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DigiTech Grunge Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    The name "Grunge" can be deceiving because I don't think I have ever heard this on any early '90s Seattle grunge recordings. Sure, this pedal adds grit and grime if you want it to but, if you are trying to define a new sound and add a meaner, bloodier, energy-charged face-punching tone to your rig, get this pedal. You need to try this pedal for yourself.

  • Steve
    from January 17, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Guitarist, Recording artist

    Wide sound range, ease of use, overall great

    Wide sound range, ease of use, overall great

  • Justin Morris
    from Chicago, IL April 11, 2011

    Alternative Rock best friend!

    Best Distortion pedal I have had yet!!! You really get that crunch effect, the sound that will blow you away. I would definitely recommend this product to those who play alternative rock music!!!!

  • Z. Jaudon
    from Saint Augustine, FL USA October 12, 2008Music Background:

    Must Have!

    This pedal is so easy to use and powerful, that just by ajusting the high and low distotion settings about half-way, And ajusting the grunge setting all the way, I was able to duplicate the sound of Metallica's "Sad But True".

  • Jason Cook
    from Bismarck, ND USA April 3, 2007Music Background:
    Hobbyist, music lover

    This pedal rocks!!

    This pedal has been one of the best additions to my arsenal. I play a lot of heavy hard hitting stuff, and this pedal gives me the sound I love. The only problem I have found is that the power adapter is pretty poor.

  • leonDB
    from Pearl City, HI USA March 6, 2007Music Background:
    Hobbyist, musician.

    Awesome distortion

    I love this pedal! It puts out a load of distortion!!! For punk, alternative, and metal, The Grunge Pedal is a steal at this price. Unless you're looking for insane distortion for death/hardcore, the Grunge Pedal can satisfy.

    I am unhappy about one minor detail though. I also own a Digitech Phaser, and I must say this about both pedals... the battery adapter is built cheaply. I had a prong break in my Grunge, and the Phaser's one is getting a little loose. I recommend a PS200R adapter to avoid this problem, because I haven't had either pedal for 3 and 4 months and both are ready to go.

  • Cliff Niesen
    from Miami Dade, FL June 22, 2016Music Background:
    over 30 years of playing. Professional.

    The 90's, man!

    There must be a reason why we don't have that buzz feel anymore and great 90's music. When this pedal came out I was using the old punk pedals that sounded British. I tried this with a few of Kurt Cobain's songs and loved it! I still own this same pedal after 20 or so years. It can be used on Heavy metal to that 90's sound. It really says something about a pedal that last over 20 years and works like new, man! I cannot believe they sell it at such a low price. I have many pedals and I switch them around. It depends on the music. It is a powerful distortion pedal.

  • jeriah radice
    from alliance ne December 14, 2008

    i like it

    for the price this thing wails it sure passed my expectations i went out side my usual brand witch is boss and im glad i did it fills my "heavy but not so heavy" sound the thing is built like a tank and the knobs feel good im sure you could injure something if you put it in a sock im pleased with my purchase

  • Harrison Andrews
    from New Jersey USA October 9, 2008Music Background:
    Student, Engineer.

    Pretty sweet.

    This pedal's been a pretty handy piece of equipment. If you're looking for some overall crunch to add to your guitar, this is a good buy. The "grunge" knob gives you a good control over how much crunch you're getting, and the bass, mid, and treble give you a pretty good handle over the tone. But if you're looking for alot of low end punch you might want to look else where.

  • Jordan
    from USA September 15, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer and Musician

    A Great Distortion

    This pedal is awesome you can get some pretty good metal tones out of this thing. I play alot of metallica and right of the box was able to match the tone up well to several songs. The name commonly throws people off because it clearly doesn't sound grungy at all. If you need heavy distortion that doesn't have an outrageously overloaded gain like most metal distortions this is the way to go. You can get a nice metal tone with clearer lows and clean up the muddiness.

  • Will Snyder
    from February 23, 2012Music Background:
    Artist/ Producer/ Songwriter engineer


    I love Grungy sounds to blend with other pedals... I've not found myself using this pedal a whole lot over the last few years of having it... but as far as a harder distortion to maybe blend with a fuller sounding less less distortion pedal... you can get some nice sounds... it's a matter of taste, and what type of gear you use... I have a hollow Body 2 PRS through a dual rec Mesa and Mark 5 Mesa boogie... so I do enjoy some meat in my sound... I say for the price, this is a really good buy... but as far as over all... I only have this because this was one of the first Distortion analog pedals I had ever bought... it was on sale.. and an even better deal... I don't regret getting it at all, it does a good job... and for anyone who likes hard rock just under metal... you can dial in some cool stuff... Not my Number one favorite pedal, but worth having for sure.

  • Bill C.
    from Traverse City, MI June 6, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    This is for Metal, not Nirvana

    Forget the name, this is an excellent pedal for Metal. Don't expect a Nirvana sound from this. It's got a heavy mid-range focused sound, perfect for all your pinch harmonics and heavy chugging. The Loud knob is for Level, and it packs a LOT of volume. The Low and High knobs are bass and treble, and while they add some, they can't really cover up the heavy mid-range. The High knob can really be piercing, so use with caution. The Grunge knob goes from heavy distortion to really heavy distortion - there's not a whole lot of range. In spite of this, I like the distortion sound. I just didn't like the heavy mid-range, so I swapped out two capacitors and got rid of that heavy mid-range and it's become a more full-range sounding heavy distortion, more towards a rectifier-type distortion. I like it this way!

  • Tony H.
    from Taunton, MA USA March 6, 2006

    pretty good

    I really liked this pedal at first - don't get me wrong, it's a good solid HEAVY distortion pedal, but after awhile I started to get abit bored with it... for less distorted tones I prefer the BOSS DS-1, but then this pedal couldn't get heavy ENOUGH, so I traded it in on the Digitech Death Metal, which I am very happy playing. This pedal is kinda "in-between" the other two I mentioned, and... well, I just didn't need anything "in between". In and of itself, it's pretty good, but I just needed something else. One other thing - I have no idea why this is called "Grunge"... it sounds straight up metal to my ears. If you want a grunge sound, buy a Electro-Harmonix Big Muff. This pedal's good - that's it, just good.

  • Customer
    May 1, 2005

    What a Pedal

    If have never played on this pedal, where have you been for the past decade. This is an awesome pedal that just keeps giviing every time you plug in. A must buy for any hardcore Guitarist.

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