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Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand?

Questions about the Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand?

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  • from Southern Illinois May 4, 2017Music Background:
    Music Lover

    Good Stand!

    I ordered this Mini stand from Sweetwater and it's really nice and sturdy. I wanted it for my solo acoustic act because it's so portable. I have a solidbody Gibson Chet Atkins, an Alvarez, Ibanez, and Breedlove acoustics. I'm not planning on leaving any of them on their for long, as I put all of them back in their respective cases after using them except the Breedlove, and it's on another stand. This little stand is very inexpensive and works very well. I'll probably use it extensively for gigs and I really like it!

  • from Newest Jersey June 7, 2016Music Background:
    Musician and avid (not the company) recordist

    These are STURDY!

    My brother-in-law is the busiest event guitarist in LA and has been using the same one for a few years now. He recommended this to me but after looking at it online I thought it looked like the frames were too thin. Got them in the mail today and was pleasantly surprised - they feel very rugged and well made. Guitar is safe and secure in this stand. Great product.

  • from New England May 23, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-pro for many years

    Excellent portable stand

    I have a great Hercules foldable stand for my electric, but needed one for my acoustic. This thing is small, light and folds into a small package that will easily fit into a gig bag. It's plenty sturdy and fits my Epiphone Hummingbird very well. If I had a super expensive acoustic I might just keep it in the case between sets, but most of the places my acoustic duo plays are very tight for space, so my case is usually tucked away somewhere. This is a fine option if you can be sure your guitar isn't in danger of some drunkard bumping into it. It has a small footprint and is stable enough to give me confidence.

  • from North Carolina December 1, 2014Music Background:

    I love these little stands.

    I also have one for my Strat copy and both stands are perfect for my needs (especially considering the cost).

  • from Erie,Pa. November 6, 2014Music Background:
    Have been playing for over 50 years..

    Nice Little Stand

    I have this very stand for all of my guitars. I just purchased this one for my 12 string acoustic and it fits beautifully, nice and sturdy. I just reach down and grab it and start playing. It also fits nicely in my case, just fold up and go.

  • from Miami, FL USA September 22, 2012Music Background:
    Beginner Classical Guitarist

    Greatest Stand Yet.

    This is the best acoustic guitar stand and my first. I was looking for a stand that would hold my Cordoba C5 and boy did it hold well. Right Out of the box it's looks simple and set up is straight forward and as easy as can be. Might I also take the time to thank my Sales Engineer: Ryan Holquist who for my first time shopping here at Sweetwater made it a great experience. And again I say look no further this is the stand for your guitar.

  • from Madison, AL December 30, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician


    I'd been searching for the "perfect" acoustic guitar and bouzouki stand for quite a while and accidentally happened upon this fantastic little stand. I was looking for something that would fold up into a small, portable unit, yet still be strong, supportive, and easy to use....and this is it. They are quick and easy, and support my Martins and Irish bouzouki perfectly. And an added bonus, there's plenty of room between the floor and instruments to accommodate a straight plugged-in jack for stage use.

    In my Irish band, I generally use three instruments on stage...a Martin D-41, OM-16, and Irish bouzouki, so bought three stands. Without any modifications, my Martin D-41 fits the padded cradles perfectly, but had to do a very easy modification so my thinner bodied OM-16 and Irish bouzouki would fit the cradles without sliding. For this, I bought a 6' length of self-adhesive round foam pipe insulation for 1/2" pipe (the brown stuff) at a local home improvement store, and with the instruments sitting in the stands, cut appropriate lengths of foam to take up the space between the instrument body and outer ends of the cradles to keep the bottom of instruments from sliding forward. It works great. Simply slip the pre-slit/self-adhesive foam sections around the cradle arms and tightly press the inner, self-adhesive edges together. Using the foam pieces holds the instruments in place, protects the instrument finish, is very inexpensive, and super easy to do. The foam doesn't get in the way when folding up the stands.

    The stands are high quality, very well made, operate flawlessly, and I expect them to last a long time. What an improvement in portability over the typical tube stands I've been using for many years. At only 14.5" long when folded up with no protrusions to get hung up on other equipment, cables, etc.....or parts to get lost...., these stands can easily be tossed into a small gig bag.

    I'm amazed by the stability provided. Sure, a careless move can knock an instrument over, but that can happen with tube stands as well. I've been there! These stands are surprisingly stable, but for me, portability is the main thing.

    Great design and a great stand, Fender!

  • from CT August 26, 2013Music Background:

    Nice stand

    It does its job.
    It could be a little sturdier, and the top bar could be extendable, as it's a tad short for big dreadnoughts. But overall it's good - holds the guitar well, good padding, good angle, and well priced.

  • from May 29, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Review update...2 stars

    I am updating my previous review due to an issue I discovered with the stand. I've been using the stand for my poly-finished Guild GAD F-130R with no problems, but recently bought a new Gibson J-35 which has a nitro finish and found that the rubber back support has interacted with the nitro finish and created a very visible lighter area on the back of the guitar, exactly where the support is located, and the same size rectangular area. This appears to be permanent and is very disappointing since it's a new guitar. So....word of warning to those who plan to use this stand with a nitro finished guitar. Wrap the rubber pieces with a piece of cotton t-shirt or something. I now give this stand two stars. Functionally it's good, but reacting chemically with the finish on guitars is unacceptable.

Questions about the Fender Mini Acoustic Guitar Stand?

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