Mackie HR824mk2 8.75" Powered Studio Monitor Demo

Powered Monitor with 8¾" LF Driver, 1" Dome Tweeter, Acoustic Space Control, LF Roll-off, HF Shelf (each)
Mackie HR824mk2 8.75
Mackie HR824mk2 8.75
$629.99 (each)
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Mackie HR824mk2 8.75" Powered Studio Monitor
In Stock!
$629.99 (each)

The 824 Monitor Just Got Better!

The Mackie HR824mk2 active studio monitors manage to improve on the widely-used originals. New features, such as a solid aluminum Zero Edge baffle and optimized waveguide help to give the HR824mk2 even more accurate, natural sound reproduction. Designed with high-definition audio in mind, this monitor provides exeptional clarity for surround 5.1 and 7.1 applications, and an Acoustic Space Control function allows it to be adapted to any room and still provide maximum accuracy. Low-frequency roll-off and high-frequency shelf functions are also included on the HR824mk2.

Mackie HR824mk2 Active Monitor at a Glance:
  • New baffle design
  • Acoustic Space Control
  • Ample wattage, time correction

New baffle design
The HR824mk2 features a Zero Edge baffle, which is constructed from a solid piece of aluminum. The new baffle design minimizes diffraction and helps provide a clear sonic image, as well as tight bass response. An optimized waveguide disperses sound evenly over a wide field, as well as providing robust mids. These improvements to frequency response and depth of field make the HR monitors sound better than ever.

Acoustic Space Control
An integrated Acoustic Space Control feature makes these monitors ideal for locations (such as video post suites and home/project studios) where available space is limited. This feature gives you full space, half-space, and quarter space settings, which adjusts the bass response when they're away from walls, against walls, or set up in corners. Low frequency roll-off and high frequency shelf functions are also switchable on the back panel.

Ample wattage, time correction
The HR824mk2's 8.75" low-frequency driver receives 150 watts from an onboard FR (Fast Recovery) amplifier. The waveguide-loaded aluminum dome tweeter is powered with 100 watts, and an active crossover helps to eliminate phase anomalies. These monitors also include time-correction circuitry, which allows the highs and lows to reach the listener at the same time.

Mackie HR824mk2 Features:
  • 8.75" high-precision, low-distortion LF driver
  • 1" titanium dome ferrofluid-cooled tweeter
  • Optimized waveguide for wide, even tone
  • Twin FR Series amps: 150W LF, 100W HF
  • Cast aluminum Zero Edge baffle minimizes diffraction
  • Internal damping eliminates midrange artifacts
  • Passive radiator provides tight, articulate bass extension down to 45Hz
  • Acoustic Space Control, LF roll-off, HF shelf controls
  • Balanced XLR, TRS, and unbalanced RCA inputs
  • OmniMount for easy wall or ceiling placement
  • THX pm3 certified for surround applications
The Mackie HR824mk2 is an incredibly accurate active monitor that sounds great in any room!

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Tech Specs

Powered Yes
Power Configuration Bi-amped
LF Driver Size 8.75"
LF Driver Type Cone
HF Driver Size 1"
HF Driver Type Dome
LF Driver Power Amp 150W
HF Driver Power Amp 100W
Total Power 250W
Frequency Range 37Hz-20kHz (±1.5 dB)
Crossover Frequency 1900Hz, 24 dB/octave
Maximum Peak SPL 111 dB
Input Types 1 x XLR, 1 x TRS, 1 x RCA
Enclosure Type Sealed
Height 16.8"
Width 10.8"
Depth 13.8"
Weight 34.6 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 2034159-00

Customer Reviews

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I love(d) these Monitors

I used to have these monitors when i had a full studio, they sound great they are big, but only because of the 8 inch speakers, so they are not bigger than other 8 inch woofer monitors, so when i had to go with a small in my bedroom sort of setup i almost cried when i realized i just didn't have room on my small desk in my room, if i had a bigger desk i could have kept these because even at low volume which i would have had to use them at, they sound so full yet so accurate at the same time. when i was able to use them as monitors are meant to be used at medium volume for mixing or high volume for tracking or showing off the final mix for clients, the room felt like a stadium concert, but way clearer. I now have rokit 5's only out of necessity if i could have chained these to my ceiling to keep them I would have, when i did purchase these originally it was from sweetwater and it was my first purchase to fill up my studio, i purchased these with about $7,000 of other equipment that i needed for a full start up, and even though it was 1400 for the pair i believe that out of all of the equipment that came that one faithful day in the mail through sweetwater, which was like christmas in july these were that special gift under the tree that was your favorite in the morning get these, for me and when when you listen through them think about how i am jealous that you are doing so
Music background: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Studio Engineer, Music Lover

All EDM producers need these

If you've got your own set up, whether it be a full size room or a closet in your apartment, you absolutely cannot go wrong with these. Now I know most of you who produce trance, dance, etc; will almost always go to the KRK's, but seriously, if you want to do it right the first time in the studio, buy these and you won't regret it. Sure, these speakers aren't going to be nice to some beginners; you're going to find that everything you were producing in the past didn't REALLY blend as nicely and your channel settings weren't THAT perfect- but that's exactly what you're looking for- some HONEST active monitors that show the true color of your work so you can be more precise and get it right. These have helped me from making some big time fails in the studio on even the smallest errors. Not only that, they're awesome to just you know, listen to music like we all obviously want to do. I have people come over just to listen to new releases through my speakers. Kind of king. If you've got yourself a typical living situation with a bunch of people who are always complaining about the BASS ("what is that, that pounding! I can hear it all the way out in the yard!" kind of people), these monitors are also great in terms of control. You can have them blasting, which is out of this universe, but when people are sleeping or crabbing or having headaches or whatever you can still get that full room sound complete with harmonics and detail at a low volume level. Great thing for us stubborn people who feel that "turning it down" ruins the experience. Yeah, these are probably the love of my life. Enjoy.

Second pair I've owned

Mackie does it again and does it better this time. This new design is fantastic and the sound they produce is almost identical to my original pair of HR824's. Mackie monitors, in my opinion are the absolute best out there for the price. And the amazing thing is that after allmost 20 years the cost was not that much different from back when I put my first studio together. Back then I had a bit of help in deciding which monitors to go with and I must have spent 3 hours in the Mars Music listening room trying different monitors with a reference mix I had put together. After all that time I still could not find any speakers that sounded any better for the price then the Mackies. I bought these sight un heard and am VERY pleased the quality control at Mackie is still top notch. If near flat response and clear lows, mids, and highs are what you crave then look no further then the Mackie HR824 Mk2. Oh, and BTW, they look very cool!!
Music background: Recording Engineer/Producer, Pro Musician


wide sweat spot. just got them a few days ago and i am redoing my mixes all over especially the bass and mids...scarry how low these gets. besides translations to good mix, i jumb on it before the price goes up some more lol. i guess the guality and value just keeps going up lol. anyways do get them but be sure you cleared it through wify or else lonely night sets in...but hey, more time playing and creating music...
Music background: serious hoppyist...but not pro yet..

Solid Mackie Quality...

I have owned several Mackie products over the past decade, and they never fall short of amazing quality for the price point. The HR824mk2 has been on my wish list for a long time. Well, needless to say I was completely blown away by the deep, tight bass response and the articulate, detailed midrange was everything I could ask for in an accurate nearfield monitor. The high's are realistic without causing ear fatigue and I love the room tayloring switches for lows, highs, and acoustic space placement. The auto power on function is a nice included feature as well. I will be using them for mixing and rough mastering in a home environment, and once again Mackie gives you a lot of "bang-for-the-buck". They have perfected this second generation monitor without question! I just wish everyone could hear my mixes on them...
Music background: Drummer, home recording hobbyist

Sweetwater Advice

Jeff Hollman

The HR824mk2 is Mackie's newest update to their best selling HR824 speakers... and they've done an incredible job at bringing their industry-standard studio monitors to our modern times. These are yet another classic monitor speaker that should be considered for every studio setup.
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