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Sennheiser HD6 Mix Closed-back Isolating Mix/Studio Headphones Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
Questions about the Sennheiser HD6 Mix Closed-back Isolating Mix/Studio Headphones?

Questions about the Sennheiser HD6 Mix Closed-back Isolating Mix/Studio Headphones?

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  • Tyler Berggren

    I do a lot of remote recording where I'm making all of my decisions solely based on what I hear from my headphones. So I wanted a pair of headphones that I could trust as much as my studio monitors. I'm so glad I grabbed a pair of Sennheiser HD6 Mix headphones! These are incredibly tranparent, detailed, and - most importantly - flat and unhyped. They are extremely comfortable and do a great job of isolating what I'm monitoring from outside room sound.

  • from New Smyrna Beach, FL March 13, 2017

    Very Good!

    Was debating on whether or not to get the HD8's because of the DJ bass thing, but I could not justify spending the extra amount for the bass that is extra in them and for the stronger made headphone. The HD6 is by all means very sturdy, comfortable and flexible headphone! I had to buy the HD6 because my HD280's went out after about 7 years of use.

    In my own opinion after hearing the HD6's the bass in them is WAY more than sufficient and when EQ is applied to the low end they do hit really hard in the lows, if you want that kind of DJ low end feel.

    I needed a headphone that was good at isolating and mixing in live setups. For my setup in our live worship I found it was necessary to reduce some of the low mids and mid range, as for my taste the HD6's were a little too forward with those frequencies. But don't let that bother you. They sound good as they are and I can tell you they do help you find troubled frequency areas in a bad mix. The HD6 headphones do crank out the volume! WOW do they ever!

    My wife was also needing to hear a better mix during worship than what her monitors were giving her. I let her try the HD6's on and she looked over at me and said, "I gotta have these!" - So I ordered another pair!

    Thanks to Aaron Swaidner my sales rep at Sweetwater for helping me through this selection! We emailed back and forth at least 30 times, and each time he was right there to help me get the answers I needed. PLUS the refund return policy at Sweetwater rocks!

  • from Michigan March 7, 2017Music Background:
    Sound engineer, Musician

    Amazing set of headphones!

    So I must say, that I was a bit uneasy about changing my studio/remote mixing headphones up. I was so used to my Sony MDR 7506’s that I had been using for years. Well to keep it short, I went ahead and purchased these based on the fact that I was noticing myself changing my mixes slightly upon returning to the studio (if i had been mixing remotely) and it started to bother me. I looked at a few different sets, read some reviews and settled on these.

    Needless to say I no longer have that problem!

    These have very quickly become the my favorite pair of headphones, bar none. Extremely transparent- rich- clear sound. Much better than my Sony’s! I never find myself wanting to ‘fix’ my mix after mixing with these, when going back to studio monitors.

    The thing that really blew me away though was when i played an .mp3 back to back with a .wav of the same track.. The difference completely blew me away, to the point that I never want to here compressed audio on these again ! The .mp3 sounded lifeless and just bland, where the .wav was full and rich. The difference in files seemed to be much more apparent than I had ever heard on headphones. Amazing!

  • from San Francisco, CA March 21, 2016Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

    For The Serious Headphone Mixer

    Upon plugging these into one's device and playing a trap playlist, the audiophile will come to experience an immediate dissatisfaction with these cans. It's the most depressing hour of a mixer's life... But then something amazing happens................................. In one quick instance, you realize that it's not the headphone that sounds bad!!! It's the mix!!! It's the mix!!!

    This is the most revealing headphone that I've ever come in contact with. It's like having Yamaha HS8s on my ears. If a record is badly balanced... You will hear it. If a track is badly panned, the holes in the stereo-field are extremely apparent. If a vocal isn't processed well? Reverb and delay won't hide it.. If a snare isn't eq'd particularly well, it will sound harsh. In addition, the bottom end is mostly true. Thus, the genius of these headphones.

    A good A/B test (if you want to contrast the difference in mixing jobs)... Play "Know Yourself" by Drake... Great song... Crap mix. Then play "Liquor" by Chris Brown - it becomes unmistakingly clear that this is an expertly mixed record (especially realized in the sound quality of the effects) compared to the former. You're welcome.

    Also, being able connect the headphone cable through either cup is a hilariously useful touch... Makes it easy to keep the cable out of the way regardless of how you're oriented to the headphone amp.

    Comes with a super useful case, two cables (one straight, one coiled), and extra set of breathable ear cups for use if your ears are prone to sweating. This is the perfect headphone package.

    ***One con*** If you break the headphone cable, you will have to buy an after market replacement cable. Which sucks! Because there was a time when Sennheiser sold OEM replacement cables. Their cables are gorgeous! The aftermarket cables are "mehhhh". Only knock.

  • from New Jersey September 26, 2015Music Background:

    Excellent Studio Monitors

    Excellent sound quality. They are the headphones that probably have the widest audio in their price range. They completely shut out outside noise.
    They are built very sturdy, and although they do not fold, they have a rather small form factor. They have jacks on both ears that use this secure locking mechanism. It makes it a little harder to put in, but impossible to pull out by accident.
    They are clearer and wider than ATH-M50s, and they seem like they'll last longer than my M50s, too.
    The carrying case is really nice, but it's difficult to pack the cables into it.

  • from Glendale, NY USA February 27, 2015Music Background:
    Recording and Live Sound Student and Serious Musician Hobbyist

    Amazing Professional Sound and Outside Noise Cancellation

    The Sennheiser HD6 headphones were highly recommended to me by Pro Musicians,Recording and Live Sound Engineers, so I decided to purchase a pair and give them a try. I have been using my Sennheiser HD6 headphones every day for about 3 months now and still impressed with the Superl high quality sound and comfort without the over exaggerated bass. I love the easy attaching/detaching plug-n-turn Cable Design and includes a straight and a coiled cable that you can plug in the Left or Right cup (very convenient). You also receive one extra set of ear pads. The headphones, 2 cables, and the extra set of ear pads all come with a hard cover Sennheiser carrying case. I highly recommend this headset, one of the best purchases I made for my music passion.

  • from Michigan September 8, 2014Music Background:
    Studio guitarist-multi instrumentalist

    Perfectly Flat Response With Comfort

    I bought these mostly to have a set of headphones that block outside noise, and these do that very well. Suitable for mixing also, they have a flat EQ response so you aren't hearing anything that isn't already there in the mix; no "bass boost" or other consumer-level gimmicks here. The replaceable 1/8 screw-in cables are a godsend! These will certainly never wind up in that box full of lesser headphones with shorts in the cords.

  • from Milwaukee Wi April 14, 2016Music Background:
    Hip hop and rap producer / studio engineer

    Sennheiser hd6 mix headphones

    The hd6 mix headphones was a great addition to my studio these headphones reproduce the music at very crisp and clean sound giving me the ability to accurately mix my music. There also perfect for recording vocals giving my artists a accurate reproduction of there vocals. I definitely have to say Iam very pleased with my purchase.

  • from Colorado June 17, 2015Music Background:
    Electronic producer

    I love them

    These headphones sound great; they're comfortable; and you can change which side the cable attaches to, which I find useful. I mostly use them for monitoring backing tracks while recording, and there is essentially zero bleed from the phones into the mic. I also use them for double-checking mixes, and they seem to have a very even response for that work. I'll probably buy a second pair to upgrade my other headphones, since I work out of a small home studio and sometimes have other vocalists in for recording.

  • from Lanai City, HI December 31, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound, DJ, Hobbyist

    Sennhesiser HD6 Headphones

    Replaces my old SONY MDR 7506. I Love these head phones. Comfortable use for long periods....And it sounds great! It's just hard to explain until you buy a pair for yourself.

  • from Maryland August 9, 2014

    Simply Awesome!

    These headphones sounded great right out of the box. After burning them in the sound quality is remarkable for a pair of headphones at this price point. The bass is very clean and tight and well balanced with the mids and highs. The sound is ok when connected to a mobile device but they really shine when connected to a amp or equipment that can handle high impedance headphones.

  • from California January 7, 2017Music Background:

    Sennheiser HD6

    Very good quality sound. Close to BOSE on-ear that just got retired
    Almost no ambient noise gets through
    Comfortable for up to 2 hours - then ears need a break
    Straight cord is long and medium duty - somewhat unruly
    I do like the "either side plug in" feature - good in tight space

  • from Mesa, AZ February 15, 2014Music Background:
    Amateur Recording Engineer, Musician

    Solid Build Quality, Good Sound

    I seldom purchase an un-reviewed product, but I've always been a fan of the quality of Sennheisier live mics, so when my trusty Beyer Dynamics finally went toes-up I figured I'd give their new headphones a try.

    Initial impressions are that they are really nice build quality. The sound itself isn't overly crisp or bass-heavy. By comparison, my Beyer Dynamics seemed a bit more open and airy, but these have more low-end impact.

    They come with two sets of cups. I thought I'd like the leather, but they're hot and make the sound a bit boxy, so I opted for the micro-fiber. This helped quite a bit. I suspect the leather might be useful when you need headphones that will stand up to a bit more abuse in exchange for a little sound quality? I don't know, not my situation, so I probably won't be using them.

    I like the optional cables. They have a neat little locking mechanism that keeps the plug snugly fitting into whichever headphone you want. Just lots of nice thoughtful little touches here.

    All this being said, I kept one star because of the low-end "impact" I mentioned. While some kinds of music benefit from this, to my ear it encroaches on the mid-range, making parts a little hard to separate. Not audiophile quality maybe, but rather, a very nice quality, all-around working set of headphones for daily use.

    I'm interested to see what they sound like once they've been broken in a bit more. I like em. Would definitely recommend.

    Pro-Tip... these have a very distinct directional design. If you get your right & left switched they sound awful... Not sayin' I did this... just sayin' o_O

  • from St Paul MN February 8, 2017

    Sennheiser fan, but a comfort fan too

    Yeah, they sound good. The detail and definition put my old Bose on-ear phones to shame. However, I find them extremely uncomfortable. Perhaps the head squeeze will lessen with continued use, but as someone who wears glasses they actually cause pain.

    The low end is overly accentuated too, which seems to be a trend with modern cans and it doesn't help with mixing as you have to compensate to get a pleasing bass response in the car or home stereo. I find I have to push up the bass to absurd levels while mixing to the point where I'm questioning everything, just so the bass response is adequate on playback outside my home demo studio.

    I don't mean to come off like these phones are deficient, they are just not for me. I plan to donate them to the studio where I do session work since the isolation will be ideal for tracking, no headphone bleed with these babies!

  • from Japan December 25, 2016

    Pretty decent for tracking and mixing at home

    These are not the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn, but they are tolerable and the ability to switch the plug to either side somewhat makes up for the stiff pads and cavernous fit, since my headphone jack is to my right on my desk. They also come with a nice case and a spare set of ear pads in case these wear out. The sound quality is OK; most importantly, the response is relatively flat which is why I bought them. Seems we live in an era of overhyped bass and even "studio" headphones like the $350 Sony cans I bought these to replace had a booming low end that made mixing a challenge (I know mixing with headphones is not ideal but I'm an amateur and my wife has a fit if I use my monitors). All in all, I'm satisfied with these if not in love with them like my old AKGs that fell apart after a decade of use and three international moves.

  • from Raleigh, NC December 11, 2015

    Sennheiser HD6 Mix vs. AKG K240

    I have a Kawai GS40 grand piano and I record solo piano improvisations.I also use headphones 99% of the time when using my synthesizers and computer for electronic compositions. To me, the only way to judge headphone accuracy is when one has the original acoustic instrument to compare the recording playback to, like a piano which has a full frequency range. This of course assumes one has excellent full range microphones and good recording equipment to reproduce the tonal range of a piano.

    For years I used the AKG K-240 headphone. When I set up an X-Y stereo mic position on the music rack of my piano and play back the recording, the AKG K-240 sounded exactly like my piano! No added coloration, no exaggerated bass. I have used them for over 30 years. No listening fatigue at all.

    However they always hurt my earlobes after wearing them for more than a couple of hours. I wear glasses and have never found a set of headphones that are comfortable to wear a long time. So I went to my local store to try on new headphones. The Sennheiser pads are much softer than the AKG and have been more comfortable to wear physically. However, the AKGs are open ear phones and the Senheiser are closed ear phones. So the bass is more pronounced on the Sennheiser and I find I have to listen at a much lower volume level because the sound is blasted more into the ear channel. It is actually painful to listen at loud volume level. The recordings of my Kawai piano sound very different with the Sennheisers. They have a deeper bass than in reality and the sweetness is lost. My electronic music has lost clarity in the midbass because the low bass now over shadows the midbass tones.

    I now relegate the Sennheiser only to listening to Spotify for long hours but not for mixing my recordings. I remain an AKG fan for mixdown work.

Questions about the Sennheiser HD6 Mix Closed-back Isolating Mix/Studio Headphones?

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