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Eventide H9 Harmonizer Multi-effects Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 31 customer reviews
Questions about the Eventide H9 Harmonizer Multi-effects Pedal?

Questions about the Eventide H9 Harmonizer Multi-effects Pedal?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Jon Amato

    My favorite aspect of the H9 is the iOS control. Rather than bending down to the floor to change a setting then standing back up over and over and over, I just sit my iPad on a stand next to me and am able to really dive in to tweaking my tone without the figurative and literal backache. Whether I'm dialing in my tone or in my studio mixing, I'm always looking for a better sound. So having all of Eventide's algorithms available via the app store keeps this as one of my go-to pedals.

  • Charlie Davis

    The best Swiss Army Knife you can add to your rig! Eventide has long been known for having some of the best-sounding effects available, so having a sample of all of their pedals in one space-concious design is great. When I play live there are certain effects I may only use once during an entire set, so it's great having the H9 to cover all of those bases instead of having to bring out a gigantic pedalboard.

  • Brad Irvan

    I've played with a lot of multi-effects processors in the studio over the years, but never one that sounded as good and was as easy to use as the Eventide H9. Right out of the box, I was able to run my keyboard through it and dial in unique-sounding effects on the fly. It's an amazingly powerful processor, even for my instruments with built-in effects, and I particularly love the way the Panaromance effect enhanced the sound of my string patches.

  • from minneapolis June 15, 2016Music Background:
    performing musician

    h9 x 2 = unlimited

    I did a raving review here in March. Said if I needed another pedal, it would be another h9.

    I needed another pedal, and got another h9.

    Eventide has compressors and its amp simulation/overdrives as addons. They are as good as their spatial effects. I bought the Core to handle mainly those amp and front end duties, and dedicated the second h9 to space and atmosphere. The combo can't be beat. Of course, anything can be assigned to each for unlimited possibilities.

    Using a simple old Midibuddy, I control both devices together. Plotting amp sounds and matching effects, a single midi patch change controls both devices in tandem. (There are mapping capabilities, or you can just repeat a preset.) For on-the-fly tweaking of effects for both units, I use an iPad and the iOS app, switching between units via bluetooth connection. Very convenient, no stooping down. I use this setup with complete confidence in live situations, easy to manage and reliable.

    And in stereo, driving a couple Fenders, huge.

    And it all fits on the smallest Pedaltrain. Gone are my KoT clone, and my Sansamp Blonde.

    Worth every penny. The pedal of the future.

  • from minneapolis March 18, 2016Music Background:
    performing musician

    innovative design, excellent software, unsurpassed sound

    Eventide's got it right.

    It pretty much goes without saying the sound is superb, it's built like a tank, the switches are silent, etc. But I am more impressed by the bluetooth control from your Windows or iOS device. I use that live to select and even tweak the myriad of H9 sounds. No wires. But there is midi and usb connectivity available if you prefer wires.

    But the best part is, this thing is an incredible bargain... you may be put off by the price, but consider this... I replaced a Hall of Fame, Flashback, Polytune Noir, xotic effects SP and even an EP, with this device on my pedalboard. (H9, not core.) Do the math.

    Plus the savings in real estate on the pedalboard.

    Some may be put off by the fact the H9 can only run a single algorithm at a time. But consider that most algorithms provide dual time-based effects, allowing a vast variety of effect combinations. The sounds are epic. At the moment, I have no need for another pedal.

    But if I had a need, I would only consider another H9.

  • from Walnut Creek, CA September 1, 2015Music Background:
    Keyboards, audio engineering

    look out!

    The only problem with the H9, you'll want another! I have a lot of keyboards and I'd like a H9 for each of them, even for the workstation with built in effects.

  • from New Orleans May 14, 2015Music Background:
    Seasoned musician / guitar


    Will take a few weeks to explore this to its full potential. Amazing sounds.

  • from Ojai California April 2, 2015

    Superlative guitar Awe

    Just buy one and plug it in. Stereo. Your talent and Eventide will do all the rest.

  • from Elkins Park, PA December 14, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist Musician and Guitar Player

    Adventures Abound in Rich Reverbs

    I just plugged this baby in tonight and we're in love. The sound quality from this unit is absolutely marvelous; rich and full, expansive depth and solid. What I mean to say is that this is much more here than being a "pedal" for your effects chain. Configured in a dry+wet/wet setup this is the most fantastic unit for helping take your rig into the stratosphere. Even if you're just configuring simple presets for phaser, flanger, rotary or reverbs - the stereo mix only complements what your main signal is doing. In my setup it never gets in the way, at least not yet.

    The other impressive part of this unit is the extensibility and expandability delivered in the software algorithms. If you can imagine a sound, you can craft it here - all in a single unit. More importantly, you'll be tweaking in a matter of minutes with the Control app - which is intuitive, easy to understand and easy to engage directly. It's frickin' easy, seriously!

    Make sounds like your fav's - invent new soundscapes and adventures in some of the riches reverbs. This is a guitar-sound-inventors dream come true!

  • from Chesterfield, MI November 17, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician

    Very versatile pedal

    Eventide has hit it out of the park with this one. I have been watching this pedal for months wondering if I should pull the trigger. It comes with a big price tag, but well worth it once I shelled out the pennies. Also, I was able to condense several pedals into one.

    Although you can only do one preset at a time, most of the algorithms handle multiple effects in one preset (ex. reverb & delay, etc...)

    Honestly the limits are your imagination when it comes to tweaking and tuning. The iPad interface is thought through and very stable. I can make adjustments on the fly with no problem and it's nice to know if I need to, I can adjust everything on the pedal.

    This pedal is perfect for all reverbs, delays, ambient tones, pitch, etc.

    You do have to purchase additional algorithms, but the ones provided should keep you busy for awhile. I love the option of building up without a huge price tag. Additionally, once you buy the additional algorithms, you can use them with additional core h9's. a great idea.

  • from new york September 6, 2014Music Background:

    evntide h9 harmonzer

    eventide h9 outstanding! extremely satisfied!
    nick church you rock, thanks!

  • from Detroit, Michigan September 6, 2014Music Background:

    amazing unit

    I've wanted an eventide harmonizer since the 80s. This unit is amazing. I haven't got into programming yet, but I've read the manual and it's not difficult. I've been through all the presets and there is a wide variety of cool stuff. I can see why the professionals use eventide.

  • from United States June 17, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, studio hobbyist, all around critic


    i have bought and have used thousands of effects over the years (42), and this little box is one of the best i have ever used. Right out of the box it is stellar.. one of the only stomps that comes with usable factory presets.
    Truly fantastic sounds, this box took the place of 3 effects on my board

  • from June 14, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Guitar Player

    H9 Harmonizer

    Really nice pedal, versatile with a lot of different sounds and presets. The iOS H9 Control is a really cool feature that makes the difference especially for the setup of my rig. Also, is updatable with more algorithms, that's really important for a digital machine like this. Great Job, Eventide!

  • from Sarasota, FL May 30, 2014Music Background:
    semi-pro - 20yrs


    I don't do reviews often, but this pedal is just awesome.. I had to give props. It's one of the most impressive pedals that I have purchased in years! I think it's best when you hook up in stereo, since going mono (especially at high gain) can muddy up some of the nuances of the effects for verb and delay. Bluetooth hookup to my Ipad and Iphone was flawless. I'm still playing with levels since I'm now running it in stereo (R- modded Orange CS50 w/ Zero loss effects loop, L- through the front of an Orange OR15 - both with 1960TV cabs), but at pretty high volume with a considerable amount of gain. The stereo effects are unreal though! My only criticism is that it would be cool to have more time to play with the demo modules when in their store, and perhaps a slightly bigger "active" button for on the fly turning on/off while playing a show. Thanks Eventide!

  • from May 28, 2014Music Background:
    Full-time cover band musician

    Eventide has done it again!

    I bought the H9 to replace my TC Nova Modulator, which I was less than impressed with to be quite frank, and I am happy I did!

    The H9 is in another league altogether. The chorus and flanger sounds on the Nova Mod sounded sterile and cheap. The chorus sounds on the H9 are warm and lush like awesome analog stomp boxes but with more versatility and fidelity. I used the free algorithm coupon to purchase the Rotary algorithm and I was not disappointed. On the whole, this unit is KILLER!

    However, if you're the type who likes to have knobs on the pedal and love to tweak things on the fly, the H9 may not be for you.

  • from May 14, 2014

    Amazing unit

    Easily five stars from me. The effects just sound SO GOOD!! The reverbs are out of this world. The reverse delay is just lovely, the tremolo is so lush, the harpeggiator has me playing for hours coming up with new stuff. Just endless fun. Above all though, professional sounding algorithms that cut through the mix.

  • from May 8, 2014Music Background:

    As good as everyone is saying it is!

    If you like Eventide effects, this is your product. Most versatile pedal I have ever used and one that will stay in my pedal board forever.

  • from Denver, CO May 6, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    The Eventide H9 is great!

    Really great pedal! Solid build, easy to use, and constantly improving.

  • from United States April 17, 2014Music Background:
    ex-studio owner, old rocking guitar nut in a few bands

    Uh ... Yes!!!!!

    I think I have had a chip on my shoulder about Eventide products for a long time. The cost has always been prohibitive. The effects so blatant on so many recordings by so many famous guitarists that I believe I got used to dissing them as 'cold' and 'sterile' and even trite. When my Line 6 M9 (which I have nothing but respect for ...) died suddenly, I had the opportunity to buy into this. I held my breath and took the plunge. Oh Dear God ... It took me a few days to start to grab onto what this thing has to offer. The effects are at another level. I have run this in the front of two amps, through a loop, in front of a distorted amp channel ... its just a solid, clear, brick of awesome. ... And then, when you dig in and start twirling knobs ... if you want it fatter, it goes huge ... you want thin; how squeeky? ... It becomes apparent that you not only get the FX you want, it can manipulate them endlessly to suit your entire set up. I spent an hour and a half on Tremolo sounds alone. Mind you; you will have to learn what each set of knob relationships mean in an algorithm, but it will reward you with unique, deep and inspiring tones.

    The Cons: This is not, nor should they ever try to be, as easy as a Line 6 to manipulate. It is not 'plug and play'.

    The Pros: Twenty some years of hearing these sounds used by some of the best musicians and now those capabilities are (really) on my board. Happy gear nut.

  • from north central MA March 23, 2014Music Background:
    home recordist, live band

    An instrument in its own right

    the only bad so far is having to scroll for presets mid song. that said i'm getting quicker and more used to it each time i use it. it helps in terms of flexibility that i also have an H9 Core. to shell out this kind of cash i have to REALLY like something, let alone buy two like i did.

    it's rotary sims aren't quite as good as my Strymon Lex, but i'd say they capture 90-95% of the Lex in terms of quality and realism. enough so that my Lex is now for sale.

    these two shortcomings aside, this pedal goes on to do things other pedals simply can't. it's really in its own league. it can be clear and pristine, but it can also get funky and ugly in the coolest ways. i was using a LIne 6 M13 for my delay, modulation, and filter effects before getting the Eventides. I would liken the change to that of going from a solid state distortion to a high end tube amp distortion. night and day difference, and the Line6 didn't exactly suck, save for the overdrives.

    some might scoff at the admission price...until they've had the chance to sit down w/one for a half hour or so. on paper the algorithms may seem pricey but you get a lot out of them, and the quality is stunning. if you can't get inspired by the sounds here, check for a pulse. it sparks new creative ideas and is a total rut breaker. as you can tell, i love. highly recommended.

  • from Central PA February 18, 2014Music Background:
    Live Gigs / Studio

    ramp it up a notch!

    Fired it up...incredible sonic quality, extremely low background noise. Running a Nord Lead 3 direct in with no pad...works better for synth than xxx fill in the blank. Level meters are great to verify gain structure, love the app and the TRY feature to audition an algorithm for 5 minutes before buying.

  • from United States February 13, 2014Music Background:
    Experienced, but Non-Pro Player

    Tons of options, very powerful, small package!

    Love this thing. I have been a ET "Factor" user for a while. If you have ever used the ET "Factor" series, you know that ET makes great and unique effects. The H9 is no different, only better. The algorithms are great. Sure, you have to buy non-pre-loaded-ones, but IMO it is worth it. There (so-far) two H9 only algos. A looper is being added soon (so I hear). The new H9 Core also seems to make this H9 even more versatile. (Although, while you can only use one effect on an H9 at a time, the effects often combine reverb and delay, for example, so a second one isn't really needed.) I will likely buy a core though, just for more options, which shows how much I like this. The control app is great. It makes modding the effects very easy and allows for simple use and small form factor for live situations. I will say that it has not replaced all of my pedals, only some. For example, Space, TimeFactor, Whammy - replaced; Neovibe, small stone, wah - still on board. I am not affiliated/compensated with ET or Sweetwater (or any guitar related company for that matter). I definitely recommend this pedal. I play Strats, Teles, and Les Pauls into a vintage '65 Deluxe Reverb, FWIW.

  • from Plymouth, MA January 22, 2014Music Background:
    Tone junkie, longtime guitar player and custom builder

    Some things are worth more than their price

    This is one. I'll echo what the others said about the jaw-dropping, minor miracle sound quality from this unit. Best. Sounds. Ever.

    Now that we have that out of the way, I'll touch on a few areas that need improvement. First is lack of dedicated expression and aux switch jacks. They're combined so you get one or the other. Second is the spacing of the switches and hot knob. For someone with large feet, I find it nearly impossible to toggle the tuner on. I've asked others to try it and they also had problems. I use a snark anyway, but would have been nice to get rid of that also. Third is the difficulty of managing preset banks in the app. I'm a UI designer by day and they tried hard, but it's not only not intuitive, but works differently depending on which mode you're in. Hard to explain, but I think they'll know what I mean. Fourth is you need to be able to work on your presets without having your h9 paired. If its not, it goes into test mode and you can't work on your settings. That needs to be an option because I may want to organize my presets for a show while on the plane. Fifth is more of a suggestion than a flaw, but there needs to be some reference work that explains all of the parameters of all of the algorithms. Otherwise, unless you're some kind of engineering genius, how the hell do you know what the knob 5.3 -a is going to do, or pre delay or whatever. No one has time to experiment with all of those settings like they would if they just bought one stomp box.

    These are small things but, I think, important for Eventide to address and I hope they will. Make no mistake -- this is the future if multi-effects pedals. Kudos to the Eventide team. First time I played it live, the whole band had a smile on their faces. Just heard they're coming out with H9 core and I'll be in line for that one since the only thing better then one H9 is two, or three. Nom nom nom.

  • from Seattle, Wa USA December 16, 2013Music Background:

    Eventide H9

    I hate to endorse any product, but in this case I can't say enough about this H9 processor. It has so many functions it can literally do it all, (OK, not distortion or noise gate), Reverbs, Delays, Flanger, Phase shifter, Harmonizer...
    The sound quality is simply AMAZING - I own a Rocktron Prophesy rack mount processor that cost more than twice what the H9 cost me and there is no comparison,(OK you will want the Ipad app so if you have to buy an Ipad it will obviously increase the cost, but it can be used for a lot more than just the Eventide app), - The H9 is so much better that I won't even waste my time on the Prophesy. One thing - Get the Ipad app - you can download all of Eventide's' algorithms and it makes tweaking your settings really easy. I Love this processor, but the only issue is you can only run one algorithm at a time, so if you want to run multiple effects simultaneously you will either need additional H9 units, or other stomp box/rack mount units.

  • from Upland, CA December 2, 2013Music Background:
    Worship team musician

    Very nice!

    Replaced my TimeFactor with this. Freed up lots of room on the pedal board and gave me multiple pedals in one. Sounds outstanding. Very usable patches. Most of my gigs are at church, so I need lots of delays and reverbs. This thing delivers big time! I have never been that picky about reverbs until now. There is a patch called "Mountains" you have to hear in stereo to believe. Very inspirational. What I do to make the H9 more stage friendly is use the app (iPad) to program it and save set lists, and I have a MIDI Mouse (Tech 21) on my board to change patches. I don't really use the pedal interface except to turn bluetooth on and off.

  • from United States October 17, 2013Music Background:
    Serious hobbyist who plays occasional gigs

    Best FX Purchase EVER

    I have a pedalboard full of pedals that are likely going on eBay now. The only FX this thing doesn't absolutely NAIL is overdrive/dirt. Sure, it does the Van Halen thing, but if you're looking for more like a tube overdrive or Big Muff type sound, I haven't heard that from this pedal. Otherwise, you really don't need another flanger, chorus, compressor, delay, auto-wah, or vibe pedal on your board. This thing is the ultimate Swiss Army knife. You'll absolutely need to use your iPhone or iPad to control it. Although they did make it possible to step through every conceivable setting using only the controls on the pedal itself, you better be Thomas Dolby if you're going to attempt that. With the controller app on your iOS device (or PC/Laptop) you can see the pedals visually the same way Amplitube and others do it. The sounds are EPIC beyond epic. My girlfriend is an eternal skeptic of my GAS problem and even she said it was the best sounding pedal she's ever heard. I'm also relieved to say that although it won't do sweetened tunings like my Peterson tuner, it is very accurate and the display is well thought out allowing quick tuning whether re-stringing, changing to an open tuning, or just tuning up. Having a good tuner on the pedalboard is really important to me so my Strobostomp may be hitting fleabay as well. One other cool feature is it allows you to create 'set list' arrangements of the FX so that you can step through the presets to bring up the FX needed for a set list you've got lined up for a gig. These preset 'set lists' can be stored on your PC/iOS device too and named so that you can have as many of 'em as you want ready to recall for each type of gig you might play. Definitely recommend taking the time to watch all the instructional vids on Youtube and reading as much of the manual as you can stomach as it is an EXTREMELY versatile box. Stereo in/out, USB, bluetooth, and it's about the same size as your average stomp. But the most important thing is the sound and the tones are lush plush and deep as the ocean.

  • from Summerville, SC October 20, 2014Music Background:
    Pro/semi-pro guitarist, keyboard

    Eventide H9 - Just what the doctor ordered!

    Iíve always wanted to own one or more of Eventideís world class effects pedals but due to size, cost and power requirements have never owned one and I've been at this for 30+ years. I was elated to learn that Eventide now has a programmable compilation pedal that hosts the best algorithms from their TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor and Space pedals and put them all in a programmable format which allows me to build and store a multitude of personalized presets and on top of that has a small pedal board friendly footprint! For me it was just what I was looking for and thanks to Sweetwater, was able to pay for it over several months.
    If one is already familiar with changing algorithm parameters like in the old Digitech, Lexicon and Roland rack-mount units of the past decades, then you are ahead of the game. If not, itís still fairly simple as long as you read the directions! This pedal allows you, through a downloadable ďappĒ, to connect to any Apple/IPhone device or personal computer to design your own variation of sounds from available pre-set algorithms and sports fairly simple screen shot parameters for making changes. My only complaint, though not with the pedal itself, is that any additional algorithms that you purchase from Eventide do not stay with the unit if you decide to sell it at some point. For my money, anything you pay for should be yours to keep and thus should stay eternally with the unit. But for what this pedal gives me, it is still well worth the purchase.
    The personal follow-through that Sweetwater incorporates in their business plan makes the ordering process a pleasurable one and leaves you feeling comfortable that you will be taken care of if any issues do crop up and that they will be addressed in the same way. I canít say enough about Sweetwater and their way of doing business, person to person. It is such a welcoming experience every time I place an order. Alex has always been there to assist in any way possible and to offer suggestions if I am unsure or on the fence about something. He has always followed through once Iíve received my "goodies" to make sure that Iím a satisfied customer. So far eveything has been 100%! Thanks Sweetwater...

  • from Salt Lake valley August 26, 2014Music Background:
    Performance and recording

    Just Right

    I decided to get away from all the pedals on my side of the stage about a year ago I went to a voodoo labs gcu and gcx system. It helps control all the stomp boxes along with rack effects I insert between pre and power amps. Best thing I've done in a long time. Those inserted rack effects are really pristine clean and do most of the time based effects stuff really well. BUT I needed something that fit just after the stomp boxes and before the preamps. I decided to give the H9 a try.

    Wow. It had an immediate effect on what was possible AND with midi control it wasn't just off and on. From the GCU I am in foot control of any set of parameters I need to be. The stock presets were well done. In a matter of a few minutes, I had figured out what I wanted to use and had it programmed then and there. That unit is on, on more songs now than the Lexicon or old faithfull spx1000. That's saying a lot. In terms of musicality, stellar.

    The small annoyances are, I got digital noise into the loop when I used my voodoo labs power supply. That was remedied in a heartbeat by using the supplied wall wart power supply. I also have a very short term memory so trying to remember the propr button sequence to use when it's stand alone makes it a bit cumbersome BUT I have an apple phone which has a really good GUI. I also have a mini pad. The blue tooth connectivity is rock solid.

    Do I like it? Absolutely. Would I buy it again. Of course. Is it usable. It found a way into half of the set list in two weekends. It's so good I am pondering getting another pedal more and more. Thank you Eventide and of course Lindsey Becker at Sweetwater. By the way. You may want to consider using the talent and resources Sweetwater sales engineers provide. I rely on them.

  • from July 20, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, Song writer, Recording Engineer

    Really a great Pedal

    I just got my H9 2 days ago. Its pretty awesome. Its not a one stop shop all encompassing effect pedal no you cant stack effects but most algorithms already have multiple effects in them. but in my case it was the perfect pedal to complete my board. I have already some great boxes and i was missing a good reverb (aside from my amp reverb on my tone king imperial) and i also didn't have any pitch shifting effects so this gives me those and then some. plus you get an additional free algorithm down load with the purchase of the H9 through the H9 control app for IOS devices which is a nice touch. and then i can focus on picking any others that i care to add. Only had it for 2 days and the possible tweekability of the parameters are endless. And it does infact have midi mapping unlike someone mentioned before. And its a space saver (not as much as a space saver as the plutonium chi wah wah thats wah wah pedal engineering marval!) and when you see my board .....board real estate is at a premium. I got rid of the peterson strobostomp 2 and put this on which conveniently has a good tuner as well. Loving it. My Only complaint is I wish they had a andriod control app. but i do have an ipad as well, good thing I didn't get rid of it. havent used it much since getting my Note 2. But that would be a great update to make it andriod compatible.
    Downloaded the blackhole algorithm with my free download its so good and purchased the harpeggiator algorithm which sounds crazy awesome when I play my bit commander analog synth pedal into it! You can fully demo all additional algorithms for 5 mins each before buy. Each one has quite of few presets so if you dont get through them all you can log out of the h9 control and log back in so you can demo them again just to make sure before you buy them.

    its a great pedal if you want it to be your end all be all 1 pedal and thats it. you may be disappointed. But if you want 1 incredibly customizable versatile pedal that covers a ton of ground to add to your current effects board its great, pretty compact and a totally killer addition to any board!

    JUST AN FYI:::: I contacted Eventide tech support about an andriod H9 control app and they advised that they do plan on having an andriod H9 control app as well its currently in the works but no launch date is set yet for its release. But you can also download the h9 control on to any mac osx computer as well from the eventide website h9 support page. so if u have a macbook or mac mini etc and not a ios device u can still control via mini usb which is great. Tried on both mac book and ipad its the same thing just with a mouse or track pad instead of the touch screen. Obviously ipad or iphones are more portable more compact if u are gonna use it for gigs as a performance controller. But for home or studio use as a convenient way to navigate your presets the lap top works just fine. Eventide also mentioned they are working on a wireless version on the mac osx software.

  • from Cincinnati March 27, 2015Music Background:
    25+ years in original bands

    Great sound, hope they make more patches

    I've had this pedal for a year now, purchased here at Sweetwater, thank you very much Brandon!

    There are mostly good things about this pedal, with a few caveats. First and foremost, the pedal is solidly built and is tour-quality. The case is metal all around, the switches are high quality, and the jacks are well put together.

    The patches, out of the box, are mostly music-store fodder designed to sound impressive in a demo and show off the pedal's capability in a solo guitar situation. In a band situation, most of those presets are pretty useless. That said, there's one capability that really sells this pedal: Bluetooth connectivity to iOS devices.

    I paired my H9 with my iPad, installed the H9 app from the App Store, and connected to it via Bluetooth, and was able to edit and control presets in moments. The app makes it *really easy* to work with this pedal, either in a editing or control capacity. I was able to put together presets from the included algorithms easily that worked fine in a song context. Be aware that this pedal connects to iOS, Mac and Windows computers only - Android mobile devices are not supported nor is the app available (yet?) for that platform.

    The ironic fact is, though, that without an iOS device to edit your presets, it's VERY HARD to do much with the preset settings using the pedal controls. It's possible to do it, but the interface is just not up to the depth of some of the presets. Well, all of the presets! The main drawback is the LED screen, which for such a powerful, modern pedal is a ridiculous throwback to the 70's. I have a 25 year old Alesis Quadraverb with a better screen than this! And this is *not* a cheap pedal.

    Now, the algorithms - nine are included with the H9, with a total of 45 available for purchase. (There's an H9 Core pedal with no algorithms available too which is cheaper.) Eventide even offers you the ability to "Max Out" your H9 by buying 10 algorithms in-app (which will increase to 20 after 4/1/15). Each algorithm ships with a number of presets, some of which are great, most of which are mediocre, with some truly awful cruft in there too. Most every preset I have had to edit some.

    The strongest algorithms come from their TimeFactor delay pedal. Most every one has some great presets in it and in general you can really get some good stuff out of them. These include algorithms like Digital Delay, Vintage Delay, Tape Echo, Mod Delay....many share similar functions but they are all well thought out and have musical sound.

    The ModFactor group has a decent flanger, a decent chorus...and the rest is sort of meh. The q-wah can be used for interesting filter sounds but honestly - this is the weakest group of algorithms. Disappointing because this was the group I was most interested in.

    PitchFactor has some awesome pitch-shifting algorithms, very powerful. Many include a delay in them, sometimes modulation FX. My personal favorite is the Harmodulator algorithm - try out the "LIGHTSIDE DARKSIDE" preset, it's a ton of fun, especially with an expression pedal attached.

    the SPACE algorithm group has some fantastic, studio-quality reverbs in it. I don't use a ton of reverb in my sound, but I'm finding myself adding it in here and there for tunes that have that kind of space in them. All of the presets here are sort of solo guitar geared - but there's a few that will get you into your surf guitar mode as well.

    Finally there's the H9 specific algorithms, which at this point are just the UltraTap, Resonator and EQ Compressor. Eventide promises more are coming but if that's the case then it's slow going. The only ones released since the pedal went on sale are Resonator and EQ Compressor. Most of the patches in these that I've tried are okay, but I can't see myself using the H9 for an EQ or compressor - there are dedicated pedals that do a better job of this.

    I did go for Eventide's offer to "Max Out" the pedal. It's a good deal while it lasts. This is a deep, deep pedal with tremendous potential and power. It's in use on every song in my original band's set, and it'd do great in a cover band context as well - I bet you could get every effect heard in pop music together on this pedal.

    I would definitely buy this pedal again. Recommended, with some drawbacks, but a very useful tool in the guitarist's toolbag.

  • from Soddy Daisy TN January 12, 2015Music Background:
    Songwriter, Music Producer

    H9 Review

    Great Pedal. Very useful. Has great sounds and features.
    I use an expression pedal and and I pad to control it
    with Bluetooth. I have used it with the I phone as well but
    I personally prefer using this pedal with an iPad if you have one.
    Very functional and out of the box it has some neat sounds.
    Great for recording or live use.

  • from Wentzville, MO August 22, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, recording engineer/producer, sound programmer, etc.

    Eventide is great but is it a Stomp box?

    Eventide has always been the leader in effect processors and the H9 has some of those great effects. However, I want my pedals, I.e. stomp boxes, to quickly be ready for my foot to engage them to produce whatever sound or effect for which they were designed. To change an H9 preset to another requires either a MIDI pedal or an iPad or a series of up/down button pushes on the H9 itself. And to tweak or program your H9 will require you to own an iPad or have eagle vision to see the small H9 screen. As has been my previous experience with Eventide processors, the program algorithms are rarely usable "out of the box" and require tweaking and sometimes major reconstruction. The few pitch change programs on the H9 are not the best of the batch. Additionally, the presets are in stereo which rarely translates accurately in live performance, hence more tweaking. This so-called stomp box would be better in a studio environment rather than live performance unless you are only going to use the H9 for one or two presets per gig. I guess I was hoping for a full-blown multi-effect pedal in a small easily accessible package.

  • from Boston MA USA October 20, 2014Music Background:
    Pro gigging guitarist

    In time..

    TWARNING: This is NOT a gigging friendly pedal right out of the box. To be honest, when I first saw the H9 online I was thrilled to buy one. I watched every youtube demo and read every review before buying one.
    You can say my expectations were much higher than the unit delivers. I originally bought the unit for the pitch factor harmonizer but then planned on down sizing my pedal board to use the H9 as my only delay, reverb and modulation pedal. I tried the H9 in front of my amps and in the fx loop. I have gibson, fender and PRS guitars played through Bogner, Evh and fender amps.. And yes, I tried every combination to see what yielded the result I was looking for.
    -The H9 app is one of the best ideas ever. A++. You can literally control every nuance of an effect with this thing. I wish all pedals had this.
    -The delay sounds are weak.. My TC flashback blows this away.
    -The reverb sounds are unusable without major tweaking.. My TC HOF blows it away in the usable dept.
    -The modulations are a toss up. Good sounds but need tweaking.
    -The harmonizer is good but not as great as I expexted.
    -The ultra tap sounds are, IMO, useless.

    I am a live guitar player of 28yrs. I planned on using this unit for live gigging right out of the box... Not gonna happen. I do plan on keeping the H9 and incorporating it into my board setup but it's gonna take a lot of tweaking and saving to do so. The unit gets a HUGE F- in the recalling presets on the fly catagory. Unless you have a midi setup, patch recalling live is a tap dance and song away. I'm actually buying a switching system just to defeat this problem.
    In closing, this is a fun pedal for studio work or for experiential sounds.. But it's painful for a stand alone gigging pedal. Plan on buying external aux switches to be able to maximize its potential. I'm currently using the H9 in my fx loop and using the Y cable expression/ momentary switching options. I dedicate time every practice session just on making this unit fit my needs but I'm still not comfortable with gigging it. I plan on keeping my TC delays and verb and using the H9 for modulation and harmonizing


  • Don Carr

    If you've ever been interested in Eventide's amazing time-based and ambient effects, their H9 Harmonizer multi-effects pedal is a "greatest hits" list taken directly from their ground-breaking ModFactor, PitchFactor, TimeFactor, and Space pedals. Pre-loaded with 15 algorithms from those four pedals, the H9 also has two algorithms that are unique: Ultra Tap and Resonator. All of this processing power is housed in a surprisingly small, modernist-looking, white box with an efficient, minimalist feature set. Welcome to the future.

    I must admit that knowing the H9's potential made me really anxious to hook it up. All too often, great multi-effect pedals suffer from presets that are over-blown and basically useless, in an attempt to showcase everything that the pedal is capable of. Kudos to Eventide for avoiding this pitfall. They created 99 great-sounding presets that are tailored to guitar and run the gamut from subtle to extreme. Using the four-page Quick Reference Guide, I was able to navigate the presets and make quick parameter adjustments as soon as I plugged in. Out of the box, the H9's input is optimized for guitar level but is easily adjusted to accommodate input levels from other stompboxes, an amplifier's effects loop or a mixer's effects send. While the input level is global for every preset, the output level setting is programmed into each preset individually. This allows for maximizing each sound without sending too much level to your amplifier; this is especially handy for the thick, detailed algorithms and presets with long delay and reverb tails.

    With my trusty Strat plugged into the H9's input, I took the output to a Mesa/Boogie TransAtlantic TA-30 Combo, first through the input and then through the effects loop. I used a variety of clean, crunch, and overdriven sounds and the H9 performed spot-on no matter what I threw at it. Even with huge amounts of gain, through the TA's effects loop the H9's rich reverbs and complex multi-tap delays stayed clear and distinct. Splitting the signal stereo with the TA and a Fender Deluxe, the various chorus presets were lush and evocative, thickening single notes and making chords swell. Presets using the Crystals algorithm are positively dizzying. Delays and Tremolos can be synced by either the tap-tempo footswitch on the H9 or via MIDI. The indicator light on the tap-tempo switch pulses in time, allowing you to lock in on-the-fly.

    The H9's simple control set is well thought-out. The four parameter buttons, two footswitches, and single knob are all multi-function, offering lots of sound-shaping without having to peruse too many menus. Every parameter in the H9 is available on the front panel but deeper edits are easier using the free H9 Control App. Connect via USB or Bluetooth to your Mac, PC, or iOS device and create, edit, and store as many presets as you can dream up and load them into your H9. If you want even more flexibility, additional algorithms can be auditioned and purchased through the H9 Control App.

    This review only scratches the surface of what the H9 can do. This is one of those pedals that I could continue finding new sounds and uses for them. The best part is that the H9 sounds so good that I'm compelled to do just that. Killer effects, deep features that are easy to access in a pedal that integrates into your existing pedalboard without messing with your tone; that's the Eventide H9 Harmonizer Multi-Effects Pedal.

  • Mitch Gallagher

    Lush. That's the word I would use to describe the effects produced by the Eventide H9 harmonizer effects pedal. Eventide, of course, is well known for their high-end rackmount studio effects processors. In the past few years, the company has also gained an ardent following for their incredibly powerful stompboxes, which bring the sophistication of the rackmount effects to guitar pedalboards. Now, the H9 from Eventide brings together 100 of Eventide's greatest stompbox hits - effects from their Mod Factor, Pitch Factor, Time Factor, and Space pedals - into one flexible, powerful unit. Plus, the H9 is open ended. Using an iPad app, you can not only control the H9 wirelessly via Bluetooth, but you can also purchase and download additional effects algorithms. Quite an amazing package!

    The H9 is more compact than the other Eventide pedals. It features one main control knob, two footswitches (bypass and tap tempo), and five buttons. This user interface is surprisingly fast and easy, and it allows you to do what you need from the front panel. For in-depth programming, an iPad makes things easier but is not essential. Connections include stereo in and out, an expression pedal input, MIDI In/Out/Thru, and USB for connection to a computer.

    All well and good, but when it comes down to it, what matters is the sound, and the H9 delivers. Here's where that word "lush" comes into play. The H9 delivers the rich, enveloping, 3D sounds you'd expect from Eventide. Delays, mod effects, pitch effects, reverb...the sounds are incredible, particularly with two amps in stereo.

    If you're looking for the ability to load up any of Eventide's stompbox effects, the H9 makes great sense. With this one pedal, you can carry Eventide's greatest hits with you to the gig or studio. And if you need a new sound, it's as fast and easy as downloading it via iPad.

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