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Boss GT-100 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 42 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss GT-100 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal?

Questions about the Boss GT-100 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Kent, WA May 8, 2017Music Background:
    Vocalist, Guitarist, Keyboardist and Saxophonist.

    Best Guitar Multi Pedal

    Too much to tell.

    1. Look cool, easy to see on dark stage. Quick learning curve. I can show someone new to play very quick on this.
    2. Presets are nice but BOSS TONE STUDIO software is a MUST HAVE. Down load some cool patches without messing with the settings.
    3. Go MANUAL if you're inclined to do so.
    4. Smooth to gritty sounds.

    Conclusion: If you truly don't like this then go ahead and buy HELIX.

  • from March 22, 2017Music Background:
    blues and smooth jazz

    I really really like this device

    I use this in manual mode and switch between guitars. It's like having all the stomp boxes I would ever need in one nice portable unit. I spent some time arranging the effects in the internal signal chain, tweaking the effects and adjust levels;it was time well spent. Each guitar has it's own profile and because I compensated for the pick-up volume levels, I don't have to adjust amplifier gain or input gain on the mixer when I switch guitars/profiles. Simple!!

    Live and especially recording this unit has a very professional sound. I've been a bass player all my life and picked up my first Strat 2 years ago along with this unit. Maybe because I'm relatively new to all of this guitar world stuff or maybe i'm a little infatuated, but this thing sounds good to me.

    Do yourself a favor and spend some money on a nice custom carrying case.....

  • from Whitehouse Ohio December 14, 2016Music Background:
    Part time musician

    Boss GT-100 Guitar multi-effects Pedal

    Love this pedal and the versatility- can make it sound like just about anything! I did a lot of research and tested the gear at Sweetwater (they were super accommodating)! Anyway I watched tons of YouTube videos and reviews and was leaning towards the Line 6 Helix since I own a Line 6 Vetta II but $ - thought it was overkill for me. So I tried the Boss GT-100 hard to believe that you couldn't get the majority of your sounds using this pedal and the UI is super easy to use. Just go to the Boss site and download it right away and then you can use that app to start downloading custom tones from some great artists for FREE! I also wanted a great amp that I could use with my acoustic and my electric guitars and that would work with my GT-100. I settled in the ROLAND JC 40 which sounds awesome with my acoustic and my GT-100 sounds great through it when I just run the amp clean with no special effects.
    Hope this helps - best to all and Sweetwater rocks!

  • from New York November 23, 2016

    boss gt 100

    Boss GT-100 V Good A+++++

  • from Pembroke Pines, FL July 18, 2016Music Background:

    Amazing Effects Pedal

    I was in the market for boss stomp boxes when I came across the ME-80 but after watching videos on the ME-80 and comparing the sound quality the GT-100 just sounded much brighter and cleaner. I was afraid the Boss GT-100 was going to be very confusing to use but actually it has a very intuitive interface. Let alone you can download so many free patches.

    I would also like to thank my sales adviser Derek Senestraro for his help and guidance throughout my guitar learning journey!

  • from North Carolina May 29, 2016

    About the tone editor software

    This is an addendum to my previous review "no cocked-wah sound!"- at the time that I wrote that, there was no official tone editing software from BOSS, only one made by a user himself and given away freely. Since then, BOSS has released their free Tone Studio program and IT'S GREAT! It's super-easy to use and works fantastic with the GT-100. I stand by my review that this is INSANELY capable of replacing virtually your entire gear setup. It's a G.A.S. killer! ;0)

  • from Lake Tahoe area May 28, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, composer and producer

    Much more than it appears

    Looks can be deceiving and the GT100 is a good example. While lacking the visual appeal of an AX8 or a Helix, the GT100 is all business. It's built like a tank for starters, I was surprised by it's heft and feel; but more importantly, the GT100 produces remarkably accurate, sonically correct amp models, cabinets and effects. As the proud, and somewhat poorer, owner of an AX8, as well as an Eleven Rack, I can honestly say the GT100 competes very well with the upper tier DSP guitar modelling / multi-effects units. In addition to a full compliment of features that are expected of such high end products, the GT100 is full of surprises; for example, you can split the signal into two separate amp channels based on frequency or dynamics! Who thinks this stuff up? The GT100 is versatile and can be configured for live performance with many ways to boost, cut, modify and switch the signal in seamless and ingenious ways. The configuration and librarian software is excellent and the DAW support is logical and rock solid. The ability to create custom amps, cabs and effects from scratch is the clincher; I have been able to reproduce every tone I've wanted, at very high sonic quality, using the intuitive and relatively simple parameters provided by BOSS. Unless you are a DSP junkie like me who just has to own them all, the price and top tier quality of the BOSS GT100 makes it the logical and intelligent choice. The GT100's full feature set, great sound and adequate rig control capability easily provide the best "bang for the buck" currently available.

  • from Volney NY April 15, 2016

    Boss/Roland GT-100

    The myriad of available tones on this unit is well...just ridiculous! If that weren't enough, there is boss's tone central where you can download tone patches created by various artists like Steve Lukather, Herman Li, Jack Thammarret and so on.

    Then, you can also create your own custom patches without having to have a masters degree in engineering since the onboard interface is user friendly and easy to navigate through the various settings. Even easier to create and manage your tone patches is ability of connecting the GT-100 to your computer and editing/creating your tone library with ease. My band mates have been blown away as well, even though I'm playing the same notes and chords, the quality of tone and variety for the various songs we do is just amazing.

    At the end of the day, I couldn't be happier with this purchase as well as receiving free lifetime tech support and an extended 2 year warrantee from the folks at Sweetwater.

  • from Hickory NC June 6, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Bass Player and Studio Engineer

    Great for Bass

    I looked at this unit and the Line 6 HD500X. I found this unit to have much better tube sound and frequency control for the bass. I was not impressed with Line 6's bass models. I have a Line 6 Bass POD XT and still find this unit out does it. I also use it for guitar in the studio. My guitar

  • from NYC May 25, 2015Music Background:

    Wow Boss hit this one out of the park

    I have, like so many guitarists, been on the "Tone Quest" for many years now.
    I currently play out with a Marshall DSP 100 and an Orange Thunder 50 running into
    Marshall and Orange half stacks. Most of the time we are Mic'd going into the FOHPA. I change out three guitars depending on the song (les Paul standard, PRS custom 24, Gibson Es 335). We're an alt rock/ Modern rock band .
    So since neither of these heads has any real effects ,which is good, I have used pedal boards and midi
    Controllers etc.... A lot of the MFX pedalboard I bought, borrowed tried etc....don't play nice with the
    Amps...( the usual challenges, impedance mismatch, ground loop, mysterious humming sounds).
    So like anyone on a journey, I tried the Boss GT-100 in front of my amps and effect looped to see if my quest could be over or at least take a short break. Anyway, this pedal kicks some serious tonal rear quarter.
    The picking dynamics are amazing, the clarity and rich tube sound maintained and Eureka , it all sounds seriously sweet with my nice tube amps. Just my opinion, but this processor sounds really good with
    Marshall and Orange heads.....yay...
    Editing is stupid easy which is great because I don't want to sit around building sonic architecture when
    I would rather be playing my guitar.

  • from May 14, 2015Music Background:
    25 plus years. Am I that old? Yikes!

    The Boss. GT-100

    You guys keep on innovating and I'll keep buying like there's no tomorrow. Impeccable. Monumental. Would love to see a reference to Bruce, Oh yeah now. Time to upgrade.

  • from May 8, 2015

    Boss GT-100

    The possibilities are endless. Sounds fantastic just through my PA System!

  • from Indiana March 20, 2015

    Gestalt Guitarist

    I started getting payed to play in 1968. My first peddle was a Maestro Fuzz. I've had Boss pedels, Maxon, Ibanez, Diamond, Dunlop, MXR, Budha, HBE, Carl Martin, T.C......let's just say a few of em. I tried multi effects units when digitech made the Rp-10. I tried the VOX multi with the tube, and several others. This was 10 years or so ago. They always felt too.....'digitally'. So I kept buying single pedals. I started building my own pedals a couple years ago seeking Tonal Nirvana.
    Different chips, caps, diodes etc...I have a custom board; and a million electronic components, I built with buffers, noise reduction, volume pedal and a total of about 14 pedals. It's in a hand built suitcase kind of thing that is the best custom setup I've seen on line or in person. It WAS a pro rig as far as pedals go. ENTER the GT-100.
    I bought a Line 6 500PDX and took it back wondering why anyone would want it. It sounded 'digitally' and not user friendly in sooo many ways. My IQ is a bit above room temp so I understand the need to read but come on! I took it back to Guitar-High School-Center and ordered a GT-100 from SweetWater. Things will never be the same.
    I lost a fight with a table saw in 1995 and badly damaged my fretting hand.
    It took a year to heal up and quit crying; and to know that I could still play with a few technique changes. I have not been so inspired by a piece of hardware since I ordered my Roman guitar in 96.
    This thing is fantastic! Right out of the box!
    Someone actually thought 'Let's put clean, crunch, blister the walls, and delay toys right next to each other'. With one foot you can access what I call 'the big three', instantly. Clean Crunch and Lead. Add to that the CTL pedal which channel switches A/B, and cuts distortion, delay etc. without changing patches and you are sonically set.
    Used to be the biggest drawback with multi rigs was live performance. You needed a programming degree to set the thing up and 6 sets of hands to operate it on stage. Not now.
    With no alterations I can play 4 sets of everything from War Pigs to Brown Eyed Girl, Dance the Night Away to Broadway RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!!! The sounds are beautiful. The Tera Echo and A-distortion are so deep and pretty and TOUCH SENSITIVE!! Well let me tell you....roll back the volume and even the Metal sounds clean up nicely.
    Anyone even remotely interested in lightening their load, improving their sound, or being inspired to the Nth degree needs to call Sweetwater and get a Boss GT-100.

  • from ahwahnee, CA February 28, 2015Music Background:
    World's okayest guitarist! Forever guitar "tinkerer!"

    Totally worth it!

    The Pedal continues to amaze me! Lets face it nothing compares to a real tube amp with natural saturation filling the speakers...but this comes close. Re-tooling of the pre-amps was a God send! Most of the stock patches I threw away and either made my own or downloaded from the Boss website(which was ridiculously easy..more on that in a moment.) The new screen is easy to see, even on a darkened stage. The tuner is easy to get to now on every patch. The layout for "tweaking" the effects and pre-amps is much more user friendly. *bonus*just found out as I was working on a friends bass.. this thing does pretty ok with bass sounds as well even some of the distortions match pretty well. I believe it would do fine in a venue with nothing but D.I. Time to sell my GT10-B. A word on the new redesigned PC interface. I found this to be amazing! I could go to the Boss website and (in real time)preview the patches there on my pedal on write them to the banks right on the fly! Plus the layout for the amp/effects sound editor just completes the package! You could spend hours just finding all these wonderful tones that you're just dying to find a place for in your live set! I know I did! This was totally worth the money. Now that my main sound man has it dialed in right I got the comment every guitarist would like to hear "lets turn you up that's sounding good right there!"

  • from February 24, 2015

    This is not your father's GT-10

    First impression - Wow! The sound is much more organic and controllable. The interface is smoother as well. I 've played it through tube and SS amps and through a P/A. It sounds great.

    A huge feature on the current version is USB double tracking as a recording tool. You have to download a driver but once you set it up it records wet and dry simultaneously. You can go back and change or blend fx without having to recut the track.

    I like this product.

  • from Jamestown, TN February 8, 2015Music Background:
    Professional and Recreational/Engineer

    Just what I needed!

    I play live twice a week to 400+, and over many years I have jockeyed between a tube amp and analog pedals to a Multi-Effects board and a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 poweramp. Never being able to hit the sweet spot at our venues because of Stage volume needing to be lower, so I would switch to Pod HD500 or Fender Mustang Floor to try and get more sustain and high gain, but never finding MY TONE. I will say that the Fender Mustang Floor by far has a better tone to my ears than any other Multi-Effects up until now.
    Enter the BOSS GT-100! This thing just works for me, and sounds as good into an amp as it does Direct to House. I am amazed, truly amazed at all this thing can do! If you are looking for tone with puff and sponginess from a multi-effects that is akin to tube amp, THIS IS IT! Bar-None.
    I enjoyed many of the factory presets, but this became my dream pedal after ordering patches from Glenn Delaune, and Jack Thamarrats presets on Boss Tone Central. Jacks tone is exactly what I like, and I was truly hoping mine would sound like his when I engaged the patches...IT WAS SPOT ON and I am in tonal and creative bliss! There is a reason its called a BOSS!

  • from Waco,Tx. January 12, 2015Music Background:
    Recording artist

    At Last

    Had the GT-6 , GT-8 , GT-10 , all very nice in their day and all a tad on the noisy side. The GT-100 is an incredible and quiet processor , at last !
    I have owned numerous Roland products over the years , still have my VS-2480DVD and MV-8800 , and for me they have always been intuitive and very easy to program and the GT-100 is no exception .
    I bought my GT-100 as a demo from Sweetwater and saved some dinero , if only you could see the big smug grin on my face !

  • from Fort Wayne, IN. October 11, 2014Music Background:
    ProMusician, Studio player, Live Sound

    Boss has made a significant upgrade.

    Customers need to know that the gt100 will take some effort to get it current. The box is a little deceptive about what version is actually in the unit shipped.I was able to download the 2.03 v upgrade per the youtube video. Also I needed to upgrade the USB driver to use the new Boss Tone Studio.
    On the plus side the effort to apply the upgrades are worth it.
    The unit is tons easier to program than the previous GT's.
    I should know I have had all the Boss GT pedals through the years.
    Where this pedal shines is the new Boss Tone Studio software.
    Not only do you have USB interface control between the pedal and your computer, you also have a library of custom guitar sounds at your finger tips that you can preview before downloading into your GT.
    There is also a video library of note worthy guitar players performing their custom patches on the GT100.
    The fact that you can bypass the manual screens on the GT for programing and use the Boss Tone Studio will make programming patches a snap for newbies on the GT.
    I have compared my current GT10 to the GT100 and everything is better on the 100. Cleaner sounds, easier programming, studio grade gear and the rugged Boss construction makes this pedal a must have for me!

  • from TN July 1, 2014Music Background:
    Jazz, Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, R'n'B

    Diggin' it

    I am extremely pleased with this pedal. I've owned MFX since 1996, on and off (usually off.) I bought the Gt-100 to do direct recording. I've tried direct recording on the HD500 when it was on its first firmware and wasn't happy with the results (they've updated it since then.) I owned a Fractal Axe-FX II and loved it but I had to sell it (luckily, at the time resale was just $200 shy of what I paid for it 7 months beforehand.) The GT-100 records great if you know what you are doing and treat the amps and eq's as gain stages vs treating them as actual amps. Any veteran of COSM will know what I am talking about. It sounds way better to me then the GT-10 or GT-8 did. I always liked the control aspect of the GT series. It may not be an Axe FX II (which is worth the money, incredible piece of gear,) or a Kemper, but for the price, if you know what you are doing, it covers all the necessary ground for both live and studio at a decent price.

  • from Vancouver, WA March 21, 2014Music Background:

    Great Multi-Effects Pedal

    I really like this effects pedal and it is real easy to use. The GT-100 has many effects and with the turn of a nob you can change the effect to fit your needs. Also, the rep answered all my questions and got the order placed and shipped with no problems. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to take there music to the next level. Thank you Sweetwater!

  • from Spokane, WA USA October 5, 2013Music Background:
    Twang doodle pro

    A bloody amazing piece of equipment

    I had the gt-8 and loved it, this new gt-100 is easier to use, has more effects and sounds and is a lot faster to navigate compared to the gt-8, I even learned how to make it sound like my guitar was firing lazer beams.

  • from Delmar, MD March 31, 2013Music Background:


    I've owned several Modelers over the years,Johnson J-station,Digitech Gnx2,Line 6 Podxtlive and others too.I first got the new line6 podhd500 wow what a huge letdown that was!!! Went to line 6 customtone cause ive been there before with my xtlive.After 4 hours I was unable to get anything to sound even acceptable and I've got alot of experience with processors!!! So I sent it back in exchange for The Boss Gt100 and Boy it was like night and day.First of all their are presets in this thing that can get u playing right away!!!Second this is by far the easiest processor I've ever used.It has a Easytone feature that with several sounds for 15 different Musical Styles!!!! And this Thing sounds awesome!!! Oh and also u can use the 4 cable method and hook it up to your favorite tube amp and use it for effects!!! Go on youtube and look up this method!!! And as far as I'm concerned Line 6 has got to go back to the drawing board!! I'm mean Roland also has the gr55 which I have also!!! How line 6 is so popular is beyond me......

  • from North Carolina, USA March 20, 2013Music Background:
    guitarist since 1987

    waaaay better than the GT-10 - no 'cocked wah' sound!

    I have been using amp modeling gear for years, from the lowly Behringer V-Amp 2 to the Line 6 POD X3(I took a pass on the HD series - Line 6 rushed it out there door with HUGE issues, both hardware and software, plus they threw us metal guitarists under the bus to feature lots of 'boo-teek' amps that only rich lawyer/'wannabe bluesmen' even care about) to the Digitech GSP1101 rack unit, plus all the computer-based systems like POD Farm, Amplitube, Guitar Rig, etc. I have also used several amp modeling amplifiers over the years. And, yes, I have owned good old-fashioned tube amps as well... The KEY to amp modeling is KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING. I know that's a blow to alot of guitarist's egos(what? musician's have egos?! LOL), but despite all the media hoopla, for a SERIOUS pro-quality tone, amp modeling gear - no matter from what manufacturer - is NOT 'plug-n-play'. You DO have to learn it's nuances and spend some time with it... and frankly, in this day and age of 'I want it all and I want it now', people won't spend the time and make snap judgments that amp modeling 'sucks' or that it's too complicated, saying 'I don't like to fight for my tone'. Well Gomer, the world needs ditch diggers too, so... ;0)

    The build quality is there, of course - hey it's a BOSS! I think the phrase 'built like a tank' was invented to describe BOSS gear... there's a reason you find BOSS gear on LOTS of touring pro guitarists rigs, much more so than trendy 'boo-teek' gear - they always WORK and you can buy em anywhere should something need to be replaced(which is rare indeed). It can sound like a million bucks, but if it breaks down every third gig, then it just doesn't matter. You can RELY on BOSS gear.

    The first thing one will notice different about the GT-100 from the GT-10 is the dual LCD screens. The brown/orange display is easily readable and can be adjusted to taste regarding brightness and contrast. It also doesn't temporarily blind your eyes like the overly-bright blue GT-10 screen often did when looking into it on a dark stage... The reason for the dual screens is that you can pull up your entire signal chain on the left side, then see the specific parameters of whatever is highlighted there, on the right side. It might not seem that helpful when just reading a description of it, but when you see and use it in real life, you'll instantly appreciate it's usefulness. If there are more parameters available than can fit on one screen, you'll notice the familiar folder tabs, just like on the GT-10, so you can just hit the 'page' button to scroll over.

    The effects are top-notch - again, it's a BOSS. If it's not there, you probably don't need it... and YES, it has 'spillover' on time-based effects like delays and reverbs, so if you're switching quickly from one patch to another mid-song, your repeats aren't going to cut off unnaturally. I like the feedbacker effect, enabling me to play with feedback as if I'm live next to a huge wall of amps, even though I'm recording silently in my home studio(I've recorded a handful of original music CDs using modeling gear since 2006). The bullet-proof pedal is there for volume control, wah effects, or any other effect as well, as EVERYTHING is tweakable and assignable. You can assign anything to anything, so if you wanna have your delay repeats ramp up, boost your overdrive, add some chorus or flanger by hitting a single button, you can! The ACCEL button is something I usually assign to something else... at times, BOSS seems to be stuck in 80s shred territory for some reason(I'm guessing that's still 'big in Japan', no pun intended), so by default ACCEL has these weird laser-beam effects in it that quite frankly, I'd NEVER use - so I don't. I usually program the ACCEL button to a feedbacker. It's your choice - which is what modeling gear is about - CHOICES. YES, there is the ubiquitous looper on there as well - isn't there a looper on EVERYTHING nowadays?! I only use it to record a guitar riff, then I can tweak the tones at will while IT plays the riff over and over... but that's just me.

    The amp modeling itself is top notch - although for me personally, I only tend to use about a half dozen or so, so there are ALOT more that I just don't need... but maybe YOU do, so they're there. BOSS doesn't use the actual names of the amps being modeled, but if you've been around at all, you know a Marshall or a Fender or a Mesa Boogie when you hear it. hehehe ;0) The dreaded 'cocked wah syndrome' that plagued the GT-10 is GONE! YAAAAY!! I know a BUNCH of guitarists that shied away from the GT-10 because of it, but now there's no reason to NOT give the GT-100 a try. There are quite a few 'advanced' amp models as well... why they' are 'advanced', i have no idea, but there are many, many choices as far as preamps go. There are also many, many choices as far as speaker cabinets to use, different microphones, all completely positionable, just like in 'real life'. There are also 'custom' settings, so you can design your own preamp or speaker cabinet tones - it's ALL up to you. Or, you can just leave it at the default configuration and just twist the bass-middle-treble-presence-gain-volume knobs, just like on a 'real' amp.

    And now for the BAD: yes, there is ONE thing where BOSS completely DROPPED THE BALL. I am about TRUTH, and as they say, the truth shall set you free... THERE IS NO NATIVE GT-100 SOFTWARE FOR DESIGNING TONES ON THE COMPUTER. WTF?! This is 2013, BOSS/Roland! There IS an independently developed GT-100 editor software made by a guy with the screen name of 'gumtown' that can be downloaded for FREE to work with your GT-100 on the computer(just google 'BOSS GT Central forums' and you'll find him). I have it and it works great - but come on, this is just freakin' RIDICULOUS! Line 6 has a thriving online community based around the POD line of modeling gear... why BOSS has completely missed the boat on this is beyond me. I literally scratch my head in wonderment at how they could NOT wanna capitalize on *cue dramatic music* THE INTERNET. Okay, I'll step down off my soapbox now... but COME ON BOSS, GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!!

    I know this has been a long review, and quite frankly, I'm just scratching the surface on what this amazing piece of kit is capable of doing. There is NOTHING you cannot do with the BOSS GT-100. You can record your next hit single while the baby sleeps in the next room, play live worship at your church on Sunday, or tear down the club on Thursday Thrash Night. You can plug it directly into your computer's USB port, run it direct into the house PA system, or run it into that iconic Marshall stack via the 4-cable method and mic the cabinet, 'old school' style. Simple or complex, again, it's ALL UP TO YOU.

  • from upstate,NY USA January 29, 2013Music Background:
    Musician,Playing Metal guitar for 31 years


    The best peace of equipment that I have had in a long time had an ART SGX2000, and Then the Boss gt-10, Like the fact that I can Split different amp sims to left and right for a true Stereo setup, have only had it a couple months and as of yet have found no limits to it.

  • from Lake Chelan, WA October 8, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    All the effects are really, really superb. One of the many cool things about this is that you can assign any of the built-in effects to any of the pedals. I'm not really sure why one of the other reviewers mistakenly thought the pedals aren't assignable because they are --> (see user manual pg. 17) The distortion and reverb effects are better than stand alone pedals that cost more than this. Boss really raised the bar when they made invented this amazing machine! :)

  • from Long Island NY April 7, 2012Music Background:
    Pro guitar player

    Very Good Product

    Just got my new Boss GT-100 from Sweetwater.I think Boss has raised
    the bar with this new release.You get all the great Boss effects with some
    good Amp modeling. I myself will use the effects rather then the Amps within the unit. This is not to say they are bad, they are in fact rather good
    I just rather use them within my amps. Very easy to navigate and create your own sounds as well. Also a nice plus of being able to use it within my Daw. You can really get everything from over the top metal leads to even a sitar.The unit is very solid and ell made. There is nothing
    not to love about this unit, and I'm sure whatever you play you will find your tone.

  • from NY,NY October 7, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer


    The amp modeling is amazing. Matchless, Marshall, Mesa Boogie and Fender models sound great and the patches are very clean, smart and useful. I noticed that on some patches the very high end does not sustain quite as well as the amplifier itself would. Removing the Noise
    Suppression helps some.

  • from Ct August 10, 2014Music Background:
    39 year active player


    I was always more into the analog pedals, but decided to give one of these a shot.
    I'm not real good at programming and computers and such, but this thing is so easy to set up and get good sounds quick.
    I'm using it in manual mode as a pedal board and was able to set up various different boards to use with different songs or styles of music.
    I am also able to get some really good searing liquid lead tones I had never been able to get before.
    With all that and ease of set up this has bovine my go to for practice and gigs

  • from northwestflorida November 25, 2012Music Background:
    praise and worship guitarist

    Best GT Yet!

    I have ownend several of the boss GT's over the years,
    Effects were good but the over drives and distortions werent so great.
    I was really suprized with the GT-100 !!!!!!!. Great crunch sound and overdrve. Today was my first day usig the GT 100 live and it sounded AWOSOME in front of my Mesa Mk 4. The effects are great and the drives are great. One last thing it is easy as pie to program right on stage. A keeper in my opnion

  • from July 26, 2012

    BOSS GT100 is a Winner

    Amp models are a huge improvement over the GT10's. Much easier to navigate due to the two screens. The ACCEL function is a waste, you will rarely uses it, looper time is short. Instead of ACCEL a whammy function would have been nice with an additional CTRL pedal. Overall a fantastic pedal.

  • from St. George, UT USA June 7, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician and instuctor.

    Met expactations and more.

    I love tube amps but do to inconsistencies I did a little research and purchased the GT-100. I was looking for a unit that I could go into my amp or directly into the PA or recording. The first thing I learned was how to set the GT for different types of amps or PA's. Great! It is simple to learn and I was using it right away. The day after I took it out of the box I took it to a gig and ran directly into the PA and was very happy. In the studio I tried it when I was not happy with the tone my amp gave and was blown away. After I re-recorded some of my solo's and rhythm tracks I compared my best amp tones to the GT and I would challenge anyone to tell which was the tube amp and which was the GT. I'm loving this unit. I also have in gig in an orchestra pit where this year they decided to go amp less with in ear monitors. The techs love my GT and I love the sounds I am getting out of it. My electric has a piezo pickup so with that and the GT I can get all sounds the score calls for with just one guitar and an easy set up. I'm loving this unit. The only complaint I have is the compression in the unit grabs the end of notes before the noise gate kicks in and causes a lot of hash, especially in the studio, which increase editing time. To be honest, I'm sure this could be adjusted, I just haven't had time yet to get in and figure out how to do this. I am a fan of the GT100. It has met all my needs for any professional gig I have...and I love the sounds I'm getting.

  • from Athens, AL May 3, 2012Music Background:

    Lovin' it

    Now, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I didn't do my reasearch on it before buying it, and I assumed that the footswitches were assignable. Got my hopes up about it and now I feel retarded, so someone must pay.
    With that aside, this beast is rather kick ass and might I say quite stellar. The preset tones you get are good quality that only get better with the user friendly double screen set-up. Have had for about a month, but not enough time to fully experience the potential this thing clearly has. I can say this though: I am pleased with my purchase.

  • from West Chester, OH November 13, 2016

    Excellent Sound, Depending How You Use It

    I bought this unit because of the four cable connection method and the amp channel control capabilities. I wanted to use my amp distortion while using the effects loop. Well, I was disappointed. You get a good sound when using this method in your house, but in a gig is not loud enough. It's like the four cable method sucks the soul out of the amp.
    However, when using the normal two cable method it sounds excellent. The effects sound much brighter and clearer and the amp sound shines when connected using the two cable method.
    It has a learning curve, but when you learn to use it, it is an awesome tool.

  • from Princeton, La November 5, 2014Music Background:

    Not to bad

    I am "Old School" and trying to find the 80's tone I love.. I still have a GSP 21.. The problem is the battery.. Well the GT-100 not to bad.. I use it.. I have a POD 500 I don't.. Now I also have a cheap G2.1 Nu that I love and use.. So take all that and hopefully it is useful.. I know that tone and clarity is what we all want.. I have a PA and the GT gives me what I want, I also have a Marshall which I really don't use that much because I try to be simple.. In my opinion it is at least a little better than the POD.. It is NOT as friendly use and interface between sites as the POD though..

  • from Providence, RI August 20, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Producer

    Replaced my analog board

    Bought this in the hopes of having something carry-on size that could replace my analog board + switching system. This thing has certainly delivered in the effects category. The OD's sound great. I was even able to get a convincing tonebender mkii sound using the custom OD and playing with the fuzz face model. Most of the amp's are just ok, but I've set up my signal chain so the Send branches out to my amp set clean, and I use the "natural clean" amp model as a base amp sound to go to front of house. This amp model is fairly neutral sounding and "takes pedals" nicely without overhyping any frequencies. Now the mixer engineer can choose between direct and amp sources for my guitar tone. Overall I'm thrilled with the sound and flexibility. Exceeded my expectations as a pedalboard replacement. Would have been 5 stars if there were more useable amps but for my purposes this unit is exactly what a wanted.

    New Tone Studio app is quite nice. Wish it had a manual though.

    It's Boss. Built to survive nuclear fallout.

  • from Nashville Tennessee May 11, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician Full Time!

    Boss GT-100

    Great Pedal! User Friendly! Once You Get The Hang Of It! Effects are Great And Distortion! Everything I Need, I Had Three Gt-10s And Sold Them All., Gt-10 Is A Good Unit But The Gt-100 Is Much Better As Far As Tone And Programming ! I Know A lot Of People Use Stomp Boxes And I Did For Years, What I like about this pedal is you set and you don't Have to worry about loosing your setting! The only weak point on the unit is the expression pedal, I always have to clean it about every 3 months because it gets dust in it just like the GT-10, And Boss will not sell you the the pot on the circuit board, they want you to send the unit in for repair, That is Wrong! Boss needs to make a better Volume pot for expression pedal and show more Flexibility to there Customer's!

  • from PA December 26, 2012Music Background:

    Boss GT 100

    I have had multiple guitar processors over the years. I currently own and use the Pod HD 500, the Digitek Rp 100 and now I got this a a much wanted christmas gift. I would say that playing with the Pod hd for the past 2 years and interfacing it with the computer is the mid priced effects processor all else will need to be judged. Especially since you can go to line 6 custom tone and down load new tones every day. They also come out with new amp models every few months. Lets hope they do the same with the Boss. My overall impressions are that the clear sounds and effects in stero are great with the GT 100 but I like the Pod HD for distortions better. The dual screens are cool, I also like the fact that I had played with the 200 presets right out of the box and some come pretty close to some classic rock guitar sounds.Still like the unit. It is different sonically than the POD HD.Well built. Looper is cool and easy to use. Expression pedal has some smooth wah's. Put on some good headphones and some of the stero effects really buzz aroun head.

  • from Arizona, USA July 31, 2012Music Background:
    Performing musician

    Realistic Amp model sounds

    I was impresed by how good the amp models sounded. I think that there is a big improvement over the GT 10 amp sounds.

  • from May 28, 2016

    A versatile box, but could use a tone map and USB cord

    This is based on only a few hours with the pedal, working mostly to discover what's available as presets before venturing into my own tone shaping.

    Lots of tonal choice, many with outstanding sustain, but:

    tone banks don't relate well to each other; navigating for related preset tones isn't intuitive. Moving laterally is facile, but moving vertically is not, takes too many foot taps to get from a preferred tone in bank A to a related tone in bank B.

    Should come from the factory with a USB cord,and the manual should contain a grid with a tone map. So many options, but no point of reference.

    Too many preset tones have high ambient noise level, could use some NR or filtering.

  • from Utah January 20, 2013Music Background:

    Not Perfect

    The unit sounds horrible through headphones. I attempted every "output" type there was and I was not impressed at all. It sounds great through the left and right outs though. All other units I've had sound great through the same headphones.

    The software editor wasn't developed by Boss, but a third party. Another instance of where Boss/Roland dropped the ball. Kudos to the developer that did as I'm sure they are responsible for many of Boss's sales of this unit.

    There is no central patch exchange for the unit. I've owned 6 other MultiEffects units and ALL of them had a central patch exchange put forth by the company that makes them. Boss drops the ball yet again.

    Lastly, Boss hard codes effects into your signal chain. While you can move them around, you cannot replace them with other effects. This limits your creativity, but gives most people the flexability they will need.

    Despite the shortcomings, the unit sounds pretty darn good through the left and right outs and I do recommend getting it. However if you have to choose between this and the POD HD 500, then go with the POD. Line 6 is a much better company than Boss, and that unit in my opinion is better.

  • from Redding, CA USA USA USA USA ALL THE WAY! November 28, 2012Music Background:
    Recording engineer, hobbyist guitarist wannabe

    Not an improvement over the GT10!!!

    This is the "GT10" packaged in a black box with 2 screens. Oh sure Boss SCREWED WITH THE BRAIN and changed it a little. I have no idea why Boss would discontinue the GT10 and introduce this as something better? IT IS NOT! The GT10 has MIDI and FIRMWARE ABILITIES! I hear drop out from the compression on the amp models with the GT100 that is not heard with my GT10! The noise gate does not effect it as it compresses before the gate so sudden note drop is unavoidable! The GT10 has none of this and I like the amp models of the GT10 so not sure why people are jumping on this. The pedal is smoother on my GT10 and adjustable than the GT100. The accel switch is to me a JOKE! Boss should have placed another pedal to have control of effects. The looper is too short and almost useless. So if you have not owned the GT10 this will seem worth the cost. If you own the GT10 KEEP IT and don't waste your money trying to get a better setup.

  • from St Louis March 23, 2016Music Background:

    Should've know better

    I'm sure this thing is right for "some" people but it's not for me. I bought the GT-100 thinking I would be able to do some recording on my DAW without having to run through an amplifier. Reading all the positive reviews I took a chance, I wish I had sent it back. I tried for 2+ months to like this unit but it just plane sucks the tone out of your guitar. I tried every method out there to get a good tone out of it, with or without connected to an amp, connected directly to studio speakers everything was gross, IMO. My major problem with the GT-100 is the fact that you basically cannot use any dynamics from your guitar, i.e. the volume control. As soon as you turn you're volume down the signal starts to break off. If you're one of those people that don't use the volume knob, this thing is for you. Watch all the on-line videos of the "pros" using this thing and see if they ever use any touch dynamics or volume, they don't - I should've know better there's never a one stop solution.

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