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sE Electronics Gemini II Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the sE Electronics Gemini II?

Questions about the sE Electronics Gemini II?

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  • Carson McClain

    The sE Electronics Gemini II is a serious mic for the modern recording engineer! Get the massive warmth you want from vintage and the clarity of modern mics all in one package. Two tubes in one mic, oh my!

  • from May 4, 2017

    Amazing mic!

    The sE Gemini II is an amazing mic. I'm not gonna say "for it's price" because this is truly an awesome valve studio mic that fits in the category of top mics! I have used it on acoustic guitar as well as vocal sources. I get a great sound right off the bat and don't have to work hard to get it sounding great as the recordings sound great already!

  • from Istanbul December 10, 2015Music Background:
    audio engineer

    Great and big sounding mic

    The biggest sounding mic I ever tried on acoustic guitar! Full of clear detail, a great doze of tube sound but not in an exaggerated way like some mics do and kill the detail and strangely the most 3 dimensional sounding mic I ever seen after using many mics that cost triple the price of this one.

  • from Gilan-rasht September 2, 2015Music Background:
    record engineer,singer,composer&consert pianist

    Perfect for vocal

    i just test this beautiful lady for baritone and tenor vocals.. just amazing! one of the best mic for vocal i ever seen

  • from NY September 26, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Poor Man's M 149

    A few friends and I did a shootout between the Gemini II, a M 149 Tube and a TLM 103. First off, the M 149 was hands down the best. However the Gemini II sounded unbelievably similar. We were all floored by how this beastly microphone seemed to transcend the price barrier and provide AMAZING results for the money. The Gemini was a little more heavy in the low end, the M 149 was a little clearer all around. However at a little over 3K less than the 149, this mic sits so incredibly close to the sound quality of the M 149 you won't be dissatisfied. After not mentioning the TLM 103 (which I love as well) I still feel I don't need to mention it. If you want a mic that gives you smooth vocals, warm acoustic guitars and just leaves you satisfied from the moment you turn up the gain on this beast, look no further. Pair this with the SE Reflexion Filter for great results!

  • from jamacia Big Yard May 20, 2011Music Background:
    Recording engineer


    i used this mic to record vocals and acoustic guitars its so crisp and clean and it picks up every single detail no much eq needed perfect for lead vocals..

  • from Trinidad June 11, 2010Music Background:
    dj/ producer

    This mic is awesome

    i have this mic like 6 months now at first i thought it sounded a little high in the mids fq but after adjusting my mic pre it sounded perfect great buy very warm and upfront sounds great on lead vocals

  • from Dodge City May 4, 2017

    Was a huge fan then & a huge fan now!

    Came across this mic when I was at Full Sail. Got the chance to demo it a couple of times & now I finally got my hands on it! If you're looking for a great tube sound I would look into this!

  • from Columbus, OH November 1, 2016

    Never Used Anything Like This Before

    I've been using the Gemini II now for about 4 months. My previous experience with beefy tube mics has typically been the upper-realm of Neumann offerings, so I was hoping this may play on the same playground as the M-149 or the U87 and in some ways it does, but with something else added to it. The Gemini definitely gets the clarity and warmth of the low end and mids of your source, but it also has a super crisp capture of transients. It's that high-end crispness that you don't have on other tube mics that I'm familiar with. Is that a bad thing? Kinda...but also no. The only reason it's bad is that I find that on some vocals and most voice-over reads, this mic needs either slight high-end roll-off or a De-Esser to smooth out the transients. Usually, that's all it takes. So, the downside being that you either EQ the mic on the way in, or use up a plug-in slot. Now...that being said, having a tube mic that can grab that high-end glass is pretty amazing when using the mic on acoustic guitar or as a room mic.

  • from nashville, TN June 14, 2010Music Background:
    Engineer, and artist


    Used this at SAE, the school i graduated from, to record vocals on a project of mine through and SSL J9000. It pics out nuances that you wouldn't expect from a tube. Adds a bit of tone, but is extremely clear. We did a song for and Indie Rock/ Blues band. It was amazing. Tried it as a KICK OUT mic and see what you get. Ready to see what else it can take care of.

Questions about the sE Electronics Gemini II?

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