Heritage Audio HA73jr Microphone Preamp

500 Series Microphone Preamplifier/DI, with 80dB of Mic Preamp Gain, 50dB of Line Preamp Gain, -20dB Pad, and 80Hz Low-cut Filter
Heritage Audio HA73jr Microphone Preamp image 1
Heritage Audio HA73jr Microphone Preamp image 1

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Heritage Audio HA73jr Microphone Preamp
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A World-class Preamp That's Ready for Anything

The Heritage Audio HA73jr 500 Series microphone preamplifier brings a huge dose of vintage vibe straight to your rack. It's based on the iconic 1073, amplifying any microphone or instrument clearly and vibrantly. And because there are separate input and output gain controls, you can drive the HA73jr's input to get rich, saturated sound like you would on a vintage console. Factor in an incredible 80dB of gain, and you've got a preamp that's ready to bring out the best of any microphone - condenser, dynamic, or ribbon. Said another way, it's difficult to get a bad sound out of the Heritage Audio HA73jr.

Add rich transformer saturation to any source

The Heritage Audio HA73jr has Carnhill input and output transformers, ready to add a touch of glow to any sound source - mic, line, or even DI instruments. The DI circuit is ahead of the mic input transformer, perfect for adding some hair to DI bass signals on the way in. Best of all, the HA73jr preamp module has separate input and output gain controls. That lets you crank the input gain to get more transformer color, without overloading the output stage.

Heritage Audio HA73jr 500 Series Microphone Preamplifier Module Features:
  • Sonically-versatile mic preamp and DI module based on the classic 1073
  • 20dB pad on the mic input prevents overloading the input transformer
  • Up to 80dB of gain for the mic input, 50dB line preamplifier
  • All-discrete, Class A circuitry
  • DI input circuit is before the input transformer, which lets you add color and richness to DI instruments
  • Separate input and output gain controls let you drive the input for saturation without overloading the output
Add a powerful, versatile preamp to your right with the Heritage Audio HA73jr!

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500 Series Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Preamp Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Phantom Power Yes
EQ Yes
Manufacturer Part Number HA73jr

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
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Full and Rich Great Vocal Pre

Recently tried this on a singer songwriter piano player a la Elton John, Billy Joel. Used a Miktek CV4 and included a light dusting of a Cranesong Falcon compressor. The mids were the star of this setup, thick full and rich working with the piano without any eq during tracking. The intimate parts of the songs were warm, very present, clear and emotional using proximity effect in a very musical way that my others pres could not replicate. The highs just seemed to be a natural extension of the mids blending in a natural way that added a wonderful color. I A/B'd this pre against a great river 500NV (which is one of my go to vocal pres) with the same setup and it seemed the highs were a little more pronounced on the GR which I felt I would have to eq to fit better with this singer, I was surprised at how well balanced the Heritage is and the type of mojo it had. I was looking for another what I would consider a "vocal" pre to add to my collection (API, Millenia, UA, newer NEVE) and this is certainly a keeper possibly being more of a go to now over my other favs. If it proves to be as good on other sources I may have to get another.
Music background: Professional Musician, Berklee Certified Engineer

Heritage Audio HA73jr Microphone Preamp

I usually don't hear a lot of difference between mic pre's however I can really hear a lot more depth with this one the sound seems richer more dynamic , smooth. I have tried it on metal guitars with a 57, snare with a 421, and vocals with sm7b everything seems more in depth, Killer mic pre!
Music background: 5054595141

Can't go wrong with a Heritage Audio 73 Jr

Welp, I’ve finally gotten around to writing a review for this absolutely stellar preamp... it only took me three years! At least you know that I actually had time to give it some use before writing my review. Since, winning my 73Jr in an online writing contest, it has made valuable contributions to all of my recordings. Everything about the 73Jr is well made and I can't say enough about its build quality. It’s based on the vintage 1073 preamp and it adds a warm, creamy clarity to vocals and it makes digital keyboards/synthesizers sound less digital before hitting the DAW. My 73Jr does what it is meant to do and it does it flawlessly. BONUS: when pushed it adds some really sweet breakup to clean guitar. I never imagined that a mic preamp could actually contribute to a recording... I mean, all they do is raise the volume of a signal, right? Hahaha! I was wrong and I'm glad I was wrong! Had I not won my 73 Jr in a contest, I would have never found out how truly necessary a good preamp is to making a quality recording. I have to admit that, my first thought was to sell it for some quick cash - I didn't own a Lunch Box and my prize was going to require the purchase of a Series 500 chassis. But, ha! I'm a gear freak and the 73Jr now sits next to an harmonic exciter and a compressor. I'm glad I spent the money on a Lunch Box because the 73Jr is a keeper!!!! If you are in the market for a 500 Series preamp, the Heritage Audio 73Jr will make you a very happy camper.
Music background: Musician / Audio Engineer


Its a truly special unit. Its a best in class considering its price, having a hpf, and line in onboard. Without all of those things it still wins, as its exactly what your looking for sound-wise. Ive tried several other sub 1k iterations of this circuit. Up until now, nothing has gotten me this close. Shines on vocals, and synths. Im frantically trying to save to get another unit, and will eventually add the eq's as well. This is the real deal folks. My Sweetwater Rep, Brian Loney was dead-on with this one!

Incredible Classic Piece

It's the real deal... been tracking vocals on this thing with an SM7b and Warm Audio 1176 after in the chain before printing in Protools... excellent. Just recently tracked a kick drum with it and it was surprising very transient and punchy accompanied with API 550A/560 EQ within the Protools DAW. Incredible piece that is a MUST in your U-rack.
Music background: Rock, Blues, Metal
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