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Boss GT-10 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    The EZ Tone function of this pedal is the best thing Boss could have done to the GT-10. No more "winging it." The EZ Tone function walks the novice or the seasoned pro through all of the right steps to create the tone you want. This saves time and it actually gives you the sound you want instead of some sonic monstrosity that is too loud when you play out live. The GT-10 is far superior to any of its older siblings.

  • from Redding, CA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA! November 1, 2010Music Background:


    This is the BEST processor on the market period! I have owned mine for over three years and have had no problems at all! I have many troubles with my Line 6 Pod X3 PRO and it does NOT SOUND as natural as the GT-10! VERY EASY to navigate and adjust anything and numerous sounds available on-line! There is nothing that can touch the GT-10! BUY IT or REGRET!

  • from Avondale, AZ July 9, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    Take time to learn the unit. It's worth it.

    This is mainly to the reviewer below me, but hopefully everyone else will benefit from this as well.
    Yes, the GT-10 sounds great...but read all of the following before you decide if this is for you.

    There is no way around it...the GT-10 has a steep learning curve to really be proficient with getting the EXACT sound that you want.

    Yes, you can plug it in and go through the patches and try to find some that you like, and you may or may not be impressed. The EZ tone is something I almost never use, but it works for the initial excitement of your new purchase.
    I owned a GT-8 for 5 years, and I used it on tour, in the studio, and in my practice space. Two of those 5 years was somewhat of a struggle to really find what I was looking for. Once I learned it and experimented, I fell in love. So I knew the GT-10 would only be better.

    But here's the thing about multi-effects processors in general that everyone should know:

    Everyone from Line 6 to Boss always advertises the crazy amp modeling that they have. The thing is, I've met very few guitarists who buy a pedal like this because of amp modeling.
    In fact, many guitarists I know already have a descent amplifier when they buy these units.
    So in all reality, you don't really need the preamps at all...and in some cases, they actually work against you.

    In other words, if you have some wonderful tube dreamy amplifier with your dream guitar, and you expect to just plug the guitar into this pedal, and the pedal into your dreamy amp and have AMAZING tone, then you will be disappointed.

    Because you have a pre-amp model pushing a signal into an amp's preamp, and then it's power amp. This is hardly ever a good thing to do. You will get screeching, hissing, and tinny tone almost every time.

    At the very least, turn off the preamps on every patch.

    Even better, run this into your amp's effects loop and take time to learn how each effect and setting interacts with each other.

    You will instantly hear a night and day difference.

    So what are the pre-amps for?
    If you are using the GT-10 as a front end going directly into a board (i.e. no amplifier)then you should use the pre-amps and tweak their settings to the venue you are playing in.
    Also, if you are recording you can use the GT-10 as as a nice preamp to go DI into your DAW.
    Again, tweaking to your system will be required, but you can get some pretty realistic emulated tones this way.

    So, with all of that out of the way...
    The GT-10 is one of the most flexible, versatile, great sounding multi-effects processors on the market.

    Think of it as every single Boss stomp box all in one unit.
    The on board looping, the quality and tweakability of every effect, and the sheer amount of different applications that you can use this for make it worth every penny.

    Just remember, if you purchase this unit, get involved with some of the online forums that are dedicated to the boss GT floorboards, and take a little time to learn how to use it to best compliment your workflow.

    It's a little bit of work on the front end, but then you will never NEED another effects unit.

  • from Richmond, Va. December 30, 2008Music Background:
    Played guitar since 1970.

    One Box Does It All

    I bought the GT-10 after returning the Line 6 POD X3 Live. The Line 6 unit just didn't sound warm to my ears. The problem most of us guitar players have is that we need about 5-6 fairly individual sounds from our rigs which is a tall order for a single amp set up. I've spent many thousands of dollars over the years chasing these tones and always came up short in one area or another. (Tone-wise, I'm similar to Joe Walsh. I don't use tons of distortion but I love that tube-sag and bite that Walsh has always had.)

    The GT-10 has changed everything for me. The sounds from the box are truly amazing and it couldn't be simpler to use. Are the models dead on accurate? I don't know or really care (although the Marshalls are darn close). (There are patches with enormous gain structures, too. I know that is a big concern for a lot of players.)

    The fact is the sounds are all very musical, dynamic and usable. I played mine at Church Sunday and had people coming up to me asking what I was using because it sounded so good. You know, there is a point where good-enough is good-enough, and the technology is finally there. The Boss engineers did a great job designing this unit. It is way beyond good-enough. The pre-set patches are actually similar to ones a real working musician would use. Now how-about-that! A company is actually listening to it's customers.

    Now it's time to just shut up & play my guitar! No excuses. Just shut up and play. Thank you Boss!

  • from Jacksonville, Florida December 14, 2008Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Student, Light Recording

    Sounds and Feels Like High End Instruments

    I formally only really enjoyed playing acoustics. Now, my electrics have souls of their own. The GT-10 gives me a organic feel on the fretboards that speaks clearly to me during playback through the amp(s) or headphones.

    I can play the fastest, cleanest leads with pure enjoyment. I set my amp on neutral, then go through each of the presets and see which ones are best for what type of playing. Some presets are great all over the necks. Others, great for fast rhythm chords, some slow rhythms. Others, exceptional for fast leads, others slow leads. They are labeled well and make sense. I can now play all the way up to my LP's 22nd and Strat's 21st frets and everywhere along the way. Tweeking presets is easy - turn one of four knobs, look right at the screen, and listen. That's it. It sounds and feels right.

    Certain presets speak to me and take me up new learning curves. The gain or sensitivity can be adjusted for each preset to make the output volume more consistant. I do like the difference in gain because it helps me feel the gain more naturally for hot settings.

    Another nice thing is that I can keep my guitar pick-ups at full voume if desired (any volume depending on the set-up) and simply adjust the main volume on the GT-10. Even at full guitar gain, I can change guitars simply by turnng the main volume dial down on the GT-10 with NO POPS - pure silence between guitar changes.

    The built-in tuner is sweet. One button to tune. Press it again, and I'm right back to playing. I can see it 10-15 feet away well enough to tune in the dark.

    The blue display is very bright - perfect for viewing at a distance. Up close, I sit just slightly off to the side. I place the GT-10 on a portable, heavy duty computer tabletop angled at 45 degrees towards me for learning, adjustments and close-up work.

    I have always wanted to play electrics. It's no wonder hollow bodiy guitars were tops way back - more tone with straight amps. With the GT-10, my LP and Strat have tapped into sounds and taken on new lives. Before, playing straight into a AMPEG 70 tube amp or Line 6 Spider JAM just didn't do it for me. It's probably my acoustic ears. The GT-10 has taken my playing to new levels. I knew I could do it. Accurate, musical, clean, hugely variable sounds, and can be as bad as a CAT 5 hurricane making landfall at night.

    If your guitars are set up and you have a good, neutral amp and not happy -- maybe you're looking for another guitar or amp. I think you may want to try this baby out first. My guitars and amp(s) were fine. I knew something was missing.

    I'm convinced my solid body guitars needed a higher end, muti-effects processor to really bring out their true colors. My guitars, the GT-10, and my amps now have some fabulous sounds. Now, I could take my guitar, the GT-10 and play anywhere. The way it should be.

  • from NYC/Metro Area July 10, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Like A Custom Touring Pedal Board

    I looked at some custom pedal boards used by pro bands who do world tours. Their rigs have NOTHING on this multi-effector! Right out of the box, I started stepping through the presets which are totally tweakable with some offering options for shutting off certain effects / tapping out mod speeds.

    E-Z Tone is a quick way to set up the basics and all of the patches are well named and with serious sounds but understand some are "hotter" than others. Some are better suited for single coils like a Fender Strat over a Humbucker.

    Even so, if you had to buy all these pedals, effects PLUS a looper, you would pay much, much more. Built like a tank, this is a quality box that looks great on stage. I would suggest you protect your investment and store / transport it in a Tarcase which is USA made in Nashville TN. You will play more and better because this thing makes you sound so good, you just want to keep practicing. Amazing! I sold off some individual pedals and brought this. Best investment I've made this year.

  • from Vallejo,Ca Usa April 28, 2008

    A Must Buy!

    wow blown away..the preset sounds are amazing..took it out of the box searched through some patches and took it to a recording session and everyone was impressed with the pristine sounds and the beauty of the unit and metal case made to last. It was refreshing to have presets that sounded so good so I could just play my guitar instead of tweaking sounds. I've had this for one day and I can't stop smiling.I haven't created my own sounds yet but it looks very easy..gonna do that next.The presets are listed with a description on a pullout sheet..very helpful. You won't be disappointed.buy it now!

  • from Watkinsville, GA 30677 April 24, 2008Music Background:
    Hobbyist, local band

    GT-8 on Steroids (No Congress Needed)

    I've had it for 2 weeks and love it. Easier to use than my GT-8. Slightly better tone than the GT-8. EZ Tones are really spectacular. They can be used to easily move through decades and genres. Legendary BOSS quality construction. The options are endless. The presets sound better and are named better than on the GT-8. I would highly recommend. I have a Peavey Valve King that I don't use anymore b/c this thing sounds great through my JBL G2 EON's. On a side note, customer service at Sweetwater sets an industry standard.

  • from Wichita, KS May 5, 2008Music Background:
    Semi-Professional Musician

    Retire your vintage pedals

    I recently purchased the GT-10 after a friend of mine had recommended it. I own a couple thousands of dollars of analog pedals or high end digital effects that I use for live performances. I wanted to simplify my set-up and I took a chance and bought the GT-10. Even after testing it out before I bought, I was still hesitant because I didn't want to lose my 'sound'. Immediately, I was impressed by the warm sound of each effect. The chorus and delay effects and awesome. The Harmonizer works flawlessly (great tracking compared to the Boss PS-5). Most of the distortion and overdrive effects sound great although a few were still too harsh sounding for my tastes. You'll want to adjust the output levels of each patch since some are much hotter than others. I played a gig 2 weeks using the GT-10 directly out to our PA and I was astonished at how well it sounded. The only downside I could find with the unit is that I think that A company as big as Roland/Boss that they could include an instructional DVD with it. I'm very computer literate, and still found the GT-10 patch programming process a little confusing. Yes, you will have to read the manual if you want to go beyond editing the existing patches. Still it's not that hard. I am very pleased with my purchased of the GT-10!

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