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Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Distortion Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Distortion Pedal?

Questions about the Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Distortion Pedal?

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  • from Indiana June 13, 2016


    If you're looking for an 'amp-in-a-pedal' - there is no such thing. But...if there was any more tone in this box it would need a speaker.

    Not a subtle flavor, but SO sweet it hurts. The Devil Boost gets raunchier. This one is all Brown Sound, all even-order harmonic bliss, from sparkly chime up to the brink of fuzz.

    Your guitar will gain at least 500 lbs. upon impact.

  • from San Francisco April 2, 2015Music Background:
    Studio Musician. Mastering Engineer.


    I bought the Chandler Blue and Red at the same time not really expecting to keep them both. Well, they're both outstanding and both keepers. I have to give them both fives, I've flip-flopped countless times as to which one I think I like better. Fiddle with one of them for five minutes and you'll be convinced you prefer it. Then go back to the other one and suddenly you won't be so sure. Put a Bogner Wessex OD (or the OD of your choice) in front of either of them and even bigger WOW! These are outstanding (and LOW NOISE) pedals.

  • from Bethesda, MD September 4, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro musician and engineer

    The only

    I use my Chandler Limited Germanium Drive pedal in conjunction with my Vox AC15, mostly for recording, and this pedal has a sound scape that perfectly matches what I'm trying to achieve. While it can do fuzz tones, I rely on my Wampler Velvet Fuzz for really heavy stuff. Instead I use my Germanium Drive for tone coloration and I more or less keep it on all the time, even when I'm using a clean sound. The Germanium Drive is capable of a great deal of sonic variation and it just always makes my signal path sound better.

  • from alvarado txh July 29, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist and collecter

    chandler limited germanium drive distortion

    Chimey to wild smooth crunch sweet sustain very easy to use definetley unique tones

  • from NY, NY August 2, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Quasi-Pro Musician, Coninual Student

    More Than Worth It

    Ok, I hope this doesnít turn into a book.

    Disclaimer: If you're inclined to buy this pedal "because expensive" this review may not be helpful. If you're inclined to buy this pedal because your honest about your experiences on the quest for holy tone, then by all means, read the tale of a fellow pilgrim.

    This pedal is the work of an artisan-engineer-musician. You kind of need to be those things to make what Iím about to describe.

    Tone: This is so subjectiveÖand frankly words sometimes fail. I canít recommend the Germ Drive to everyone. Itís like wine. You enjoy what you enjoy. If itís $5.00 or $500.00 dollars, it shouldnít make a difference. You should be willing to pay either for something that is good.

    Well, this pedal is not cheap, but it is so good. I enjoy it so much more than any pedal Iíve played, so yes, it is this valuable to me. I just switched from a BadCat 2 Tone OD/Pre. When I had it, I thought Iíd never play a solid state OD pedal again. It had life, sparkliness, and great breakup for what I enjoy to play. The only problem was that there is a notable tone difference between the clean and dirty channels. The dirty channel was more lo-fi and I occasionally missed some of the highs I like to remain present. But I stuck with it because I hated the compression and downright obfuscation of my tone through most solid state pedals I had used. Well, the Germ Drive pedal has everything I enjoyed about the Bad Cat, without anything I hate about solid state OD. But itís a different animal altogether. My tone is intact, but enhanced. Iím ok with that. It sounds better! I never turn this thing off. The boost is amazing and helps get a little natural growl out of my Bassman as well. The tone comes out sparkling, alive, and sometimes, downright mean. This thing can rock, but you get to choose how hard with the magical feedback selector. I donít know what to compare it too, but it is so worth trying out in your rig.
    Construction: Rock solid construction. Great tone shaping options/tools, but simple layout. Each control is perfectly suited for the option youíre selecting. The components are top-notch; studio grade but road-worthy.

    Cons: none for me.

    Support: Early on I had trouble with a motorboating-type noise. I RMAíd back to Sweetwater and have to give them props. The whole process was great and thatís why I buy from Sweetwater.
    The second pedal they sent made the same noise. Even though I was filtering my power at two points, it became clear after trying the pedal elsewhere, that the problem was dirty power. Hereís the kicker: I reached out to Wade Goeke with my problem (after receiving the second pedal) and he was gracious and kind enough to walk me through the whole process of troubleshooting. How many founders of the companies you buy from help you troubleshoot the product they make? He even sent me a sweet t-shirt in the process. I canít say enough about how pleasant, ultimately helpful, and informative it was to work with him.

    So in summary, Iíll rock this pedal until I die. So it goes. And hopefully pass it down to one of my kids while complaining about what crap music they have to deal with.

    This did turn into a book.

  • from Los Angeles, CA December 6, 2011Music Background:

    Germanium Love!!!!

    We got serial 0001 and have been using it for a CD we're producing now. Alone it is amazing! Combining with a Pete Cornish SS-3 and Z-Vex Fuzz Factory it is UNREAL! This is the 37th pedal in my collection and is number one for drive. Can't wait for the compressor...

  • from Irwin, PA March 11, 2017

    A splash of spice

    I bought this after watching review on You Tube. I really didn't think that it would change my world and it didn't. That being said it is a great pedal for those looking to add that missing something for their rig. I leave it on most of the time and it plays well with all but my Caitlibread Galileo (the big one with the drive and the top boost). With that pedal it is just better off, but hey... that's why there is a switch.

    At first I thought that it may replace my 69 pedal... but it didn't... It's more of a enhancer than a dancer. It adds a subtle color to my tone that I couldn't really get from anything else. Initially I thought that the feedback switch was useless but after playing with it for a while I find that it's great for different situations. It's a subtle pedal in my world but it's a keeper and I can't see not using it at this point as it is a nice clean quiet splash of spice.

    quiet, cleans up nicely but can add a nice amount of germanium stank when called upon, well built and versatile, plays well with others

    Uses two isolted 9v power supply outputs, more expensive than it ought to be, the volume knob is touchy but allows a huge range, not fond of the slope where the switch is... it's on the top of my board and isn't as accessible as if it were just flat.

    If you usually have your pedals dimed or don't appreciate a subtle pedal, save your money. If you are looking for that extra little spice on top of your notes try this.

Questions about the Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Distortion Pedal?

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