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PreSonus HP60 6-Ch Headphone Amplifier Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the PreSonus HP60 6-Ch Headphone Amplifier?

Questions about the PreSonus HP60 6-Ch Headphone Amplifier?

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  • M. Mathews, Utility Studio Guy
    from North Carolina March 21, 2017

    PreSonus HP60 6-Ch. Headphone Amp

    I've been a PreSonus Central Station owner for years, so when I bought the HP60 I knew it would do the job well and as efficiently as the rest of the PreSonus line-up. I run a project studio, mostly a one person operation, but every so often I have to bring in session players and outfit them with monitoring. The HP60 handles this chore quite well. I use it in conjunction with the Central Station.

  • Star7693
    from Rapid City SD June 6, 2016Music Background:

    Two RM Mixers Two HP60

    I have two RM16AI's and I Have Two HP60 Presonus Headphone amp. They are in difront rooms and a hocked up with DB25 of the back of the mixes's. The mixers are hocked up with AVB and a Motu Switich. It all work good and I love it

  • Kenny
    from Auburn, WA March 10, 2014Music Background:
    Musician for 30+ years

    Great product, great price

    We used this as a solution to solve volume problems in our tiny rehearsal space, everyone has their own personal mix, controlled via myFader on iPhones.. it worked so well, we use it on small stages now too! It's a very inexpensive monitoring solution that works like a charm

  • Tony Mellinger
    from Chesterfield, MI March 6, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Pastor, guitarist, live sound engineer.

    perfect for wired in-ear monitors

    We have a StudioLive mixer we use with this. Wireless in-ears are ideal, but this makes them much more economically possible. We run our aux feeds straight to the HP60 (through a snake) and run headphone cables to our musicians on stage. Sounds great and plenty loud! Each musician controls their own mix with their iPhone. Boom, personal in ear monitors for cheap! :) Keep producing these great products Presonus!

  • Customer
    from United States February 26, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Versatile Headphone Amp

    I bought this as I needed a basic headphone amp for the studio floor, and it has worked really well. I use the "A/B" mix control for adding in a click track, or mixing in a solo channel with the main monitor mix. Also has a provision for a talkback mic. Good unit!

  • Star
    from Rapid City, SD USA December 29, 2012Music Background:

    Works good with my 16.4.2 presonus mixer

    Works good use it in my home Studio.Send six Oux in to the back of the HP60 and send the main mix and click tack in to 1& 2. This gives me six ch. of Stereo Mix for my Studio. It Was Cheep for what it did for my Studio. Sound is nice and the one rack space is nice to.

  • B. Clark
    from West Central, OH USA April 19, 2010Music Background:
    Part-time Recording Engineer, Musician

    Solid Design and Good Value

    Just finished my first session with the HP60 and am very happy with it's performance. The unit is very solidly built with little to no noise in the phones and plenty of volume (no complaints from the drummer). The talkback feature is very useful and freed up the input channel I was using for talkback. I couldn't give it the highest rating though because of the (minor) design decisions I don't like about it.

    These are:
    Power switch is on the back (ugh!)
    The power on light is the talkback button. (Seems strange, but I guess it saves money manufacturing)
    The labels for the chanels are printed below the knobs and therefore hard to read if the unit mounted below eye level.
    Would have preferred a second set of phone outputs on the back instead of the stereo extension out.

  • Kevin
    from Michigan December 10, 2015Music Background:
    35 years professional


    Great unit to record with. I really like the punch.

  • Luke
    from Louisana July 28, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist, Guitar instructor, composer.

    HP60 is pretty darn good

    I had to replace my Presonus Monitor Station which bit the dust. Everything works as claimed with my HP60. My only gripe is that the talkback button is momentary only (does not latch). Other wise it's working really well so far.

  • Lou Contumelio
    from Steubenville, Ohio November 13, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer, Musician

    Rerview PreSonus HP60

    Bought two for my Studio. Absolutely clear sound and easy to use!
    Highly recommend.

  • Lou Contumelio
    from Steubenville, Ohio November 13, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer, Musician

    Rerview PreSonus HP60

    Bought two for my Studio. Absolutely clear sound and easy to use!
    Highly recommend.

  • Buba "Low Volume" Smith
    from Deep South "Redneck Ville" September 4, 2015Music Background:
    Jug Band

    Not loud enough

    Always had problems with volume using a saffire audio interface....once owned a Behringer headphone amp which had more than enough amplification....I can say this, this is much cleaner sounding than the Behringer at same volume...

  • Customer
    from Florida April 6, 2016

    Not quite ready for prime time

    The features on this unit are great. The performance however, is lacking. In a word, it is "noisy". Introduces spurious static and high frequency humming despite ground lifting etc. The power is also over hyped. I still have to use an amp on the other end to give musicians enough headphone level.

Questions about the PreSonus HP60 6-Ch Headphone Amplifier?

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