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Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone Reviews

4.5 stars based on 33 customer reviews
Questions about the Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone?

Questions about the Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from May 12, 2017Music Background:

    Samson Go

    Awesome sound quality from this little mic. Easily connects to a Smart Phone, Laptop or PC..I recommend downloading Audacity if using on a laptop or PC.. Super buy if you are looking for a inexpensive mic that produces high quality playback recordings and is portable too.

  • from Virginia November 22, 2016Music Background:

    Hearing Is Believing!

    There aren't adequate words to describe just how AWESOME this little mic is! I got this to accompany my iPad mini for demos and tracking vocals before they go into Studio One, and I was up and recording in just a few minutes. The sound you get out of this condenser is simply great - not just for a mic this small, but for any lower price studio condenser one might have around, or purchase. Slap a portable pop filter in front, and you got a winner. I instantly became more productive, creative and mobile!!

    Note: in order to use this mic with an iOS device, you will need a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter to connect between the Go Mic's included USB cable and your iOS device.

  • from May 25, 2015

    My God

    This tiny mic quality is the best I've ever used. So much better than the snowball! The clip is very sturdy and reliable. I was amazed with the sound quality. Extremely easy to use.

  • from Mesa, AZ September 5, 2014Music Background:

    Solid, Sexy, Superior

    I'm loving this Samson Go mic! It's portable and clear/crisp. I use it mainly to record videos on my computer and as a microphone to talk on VOIP phone lines. Now people can actually hear me when we talk on the phone!

    The mics I had been using prior to the "new life" the Go mic has given me were analogue... they were fuzzy, had a very limited pickup range, weren't sensitive enough, and produced a latency of sound.

    This USB Go mic, which I chose for it's excellent price point, portability, and superior craftsmanship, blows all of my previous mics out of the water. I'm never going back to analogue through my computers.

    I recommend the Samson Go mic to anyone. It's sexy, solid and superior.

  • from Maryland April 24, 2014Music Background:

    Great USB Microphone

    Really a great usb mic. I don't think you can beat it, especially at
    this price.

  • from Asheville, NC March 22, 2014Music Background:

    My new work horse!

    Got word from one of my reporting peers that this was a great Mic, and she boy, was she right! I've already used it twice in two acoustically-challenged conference rooms and the sound recording was awesome! If I could make it work with my Olympus backup Mic I'd buy another one, but oh well. Great product!

  • from point pleasant beach nj December 24, 2013Music Background:
    recording studio

    great microphone

    Hi , this little microphone is just a wonderful piece of equip. I own a very expensive 100% real all anolog studio.. I bought this mic because I read poetry into the computer and it clips on to the top.. now I have real mics like u47 Telafunken , c12..and other great mics.. this mic sounds fantastic, I am not kidding you , the sound quality is mind blowing.. for $40.00 it sounds like a very expensive mic.. I bought 2 of them .. can not go wrong..

  • from Vancouver WA... December 5, 2013Music Background:


    Works like a CHAMP...

  • from Findlay, Oh July 31, 2013

    Just what i was looking for

    Thia is perfect -- the sound is great, it picks up my voice and there is no wind tunnel effect when recording quick video. it is a perfect little mic and exactly what i was looking for.

  • from United States-North Carolina March 9, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, and recording vocalist

    What a little POWERHOUSE mic!

    I have one of these of my own and I have bought two for friends of mine, because at this price.....I can definitely afford it! This is a very small mic, but you will simply NOT believe the power it has! The full rich sound from it is totally mind-blowing. It was the first mic I bought and I did not want to spend a lot of money, not knowing if I would pursue singing or not at that point. It surpassed my expectations and still does. It is so easy to carry with you anywhere you go and is a convenient USB mic. It clips on to a laptop or just about anything you want to clip it on. Only your imagination limits you as to where you can place it and use it! I highly recommend it to someone wanting a quality mic at a dirt cheap price! Amazing!! Sue

  • from Charlotte NC. January 10, 2013Music Background:
    Singer songwriter, Musician, Producer.

    Real studio recording review

    Ok so for any one thinking of picking this up for vocal music recording here is a true review for you. I'm using this mic with my Ipad to record Into Aruia a new DAW for ipad. With the micro wormer and pro Q you damn near can make this mic sound like any thing if you have a quiet place to record. It only records in 16bit 44.1 resolution and has no major volum control other then a 10db pad. That being said it has its limitations. Iv recently recorded three songs iv let some majors in the industry listento and they were not only shocked to learn all the recording and production was done on the ipad but more shocked when I showed them this little $40 beauty. So long story short. If you know what your doing you can make this work with amazing results.

    If your using the ipad to record this is the perfact mic as its far more compact then apogee mic and loads cheaper at a loss of recording resolution and a volum switch. on the pluse side the clip is perfact as with the magnetic cover your ipad becomes the stand and keeps it the perfact distance from your mouth. So if you only have $40 bucks to spend you can make this work with incredible results. If you have the extra change the apogee is good and will require less processing but will be more of a pain to travail with and set up.

    Hope this review has helped any one on the edge of buying this guy. You won't regret it. There other USB mics in the $200 range this little guy would put to shame.

    Keep recording and have fun. Peace........

  • from La Porte, Indiana, USA November 28, 2012Music Background:
    Grew up in a musical family, played violin, amateur sound recordist.

    Really great little mic for the price.

    I was looking for a replacement mic for my son and ended up buying one for myself. The base for the mic is solid and can clip on anything as thick as the mic itself. I've just used it for the Internet phone with headphones and I can tell it's very sensitive. It picks up the hum of the computer fan and every little noise in the room. I haven't used it yet for any real recording but I'm sure it will make any music or sound recording nut happy with the results. Haven't had a chance yet to play with the software but it looks good. Great bang for the buck.

  • from Israel September 20, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist - I teach cantillation and record for people

    So happy with my Samson Go Mic

    I have been making recordings for people for many years, always with a simple headset + microphone that plugs into my computer.
    It was recommended to me to try a USB microphone; we did some research and decided to try out the Samson Go Mic.
    We were truly enchanted from the beginning. Compact, pleasing, easy to install and use. I did spend a bit of time fiddling with the switch on the side to find the best setting for my recordings (middle setting) but once that was done - GREAT!
    You wouldn't believe the quality, just excellent. About as good as you can get without going into a real recording studio. And also easy to take with me.
    Now I just want some headphones to go with the mic...
    The one issue I have is that I haven't been able to get it to work with Skype yet...

  • from Austin, TX USA September 6, 2012Music Background:
    Web Design & Dev

    Excellent Product - Highly Recommended

    Great product! I'm using this for Skype calling and occasional voice overs for video tutorials. Super simple to setup and use on my Mac. Excellent quality. There's really nothing like else like it!


    This was my first order with Sweetwater. I wish every company I did business with had their level of professionalism. Excellent site, service, pricing & follow-through. I will surely be back for any and all pro audio needs!

  • from Alexandria, Minnesota July 30, 2012

    Samson's Go Mic rivals radio studio microphones

    I cover local government for a local west central Minnesota talk radio station. Once written and produced the audio is emailed to the news director. Matching computer mics with the studio sound has always been iffy till now. I never imagined a mini portable mic could make me sound like I'm in the studio but the Samson Go Mic does it. The built in laptop clip and headphone jack complete an awesome package.

  • from Houston, TX January 11, 2012Music Background:

    Good Experience

    I am very pleased with my microphone and I know that I have found the right place to purchase what I need. The customer service, followup and satisfaction is top of the line.

  • from South Bend IN January 10, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Recording Engineer

    Go Mic

    All musical gear is a series of compromises . . . This one is does what it says that it will do. Plug and play with Garage Band. Very easy to use . . . surprisingly good sound. Lovely piece of gear in a solid mount as well.

    It has already caused me to rethink how I am recording some things . . .

  • from Fort Wayne, IN August 19, 2010Music Background:
    Internet Radio, Hobbist

    Fantastic mic!!!

    I am an internet radio DJ, and have been looking for a good quality mic solution within my budget.....I was very surprised at the phenominal sound quality it has for the price....

  • from Rawalpindi, Pakistan August 2, 2009Music Background:
    Indian Classical Music

    Excellent Mic!

    It works wonderfully with Skype. The uni- and omni-directional switch is very useful and makes a big difference allowing you to get the best sound while talking to one person or a group sitting around in a lounge or room. I have used the Samson Zoom H2 for recording and am quite sure that the GoMic will also be just as good for someone who wants to record directly to the laptop. Another great condenser from Samson!

  • from August 5, 2014


    This is a great mic, I have four or five similar mic , but this turned out to be my favorite, I use it mostly for Skype communication ,my friends are equally
    satisfied with the sound quality.
    I would highly recommended for those who looking for a good quality relatively low priced and highly portable mike.

  • from Holbrook, NY July 18, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, beginner to intermediate

    Nice mic

    Just got this mic and am really impressed. I am not an expert on these things and don't know much about DAWs, etc. But even for a novice like me after a little toying around I got it set up on my laptop and I am using the software that came with it. It's plenty good for me. I am using it to record my acoustic mostly for blues licks and then record leads over it. Real simple stuff. The output is through my Fender Mustang amp. The sound is great and the fact that it's $40 bucks is just ridiculously cheap. Well worth it. Go by it and have fun.

  • from United States February 14, 2014Music Background:


    great value , great mic
    only con is included pouch can't hold mini-usb cable along w/ mic.
    short of that - brilliant, everyone should get one.

  • from Raleigh, NC October 18, 2013Music Background:

    Samson Go Mic - FANTASTIC!

    Great features for such a small microphone. Sound quality is excellent!

  • from Las Cruces,N.M. June 27, 2013Music Background:

    Samson Go Mic

    Its a great little device, has lots of power behind it and the sound is clear. I use it mostly to record lyrics and it seems to work just fine, quite happy with my new MIC! :)

  • from April 24, 2017Music Background:
    Broadcast journalism

    Go Samson Go!

    I really love this little microphone. I use it for recording in all of my class lectures. I also use it when I'm doing interviews on the go. Sometimes I don't always have my equipment with me and my phone just isn't good enough. I love how it's compact it has a case of its own it's lightweight and it offers two types of pick up patterns. Go Samsung, go!

  • from Eaton, Co July 19, 2014Music Background:

    It is really good!

    Plays well; sounds good; outstanding appearance. I have the red one,

  • from Colorado Springs, CO USA April 25, 2014Music Background:

    Samson Go Mic

    The mic worked pretty well, considering its price and size. It worked perfectly for what I intended to use it for, and did so with little to no issues. All in all, I would definitely recommend it.

  • from United States October 26, 2013Music Background:

    Quality product in nice neat package!!!

    The mic is noce, portable, good quality, and at an excellent price!

  • from Lafayette, La. June 17, 2012Music Background:
    Played a Gibson Les Paul 56' Guitar in a rock band in Missippi- Pass Christian on the Gulf Coast in Prep School, played Guitar-Washburn classical acoustical electric in Life teen Bands in New Orleans and Lafayettem sang in several Churches

    Samsom Go Mike

    Easy installm good software interface, good for podcasting and cutpro voice overs.
    Best, Sir Bud

  • from March 31, 2012

    SAMSON GO MIC really packs a punch

    Do not let the size fool you this tiny mic has a great sound. You get a lot of bang for your buck. If a small clip on mic is what you need then I highly recommend the SAMSON GO MIC. It folds up out of the way when you do not need it and perches nicely on top of your laptop screen when you do. With both omidirectional and unidirectional this mic has great pick-up. Clean sound easy to set-up. I was impressed.

  • from Vienna, VA USA March 20, 2010Music Background:
    Field Recordist, Narrator

    Surprising Performer

    While it is still a cheap mic, the audio quality is pretty good. Clearly leads the Blue Snowflake (which my GoMic has replaced) in several areas: (1) two patterns, (2) 10dB pad, (3) much better base design (isn't tippy) which also allows mounting on 3/8 stud, and (4) monitor jack so you can listen to yourself on headphones without latency. Is sensitive to wind and "P" popping, but that can be dealt with. Far superior to built-in laptop mics.

  • from PA. USA November 4, 2012Music Background:
    Music hobbiest

    Samson USB Mic

    For a $40 USB mic this one is good. It is much better than the internal mic in most lap tops. I use this in my medical practice for our Medical dragon voice recognition program for patient notes. It picks up my voice well and on the cadiod pattern screens out extraneous noises. What I really like is the way it mounts solidly above the screen. With the included USB cord the connection is convenient. Also previously i used a blue tooth wireless mic that was less accurate and more expensive.

  • from PA. USA November 4, 2012Music Background:
    Music hobbiest

    Samson USB Mic

    For a $40 USB mic this one is good. It is much better than the internal mic in most lap tops. I use this in my medical practice for our Medical dragon voice recognition program for patient notes. It picks up my voice well and on the cadiod pattern screens out extraneous noises. What I really like is the way it mounts solidly above the screen. With the included USB cord the connection is convenient. Also previously i used a blue tooth wireless mic that was less accurate and more expensive.

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