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Bogner Goldfinger 45-watt Handwired Tube Head Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Bogner Goldfinger 45-watt Handwired Tube Head?

Questions about the Bogner Goldfinger 45-watt Handwired Tube Head?

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  • from Weston Ct March 10, 2017Music Background:
    Singer Songwriter Producer


    I received this monsta, plugged it in - did a small amount of tweaking for a rhythm part -- and myself and my engineer were smiling from ear to ear...


    REALLY waiting for the Solos to CRANK!

  • from Meeker, OK March 13, 2015

    Amazing Vintage Voiced Amp

    Bogner has hit another homerun with this one. One of if not the best cleans I've came across to date. I own a 101B and Shiva 20th EL34 and while those cleans are really spectacular, they are just not in the same ballpark as the GF45. I believe a lot of the success has to do with the 6V6 power section. The overdrive channel is really like an old vintage large cathode Plexi. The tones from 69 mode is astonishing and oh so dynamic to your picking hand. Step on the boost and it fattens right up but stays clear with more gain. The adjustable gain boost level is a nice touch also. Reverb on this is flat out gorgeous. Loop is transparent and the wattage features just add to this remarkable amp. My only dislike is the cut in volume when in 80's mode but bringing up the volume 20% will even things out. The 80's mode JCM800 on roids without the harshness. Love this mode also. Highly recommended if your looking for an amp with bar none best cleans and one of the most refined and dynamic plexi voicing's in an amp ever.

  • from Ga March 12, 2015Music Background:
    20 years pro

    Great tone monster

    This amp is full of awesome tones as many reviewers have mentioned. I however am going to add some points that seem to be very misguided on the reviews. First is the volume or overall loudness. This thing is loud. The overdrive channel has to be cranked to keep up with the cleans but I believe this to be a major positive. Most multiple channel amps downfall is to have a great clean with headroom you have to have a high wattage amp but it raises the issue of being able to crank the overdrive channel,which is terribly mismatched and loud. So having to crank the overdrive channel to match the clean channel works great. Also I measured the plexi vs 80 mode with db meter and there was 1 db difference. This is because the plexi has tons more midrange and it cuts whereas the 80 mode is mid scooped and not so in your face. I run a knucklehead reverb 100 into an avatar open cab with an et65 and v30 and this 45 water is just as loud. My first gig was this setup at a 500 seat room and played on full power low and sound man said it was killing out front off the stage. Anyways that's it.

  • from Pensacola, FL September 7, 2013Music Background:
    Mid-level guitarist

    Goldfinger Amp Heaven

    While I have been playing guitar for a number of years, this is my first, and probably last, electric guitar amplifier. It is just wonderful in every way. I highly recommend the Goldfinger Amp (and speakers) to those who want the best tone possible; particularly if you play 60's/70's rock n' roll. I wish to thank Kevin Scott and Sweetwater for spending a great deal of time discussing possibilities based on the music I play and wish to play. You can not find a better place to buy your equipment or the expertise to guide your choices.

  • from Missoula MT March 14, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Best amp I have ever played through

    I have used this amp for about a year now and it has never let me down. I play a variety of styles and this amp can cover all of them. It is basically 3 classic amps in one box. The alpha channel is blackface clean with some potential tweaks to the treble character. The omega channel is either classic plexi or classic JCM800 (switchable) with more gain potential than the old amps especially at low volumes. There are 4 possible wattage settings which is nice when you are trying to control your volume in club settings, which is mostly all the time. Even the highest wattage is not overwhelmingly loud however. The amp is pedal friendly as I normally use a Robin Trower overdrive on the clean channel to get that in-between overdrive character, which is neither clean nor distorted. I use it through a Mesa 4 x 12 live and an Avatar 2 x 12 with Celestion Gold speakers recorded. It sounds excellent recorded with plenty nice overtones and dimension. The footpedal is really handy live as you can kick the FX on and off and add a boost to the gain if you want. I have a delay in the loop that is set to be a bit hotter than the bypass signal and I use that to boost my leads live. Very handy when no sound person is available. This is my second Bogner. I also have a Shiva that I like almost as well. Both amps are great and I have no need to ever get another amp, but I probably will anyway.

  • from California September 28, 2012Music Background:
    Jazz / Arabic composer, guitarist and upright bassist

    Bogner Goldfinger - A Beautiful Musical Amp

    This is one of the most beautiful musical amplifiers ever made, both visually and sonically. A very sparkling warm clean channel and a subtle sensual distortion channel. A very nice natural tube compression is realized with this amp. The recording playbacks from this amp are gorgeous. A very artistic and inspirational amp. Thanks Bogner and company.

  • from Atlanta, GA December 31, 2011Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    A truly great amp!

    Having collected a multitude of different amps over the years (Bad Cat, MB, 65 Amps, Orange, Bogner Shiva and XTC), this head is a keeper and a go-to amp.

    Channel 1 cleans are classic Bogner....warm, rich, full and Fender-esque. The 6v6's add a nice top end, a little different for Bogner but never harsh or glassy. It also takes OD pedals really, really well. The reverb is also fantastic.

    Channel two has great versatility between the two modes....69 mode is between a Plexi or a cranked Hiwatt....very useful. 80 mode is classic Bogner crunch, it has a little bit of Orange sounding voice to me but much richer and fuller. It will definitely get into high gain searing mode with the boost engaged.

    Besides all of the loop options in both channels, the other real key winner here is the switchable wattage. You can go from 9-45 watts which makes it great for practicing at home and then can go to stage. I really happen to like it a lot at the 9 watt setting, it's just really full sounding art reasonable volumes.

    Bottom line - lots of tonal versatility, great variety of sounds, and ability to tune wattage where you need it....Doesn't get any better than that!!!!

  • from March 9, 2011


    This is one of the best amps I've ever heard. Great clean and incredible thick, warm gain channel.

  • from United States July 28, 2014Music Background:
    Professional gigging musician 20+ years

    The tone quest may be over...

    I've been through more amps than I have toes and fingers in search of that "perfect" tone. I think I may have found it. This amp does sparkly clean, driven clean, crunch, and Marshall Plexi or JCM lead. It doesn't do metal, but the 80's mode gives you "Eddie" territory.

    The "pre" gain loop doesn't do much, so I run my pedals in front of the amp and use that loop empty as a channel 1 gain boost, which works quite well. The backend loop is fine, but almost not needed as the onboard reverb is lush and has no Fender "ice pick" effect. The channel gains are very nice, especially having a separate one on channel 1. This is hard to find on a clean channel.

    A few minor things keep me from calling this a solid 5 are:

    1. The volume differential between 1 and 2 are too drastic; channel 2 is generally dialed up to 8 or 9 to keep up with ch1 at 11:00. A master amp volume that controls both channels would be great.

    2. This amp is LARGE - head weighs 42 lbs and can't sit evenly on a 1 x 12" cab (too wide, so I had to reseat the rubber feet closer together). The 2 x 12" cab is also huge and heavy, making it near impossible to carry the head in one hand and the head in another. If you gig a lot, you know that every extra trip from the car to the stage is a negative. This should all be able to fit in a sub 50 lb combo or have a smaller footprint to fit on a lightweight 1 x 12" cab.

    Tonewise, this amp is hard to match, and is very versatile (footswitch gives some 5 options to dial it in). I'm 100% satisfied with the sound, but keeping one eye open for something smaller and lighter from Bogner. Atma has piqued my curiosity...

Questions about the Bogner Goldfinger 45-watt Handwired Tube Head?

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