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Avid HD OMNI Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Avid HD OMNI?

Questions about the Avid HD OMNI?

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  • Carson McClain

    The Avid HD Omni is the perfect segue from Pro Tools LE to Pro Tools HD. Aside from the power supply and a few other small internal parts, it's practically identical to the HD I/O. If you're a studio engineer, this could be a perfect addition to your rig if you need to go mobile or record and edit at home. Finally, a more scaleable solution for Pro Tools HD users!

  • Josh Estock

    Avid's HD Omni is the perfect addition to any studio. Whether you're using it at home, on location, or in a mix room, the Omni will will definitely impress. This unit boasts it all: transparent preamps, top-notch conversion, I/O to boot. This is literally an all-in-one professional Pro Tools|HD solution in a single rackspace. What else could you ask for?

  • Jerome
    from Chualar, California January 1, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    The HD OMNI Is a PowerHouse 7.1 Surround Interface PreAmp

    I mix in 7.1 Surround and this took care of all my Pro Tools 11HD needs and even has a transparent interface with the Mac Pro internal audio to have a throughput to the monitor speakers, allowing all audio from every app from the Mac to the surround mix.

  • Emmanuel
    from Los Angeles September 29, 2011Music Background:


    Wow this sounds so nice~ I just got this and I'm telling you it's making me love working on music again. Formally coming from the Ensemble and the Mbox3, I had forgotten that how much a great converter can make a difference. Mind you, Apogee Ensemble and the Mobx3 are no slouch either.

    This thing is accurate, detailed and yet has a very subtle color that makes it sound so nice. It's hard to put my fingers on it but I'm loving it.
    I can hear more details in the mixes and also I can hear the fxs such as reverbs, delays and ambience much better. I feel like my modest Yamaha HS80m just got a expensive mod on it :)
    Stereo image is really accurate it kinda feels awkward still if you know what I mean.

    Also headphone output sounds great too. The best I've heard so far.

    Also unlike a lot of reviews I read online, it;s very easy to operate in a sense that "it just makes sense". Love the simple yet very functional monitor controller section. I wish Avid will hurry and come out with the remote already since there is a remote out jack in the back.

    I haven't tested the Mic Pres yet but I can't hardly wait. I've read that it's on the clean side but I'm hoping it's a big step up from the Ensemble or the Mbox3. We'll see.

    Overall I'm pretty stoked!!!

  • Karl J Deitch
    from San Diego, CA USA June 1, 2011Music Background:
    Post Production Supervisor

    An all in one I/O

    Works great !!! the product speaks for it's self and of course Sweetwater Top Notch.

  • Noah
    from MA April 12, 2017

    Love the HD Omni for what it is

    I have been using the HD Omni for about a year now. The sound quality is stellar and the mic preamps are a lot better than I thought they would be. I was expecting something like the old PRE and they're actually very clear and solid sounding preamps. Not a lot of character, but exactly what you need for certain things.

    My advice to anyone considering the Omni is to spend some time with the manual and be prepared to spend some time configuring it once you get it home. I was using a DM-3200 for monitoring and a 192 for my analog signals. I spent some time figuring out how I would set things up and it works great.

    I have four channels of external mic pres going into the rear analog inputs (API A2D, ADL-600). What inputs you use is something you want to think about because the 1-2 on the back have to be switched between line and front panel mic, so I put the ADL on 1-2 because I use them less and the API on 3-4.
    For the outputs, I have two going to my monitors.

    As some people stated, there is limited io. I picked up one of those Behringer 8200s to run my compressors, eq and another pre. Right now I have them going into the Omni via ADAT.

    I am still using a 192 Digital for my PCM-81, PCM-91, V-Verb and 11R. At some point I will run the 8200 to the 192 to get a couple extra inputs, but right now for my setup it's fine as it is.

    At the end of the day I love the Omni. The headphone amp is really nice. It's very quiet despite some reviews I had read and it sounds much better than my 192 analog. For certain types of rooms it's great. You don't have to buy a headphone amp, monitoring solution, etc... and you get a couple nice mic pres.

    It succeeded in allowing me to dump my console and 192, which I was worried would stop working. I did pick up a Command 8 (works fine in 12) for a control surface.

  • Christian Dillner Hagen
    from Trondheim, Norway May 30, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician and engineer

    Best so far

    Omni has the best sound quality I have heard so far.

    Im coming from Mbox 3 Pro wich I thought sounded good untill I got the Omni. I have also experience with RME UFX.

    Omni is head and shoulders above Mbox and UFX in sound quality.

    I would give it 5 stars if it had 2 headphones out,4 mic pres instead of 2 and 8 line input instead of 4. Another minus is you cant use the 4 line inputs + 2 mic pres simultaniously. Either 2 mic pres + 2 line inputs or 4 line inputs.

    The way I work now I can live with the limited I/O, but if I someday need more I/O I have to look for an alternative.

  • AK
    from NJ, USA August 20, 2014Music Background:
    Phantom Studio Owner/ Engr.

    I'm a happy camper

    A cheap way to get into HD, coming from motu interfaces I noticed a a big change in sound quality, all I'm missing is the number of I/Os, right now planning to buy some digidesign HD blues to connect to it

  • Ali
    from August 10, 2013

    Great !

    The HDOmni is really great Audio interface , the only concern to me is the low audio level/signal when I do recording my Motif XF or Tyros3 compared to the signal I got from my old audio interface, I get a good level/ signal while using the PRE's. After all I love it and it's the greatest audio interface to me.

  • James
    from Los Angeles, CA October 23, 2012Music Background:

    Excellent Sound Quality - Terrible Features

    Be very careful when buying this interface. It is 4 analog in only! 8 analog outs max! That means no digital mirroring so if you have a summing box prepare for a nightmare. The headphone outs are hardwired and cant be routed. It has no firewire or usb so you meed pro tools hdx or native to use it. To put it simply it offers a lot but Avid has locked it down with some pretty strange restrictions. I wouldn't recommend it and I highly advise looking elsewhere. Much more bang for your buck from the current apogee and UA offerings.

  • Matt V
    from October 19, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Try Not to Think About What Might Have Been

    So many of us saw the Omni as exactly what we were looking for—a slightly more affordable interface with fewer options, but added monitor control and a couple overflow preamps. With so little info available at launch and so much artificial hype and bundling with everything AVID makes, they glossed over the fact that this is a FOUR channel interface for HD. Ridiculously, you can't even use ADAT connections to expand your inputs because you LOSE ANALOG INS when using ADAT. There's a reason everyone's dumping them in the used markets now. It's half of a 001 (remember those) and costs nearly the same as a real interface (and MORE than Lynx).

    Conversion is good. Definitely on par with Apogee and Lynx offerings, but this just has too few inputs and senseless AVID-style artificial restrictions to be useable for anything other than home mixing and an emergency overdub. Definite waste of the $3k when so many far, far better options exist for even less money. This is not the HDX/HDN interface you're looking for. Save your money.

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