Soundcraft GigRac 600 No Longer Available

8-Channel Powered Mixer with XLR/TRS Inputs, 32-bit Effects, Dual 300-Watt Amplifiers
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Soundcraft GigRac 600 image 1
Soundcraft GigRac 600 image 1

Sorry, the Soundcraft GigRac 600 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Soundcraft GigRac 600
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Available in two models GigRac 1000st and GigRac 600), the GigRac from Soundcraft combines a fully-featured 8-channel mixer with studio-quality digital effects and potent power amplification (2 x 500W and 2 x 300W respectively) in a portable package that sets up in minutes!

No Experience Necessary
Even if you've never touched a PA system before, you'll be creating a great live sound for you and your band in minutes with the Soundcraft GigRac. Packed with professional features like combined jack/XLR inputs, precision mic preamps, superbly musical EQ, digital effects, graphic EQ and independent main and monitor mixes, the GigRac is also simple to set up! Plus, with the GigRac the amplifier is built-in. Just plug in your mics, instruments, speakers and monitors and you're ready to go!

Professionally Equipped Input Channels
Soundcraft EQ is a legend amongst professional sound engineers and renowned the world over for its precision and musicality. At the top of all 8 GigRac input channels youll find a classic Soundcraft 2-band EQ section comprising of treble and bass rotary controls, allowing tone shaping of the microphone or instrument connected. Next comes an FX control, used to set the signal level sent from each channel to the GigRacs digital effects processor. The higher the FX send level, the more of the effect is added to the sound of that channel. For example, you may want a lot of reverb on the vocal mics plugged into channels 1 and 2, less on the vocal mics plugged into 3 and 4, and less still on the instruments plugged into the remaining channels. With GigRac, youre in control. Beneath the FX controls are the blue and red Monitor and Main channel level controls. These control the individual volume levels of all eight channels in 2 separate overall mixes: Monitor being what you and the band hear on stage via your monitor speakers and Main being what the audience hears via the main speakers. Its important to have independent Monitor and Main mixes as performers often need to hear certain elements of the mix louder (for example a keyboard or main instrument for reference), whereas the audience would require a balanced mix. The overall volume level of the Monitor and Main mixes is controlled via the master volume controls to
the right of the channel strips.

GigRac I/O
All 8 GigRac input channels have combined balanced jack/XLR input sockets to accommodate the widest possible range of microphones and instruments, and to minimise distortion and noise. The Pad switch at the bottom of channels 1 to 4 is used to reduce the level of particularly high input signals which could cause distortion by overloading the input. Channels 5 and 6 of the GigRac feature alternative stereo RCA/phono inputs beneath the combined XLR/jack connector, making it easy to plug in a CD, MD, MP3 or MIDI file player. Perfect for playing pre-recorded backing tracks or music before and after your performance, this facility also makes GigRac ideal for use in a wide variety of other applications including fitness clubs, hotels, outdoor events, etc. Channels 7 and 8 have an additional single jack input designed to be used in conjunction with the combined XLR/jack connector. This allows direct connection of stereo keyboards, samplers and other audio devices.

7-Band GigRac Graphic EQ
Even with the same setup, a performance can sound very different from one venue to the next. The way in which sound waves reflect and interact with surfaces and objects within a room (the acoustics) change the tonal quality of the overall sound, boosting some frequencies (sometimes to the point of feedback) and reducing others. Thats why the GigRac is equipped with a graphic equaliser, designed by the Soundcraft sister-company and world leaders in professional signal processing, BSS Audio. The graphic EQ enables the operator to boost and cut frequencies at 7 points to tune the overall sound to suit the acoustics of the particular venue.

Studio quality effects
GigRac has a total of 8 studio quality digital effects built-in, adding a professional finish to your performance. You can select from 5 reverbs, a chorus/reverb and 2 echo/delays, used to thicken vocal performances. Crucially, GigRac allows the digital effects to be added individually to the Main and the Monitor mixes, so you can hear the mix dry on headphones and via monitors, while the audience hears the Main mix complete with stunning digital effects. And by connecting a footswitch, its possible to turn the effects On and Off during a performance. If you want to use an external effects processor, its easy to connect via the FX outputs on the front panel. The FX send level controls on the channel strips can then be used in the usual way and the output of the external processor can be plugged into either a channel or the submix input.

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Manufacturer Part Number RW5672US

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