Sennheiser HD 205 Closed-back Headphones with Rotating Ear Cup

Closed-back Stereo Headphones with Rotatable Earcup, Bass Extension, and Field-replaceable Earpads
Sennheiser HD 205 Closed-back Headphones with Rotating Ear Cup image 1
Sennheiser HD 205 Closed-back Headphones with Rotating Ear Cup image 1
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Sennheiser HD 205 Closed-back Headphones with Rotating Ear Cup
In Stock!

Outstanding DJ and Recording Headphones!

Here's a great set of closed-back headphones for a great price! Sennheiser built their renowned quality and durability into these outstanding HD 205 II headphones. DJs will love the rotatable earcup and the excellent isolation against outside sound. If you record, then you'll appreciate the full, accurate sound you get from the HD 205 IIs. They're comfortable, durable, and great for both tracking and mixing. You also get a 1/4" plug adapter and a handy protective storage pouch. Don't let your budget get in the way of premium listening quality; get these headphones!

Sennheiser HD 205 II Closed-back Headphones Features at a Glance:
  • Rotatable padded earcup for comfortable single-ear listening
  • Perfect for DJ or studio use
  • Outstanding shielding of ambient noise
  • Hypo-allergenic earpads are field replaceable and easy to clean
  • Rugged construction
  • Includes protective storage pouch
  • Dynamic, smooth audio reproduction with deep bass extension
  • 1/8" plug with screw-on 1/4" adapter included
  • 2-year warranty
Sennheiser's HD 205 II headphones make a critical addition to your recording or DJ rig!

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Tech Specs

Open/Closed Closed
Fit Style Supra-aural (On Ear)
Frequency Response 14Hz-20kHz
Impedance 32 ohms
Cable Type Straight
Cable Length 9.8'
Plug Size 1/8" (1/4" Adapter Included)
Weight .8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 504292

Customer Reviews

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Great Headphones

I use these headphones to plug into my Boss GT-10. It's nice to be able to play my guitar in the evening and practice, but the last headphones I had were distorted when playing higher notes. The Sennheiser HD205's do a great job of cutting out the background noise (family watching TV etc.) and have a really good sound quality. I did have to buy a stereo to mono plug adapter, but that wasn't hard to find. They do grab my head a little bit tight (hat size 7 1/2), but other than that they are fantastic. I can wear these continuously for about an hour before needing to take a break.
Music background: Hobbyist officionado

Not Perfect

I needed a good quality headphone for monitoring in our church sound booth. I have always used Sennheiser and decided on this model based upon price and specs. They sound good, but are very uncomfortable. The head band is tight and I would prefer over the ear foam cups (like my 465's).
Music background: installer, live sound production, musician

Great headphones

Great headphones. Have them for about 3 months now. They sound great once you break them in. I reference my mixes of this and works perfectly for what I use them for. I give it a 4 due to they aren't comfortable to wear for an extended period of time due to a extremely tight fit. I would recommend them to anyone but wouldn't mix of these.
Music background: Recording Engineer

Good Sound. Hard to Wear

Extremely snug fit. Very uncomfortable to wear for any period of time when you first get them though they do eventually loosen up a bit so it doesnt hurt to wear them up to about 30 minutes at a time. The sound is nice and balanced though and the pricepoint is nice.
Music background: Recording, Musician

Not as good as its predecessor

The Sennheiser HD205 II is supposed to be the replacement to the discontinued HD212 Pro Headphones (noted by the price range, the "DJ friendly" style category, and the suggestion of these phones in place of the HD212 Pro on several online shopping sites). With that being the case, I feel it necessary to compare the HD205 II to the HD212 Pro so an accurate picture can be painted of what is expected of them in my opinion. Being the spiritual successor to the HD212 pro, these definitely had some hefty shoes to fill. In the price range, the HD212 pro had no sonic equal for their respective genre, although deficiencies in the physical build hampered the phones' performance. The HD212 pro had separate removable earcups which had their own unpluggable L and R mono feed each. But with a very flimsy cord, it was very commonplace to find yourself rolling, stepping, or generally tugging on the cord and consequently yanking the L and R mono jacks out of the earcups. It was great that they were removable in that way, because you could always just plug them back in. But every time they got yanked out, I couldn't help but feel like I was taking another week off of the life of my headphones. The flimsy break-away cord didn't offer much resistance to wear and tear. Fortunately, the cord was replaceable so a $12 purchase from the website was all it took to get me back up and running. In a similar fashion, the actual phone cups were replaceable as well. The headband had incremental brackets that held the ear cups, so the phones could be adjusted to the wearer's head. Initially this provided a snug fit for the headphones, but eventually the head band would stretch beyond a secure fit and be looser than preferred. This was unavoidable unfortunately. As a result of each of these design defects, you were guaranteed about 5-6 months of worry free use under normal studio/DJ conditions. After that, any one of the mentioned faults were likely to pop up and force you to replace a part (cord, earcup, headband) or simply buy a new set of phones if some combination of the pieces had malfunctioned. I made sure to buy 1 replacement cord every time I bought a new pair (I've bought 4 pair over the course of 5 years.) What kept me coming back was the sonic response of these phones. They didn't have a volume advantage, as my Sony 7506s got much better volume. But for Hip-Hop/R&B music, they were perfect. The bottom was enhanced and very punchy. Not only was there a good bit of presence in the bottom, there was a distinguishable difference between the lower register (30Hz - 120Hz) and the low-mid register (120Hz - 300Hz). Listening through these headphones gave me a vivid illustration of how much "hum" (30Hz - 120Hz) was present as opposed to how much "warmth" (120Hz - 300Hz) was present in a kick or a bass instrument. For a hip-hop track, that's a priceless tool. High frequency response was also enhanced, giving a very valuable depiction of how the sibilance in vocals was handled in the mix. Again, these headphones exaggerated those frequencies, but a hip-hop mix is often exaggerated in that way, so the imbalance was helpful. The midrange was not so detailed, and my mixes often suffered because of that deficiency. I supplemented these headphones with a more natural reference headphone to find balance while mixing, but I often went back to my HD212 Pro set to make sure that I had the bottom and high end to my satisfaction. The HD205 II seems to have corrected all the physical faults of the HD212 Pro without maintaining the exaggerated frequency response that I loved about them. The cups are snug at first wear. Very snug. Even if they weren't, the curved design seems suitable to be able to maintain the fit, so I doubt that wear would loosen them too much. They're adjustable and rotatable for easy placement on shoulder instead of sliding up and down on brackets attached to the headband. There's only one cord supplying the sound to the headphones, and it flows into the left ear cup. The cord is still not particularly strong, but it is an improvement over the incredibly flimsy cord of the HD212 Pro. Unfortunately, the frequency response that made the HD212 Pro a must have is not present. The bottoms are accentuated, but not with the detailed bottom response that was present in the HD212 Pro. It seems that the high frequencies as well have been dialed back a bit. The top and bottom are more in balance in the HD205 II, although there is still a boost in the lower and higher frequencies. It's just not as extreme as before. Being accustomed to the sound of the HD212 Pro though, I can't say I'm a fan of the adjustment. I counted on those phones to give me an extreme hip-hop sound, and I can't say that I have that with these headphones. Time will tell whether or not the build is as superior as it seems, but overall it's not a fair trade off with the compromise of frequency response.
Music background: Recording Engineer, Hip-Hop/R&B Producer, Musician
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