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Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones Reviews

4.0 stars based on 31 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones?

Questions about the Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Customer
    from April 5, 2017

    Behringer HPS3000 headphones

    Excellent headphones for the price.

  • Rev. David E. Hamm
    from Maryland, USA January 30, 2017Music Background:
    30+ years in the musical hobby

    Price versus Sound - - Superb!!!

    Using these headphones with my guitar amp for private practicing in silence to the rest of the household members. To me, however, it's music to my ears with excellent lows and highs and everything in-between! Very comfortable fitting over-the-ear cups and nicely padded headband. For adequate cable length, consider also purchasing the "Hosa MHE-310 - 10' 1/4" M TRS to 1/8" Mini F Extension Cable" which is the perfect compliment. Together you will have the perfect setup for listening with a TRS end termination.

  • Customer
    from January 6, 2017

    Good value.

    Just got these today, the overall sound was awesome. I do tend to agree with others that the high range is a bit lacking, but I am using them plugged into my amp for quiet guitar practice and have found I can adjust guitar and amp settings to compensate somewhat for the lack of high end. For the money you can not beat the overall sound. I am happy with them. :)

  • Pratit
    from Burlington,Vermont December 19, 2016

    Durable,Good quality headphones.

    I've had these headphones for almost 4 years now. I use them for everything from using it in my home studio recordings to watching movies at night and even for a quiet band practice at night without disturbing the neighbors.This is a work horse.Built strongly. Its durable and the sound quality is excellent. Don't be fooled by the cheap/affordable price tag. Its better than most expensive headphones overpriced for no significant reasons. The most important thing is sound quality and durability and the Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones deliver these qualities. It covers my entire ears properly...actually these act as good ear covers during a cold winter seasons. The cable/cord is pretty long enough...3-4 inches shy of being 7 feet long i.e perfect for band practice or in a studio recording environment. It comes with an elegant screw in headphone jack extension. I use it mostly on my GK bass amp or with my guitar amps and processors for quiet practice without disturbing the neighbors. I am very satisfied with these headphones and won't hesitate to a bit to buy it again if i have to.

    I felt compelled to write this review after reading some bogus reviews which seems highly untrue to me and my experience of being so satisfied.

  • Customer
    from May 13, 2016



  • Roberto V
    from San Luis, AZ October 16, 2015Music Background:
    Blues, Classic Rock

    Great for the price!

    I have to say for $20 it's a really good deal! they are really comfortable and loud enough to enjoy. I mostly use them to connect to my Boss ME-80 and that way I don't have to connect directly to an amp. the cable is long enough to sit comfortably too. they are not as loud as top brands, but then again, they're $20.00.

  • Randy Woodard
    from Houston August 8, 2015

    Great value

    I was blown away with these Headphones I use a lot of Headphones in my studio Sony, AKG, Sennheiser, AT,.... I needed a couple of extra Headphones for a session. I need them to be coast effective because the session was for a friend I wasn't making much of the session. With the $20 price tag I had very lo expectations but the HPS300 sounds incredible with a rich lo end clear hi end and smooth mids and with a wide setreo image. I A/B them with my Sony Mdr 7506s and they sound just as good frequency wise but because the driver doesn't rest on your ear like the sonys do the stereo image is quite a bit larger and the low end has more air. This is a great deal for $20, I just bought 4 more.

  • Peter Mc Ardle
    from Malone NY July 9, 2015Music Background:
    Experienced Bass & 12 string player

    Good Value

    I haven't purchased headphones in over 25 years. These are a great step above from what I was using. The cup padding is very comfortable as is the size adjustment of the phones. My prime use is for private listening through my Behringer BXL3000 and GTX 60 amps. Sound quality is very good. I'll also use them for stereo use. The 1/8" male plug will also allow me to use them on my computer. The 1/4" adaptor is a plus for my stereo and guitar amps.

  • Wm. Josiah Erikson
    from Belchertown, MA March 24, 2015Music Background:
    Lifelong musician, amateur recording engineer for 15 years

    My favorites

    I have a lot of headphones in my studio, including the ubiquitous MDR-V6's, which are lacking in bass and exaggerate the treble (yet sound awesome anyway), and the AKG K240 Sextetts, which are my second-favorite as far as having a reliable picture of what is being recorded, but these are my goto. The previous version was even better (a bit brighter and more detailed), but even the most recent version of these might be in the running for the bargain of the century. They are relatively flat and even and rarely disappoint. It's not just the sound, which though flawed, is really darn good (especially for the price), it's how comfortable they are - I can wear them for hours. They don't lie, they're cheap, they're comfortable, and they seem to be durable - my older pair is probably going on seven years old now and nary a problem except that the earpads are getting worn from endless hours of use. The Sennheiser HD600's are even more comfortable and sound a little better, but they're open-backed, so they are less generally useful in the studio (until you get to mixing). These I can use for just about everything. Good job, Behringer - now just go back to making the old version :)

  • Customer
    from March 24, 2015Music Background:

    A Great Behringer product!

    We've bought 7 of these for a collegiate theatrical production. We like them so much, multiple of us stage/sound techs are buying them for ourselves. As college students, the price is right up our alley ($20) and the quality is awesome for that price! We've had 1 set for our sound board in our black box theatre for over 2 years with no problems.

  • Evan Maldonado
    from Albuquerque, NM March 20, 2014Music Background:

    Awesome Headphones!

    I bought these just to experiment with my stereo system and I was very surprised by the quality I got for $20, on sale from $30. The plastic has minute burs around edges, but otherwise it feels solid and it has some weight to it. The headband fits snug without crushing your skull and the padding is very soft. You can't feel the text or logos so none of it will likely wear off. The cord is thick but not grippy, so it won't get caught up very easily. The 1/4 adapter screws onto the 1/8 plug, very nice feature. I bought these for the 1/4 plug btw.

    Most importantly the sound quality is there. It has an impressive range and can handle loud volume without crackling. These are better than any Sony or Skull Candy headphones I've ever had which cost $50 to $120 in different instances.

    On a side note, this is the first time I have bought anything from sweetwater. They gave me a call to let me know they shipped and included some candy! The shipping itself was very fast for 'free shipping' as well. This was all very nice even though I had bought such a low priced product. Sweetwater is definitely customer friendly. I will definitely be buying more premium products in the future.

  • Kim
    from United States September 26, 2013Music Background:
    Recording/performance hobbyist, professional music therapist

    awesome headphones

    Great sound, super comfortable, great price. I ended up buying a second pair for my husband because he kept stealing mine. I use them for home studio recording and these headphones make volume/pan editing much easier and more precise. I did not expect such great results for so little money.

  • Ben Meyers
    from New York June 6, 2012Music Background:
    Aspiring audio engineer and guitarist. I play in church every week.

    Best Headphones For The Price

    These are probably the best headphones for the price. I got them for just over 20 bucks. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was blown away after hearing them! For 20 bucks I wasn't expecting such good sound, the bass isn't exaggerated and the treble and mids are still there and sound great. The sound is crisp and pretty clean. They don't clip easily, although they do clip a bit if your source is too loud, but under normal listening conditions they don't clip at all for me. They seem to reproduce sound pretty good, especially for a 20 dollar set of headphones. They're pretty comfortable too, the ear cups fit around your ear, not on, and they have pretty good cushioning on top. The cable length is OK, but sometimes it's just a tad too short. Overall these are great headphones. If you can't spend more for a good set of headphones I'd recommend buying these, they sound great, are pretty comfortable, and are pretty cheap.

    It's also worth mentioning that I've been through two of these so far. On my first pair the cable shorted out, but that was because I stepped on the cable a bit too much. I initially contacted tech support a few days after they shorted out and got no response for months. Either by coincidence or not after I posted on their Facebook page that I hadn't heard back from tech support after contacting them months ago, I got an e-mail with the RMA label and everything. In a few weeks I had a new set of headphones. The RMA process from the first e-mail took more than five months to hear back from them. My second pair hasn't had any problems yet though and I've had them for about a year and a half.

  • Donald toth jr
    from Georgetown, IL January 16, 2016

    Awesome phones!

    I have several sets of studio headphones that cost $100+ but I got these for my sons KT1 electronic drum kit and I have to say that for $20 you cannot beat them. Crystal clear highs/mids and very accurate bass. Very comfortable as well. A+

  • Customer
    from April 22, 2014Music Background:

    Great headphones for the price

    I was looking for some studio headphones and I found these. I purchased these based on a tight budget and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. These headphones sound great at a great price.

  • Lisa
    from Buffalo, NY, USA March 16, 2013Music Background:
    Constant Headphone User

    Handles a Rough Life Well

    I'm a college student who uses headphones to filter out outside noise. I usually go through a pair of headphones every month or so, to give an idea of how rough I tend to be with my headphones.

    I've had these for a few months now and I've done everything from dropping them to tossing them into lockers and sleeping on them. I've run around with them in the rain and snow as well. These things still work great and all there is to show are some scratches for the beating they take.

    My only complaint is that I wish these suppressed the outside noise a bit more. I also have a small head and small ears, so these fit fine but I think if someone had larger ears these may be less comfortable.

  • Miguel
    from November 30, 2014Music Background:
    Music Production Graduate

    Quite good for the price!

    I very much noticed that pushing or placing the cups/headphones back on your head, instead of forward (your ear cannals are near the front of the cups), significantly improved the highs that these headphones produce cos I also found that it somehow lacked clarity in the highs. Thought it would be helpful to share!

    the position really brought out the highs more and cleared up the muddy low mids as well! (with my ears at least) cheers!

  • JL
    from USA July 10, 2014Music Background:
    musician, live sound and studio engineer

    Surprisingly good sounding

    I picked up a pair of these just to do line level checks on the sound board. Had to have a pair of headphones on the board at church since so many worship teams means the mics are constantly getting moved around. Some one starts singing and I'm hitting solo buttons to find out which mic they are using, (sound checks are a luxury I almost never get). I figured these headphones would be plenty good enough for that, what I did not figure on was that I actually liked listening to music on these things. They are comfortable to wear and sound really decent. Granted they do not hold a candle to my old pair of DT 770 Pros, but they do not cost anywhere near $300 either. They did have a "new plastic" smell that was a little strong when I first took them out of the box, but that faded within a couple of days. I would not recommend these for mixing, but for editing, line level checks, or just a decent set of listening headphones these do the job quite well.

  • David Woodard
    from Clinton, ME April 16, 2014Music Background:
    Getting better every day. Practice makes better... having Fun

    For what I paid, they do the job

    I bought another pair at the same time I bought these and spent 10 bucks more for them. The difference was night and day. These get the job done but are nothing to write home about. I will keep these up in the bedroom to use when I practice guitar while the wife sleeps.
    The Audio Technica set I bought are so much nicer than these and were worth the extra 10 bucks. If I had it to do over again I would have bought two sets of the others. These are not as clear or rich sounding and the sound in one ear cuts in and out. Honestly, these are more comfortable though.
    In short, you get what you pay for but these are worth what I paid for them. I would not purchase these again and gave them 4 stars because of the price and value. I just cant warrant paying big money for headphones, I'd rather spend my money on a nice amp.

  • Billy
    from Illinois January 8, 2014Music Background:
    Recording, Performing

    Pretty Decent

    Bought these a few days ago. Really can't believe the sound. While I never use headphones to mix I do reference from time to time for levels, panning and Eq. And I do use phones for tracking. I own AKG K240's and Sony MDR 7506'. I use the Sony's more than the AKG's. I was looking for a 2nd pair of phones so I could engineer some backing vocals while sitting next to the vocalist. (Small Studio no booth). The difference in Impedance of the AKG'S and the Sony's was too great causing the Sony's to be much louder than the AKG's making it very difficult to monitor. The truth is when I put the Behringers on I couldn't believe it! LOL They are great! Cheap? Yup! Sound? Great ! Not as much hi-end as the Sony's but better low end. Maybe not as tight but I feel I could trust the low end on the Behringers for transfer better. Don't be afraid of these! Pretty Decent and for 20 smackers a real bargain. I can't testify as to how a DJ would like them as I have no idea what they would be looking for.

  • Ryan
    from Chattanooga, TN November 24, 2012Music Background:
    musician, hobbyist sound engineer

    Great phones!

    I don't often get to turn my amp up, so I needed something that would let me practice guitar quietly at home, and these phones do the job. I had been using a Logitech headset (the kind you use for Skype), and it was okay, but everything sounded squashed and tinny. For $20, I decided to give these a try before spending $100+ on a pair of pro mixing phones.

    Upon firing these up for the first time, everything was much more open with a lot more detail, good bass, and the highs weren't shrill or piercing. After using them for a couple of days I think the highs may be a little too subdued on these, but otherwise I don't have any gripes. They are incredibly comfortable, so much so that I forget I'm wearing them after a while.

    I run a POD HD500 into my iMac and use the HPS3000s to monitor (plugged into the headphone jack on my computer, not the POD). The connector is 3.5 mm, but it comes with a 0.25-inch adapter for plugging into a mixing desk or pro sound card. I don't recommend plugging these or any other low-impedance phones into a POD HD500 the headphone amp on those is horrible (they recommend 150-ohm phones or higher, but good luck finding those for less than $200).

    The HPS3000s are great for what I do, and I imagine they'd work for any hobbyist who doesn't have the scratch for pro-level gear. I had a pair of Audio Technica phones a couple of years ago ($150), and i sent them back because they sounded awful with my POD. These sound great, and I'm incredibly happy with my purchase.

  • Berry L
    from Chicago IL November 28, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Computer/Hardware Engineer

    I bought these headphones to replace my old Sony headphones, which BTW were great headphones. The only problem is that I had to keep replacing the Sony headphones due to a common cord problem. Fast forward to the HPS3000's they feel great,they sound great and the best part is they don't cost the same amount of money as another piece of equipment! While these headphones are not the $200 and up models, they do the job for me I have only had these for about two weeks and they have already paid for themselves ten fold. I have made some great mixes on these babies. Cheers!

  • In The Hills
    from WV August 15, 2016

    Sound dissapointing / Durability amazing

    The sound quality is a strong ok. The problem is they can not handle very much volume before they start breaking up. I got these to record skeletons during a live band rehearsal at reasonable levels and they just don't cut it. They got demoted to laptop, ipad, stereo status and work well for this application but still lack volume. Since they have little value to me they get treated pretty rough. I let the kids use them knowing they have broken every pair of headphones they touch. They've been treated pretty bad and keep going. After a year of use & abuse they still work like the day I got them. The headband, ear cups, the foam, it's all holding up. Even the cheap flimsy cord, which I was sure would short out within a week, is still kicking with no problems. I just wish they sounded better and could take more volume. Because the day we demoted these we ordered one pair of expensive headphones. It's a brand & model that we all know and for this review we'll call them brand "X". After 9 months of use brand X has already had the stereo cable replaced. The ear cup material is all ready cracking and the headphones no longer stay put without assistance from a headband. Brand X takes the volume, sound a lot better, but they just don't hold up to use.

  • Customer
    from April 5, 2017


    Low price! Good

  • Darryl
    from 92324 April 28, 2016Music Background:
    Home Music Producer

    Very Good for the price

    Head phones sound good ..not as powerful as my senheisers....but for the price and durability ,also seem very comfortable as I listen on them now using my drum machine to push them...This is a win...win..You cant loose ,trust me....

  • Customer
    from February 25, 2016


    Pros: there comfortable..Using my Pioneer VSX-455 receiver ...they sound ok at very low volume...Cons: once you go to levels that you want to hear them work...very distorted .. SORRY GUYS.. comfortable to wear but they sound half blown at quarter volume on up...

  • Bill
    from Maryland April 22, 2017Music Background:
    Professional (performing & recording)

    Nothing but junk!!

    Mostly plastic. Broke after 6 months of non-intensive use (1-hour church service once a week). Seems nothing can compare to my Koss Pro that I've used at home for 40 years.

  • Jimi Banks
    from NORTH PORT, FL October 15, 2016



  • A.C.
    from Houston, TX December 13, 2015

    Treble Not Present

    It looks very well made and are very comfortable, Down side is that treble is very low and does not provide good definition.

  • Kevin
    from Michigan November 2, 2015

    Behringer Headphones

    Not usable.

  • Rob L
    from Long Island NY June 19, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician, audio engineer

    Stuck in the mud!

    I have a degree in recording tech, and these sadly, are terrible!

    An artist I work with bought them to use in a session and literally threw them out after I had her put on AKG's.

    The Behringer's have a muddy, muffled sound, no thump, no crispness to the highs. While very often these days you can get some great gear at affordable prices, these epitomize the disappointed phrase, "you get what you pay for."

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