I have mainly played blues/rock/country and have never had a guitar that really gave you enough access to get comfortable up in the 15-24 range like this guitar does. I've played a long time, but I see a real opportunity to grow with the added access, the FR, and mastering the Sustainiac. The Black Cherry is awesome; I appreciate the way SW lets you see the actual guitar before you buy it. BTW- You will want the Schaller Ruthenium strap locks to go with the black chrome knobs and tuners, so SW needs to add this to their selections online.

  • from United States March 13, 2015Music Background:

    Sick shredder

    I've already done one review of this great guitar, but Sweetwater e-mailed me so I'll do another quick one - basically, if you're a shredder of any kind, a metal guitarist, or any kind of would-be guitar god, BUY THIS. Stop debating now and order this beast because Floyd Rose 1000 + Sustainiac + EMG's = utter madness. Once you break this thing in and get used to all its bells and whistles you will wonder how you ever lived without it. In this price range you can't do better - and honestly I'd rather have this than a brand new 4k Les Paul. That's all I need to say. Buy it today and Raise some Hell! Kudos to Anthony Longano for help and patience, he's a great sales engineer.

  • from February 25, 2015

    Schecter c-1 fr-s

    Great guitar to add to your collection

  • from Orange, MA USA February 20, 2015Music Background:
    Lead Guitarist

    This Guitar Owns

    OH YEAH. This guitar delivers in a big way. The combination of a Sustainiac, EMG's, and a Floyd Rose unleashes havoc. This instrument looks, feels, plays, and sounds professional. It is all you need. Metal players and shredders will love this guitar, but it can also play just about anything very well. The sustain from the set-through construction and mahogany body is top notch. This guitar is made to shred, go insane, and unleash hell all the way from psychedelic acid rock space tones to Slayer and anything in between. The clean tones are great too (it's EMG's so keep that in mind) and this thing can handle whatever you throw at it. The Floyd Rose 1000 can withstand truly ridiculous antics (and I am the type of player who puts this to the test). Everything was well set up and Sweetwater did a great job. BUY THIS AND MELT FACES.

  • from February 1, 2015Music Background:
    Weekend shredder/recorder

    Great choice for any style

    I play primarily death metal. This guitar is simply a beast. The first thing I noticed was the amount of care that Sweetwater put into the packaging, and the fact that its playability had been tested beforehand meant no setup necessary-ready to take out of the box and shred. Love it. For the guitar itself:

    Neck: I researched the sustainiac as I was quite skeptical, thinking my tone options would be constrained only for the sake of having unlimited sustain (which I didn't really care about). I then realized how customizable it actually is. Out of the box, I had to lower the neck and bridge just slightly because I wasn't used to the driver. I noticed it would send the signal too soon as it sensed the bottom string vibration through a sweeping arpeggio. I found a happy balance between the sustaining feature and playability for my style however. I may substitute with a different pickup in the future, but right now I am definitely happy with it.

    Bridge: EMG 81… what more do I need to say? The sound is absolutely lethal.

    -Floyd Rose
    Well I haven't played a guitar with a FR in a while, and of course had to tune it down a few steps. I remember the nightmares that I had with my old one… But, with all of the tutorials on YouTube, its function is really easy to understand. Tuned her no problem and then remembered how fun a whammy bar is. If you like to switch up your tuning a lot, don't get this model. I, however, rarely switch up tuning, and this thing NEVER goes out of tune once you have it set.

    This thing feels SOLID. I feel like I can play it as hard as I want and will never break it. Incredibly fast neck as well.

    Very impressed with this guitar. I wanted to give a 4.5 instead of 5 because of the sustainiac, but like I said, being that it's so customizable, you can find the tone that you are looking for (plus you can even turn it off). Thanks to Aaron Hoff for unmatched customer service. I am DONE with Amazon!

  • from Lumberton, NJ January 5, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Home Recording enthusiast

    Superior Quality and Playability

    The quality and workmanship that went into the manufacturing of this guitar are outstanding. Better than other guitars that cost twice as much. I especially like the neck heel joint, which is carved such that you really can access all 24 frets. Love the jumbo frets and the finish. The appointments are also quite nice with the abalone in the fret markers and bonding around the body and headstock. I have had this guitar for weeks and have not had to tune it since sent out by Sweetwater. Chris Carter is the best sales engineer!

  • from Brazil August 19, 2014Music Background:
    Ex Pro Musician, Hobbyist, Student, Enthusiastic.


    This guitar is a masterpiece! I have had Ibanez guitars in the past but I have never experienced a guitar like this one! Just amazing! Floyd Rose 1000 Series is flawless. The only fail was the Sustainer issue (crosstalking). After settings (using the Sustainer board trimpots in back cave) the Sustainer works perfectly. The Sustainer cap has less gain than the EMG cap, but no problem: the clear parts sounds very cool in the neck cap (sustainer). I use the EMG for dirty sound and the sustainer for clean sound. Smooth neck and heavy sound at perfect tuning.

  • from Warren, MI February 14, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist and Home Studio Recorder

    Best Guitar and Best Service Ever

    I have played many and also have had many guitars in the past but I have never experienced a guitar quite like this one. Everything on this guitar works flawlessly right out of the box it was shipped in. The feel of the guitar is amazing the Floyd Rose holds its tuning very well and as a first time user of the sustainiac pickup well all I can say is that it is very fun and creative for an endless amount of time plus it sounds sweet. Sweetwater is the best with the best and most knowledgeable team that I have encountered and just like to say thanks so much to Zach G. for your help on everything and your great and positive attitude through everything.

  • from May 10, 2015Music Background:
    Noisemaker and enthusiast

    Likes to be loud!

    The finish and mechanicals on this guitar are top notch. I mean it's even better in real life than in the pictures. For me, the body is the perfect thickness, right between my Strat and the Gibson LP. There's not a lot of area between the pickups so it will be interesting to see how they look after a lot of playing.

    I'm not a big fan of the locks at the nut, but hey, you're raising hell with it in theory, so they may help a little bit with staying in tune, but who wants to get an allen wrench out everytime you tweak tuning?

    The Sustainiac adjustments, at least for me, are a bit hard to get right. The worst issue I have is spontaneous excitement of the lower strings unless you have the Drive control turned way down. But if you do that you won't get the sustain you expect. I have found that the middle ("Mix") position works best to eliminate undesired racket, and you can turn you drive up and get your Henricks on with a long rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

    I am really falling in love with the sound of this unit. It doesn't have the sound options of, say, a Stratocaster Deluxe, especially since you're down to a single (bridge) pickup when you turn on Sustain, but I think the bridge pickup on this guitar really sounds sweet and not overly harsh. I'm sold.

Questions about the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 with Floyd Rose and Sustainiac - Black Cherry?

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