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TASCAM GT-R1 Reviews

3.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
  • Pat Hilliard
    from Durham, NC October 25, 2011Music Background:
    Amateur singer, piano, keyboard

    Tascam GT-R1

    Great tool for worship teams who are learning parts to a song. it can be slowed down so those learning guitar parts can play along with the song as well as adjust the key to the one your team is singing to. You can loop parts that are difficult so you can detect what part each instrument is playing. Valuable tool for church worship teams.

  • John
    from Perrysburg, OH September 20, 2011Music Background:
    Play guitar in my basement for fun

    Everyone needs one of these!

    I am learning how to play guitar and without question this tool is one of the most helpful educational items I have ever purchased.

    You can load any song in this and slow it down to as much as 50% of the song speed AND keep it in pitch as well. You can also select portions of the song that you want to repeat over and over as you play along with it. You can do this slowly and gradually increase the speed until you are playing along perfectly with the music.

    The recorder function is also very handy. I have recorded myself playing and have found it to be very helpful.

    In my opinion this is simply a must have item for anyone who is learning how to play a guitar.

    Buy one, you won't regret it!!!

  • Mick Guit
    from NY March 6, 2011Music Background:
    songwriter, local gigs,


    you have to be a mental midget not to be recording in less than 20 minutes. Great sound, you can easily download your recordings and make folders for each category, you can download songs from itunes(make sure you preference your itune songs as Mpeg or wav files) You can slow down a song to 50% to learn riffs, you can loop any little part you want and jam with it until you learn it.
    The only downside my (research before I bought) told me was that the Jack comes loose. So I don't plug my guitar directly into the GTR-1, I use monitors and play along.

  • Brock
    from Fort Wayne, IN February 15, 2012Music Background:
    Regular Player in a Weekly Worship Band

    Tascam GT-R1

    I am very pleased with my purchase of the GT-R1. Most of my music is stored on MP3 format so I chose the GT-R1 vs. the model that utilizes CD's. My main reason for purchasing this unit is for taking WAV files of tracks and changing the key. I am in a worship band and often our lead vocalist will take an original recording, but hand out music in a key that is lower than the recording. This unit does a nice job at keeping the pitch when you drop/change keys. This allows one to pick out lead lines easily in the key you will be performing the song. The looping feature is easy to use and you can slow down the tune to assist with learning. I have not done much with the unit as far as recording at this point. (That was not my main reason for purchasing the unit) The built-in effects are okay. I prefer to run my multi effects pedal with this unit and by-pass the built in effects. Some reviews comment on this unit not being built very tough. I would agree that the door to the SD Card seems to be a bit flimsy, but it has not broke to this point. The user manuals are sufficient and pretty easy to utilize. I am really pleased with this unit to be a nice practice tool and something that I can utilize when I need to practice and not exhibit a lot of volume.

  • Jon
    from Minneapolis January 2, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Composer

    Great for building chops

    My main intent for this unit was as a tool for the woodshed, for which it has worked great! It's helped me "clarify" difficult bass lines that have bothered me for years by allowing me to slow them down and pick through them. I also used it to record (via the line in) keyboards parts, sequenced drums, etc., so I can jam and practice improvising to chord progressions of my choosing. Want to improvise in a different key? Just shift the pitch of your recording or mp3.

    It's also handy for quick recording of A/B comparisons, so you can play them back and concentrate on listening. For example, I just bought an expensive instrument cable, but after recording numerous styles of riffs on my new an old cables, I realized the old one sounded better, and returned the new one. (I was unable to notice these subtle differences when trying to do a live A/B comparison).

    Other points:
    The drum loops are decent for jamming. Nothing I would try to compose with though.
    The onboard effects can be handy, but noisey sometimes.
    I found the bass/guitar "cancel function" confusing an ineffective.
    The playback looping functions are very handy and easy to use!
    The recording level of the line in is not adjustable. (Automatic)
    It's annoying that the line in jack is only 1/8"
    It bugs me to have to make an mp3 copy of my mp4 iTunes tracks so the GT-R1 can play them back.

    Note: I have not yet tried recording with the external mics, so I cannot comment on that aspect of thr GT-R1.

    Great service and fast delivery from Sweetwater as usual.

  • Brian Hansen
    from Denmark, Europe June 8, 2011Music Background:
    Bass player (hobby)

    A cool little tool.

    I'm really impressed with the quality when recording our band rehearsing. We did no real effort in adjusting our individual volume levels, and the GT-R1 has given us recordings where we can hear all instruments in detail.
    As a trainer it comes in handy, and the pitch adjustment and slow-down feature really impressed me and has helped me alot.
    The whole trainer part of the GT-R1 is to my opinion good.
    The drum machine presets covers wide styles of music, and I as a bass player really enjoy that I can practise how I am on the beat and listen too it afterwards in a one unit setup and without annoying the whole family.
    Only things I have found annoying is that you can not name your own recordings on the GT-R1, but have to do this on a connected computer. The 3,5mm headphones socket is really tight, so I am carefull when connecting and disconnecting the plug, since the socket is mounted directly on the internal circuit board and I fear that it could become faulty.

    I find that the GT-R1 is great value for money and packs a lot of cool functions and features - truly a cool little tool!

  • Dan Martin
    from Allen Park, MI March 2, 2010Music Background:
    Many years as Trumpet and Keyboard player and now new to Guitar

    Amazing Amps and Effects

    As a new Guitar player I find the GT-R1 very usefull. It had all the things built in that you would need to play with an amp or with headphones. The whole thing is menu driven and takes only a few min to figure out and the effects and amp selctions are amazing.
    I love playing along to a rhythm ( many built in) and for practicing scales and warm ups too!. The loop feature is great for learning riffs and parts of songs that you would normally not be able to keep pace with. It can be used as an MP3 player as well and the inputs and outputs are great ( even hooked it to my home stereo system and used it as an amp)... well worth the money for al the gadgets built in.

  • Gus
    from Los Angeles, CA November 8, 2009Music Background:
    Guitarist, singer/songwriter, frontman and sound engineer.

    Worth ever cent!

    This is one amazing piece of equipment! It has just about everything I need to become a better guitar player. Easy to use, versatile, and filled with so many features, I'm amazed at how reasonable the price is. The only thing that would make this a 5-star? The ability to remotely control it. Otherwise, awesome!!

  • Tony
    from Green Bay, WI September 20, 2012Music Background:
    Working Musician

    Great tool need better input jack

    Great little tool. Weak input jack is failing. Let's see how they support the product.

  • Tom
    from New York September 4, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Hobbyist

    Not a Good Unit for Constant Use

    The guitar jack recepticle is not made to take continuous insertion and extraction of the guitar wire jack. I sent my unit back for repairs under warranty only a few months after I purchased it and stiil have the same problem. I got around the problem by making up a short guitar wire with a jack and recepticle and I leave the jack end permantly inserted in the unit and plug the guitar wire into the recepticle end. Nice features and sound but definitly not made for the long haul.

  • Huck
    from Australia February 20, 2011Music Background:

    Clapped out in just over12mths

    I own one of these but unfortunately didn't buy it with Sweetwater which means they would have fixed it - Teac wheren't so kind. There is a design fault whereby the wiggle in the jack will eventually (for me sooner than later) tears the jack off the circuit board. Once it's up it tends to take bits of the circuit board up with it.

    As for features the GT-R1 is awesome but it's not much fun when you can no longer play along.

  • C. Cash
    from Bahamas September 14, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer wannabe.

    Sorry, dont like it.

    I was looking for something that I could use to catch ideas for songs. Something quick and easy.
    This thing is way too difficult, I swear its got a longer harder learning curve than my ProTools system.
    The GT-R1 is not convenient for this purpose. In fact I really dont know what it would be convenient for.
    My wife is taking computer classes and asked to
    use it to record the class. She came home with nothing, she didnt have the time or the patience to figure out how to do a simple record!!
    Sorry, 2 thumbs down on practicality.
    However, when I finally got it recording the sound was great.

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