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Behringer MicroAMP HA400 4-Ch Headphone Amplifier Reviews

4.0 stars based on 34 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer MicroAMP HA400 4-Ch Headphone Amplifier?

Questions about the Behringer MicroAMP HA400 4-Ch Headphone Amplifier?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Guy
    from Clermont, FL June 7, 2017

    HA 400 Headphone Amp

    The unit works very well but introduces a fair amount of noise. I don't know if it is the way I have the gain structured.... But it give plenty of gain and is great for having multiple users on cans in a home studio. Can't be the function it provides for the price point.

  • Rodney Paul
    from USA March 30, 2017

    Simple,Sturdy Unit

    We just purchased a second unit from Sweetwater to use when tracking/practicing electronic drum kit and bass/guitar, giving both players a headphone mix. We didn't need panning or EQ,just individual volume control, so this works perfectly. We give 5-stars not because we are "blown away", but because it is a true bargain and is well made. Nice that they included a power supply.

  • Christopher Propper
    from Farmingville, NY March 19, 2017Music Background:

    Very good, not perfect

    I have no complaints for the price. It does bleed out into the monitors with some cheaper headphones so be careful with that if you're in a smaller recording area or have a strong mic or it can contaminate your recordings. It's easy enough to work around and not particularly bad even when it does happen, so for the price I would definitely recommend it.

  • Guy Z
    from Mantua, OH January 11, 2017Music Background:
    Church musician

    Cheap, Works Well, Fragile Paint Job

    Purchased the HA400 to replace an old battery-powered Radio Shack earphone amp/splitter damaged by leaking batteries Also compared the HA400 to a Behringer MA400. The HA400 is around 2x as loud as the MA400, and also louder than the RS amp/splitter. I play wind synth with a church choir, and get adequate volume into good quality earbuds with synth and HA400 volume knobs at 60-75%. In a quieter setting, I have not noticed any hiss or other noise. Basically, the HA400 does what it was designed to do pretty well, but there is room for improvement.

    1. If you use cables or headphones having a 3.5mm plug, be absolutely sure your 3.5mm-1/4" adapters are of good quality. I have a dozen of them from various sources, and half made poor contact, resulting in drop-outs or hum. This might lead you to believe the HA400 is at fault, when it's the adapter. A way to improve the HA400 would be to add 3.5mm jacks or substitute a couple for the 1/4" jacks. The MA400 has one output jack of each size.

    2. A mono/stereo switch would simplify using the HA400 with mono sources. The MA400 has a switch.

    3. Biggest criticism - the HA400 finish is an attractive satin black, but it seems to chip with the slightest bump to leave bright metal showing through. The steel case was apparently not primed, or it was improperly prepared for painting. I noticed this even before actually using the HA400 on the job. Extra care is needed unless you enjoy the appearance of "distressed" electronics. Powder coat would be a lot more durable.

    In all, the HA400 is an effective, inexpensive solution for distributing a signal to 4 sets of headphones that should last. However, you might need to treat it with kid gloves to maintain the finish, regardless of whether it's used on the studio or on the road.

  • Customer
    from October 5, 2016

    problems with headphone amp revisited

    I wish to clarify my previous comments regarding this headphone amp. My criticism of its no signal performance hum) may have been due to grounding issues rather that a problem with the product.

  • Customer
    from October 3, 2016

    problems with headphone amp

    I experimented with many inputs ( line out and headphone from a peavey kb2 keyboard amp and the line out from a behringer europower pa head ) and different headphones (earbuds, large headphones and a headphone set with a built in microphone). The headphone amp was very noisy under no signal conditions and distorted (clipped) badly under high signal conditions. This product is bad.

  • Ben
    from Portland May 11, 2016Music Background:
    Band for 10 years.

    Micro Amp HA400

    Works perfect for my needs...Look forward to recording a four person string band all with head phones now! clean clear signal comes thru.

  • David Snare
    from Richmondville, NY March 7, 2016Music Background:
    Home Recording Enthusiast, 30+ year multi-instramentalist

    Does as advertised.

    Great little headphone distribution amp for the price. No bells or whistles, everyone gets the same mix, but does exactly as it's intended. Don't overdrive the source and you'll be satisfied. I recommend this as a great starter for a small home setup where you need multiple headphones.

  • Michael Rank
    from Corona, CA February 22, 2016

    Nice price, great tool

    Ordered this to split the headphones on my Digi 002. This works great, the sound comes through well.

    I originally planned on using it for splitting heaphones with recording with the kids. But as I was setting it up, I realized that it's convenient to audition a mix using multiple headphones. Just set in on loop play & check out the mix using different settings with different monitoring. I have a pair of AKG, Shure and Tascam & it's interesting to hear the difference between them all.

  • Michael Rank
    from Corona, CA February 19, 2016Music Background:
    Kids music.

    A family favorite

    My kids (4 & 5) have been asking to help me on backup vocals. I got thisso we could all sing together.

    Plugged a standard 1/8 cable into my Digi 002 and we're all having a blast now.

    It works with all different connectors and types.

  • Faris Harton
    from Wilmington, NC November 16, 2015

    Great Product

    I recently acquired a Tascam portable studio which has a single headphone outlet. I wanted to get more outlets for extra performers to hear themselves. The price of this was under $30.00 and my personal guy at Sweetwater said it works well. I ordered it.
    Arriving, I took it out of the box and tried it. Something is wrong. I found out that I had plugged a monoral 1/4 cable to the Behringer Micro AMP HA400. After getting a stero cable it works fine. Four performers can have headsets with individual volume controls at the same time. Zen!!!
    This is a great product at a great price. I am very happy with it.

  • Faris Harton
    from Wilmington, NC November 16, 2015

    Great Product

    I recently acquired a Tascam portable studio which has a single headphone outlet. I wanted to get more outlets for extra performers to hear themselves. The price of this was under $30.00 and my personal guy at Sweetwater said it works well. I ordered it.
    Arriving, I took it out of the box and tried it. Something is wrong. I found out that I had plugged a monoral 1/4 cable to the Behringer Micro AMP HA400. After getting a stero cable it works fine. Four performers can have headsets with individual volume controls at the same time. Zen!!!
    This is a great product at a great price. I am very happy with it.

  • Michael B.
    from Greensboro, NC October 7, 2015Music Background:
    Classical Musician

    Perfect for the price - 1 minor design issue/wish

    I'm writing some string arrangements for a quartet for a metal band and I picked this up for the quartet. For the price this thing is fantastic...it does exactly what it's supposed to do. The only negative thing I can say about this is that I wish that the input for the power and possibly the main input could be on the opposite side of the headphone inputs only because the cables are at odd angles or get in the way. Other than that its perfect.

  • Charles
    from Bronx, NY August 26, 2015Music Background:
    Rap Pioneer, Amateur Producer, VP record Exec, Concert Promoter

    Make sure you have the 1/4 male to male

    I order this product and when it was delivered, with amazing expediency, I realized that i needed a 1/4 inch to 1/4 inch cable to connect out from Audiobox USB HP out to HA 400 IN.

  • Customer
    from March 21, 2015

    Great for cheap monitoring

    We use one of these for monitoring on a small stage. I run a line from the headphone out on the mixer to this, and then we can all plug in our in-ears via extension cables. There's no individual control of mixes and I have to deal with an audio cable running down my back, but it's still in-ear monitoring for $25. Super easy to use. The stage is a lot quieter and my ears don't ring after a four hour gig.

  • Cyrille
    from United States November 5, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Educator


    Awesome little box for the price! Performs exactly as described. Great audio quality!

    from July 5, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Composer, Producer

    Sounds ok, but too noisy.

    I just spent 30 minutes to tuneup noise reduction plug-ins, and found that all the high-freq. noises are from the unit.
    Compare to the direct output of my Scarlett 2i2, the Scarlett is meatier and much quieter (less noise).
    I will be happy to pay 50% more if it's as quiet as my interface.

  • Tom
    from January 5, 2014Music Background:
    Radio DJ, Busy Musician

    Exactly what I hoped it would be

    I recently switched to producing my radio show from my home studio instead of the actual radio station and I needed a way to give my guests headphone access. I found this little puppy and thought that if it didn't work I could always take it back, but if it quit past the warranty it's only $20.

    So far this little guy has blown me away!

    Nice, solid casing. Feels like it could fall on the floor a few times and be alright.

    Each of the 4 channels sounds loud and clean.

    One thing I would improve on the next model though is to have a power button, rather than having to either unplugged the 12v or power off your strip. But that's a tiny complaint that doesn't knock any stars off the rating.

  • Bryan Foster
    from Watervliet, MI November 13, 2013Music Background:
    Drummer, Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Mixer

    Works Great!

    Nice little headphone amp...designed to do what it is supposed to do. Nice headroom and it sounds fine. No difference in sound at all to me. I produce music and can tell if it's bad. Just make sure input volume going to this is not bad, and your good to go! The headphone outputs are all stereo too if you were wondering. Now I'm going to make a little mount for this, so no one pulls the box with them when tracking. Great little unit. This saved me costs when I'm trying to find a quick vocal solution!

  • David
    from Minneapolis, MN March 12, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer (for use in home studio)

    Decent Sound, but Nasty Clips

    This amp sounds good enough, but when it peaks, it peaks hard. It doesn't take too much volume to create a clip . . . more like a loud SPIKE in your headphones. It's really distracting in sessions. I'm planning on spending a little more money and upgrading this component.

  • j.p.
    from newark n.j. February 6, 2013Music Background:
    led zeppelin

    Pretty Good !

    Almost noiseless.Just arrived and I am splitting with it. Love it...and my rig including mixer &sub mixer a half s dozen instruments,recording device and stomp boxes can be turned down to zero volume on thissmall behringer device...thanks again sweetwater!

  • Erik Ingmanndsen
    from September 27, 2012Music Background:
    Freelance Sound Designer, Studio Tech, Ambient musician ...

    Nice headphone amp/splitter !

    I have not yet compared the direct out of my FF 800 and this,. but to my ears it sounds really good,. Very well built ! Will do the job I bought it for for multiple musicians just fine ! : )

  • John N
    from Smyrna DE May 1, 2012Music Background:

    My favorite piece of Behringer gear

    I bought this amp when cash was tight and I have kept it ever since. I have a bunch of high end gear now but still use this amp. It is small which is very convenient and it is like a solid little brick. If you have one headphone out on your interface this is a great way to give 4 musicians their own phones. one drawback would be that they all have the same mix which thankfully was not a problem with the guys I have recorded.

  • Dajrt
    from April 17, 2012Music Background:
    Producer, pro musician

    Very good for the price

    Is great for the price and so very good for traveler

  • Steve
    from Indiana April 15, 2012Music Background:

    Can't beat it!

    $22 bucks...free shipping...and it's not noisy! Can't beat it! I'm so glad Sweetwater finally started carrying Behringer.

  • 76 Keyz
    from Atlanta, Ga April 6, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Item

    Great buy for the money!!

  • Curtis
    from Chicago IL March 21, 2012Music Background:


    A great little headphone amp.

  • Mark
    from Crystal Lake, IL March 5, 2012Music Background:

    You can't beat it for the price

    I use it in my home studio. What a great unit. Sounds fantastic. Even has pre-threaded mounting holes on the back so that you can mount it somewhere.

  • Joel
    from Canal Fulton, Ohio February 3, 2012

    The perfect little headphone amp

    I can always count on Behringer's products and this little headphone amp is no exception. This is exactly what I needed for my little home recording setup for me and a few buddies to all plug in and jam. I highly recommend this headphone amp.

  • Roger Lichtsinn
    from Fort Wayne, IN January 20, 2012Music Background:

    Behringer MicroAMP HA400

    With the pricing on these so low, you cannot get a better deal. I am very satisfied with this purchase! Thanks Sweetwater!

  • BradTheBluefish
    from Ipswich, MA USA January 2, 2012Music Background:
    Video/Audio Editor, Musician, Student

    You need more headphone jacks? The best solution is the MicroAmp!

    As I DJ at my college radio station I saw this little thing and basically thought it was just some toy. Man was I wrong. Plug in your TRS 1/4" and power it up with 12 volts and you get you're audio unharmed with no tone compromised. I have seen so many rackmount units for 8 headphone jack units at approx. $200, this little Behringer MicroAmp for 4 headphone jacks at $21.99. WHAT A DEAL!!! For one tenth of the price I can 4 headphone jacks. You want eight? Get two of these and an audio splitter all for under $50. Honestly, what more can you want.

    The only issue I have is that all the jacks are for 1/4" but if you have professional headphones they should come with an adapter.

  • Customer
    from December 26, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Good little amp but....

    This is a good little headphone amp, very rugged and definitely worth the money. But you'd better make sure your headphones have stereo adapters on them (if they have the mini 1/8 connectors) otherwise, you'll only hear out of one side of your headphones.

  • Mitchell Small
    from Pittsburgh, PA December 12, 2011Music Background:
    Studio Manager

    Little Price, Big Boost

    Yes, you can get a cleaner sound and more features, but hey, for this price it is hard to beat for a desk top or home studio setup. Really clean and it does the job. We have six of these at our editing stations for primary editing and teaching purposes.

  • Mario Vickram Sen
    from Hackensack, NJ USA December 9, 2011Music Background:
    one man band, jester, artist, computer geek, guitarist.

    Why pay more?

    Solid little piece, everything works, no extra noise– that I can hear. Maybe someone can, but they would be in the 1%. Anyway it's just for monitoring... it doesn't go on the mix. I think Behringer is out there proving that most pro sound companies just charge too much.

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