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Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Round-neck, Mahogany Body Resonator - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 21 customer reviews
Questions about the Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Round-neck, Mahogany Body Resonator - Natural?

Questions about the Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Round-neck, Mahogany Body Resonator - Natural?

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  • from Eureka, CA September 17, 2016Music Background:
    Intermediate guitar player. No gigging

    Love this guitar

    Extraordinary loud sound. A lot of fun to play. When I first got it I told my wife to sell my other 12 guitars because this is the only one I need! Well, not quite but I spend a lot of time with it. It's perfect for slide guitar. "Bad to the Bone" was my first alt tuning song. A lot of fun. And the quality is great and great d'Addario strings on it from the factory. Just what I wanted. You can't go wrong.

  • from Great Falls, Montana August 31, 2016

    Loud and Proud

    I own another brand of resonator guitar and it has dual pickups to amplify it's sound, but I was very impressed by the sound and volume of this Gretsch Boxcar. The action was set up beautifully and the fit and finish is perfect. There is nothing bad I can say about my newest go-to guitar!

  • from New York, NY August 15, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, Engineer and Producer

    Beautiful Tone

    I was simply amazed at how good this guitar looked and played. Rich, ringing tones. I was also impressed at how well it played when used as a standard acoustic as opposed to using a tone bar or slide which are how I would normally use it. For the price, it is defiantly a steal. I Highly recommend it. As always, Sweetwater did a great job with setup and delivery.

  • from mountain home, arkansas May 19, 2016

    fantastic resonator

    One sweet resonator, great volume and playability. sweetwater delivered me another great guitar with their fantastic service. best resonator I've owned. great action and built really sweet. got a gretsch gigbag too and its great too,

  • from Maryland April 19, 2016Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Small but mighty !

    I've had my Gretsch G9200 Boxcar for a few months now - and I have to say this is one of the most enjoyable guitars I have ever played. It is smaller than any of my other guitars , but it's rock solid. The sound is unique and - well it's just FUN to play. Right out of the box the action was great. There was a slight buzz in the resonator but that was fixed with a turn of a screwdriver. I would recommend this guitar for anyone who wants to add to their guitar arsenal or if you just want another guitar to take along to the beach or camping. Highly recommended.

  • from New Orleans, LA March 26, 2015Music Background:

    Gretsch Boxcar Resonator Guitar

    I've had the Boxcar a little over two months and couldn't be more pleased. It is quite a small guitar; smaller than a 000 Martin. Actually, it seems like it's just a little bigger than a parlor guitar. And because of its small size I was blown away by its powerful sound quality. It has a great dynamic range and wonderful sustain. I have to be careful how I approach it, because of the overtones it can produce (playing in a stairway is heavenly). The Boxcar is loud, warm, and projects great tone. The build quality is superb; very solid (though light weight), very good fit and finish.

    Recently, I was at a friend�s house and played their Yamaha dreadnaught. Now granted, the strings on it were somewhat old, but I was amazed at how hard I had to hit the strings to get volume out of it. With less effort I could get a lot more volume and tonality out of the Gretsch. I was totally amazed!

    The Boxcar some may say is a �Plain Jane�, but to me it is quite beautiful, and I�ve had a number of friends comment on its appearance. We are living in a grand era of affordable well built guitars. An instrument like this would have cost a great deal more ten to fifteen years ago. If you�re looking to get into a resonator guitar that won�t break the bank the Boxcar may be just up your alley.

  • from Dudley,MA August 12, 2014Music Background:
    working guitarist

    Plays as good as it looks !!

    just got this today and couldn't put it down, great tone , action and was playing minutes after unpacking. Cannot go wrong with this guitar, been messing with slide guitar and this is perfect to get the style down. Also sounds fine fingerpicking and just strumming chords..gonna have a lot of fun with this , will be taking this along with me to share the great sounds of this guitar..and Dan and the staff are the best around.

  • from TN, USA July 26, 2014Music Background:

    Gretsch Resonator

    Absolutely fun to play! Terrific appearance, good tone, and the smaller size makes it convenient and fun. I restrung is with 10s and they work just fine!

  • from Chapel Hill, NC June 1, 2014Music Background:

    pretty sweet sounding intro to the resonator

    Always wanted to explore more fully a delta blues slide approach to guitar. played several resonators before deciding on this one - price was right, sound was right, feel was right. the jangly twang of the deep south comes through loud and clear with this axe.

  • from south florida March 31, 2014Music Background:
    lifelong writer artist

    My gretsch resonator

    Always wanted a guitar like this resonator. Been a practising bluesman all my life and now I finally found the sound. Its amazing how the steel accoustic dobroish sound moans through this instrument. Playing through a fender p a with a stick on pick up it is blowin' everyone away. I highly recommend to gospel, blues, or country writers and artists.

  • from alexandria, VA August 19, 2013Music Background:
    Blues R&B Country, Folk, "Picken" Rag. 50 year hobbie

    Boom Box Blues

    Man this guitar is amazing! Looks Sound Capability, everything aguitar picker wants to do. Hell flamingo even sounds great on this baby. her notes are still ringing after you answer the phone. Beautiful acustic guitar voice. Blues that would make LIGHTEN, Big BILL, Blind Mellon, Rev. Davis all sit up and take a listen. Mahogony is where it is at. Heck if the power goes out you still have an amp. This ax will play soft I lost my baby, or boomen Here comes yo momma in law blues. I'm talking myself into #2 so I can have them tuned in different tunings.

  • from United States June 22, 2013Music Background:
    Self taught hacker with 35 years of experience

    Amazing Instrument

    First of all, for $359 I didn't expect much. I picked this thing up and it felt comfortable in my hands. The action was great. The tone was what I would expect an over $1000 instrument to be. I always wanted a resonator but never saw one cheap enough to meet my budget. This is one great guitar by any standard. It's loud yet can have a delicate sound when played with a metal slide. I haven't put it down much since I bought it 2 weeks ago. A fingerpicker delight! And for the ridiculously low price of $359. I love it! My Martin OM (another fingerpicker's dream) is getting jealous sitting in it's case. Buy it! Buy 2 of 'em!

  • from Little Rock, AR August 6, 2014Music Background:

    Pleasantly Surprised

    First, this is the lightest Dobro I've played, and that's a big plus for me. The tone is ....well, better than the others, to my ears. Nice nasal whine, with plenty strong mids and highs. The bass isn't as strong as my Gibson, but certainly not a weakness, for me. It's definitely a plain Jane, but so were the 30s models, with the sunburst top and he painted on faux binding.

    Out of the box, the action is 4/32" & 3/32" and the nut width is 1 25/32" , which I like for fingering. I wouldn't want to drop this reso because of the light build, but I won't mind dings which are bound to happen to the satin or stained finish. In this price range, the Open back Grover sta-tites are just right for keeping with the lightweight design.

    The spider legs are slimmer than normal and I wonder if that's part of the "Ampli-Sonic" formula for getting the optimum tone from this cone. I'd love to drop in a Quarterman set just to experiment and if I do so, I'll report on it. I will definitely try larger E, b, & e strings to see how they compare. In open G tuning, the strings are a little slack for hard playing with the original 12-53 D'Addarios.

    I will also open it up and level the spider legs after fine tuning the cone to the sound well, just because I like to tinker. ;) Who knows, this might be the only reso I need.

  • from Fort Wayne,IN. December 4, 2013Music Background:

    Well made Gretsch G9200

    Plays better than I thought will look at more Gretsch made music gear.

  • from Cary, NC July 6, 2013Music Background:

    Evaluation of Gretsch G9200 Roundneck Guitar.

    I gave the guitar as a Father's Day gift. It was something he had his eye on. Here is his review on his new Gretsch guitar.

    1.) The frets are well-dressed and smooth. 2.) Intonation is spot-on.
    3.) Finish is exemplary; far better than any other Chinese guitar I've seen...with the exception of some few mid-priced Yamahas. 4.) Tone is great, although you have to really flog it on finger-style to get the resonator "honk". 5.) Altogether, a GREAT guitar for the money...a great value!

  • from Terre Haute, IN October 9, 2016Music Background:
    Country, Rock Blues, Jazz and Gospel

    Happy Days in all ways

    This thing is smaller than I realized and loud. It has a nice finish, a nice look all around. I also purchased the Gator GW-JM RESO DlxCase Resonator case to keep it safe. The look reminds
    me of something from the 30's or 40's. The sound didn't impress me at first. It was tuned to standard tuning and the action was a little high for my taste. I decided to tune it to open G before I adjusted the action and am glad I did. It plays better as the action is not as high.
    I think it sounds better, More full, Bigger. I'm thinking of adding a Fishman pickup and using it
    in live setting. It does what I want it to do and sounds good doing it. The only thing left to do is work on my chops and get my Technique in order. This is a nice guitar at a fair price, and Sweetwater did their usual above and beyond with the delivery.

  • from Oregon September 2, 2016Music Background:

    Warm, Rich Tone - Big Bang For The Buck

    Great value, and nice all around guitar. The guitar has a sound and personality all it's own, and a wide tonal vocabulary. Playing close to the neck yields a surprisingly warm and rich tone, which gets more bluesy and twangy as you move back over the resonator. Even over the resonator, its not quite as bright and twangy as some of the other guitars I've played - but I actually like that more mellow sound a lot.. It's also not as loud as some of other resonators I've played, but it is more than sufficient.

    The action is really set up to be an all around guitar - strumming, fingerpicking, flatpicking... all play and sound just fine on this, and yet it still works pretty well with a bar or slide. The action is a bit on the low side for slide work, but still very playable.

    the materials, look, and construction have a rustic, utilitarian, "meat and potatoes" feel. it is not slick or polished, but it is solid and beautiful. It does feel like i'm playing on an old handbuilt guitar from the 30's... The "boxcar" name seems fitting, as does the "roots" collection it belongs to.

    all in all, a great value that I would recommend. If you want a big smile on your face, mic it up with a tube mic into a fat transformer based preamp, add some tape saturation, dial in a subtle delay, and then drench with a plate reverb. ahhh..... beautiful!!!

  • from Australia April 16, 2016

    Gretsch Boxcar

    This beauty seems like the perfect medium in a guitar for me,having been inspired and admiring the basic feel and style of the blues,in recent years having been a fan of Chris Whitley i guess it was always going to be that id find myself the proud owner of a resonator and the Gretsh boxcar is it as its a mix of the standard acoustic with amplification without having to plug it in to a speaker or go Electric,Has a minimalistic look to it which I've always been a fan of[not into guitars that have all the the silly bling on it].My new guitar is a star,in my eyes anyway.

  • from Indiana, USA January 17, 2013Music Background:

    Old South Blues Machine

    This Resonator guitar is a absolutely fun guitar to play. Very comfortable in your hands and body. It is hard to put down. The sound of this guitar is so bluesy, you feel like you are down in the Delta in the south somewhere. The guitar is well made and a solid investment. It also has a vintage look and vibe to it. So, if you are wanting to get started in the bottleneck blues style, this guitar is the perfect place to start. It is very affordable, and well worth the price. I would highly recommend this guitar for the aspiring blues musicians.

  • from New York March 29, 2013Music Background:

    Authentic 1930's Gretsch Resonator

    Although I chose this guitar based on Sweetwater's pics of the actual item, this one has very conspicuous marker pen touch-ups to cover glue stains at the neck joint. Their pics don't show the neck joint. The design itself is very period correct and beautiful. Even the tiny screws that hold the resonator cover on are slot head, not phillips, ( phillips head screws weren't widely used until after WWII ). The striped mahogany plywood used for the body is all well matched nice quality. The headstock, mother-of-pearl overlay, and nut work are flawless. The open geared tuners work smoothly and hold tune very well. The semi-gloss clear coat is smooth with minimal crumbs stuck to the insides of the f holes. The clear coat on guitars is usually hi gloss or satin, this finish is different, it feels like you're holding plastic until you get used to it. There's no binding on the edges, but since the finish is so smooth you really don't miss the binding. No sharp fret ends, and intonation is good ( correct pitch at each fret ) all the way up the neck. Because the action is fairly low, ( string height above the frets ) it's very comfortable to play like a guitar. Picked or strummed softly, you don't get much metallic resonator sound, but you do get surprising volume and long sustain. With heavier picking, you do get the resonator sound.

  • from Gulfport, MS April 2, 2014Music Background:
    Played guitar for 62 years.

    Ideas of A Guitar Player of Last Sixty Two Years

    I use to own a 1955 Gretsch Country Club (great guitar). I would jump at this if it only had 14 frets to the body and a 20th fret. I must admit that the over all appearance of the guitar is very beautiful. I like the ribbon grained mahogany.

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