Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF - 13.8" x 9.3" x 6.2" Diced Foam

13.8" x 9.3" x 6.2" Waterproof Hardshell Utility Case with Lightweight NK-7 Resin Shell, Easy Release Powerclaw Latching System, and Soft Grip Comfort Handle
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Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF - 13.8
Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF - 13.8
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Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF - 13.8" x 9.3" x 6.2" Diced Foam
In Stock!

A Watertight Vault for Your Gear!

Love your gear? Gator's GU-1309-06-WPDF waterproof hardshell case lets you demonstrate that love by keeping your valuable gear safe from serious damage. If you're still on the fence about the advantages of keeping a few waterproof cases around, just ask any professional engineer from the Nashville or New Orleans areas, and they'll tell you a tale that ends in "better safe than sorry." But the GU-1309-06-WPDF has more to offer you than its submersibility. Made from Gator's ultra-tough NK-7 resin and packed with customizable puzzle foam, the GU-1309-06-WPDF will keep your gear well protected from bumps, jolts, and "Oh @#$%, I dropped it" situations. So do your gear and your nerves a favor, and order your Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF waterproof hardshell case today.

Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF Waterproof Hardshell Case with Puzzle Foam Interior at a Glance:
  • Mil-spec immersion test certified to keep your gear safe
  • Diced cubed foam interior lets you shape your case to fit your gear
  • Built road tough and ATA certified to travel anywhere your music takes you
Mil-spec immersion test certified to keep your gear safe

Nothing kills good gear like a bad dose of water. Trust Gator's GU-1309-06-WPDF to keep your precious music equipment safe from harm. When Gator designed the GU-1309-06-WPDF and the rest of their line of waterproof cases, they didn't just blow past the IP 67 certification for water and dust proof operation, they built it to pass the Mil-STD-8107 immersion test. That means you could toss your gear off a boat, and so long as it's in a Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF, the only thing you have to worry about is who's going in after it.

Diced cubed foam interior lets you shape your case to fit your gear

Trying to fit most music gear into a generic case is like trying to fit a half-square peg into a half-round hole. You can usually get it in, but you're not going to get a nice and snug fit. When you need to transport field recording gear, live sound processors, or sensitive studio equipment, any leftover wiggle room can be disastrous. That's where the Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF's puzzle foam interior comes in handy. Puzzle foam lets you pluck out the contour of your gear, creating a cradle of perfectly shaped open-cell foam that protects from shocks and jolts. Best of all, when your gear fits like a glove in your GU-1309-06-WPDF, packing up becomes faster and easier than ever.

Built road tough and ATA certified to travel wherever your music takes you

Here's one last thing that makes buying a Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF a total no-brainer: it's freakishly tough. You see, we've already covered that the music gear you pack in your GU-1309-06-WPDF is going to be safe and sound, but what about the case itself? Nothing to worry about there. The GU-1309-06-WPDF is made from impact-proof, lightweight NK-7 resin, which easily meets the ATA-300 certification - that's far more resistance to shock, vibration, and impact than you'll experience on transatlantic flight though non-stop heavy turbulence. Add to all of this Gator's padlockable Easy Release Powerclaw Latching System and Soft grip comfort handle, and you've got a case that's not only more than equipped to handle the worst travel conditions, it'll make traveling through them as convenient as possible.

Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF Waterproof Hardshell Case with Puzzle Foam Interior Features:
  • An excellent way to keep your gear safe, dry, and out of harm's way when you travel
  • Perfect for music gear, video equipment, and anything else you absolutely need to keep safe
  • Meets or exceeds the IP 67 certification for water and dust proof functionality
  • Impact-proof lightweight NK-7 resin shell shrugs off bumps and impact
  • ATA-300 certification far exceeds the durability demands of flight and freight transportation
  • Easy Release Powerclaw Latching System provides secure closure that's easy to operate
  • Soft grip comfort handle is a real cramp saver when you have to carry your gear for extended periods
  • Padlockable valence design lets you easily keep wandering fingers at bay
  • Mil-STD-810F Immersion Test Certified rating ensures that your gear is safe, even if your case is at the bottom of a lake
  • Diced cubed foam interior allows you to quickly customize your case to fit your gear perfectly
Don't take chances - protect your gear with a Gator GU-1309-06-WPDF waterproof hardshell utility case!

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Tech Specs

Interior Length 9.3"
Interior Width 13.8"
Interior Depth 6.2"
Exterior Length 15.4"
Exterior Width 12.1"
Exterior Depth 6.8"
Interior Materials Customizable Puzzle Foam
Exterior Materials NK-7 Resin
Padding Customizable Thickness
Handles/Straps 1 x Handle
Weight 4.4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number GU-1309-06-WPDF

Customer Reviews


Gator Case

Very sturdy utility case will protect what ever you want to keep from getting damaged I bought for my Roland BK-7M for went I play out.

Perfect for Portability

Recently I acquired a high-end set of headphones and DAP, along with a mobile battery charging pack. I immediately thought of Sweetwater, because I had purchased a similar case with perfect cutouts for my Zoom H6 and accessories. This time I had to custom-fit my gear, but with the diced foam I was able to do that relatively easily. The case works beautifully. It is small enough to fit under a airplane seat yet it is rugged. I feel confident that my gear is being protected well.Thanks, Sweetwater
Music background: Musician/teacher/conductor
See also: Gator, Gator Mixer Cases and Covers