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Chandler Limited Germanium Preamp/DI Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Chandler Limited Germanium Preamp/DI?

Questions about the Chandler Limited Germanium Preamp/DI?

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  • Ashton Vaudt

    I canít imagine life without the Germanium Pre! With a design based on early circuits, Chandler has created a solid state preamp with great versatility. It delivers a well-defined midrange, which - for sources like vocals - can be very tricky. And the feedback knob adds a bit more gain with harmonic distortion that exemplifies early preamps.

  • from Baltimore Maryland - Go Ravens August 1, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist and serious recording and guitar enthusiast

    Guitar & Bass GoTo Pre

    I purchased this rather impulsively after getting a call from my sweetwater rep and chatting about it over the phone. I had already been looking at these germanium pres after reading a couple of reviews and being in the market for another flavor of DI and mic pre. I was a little skeptical at first to go with the Chandler considering you have to buy the Pre and then buy the power supply to go along with it which is not cheap but I went with it anyway. WOW this is the king's DI. I run my Marshall heads into a hotplate and then into the Chandler and then into my daw where I pair it up with cabinet impulses. I swear my guitar tracks are now bigger, wider and full of harmonics!..This is the best guitar pre I've used yet. Its just different sounding than other pres Ive tried recently. By the way, this thing is a work of art in its construction. Mark from Sweetwater told me about how its point to point hand wired and after taking the lid off and checking inside I noticed how beautifully built this was. If you want an awesome sounding bass DI you have found the holy grail in my opinion. The feedback knob adds a whole layer of butter to the tone that I just cant get with my UA LA-610 (which I love). This is definitely a keeper and unlike any other pre I own. I have other DI/pres that I love but this one is just beautiful and in its own little class by itself!...I would definitely give this a try. Its more than worth the expense. I have tried pres that cost 2-3 thousand dollars and have not been as happy as I am with this baby!..Enjoy!

  • from Chicago January 13, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Session Musician, Guitar Instructor, Live Performer

    Chandler Germanium

    Fantastic tone for guitar! Really opens up space in mixes. Would highly recommend for any home studio engineers!

  • from Columbus, OH April 13, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Educator

    Where have you been my whole life....

    After auditioning many mic/pre combinations I decided to try the Germanium out with my singer. She fell in love with the Germanium instantly! Although this isn't the Abbey Road series, it does remind me of the sound of the Beatles vocals. It's just smooth and full, and when you dig in it takes it well. After we tracked vocals I plugged in my bass and I knew it wasn't going back. Then we tracked DI'ed electric guitar - and it made a huge difference when we fed that signal to the amp sim! I've gone from "well, let's try it..." to "...maybe I should get a second one"!

    My only wishes are very small: the rackmount option for the power supply (which you have to call the company for) is not simple and the faceplate doesn't match. And I always prefer detents in pots - I go back and forth between projects almost daily, and recall is an issue...

  • from Brooklyn, NY August 21, 2009Music Background:
    Writer / Engineer / Guitar Player

    The Color Comes Standard

    The sounds you can get from these preamps are impressive. I'm always looking to color my guitars, keyboards and bass, to give them a signature sound, and these babies certainly do the trick. The "Thick" button is flat out great!

  • from NJ April 25, 2009Music Background:


    My favorite pre for "troubled" rock vocalists and an amazing bass DI. The feedback circuit and Thick button are very useful.

Questions about the Chandler Limited Germanium Preamp/DI?

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