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QSC GX7 Power Amplifier Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the QSC GX7 Power Amplifier?

Questions about the QSC GX7 Power Amplifier?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Sun City, Az. March 19, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Audio Engineer, H-Z Pro Audio

    Great for the money!!!

    Bought this from Sweetwater months ago. Been sitting for awhile. Broke it in last night at a private party! This amp proved it all night long, decent soundstage and headroom, never ran out of gas! I'll buy another soon!

  • from Starkville, MS March 7, 2016Music Background:
    Mobile DJ

    Couldn't ask for a better amp

    SO LIGHTWEIGHT compared to the old workhorse QSC amps that we all know and love, but hate to lug around. Clean sound, no hum when music's not playing, great power, great price.

  • from Indiana January 5, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist and occasional weekend warrior

    Plenty of Clean, No-Frills Power

    Tons of cool, clean power, and quiet between songs. What more could you ask for?

    How I use it: I use this amp to drive (2) 8ohm main speakers, after an 80Hz high-pass crossover. I have never attempted to use the GX7 for subs or a full-range signal. I have also never used the on-board crossover switch. So, basically, your mileage may vary depending on use. But for my purposes, this thing is perfect. Couldn't be happier.

  • from Mad Town, WI February 21, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live sound tech, Pro Musician.

    Awesome clean power!

    Blown away! QSC has always been my go to amp for over 25 years. This QSC GX7 rocks! Thank you Sweetwater!

  • from Garrison, N.D. October 7, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend picker

    Good solid amp!

    I own two gx3 amps and I was shocked at the quality and cleanness of the power output. I now have two pa cabs with 2 15 inch speakers and horn. 4 ohm load and with the gx7 1000 watts per side. This should be enough for small to medium venues. QVC makes a fine product with excellent specs. I trust QVC and can't wait to try it out at the next small gig. With past experience I give this 5 stars. I will write another review if this does not perform as expected but I seriously don't expect to change my opinion.

  • from Orange County, California February 14, 2012Music Background:
    performing musician

    More power is better

    I was inviited a while back to tour the manufacturing facilities of QSC in Southern California - that's right made in the U.S. - right down to the circuit boards and cases, but I didn't need an amp at the time. When my monitor amp blew up, I decided to re-locate my old main amp to power the monitors and purchase the QSC GX7 to use as our new main amp. This increased substantially the power to our mains. Because we sit behind the mains, we're not as aware of how they sound as our audience is. Within 10 days of installing the QSC, a half dozen people came up to us and wanted to know what we had done. We sounded so much better. Forget our opinion of the amp - our audience loves it. I would have never guessed it made that much of a difference.

  • from harrisburg, pa January 27, 2012Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    awesome amp !

    only used it for 3 shows so far, but am blown away by the sound, clarity and headroom !

  • from Chino Hills, CA July 14, 2011Music Background:

    Powerful little Amp!

    Got the amp to power some garage speakers, QSC ADS52. I know this amp is overkill for these speakers but I plan to so some DJ work later on. The power this amp has is amazing, for 15.5lb it is hard to believe that this amp can deliver 2,000-watts (2 x 1000 @ 4 ohms).

    There are other amps similar to the GX7 but they had a DSP processor and features that I didnít want and they cost a lot more. All that DSP stuff can make the amp less reliable too. I do have DSP processing but it is separate device, so if it goes bad I can still use the amp.
    If you are looking for a straight forward 2-channel easy to use amp, then the GX7 is it.
    Rock on QSC!!!

  • from Clarkston, WA June 7, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician (I get paid, but not enough that I can quit the day job)

    Versatile. Powerful. Great value.

    Bought this after very quick and slightly panicked research when our previous power amp blew up at a gig, I am very, very pleased. More than enough power for our usual small-med club gigs for our stereo mains, and just last night had the opportunity to run it with the built-in crossover to power a mono mains, single sub setup. I was very, very happy with how it performed. The boost to volume provided by running the mains in parallel was vital for the outdoor application, and the sub provided some much-needed thump to the kick drum in the open space. Very simple to set up, and very versatile. Both the solo acoustic opening act and my five-piece rock headliner came through with ample clarity at good volume with *plenty* of headroom. If I was to have any criticism, (and a reason for 4.5 instead of 5 stars) it is that the high end seemed a bit harsher than through our previous amplifier, and this was much more noticeable with the crossover engaged. Nothing that just a touch of EQ can't compensate for, but if you have a discriminating ear or hate messing with EQ this may bug you. Also, crossover is fixed at 100Hz (which is where we had our previous outboard crossover set, anyway), but if you like to tweak crossover frequencies, this may also be a problem. But if that's a concern for you, then you probably already have a dedicated crossover, so this is kind of a moot issue. For saving space in the rack (and weight! this is SO much lighter than our old AB amp) it was worth the compromise, for me. Regardless, at this price point, this amp is an extremely good buy. I will probably buy a second one if we ever get into a situation where we want to run two subs and/or stereo mains with subs. Great amp, especially for the price.

  • from S. Gibson, PA October 3, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Musician


    Great Amp. Great Price. Has been putting up with heavy use for almost a full year with no problems at all! Buying a second amp for another application!

  • from April 11, 2012

    So far, we love it, but haven't used it a lot yet

    Great amp, but we are just about to go into a production period when we'll use it a lot, and that's when you really know. Good amount of power, and great price.

  • from Newark De September 27, 2016Music Background:
    owner Jam 24/7 Sound, live sound and audio video recording studio.

    Good Performance and Good Value

    I am a long time user of QSC equipment... amps and powered speakers. I recently went back to a passive system for a high energy 12 piece wedding/corporate gig band I provide sound for. Tired of running power to 12 speakers. This light weight GX7 is powering a pair of JBL 15" two way tops over single 18 subs. The amp has plenty of head room and delivers enough power to be used for events with upwards of 250 to 300 people. This amp has only been in service for a couple months but I anticipate it will provide years of service as all my other QSC equipment has.

  • from Cincinnati Ohio April 4, 2015

    QSC GX7

    Just plugged my new GX7 into my rack. Wow! My JBL'S never sounded so clear. I see 3 more in the near future. Nice job QSC.

  • from Massachusetts November 17, 2011Music Background:
    Live sound

    QSC GX7

    Clean, quiet power. Using this for side fill power in a small rehearsal system. Punchy, nice...

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