Avid Console Trade-in Upgrade from Mixer to ICON D-Control ES with XMON - Tier 1 Trade-In No Longer Available

Pro Tools|HD Accel Control Surface with 16 Channel Strips, Master and Monitor Sections - TIER 1 TRADE IN
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Avid Console Trade-in Upgrade from Mixer to ICON D-Control ES with XMON - Tier 1 Trade-In image 1
Avid Console Trade-in Upgrade from Mixer to ICON D-Control ES with XMON - Tier 1 Trade-In image 1

Sorry, the Avid Console Trade-in Upgrade from Mixer to ICON D-Control ES with XMON - Tier 1 Trade-In is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Avid Console Trade-in Upgrade from Mixer to ICON D-Control ES with XMON - Tier 1 Trade-In
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Trade in Your Mixer and Save on a D-Control!

Note: This is a special offer from Avid allowing you to trade in your mixing console (valued at less than $15,000) for thousands of dollars off of an Avid D-Control ES with an X-MON communications system. For more information, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer.

In the past big, expensive tape machines ruled the studio world; and big, expensive consoles from names like Neve, Harrison and Euphonix went hand in hand with those machines. But while the recording world made the shift from tape-based systems to the Pro Tools environment, the big consoles have had a hard time keeping up. Their lack of integration with Pro Tools made them awkward "square pegs" trying to fit into the "round hole" of professional digital audio workstations. High-end production houses never had a TOTALLY integrated Pro Tools environment that completely incorporated control, I/O, monitoring and software implementation - until the Digidesign ICON. Now Digidesign gives us the ICON D-Control ES, an even sleeker version of the acclaimed ICON D-Control! Offering the same highly efficient workflows and unrivaled HD integration as the original D-Control, the ES also features updated text graphics and switch colors, providing better visibility in low-light environments. Flawless, hands-on Pro Tools control with a darker, bolder color scheme, the D-Control ES will make an impressive statement in your studio.

D-Control Tactile Worksurface
The innovative mixing centerpiece of ICON, the D-Control ES tactile worksurface, employs an intuitive console layout. The Master Module includes easily accessible, comprehensive center section controls, and is complemented by a 16-channel Fader Module that can be installed to the right or left of the Master Module (additional Fader Modules can be easily added as needed). D-Control ES's ergonomic design enables full control from the channel strips with minimal paging, while its abundance of LCD displays, LED rings, and bargraphs facilitates the visual feedback operators require. Updated text and graphics on the ES facilitate reading in low-light environments.

Digidesign D-Control ES Features:
  • Slim, sleek control surface, expandable to 80 physical faders/channel strips with optional 16-channel Fader Modules; Master Module includes one 16-channel Fader Module
  • New, dark color scheme
  • High-quality, touch-sensitive, motorized faders
  • Six touch-sensitive, multi-purpose rotary encoders per channel strip with 15-segment, multi-color LED rings that display encoder position or metering. Each rotary encoder also features a 6-character alphanumeric, multi-color LCD display for function parameters in addition to one display for the channel scribble strip
  • 29 illuminated pushbuttons per channel strip that facilitate fast selection of channel modes and attributes
  • Two bargraph meters per channel, and eight Master section bargraph meters
  • Comprehensive monitor/communications control section
  • Dedicated control sections for EQ and dynamics plug-in editing
  • High-speed Ethernet connection to Pro Tools | HD Accel DSP mixing core
  • VESA standard TFT mounting arm for flat-panel display (display not included)

XMON Monitor System
XMON is D-Control ES's remote, rack-mounted, analog I/O audio monitor and communications system. With the XMON and D-Control ES, you can monitor two separate, simultaneous 8-channel mixes (mono to 7.1 surround) as well as four external stereo sources. These inputs are selectable to multiple main, near-field or mini speaker configurations. XMON also provides three separate stereo Cue outputs, studio monitors (SLS), and a dedicated engineer's headphone output.

Digidesign XMON Features:
  • Single 15-pin cable connection for remote positioning of XMON up to 80' away from D-Control ES
  • All XMON audio I/O connections are made with standard DB-25 multi-pin connectors
  • Separate port supports External Talkback input, two Listenback inputs, AFL stereo solo input, and Mini Speakers (stereo)

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 9925-65099-00

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