Raxxess HH-1

Straight Headphone Hanger
Raxxess HH-1 image 1

NOTE: Headphones, rack, and rack-mounted gear not included.

Raxxess HH-1 image 1
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Raxxess HH-1
In Stock!

Headphone Hanger!

A convenient way to hang headphones. The HH-1 (shown here) comes straight out of the rack while the HH-2 projects out at a right angle, taking the place of any rack screw already in your rack. Screw it in until it is in the desired position and tighten up the nut.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number HH-1

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Happyness is a headphone hanger away.

Imagine this, you're sitting at your workspace and suddenly you need to take care of something, perhaps you need to use the restroom, or your food delivery is there. Perhaps your significant other/better half wants you to take care of something and they're rather impatient, but you got your new sweet high end I-would-prefer-not-to-risk-these-getting-damaged headphones and there's no place to really put them. but wait, you're next to your rack and LE GASP! you have one of these handy hangers installed. the day is saved! Okay, so that's a little overly dramatic. The design works, its practical, and does its job and it doesn't cost much. Being some one who spends a lot o time near a rack stand, I use this all the time to hang up my precious K702. I gave it a 4 cause if I gave it a 5 people might think there's a hidden feature like it will cook breakfast or something, Its worth it to me.
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Pretty sweet!

Great product! This allows me to keep my expensive headphones off and away for the desk and looks really clean in my rack.
Music background: Recording Engineer

Great concept, but needs a redesign

Having a headphone holder on your rack is a great concept. However, I found these difficult to mount. They are threaded all the way, so positioning them on the rack requires trial-and-error. What they could have done was have a section with no threads so that you could rotate as needed, then lock it down with the supplied nut from the backside. Also, they should have included the nylon washer. If you put this on equipment you care about, it will definitely scratch it. Finally, the threads are just too short. It's enough for a rail with no hardware, but there is barely room to mount it in place of a rack screw that is holding a piece of equipment. All of these changes would be easy for Raxxess to make, but my conclusion was that they didn't field-test this.
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