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Eventide H8000FW Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Eventide H8000FW?

Questions about the Eventide H8000FW?

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  • from Seattle, WA January 1, 2010Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Guitarist/Keyboardist

    They've created a MONSTER!

    This thing is the best and last effects unit I'll ever need. It's a dual fire wire DAW interface, a (massive) dual effects processor, a complex signal router (physical and virtual), a mastering/finalizing unit, multiple channel strip, etc, etc, etc. Whatever you need sonically, this thing can do it...WELL! Its built quite solid, so I should probably put it in my will when I'm old enough to need one. It's also very spendy, but I'm continually finding that I've gotten more than I've paid for...Far more. Indeed the H8000FW is a monster, and I mean that in the best possible way. (insert happy face here)

  • from Dallas TX October 15, 2008Music Background:
    Music-Audio Post-SFX

    Greater than the sum of its parts

    I've used Eventide Harmonizers for years all the way back to the 910s, 949 and then the H3000s. I've always found that one was just not enough. But having the H8000 for a couple months now I can really say that it is the Harmonizer I've always hoped for. Basically two complete units in one box, plus one super-bad unit which uses all of the DSP for one program. The room tones, and presence programs are unmatched by any plug-in verb I have tried so far. Glitch free harmonizing and re-voicing are so smooth, its just unbelievable. The midi mapping and control capabilities are really usable since the hardware can keep up with just about anything I throw at it.
    For those new to the Harmonizer the user interface can seem odd at first but spend a little time with it and you'll get the reasoning behind it all. For anyone that has used an Eventide in the past, just dive in and go. I'm not sure but I get the sense that the H8000 has every preset available since the H3000! Plug-ins are great of course but the H8000 is so much more than just a bunch of effects programs. Its an open-ended effects workstation in its own right. Many of the programs available would choke the most powerful computer. Lush surround verbs, band delays and pitch processing, its all there. With some tweaking and the incredible sounding IO it makes a pretty killer mastering unit as well. Do yourself a favor and check this unit out.

  • from Lee's Summit Missouri September 10, 2008Music Background:
    Music Hobbyist

    Eventide H8000FW

    The custom pitch presets in this unit allow you to can create any multipart harmony and no other effects unit offer this kind no scale restrictions type of flexibility! The setting of the notes is so easy because of the graphical interface is displayed as a real time signature staff notation.

    It's more than an effect unit. You can turn this thing into a wonderful and fun effects unit-engineering hobby. Because you can design your own effects patch’s and believe me it will require an in depth study (fun) in audio engineering to really understand all the terminology. But is easy to implement with the PC user-friendly mouse-scroll-click patch editor.

    I don't need my RME fire face 800 anymore. All the external stuff and plug into this unit and the A/D or D/A conversion in the Eventide is noticeably better than the Fire face.

    This is definitely designed with the professional in mind. I am just a hobbyist, so the learning curve for me so far has been quite extensive and I have only had the unit for two weeks. It is my pride and joy. The quality of all the effects...well your paying $5500 and you better expect pure awesomeness.... yeah it's in there, but you have to choose which of the many presets to use and understand the individual applications of each. But fortunately the manual is robust and the Eventide Company has a good tech support.

  • from MD, USA April 17, 2016Music Background:
    Enthusiast/Hobbyist Practice > 10 hours a week.

    A commoner's experience.

    I come from a humble background. This is a piece of equipment for professionals. An investment of time is required to learn how to use this equipment effectively. After a little over a year using this equipment, I'm really happy that I have it. I am still a little bitter at the cost, but the utility it provides is really nice. Why I give this a 4.5 star rating is because I can't see any limitations on this thing. This thing can effect sounds in ways that are beyond my imagination. I would give it 5 stars, but the investment of time and the lack of useful demonstrations to learn to use it prevent that. I'm a guitarist first and foremost, so my meager effects needs are more than satisfied with this equipment with tons of options for expanding my horizons. But you could be an artist just arranging effects on this thing to create some magical sounds. The perfect user of this equipment is the combination of an artist and an engineer.

Questions about the Eventide H8000FW?

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