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Eventide H9 Core Multi-effects Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Eventide H9 Core Multi-effects Pedal?

Questions about the Eventide H9 Core Multi-effects Pedal?

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  • Brad Irvan

    I've played with a lot of multi-effects processors in the studio over the years, but never one that sounded as good and was as easy to use as the Eventide H9. Right out of the box, I was able to run my keyboard through it and dial in unique-sounding effects on the fly. It's an amazingly powerful processor, even for my instruments with built-in effects, and I particularly love the way the Panaromance effect enhanced the sound of my string patches.

  • from Charleston December 15, 2016Music Background:
    Semi Pro

    Eventide H9 Core

    I purchased the first H9s when they came out and love the effect so much I desired a second. I really did not start editing and storing patches until I purchased the second, sure I tweaked them a bit but most of them were exactly what I like and did not require adjusting. I use the iPad as my editor and have found the combo so easy to use for editing and storing new patches that I find myself using the Core all the time. I keep an acoustic patch setup available to download for my small gigs and the convenience of switch the setup on the fly is invaluable. The patches load quickly and sound great!

  • from State College, PA December 5, 2016Music Background:
    Musicians Institute Graduate - GIT

    Stunning effects that won't touch your amp tone!

    I bought initially 1 unit and returned it due to me being very ill informed about its applications/potential. However, after a brief discussion with one of SweetWater techs over email, I quickly realized that returning the unit was a mistake on my part. Therefore, I end up getting 3 of these!! While the initial setup was a bit hectic for three units, once I had the MIDI configuration logic down on paper, then I could start harnessing the creative tools available in these amazing yet compact boxes. I'm running these through a GCX switcher, controlled by the Ground Control Pro pedalboard with 2 expression pedals. These units are as quiet as they can be. They won't add hiss or noise to your signal path at all. In comparison, in my initial trial I plugged in a Boss Digital Delay pedal in the loops. Here I am thinking that I could still use the Boss DD in my signal path. However, immediately, I could hear the signal of my entire rig degrade by a good bit, This is why I decided to buy 3 x H9 units (1 x H9 Max + 2 x H9 Cores), With three units, quite frankly, you'll be hard pressed to need any other effects unit. I have one dedicated to special effects, delays, and reverbs, respectively. Side note: when you look at the pictures online of the H9 Core and the H9 Max, they appear to be painted in different shades of white. Rest assured that all the pedals look exactly the same, and if you buy 1 H9 Max, then technically all of your H9 cores are easily converted into another set of H9 Max, on up to 4 x H9 Core units total. The combinations of effects/algorithms is insane with this triple setup. It does require some planning to get the most of it and it would all sincerely be a pain if it wasn't for the excellent iPad/iPhone/PC/Mac control application that you can easily download. These effects are so good that I pretty much sold all of my floor pedals! Don't be discouraged by the heavily loaded video demonstrations on the web. I am not a fan of drowning the guitar in effects. These pedals, in the right hands, will make your guitar tone sparkle in ways you thought you could only hear in professional studios. You'll definitely need to dig into the manual to get the most out of these but you will be rewarded. Highly recommend these units! They are very easily controlled via MIDI. Finally, I love that you can use the extra input and output to run these pedals in a 4-cable configuration to allow pre and post routing of effects on-the-fly. The thing I like about combining the Voodoo Labs GCX with these units is that I get to control how many of these routes are being processed at any given time. Not that you really needed it with such high quality boxes like these but I just like the option to be able to clear the path of unnecessary digital processing. I'm running a Mesa Mark V with these and tone stays pristine!

  • from NC August 13, 2016

    Studio quality effects in a pedal...amazing

    Blown away by the H9, the presets are just so far above the vast majority of other options out there, it's just kind of Eventide....then everyone else.
    I will say Strymon stuff sounds equally as impressive, I am still using my Blue Sky for all my reverb effects, but seriously could ditch about half my pedals and just use the H9 and the Strymon.

    Outstanding pedal

  • from Chicago July 14, 2016Music Background:

    H9 Core

    Absolutely fantastic piece of kit. Sounds amazing.

  • from June 4, 2016

    Van Halen!!!

    Excellent pedal. I haven't even begun to see everything this thing can do. What I know it can however, is nail those later Van Halen tones I've been chasing for a long time. Presets 14 and 16 are obviously the 2 presets that are used the most. Love this thing.

  • from Mass and VT March 3, 2016Music Background:
    playing on and off since 1963

    Excellent sounds, where to from here?

    Bought an H9 Core to accompany my H9 Max. I was already rolling with the Max, and it finally dawned on this marble head that the Core could be a second Max. Some of us are slower than others. I blame lack of coffee. Anyway, this is an excellent piece of gear, especially now with the SpaceTime algorithm with modulation/chorus, two delays and a reverb, any of which is jaw-dropping stand alone, but now you can select path routing of the delays and the reverb. And my rep Ed Nystrom clued me in to the fact that I can control these and all my other midi effects thru my Ableton Live (as soon as I figure out how - Thanks Ed!). Switching voices dynamically limits the player, Live will open that WAY up. Crazy box, perfect sounds, midi to infinity. Potentially could control the H9's, the VoiceLive 3, the POD500HDX, the Roli, etc. I may not live long enough.

  • from Chesterfield, MI May 15, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Leader, guitarist, sound tech, lover of pedals

    An amazing pedal

    As a worship leader, I don't like bouncing around a bunch of different pedals. The H9 I can set up presets and groups and when I need them I know how to get there without having to have tons of pedals on my board. Great quality and the app interface is incomparable. I would recommend this to anyone.

  • from NEGAUNEE, MI August 14, 2014Music Background:
    player, hobbyist, recording musician, weekend warrior now

    best box i ever bought

    I have accumulated hundreds of stomp boxes over the years(42). this little gizmo i probably the best unit i have ever bought. Pristine sounds in front of the amp, pristine in a FX Loop. I have just scratched the surface of what this little baby can do.
    The factory presets are completely usable and in some case the best i have ever used. Learning curve is not by any means difficult. i highly recommend this little shiny white metal box..the effects are incredible for the price..and i am one cheap S.O.B.

  • from May 8, 2014Music Background:

    Fantastic addition as a second H9!

    You save some money, as you can share all the algorithms you already had on your primary H9. You double the HW power and save on SW. No brainier if you need a second H9.

  • from Kansas City May 15, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Eventide H9 Core

    Only isssue is programming the pedel with the the one-knob function is very combersome and unless you keep the manual with you at all times, making changes is very difficult. However, when using the app function through my PC it works great! There is a steep learning curve to understanding the algorithms and dialing in the settings. It does get easier over time. I have about 25 presets so far that I run through in a night of playing. I originally was switching presets directly on the pedal but this became difficult and distracting so i now have a midi foot switcher to change settings and it made a world of difference. The harmonizer algorithms are fantastic. I also use the delay, chorus, and flanger algoritms and have been able to kick off 3 pedals from my board so far. Highly recommend.

Questions about the Eventide H9 Core Multi-effects Pedal?

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