Groove Tubes GT-12AX7C Chinese Preamp Tube

12AX7 Guitar Preamp Tube
Groove Tubes GT-12AX7C Chinese Preamp Tube image 1
Groove Tubes GT-12AX7C Chinese Preamp Tube image 1
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The Sweetwater Difference

The Sweetwater Difference

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Groove Tubes GT-12AX7C Chinese Preamp Tube
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A Warm-sounding Preamp Tube from Groove Tubes!

Note: all of the Groove Tubes tubes and sets we carry are "Mediums," or in the 4 to 7 range.

Groove Tubes has been manufacturing, importing, and grading quality power tubes for two decades. No stranger to Sweetwater, Groove Tubes founder and energy source Aspen Pittman has paid us numerous informative (and always entertaining) visits through the years. His tireless pursuit of perfect tube tone has resulted in Groove Tubes' reputation for consistency and premium quality. Want proof? Fender tube amps now include Groove Tubes as standard equipment, and true tube aficianados worldwide swear by the tubes and pro audio products Groove Tubes makes. For premium tube tone, choose Groove Tubes!

The 12AX7C Preamp Tube is new offering from China, featuring a warm, round, and fat tone - not too bright. The 12AX7C is great for Marshalls and Fenders, while its sweet, warm midrange tone complements the tonal properties of European amps. This tube takes some of the edge off of high gain amps by reducing the brightness while still having the gain and articulation. It's ideal for those who change first stage gain preamp tubes to change the taste and character of their amps (remember, this can be done in less than a minute without tools, adjustments, or a "tech"). This is one tube that should be in your basic toolbox.

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Tech Specs

Type Preamp
Model 12AX7
Manufacturer Part Number 5550112398

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Best I've used

I'm playing Les Pauls & Explorers through a Marshall half-stack. My last 12ax7 was a Tungsol, I liked it for hard rock and metal but that was the extent of its capability. The groove tube is capable of hard rock and metal and so much more, my amp is much more versatile now. I doubt I'll try any other pre-amp tubes from now on.
Music background: hobbyist

Warm sounding high gain tube

I use this in a VOX VT20+. It has a 1 watt tube power amp that's fed into a discreet SS power amp. It gives you valve characteristics in the power section, which is nice, but the stock Ruby was a bit too open for my liking. This has as much gain, but isn't as open on the top end to make the sound a bit warmer. The difference is subtle, but I like it better.


Bought these along with my EL 84s power tubes..I am a new man now Do not feel like putting my foot through my Peavy amp I am rekindling my love affair with my Peavey 30 Amp thanks to Chriss Lewis at sweetwater....Chriss you are a true match maker Hope that you find a love as sweet as my Groove tubes and Peavey it is a three way and man are we rocking ciao baby
Music background: lets just say that I am a sound freak walaaaa

Excellent warmth and gain, but has a tendency to be faulty

For the price its hard to beat the sound that these 12ax7s make. Warm, clear, and drives super hard and musically at high volume. The biggest caveat is they are amazing tubes when you can get your hands on a set that actually work. I love their sound, but hate that if I buy 5 of them, at least 2 will come with either heavy microphonics or corroded pins right out of the box. With mass production and engineering advances we have created brilliant new sounds and music technology, but at the expense that there are so many more lemons on the market than there ever have been.
Music background: Guitarist, drummer, recording/mixing engineer
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