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ISP Technologies Decimator II G String Noise Suppressor Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the ISP Technologies Decimator II G String Noise Suppressor Pedal?

Questions about the ISP Technologies Decimator II G String Noise Suppressor Pedal?

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  • from Larkspur, CA May 17, 2017Music Background:
    I Like To Play

    Dreams Can Come True

    I love my pair of Mesa/Boogie TC-50's that I run in stereo. When I would switch to the high-gain channel 3, I would get that loud amp noise that most of us are all too familiar with. After some research and reading my fellow guitar players' reviews, I decided to give the Decimator II G String a try. It works! It works so well! I have this dialed in at 12:00 and my dream sound is locked in (I don't notice any tone suck - and I am kinda picky about that, and neither does anyone that I ask) and so this pedal is a Dream Come True.

  • from Central Valley Cali January 24, 2017Music Background:
    Hard Rock , Metal, blues

    Kills all unwanted noise and squeal

    Best noise gate pedal money can buy hands down , if your high gain amp is noisy or it squeals when cranked, this pedal will completely kill all of it , without sacrificing sustain or clean notes. It will let the cleans ring out and also still allow musical feedback when needed, perfect for chugging as well because it keeps it quiet between chugs and still allows the bottom end to thump. I use it with a peavey mini 6505 which is pretty noisy and squealy when cranked , and this pedal is a must have item ,I could not live without it.

  • from South December 10, 2015Music Background:
    Love Playing Guitar!


    I can't thank my Professional Sales Engineer, Aaron Cieslikowski at Sweetwater enough for all the knowledge he has and the great advise on the best guitar equipment and accessories to purchase from Sweetwater Music. And I must say I have purchased quite a bit in almost three years and everything is "AMAAAZING" as this review tittle says!!! I Don't write reviews often due to the fact I tend to ramble on. So here it goes. If you want to hear what your guitar/bass should truly sound like ran thru different effects pedals you need the ISP Technologies Decimator II G String Noise Suppressor Pedal. This is a must have for any pedal board. It totally takes out any hiss or hum when hooked up correctly. It might be a little spendy but when you hear the difference you will say "AMAAAZING"!!! Just Buy It!!

    Thanks Again Aaron and Sweetwater!

    P.S. Have A Blessed Christmas Too!

  • from October 3, 2014Music Background:

    The best decimator available!

    I recommend the Decimator II G String to anyone who wants the best noise suppressor! Sweetwater has the best pricing and they are very reasonable. But it will sound even better if you have the Decimator II and the Decimator II G String hooked up together. Either way, the Decimator II G String noise suppressor gets rid of the humming or buzzing. It works best to put it at noon.

  • from Alexandria, VA USA July 28, 2014Music Background:
    Amateur Fanatic

    Performs noise gate function very well

    Simple to operate, and very useful for shutting down background hiss/noise that can be annoying when you are not actually playing notes. I have noticed no negative impact on tone or dynamic response. I use the ISP in the effects loop path in my amp.

    Keep in mind that once you start to play, whatever noise was in the background comes back on and rides on top of your signal. This pedal is not a cure-all for every type of noise. Also, you don't need to route guitar-out back to your main signal path. I have an input buffer on my pedalboard and send a spare signal from there to the ISP, resulting in simpler cabling and a cleaner main signal path.

  • from Watertown, MA July 20, 2014Music Background:

    Great Noise Reduction Pedal

    This pedal is unbelievable. I'll have my cry baby, overdrive, and delay pedal going - set the threshold at -20 db - absolute no noise. While I'm playing my guitar the sound from my amp is so crisp and clear. But I do have to say one thing that was NOT good - that was the manual - I actual had to go to the ISP wbsite and download the original Decimator G String Noise Suppressor because that manual actual shows you aBETTER picture of the connection configuration - the manual that comes with this actual doesn't show in details the proper connection configuration. But when you do have it connected properly - it's outstanding! I love it!!! Thanks ISP but you need to improve your manual's configuration for this pedal.

  • from Harrisburg, PA July 15, 2014Music Background:
    11 Years Hobbyist/Performer

    What noise?

    This thing (if you hook it up properly and with clean power, unlike some of the complaining reviewers) will kill all your noise. You could have crazy amounts of hiss and buzz, as soon as you turn this puppy on it's all gone (when you're not playing).

    You'll have to twiddle the threshold a little to figure out what works best for your playing. I can use the Decimator G String II to play anything from clean leads, to Hendrix-style low-volume crunchy ballads to thrash metal all on my JVM (which is known for its noise) and it sounds amazing. Worth the money in my book!

    And of course, your Sweetwater sales engineer will take great care of you throughout the entire purchasing process!

  • from Oklahoma December 28, 2013Music Background:

    ISP Decimator G a String II

    This is a must have for any pedal board. It totally takes out any hiss or hum when hooked up correctly. I think if there are any bad reviews on this product, it has to be for lack of knowledge on how to hook it up correctly. I use it through the effects loop of all my tube amplifiers and it is simply amazing! You can find YouTube videos on how to hook it up correctly along with comparisons against other noise reduction pedals as well. This is by FAR the best I have ever seen or had and eliminates all the noise. Cheers

  • from Pickerington, OH September 4, 2013

    Simply Amazing

    First off. I don't do reviews but I felt this product deserved one.

    I have several high gain pedals in my setup. I had the original decimator after my gain pedals in an effort to shake the noise floor. It worked ok with a screamer and tube driver but that was about all it could handle. When those were shut off the clean sound was junk unless you reduced the threshold or turned it off. I got frustrated trying to do some high gain dubs and the tracks were too noisy for the punch ins I needed. So skeptically I ordered the G String since it has a side chain input trigger and was supposed to solve these issues. WOW! This thing solved ALL of my noise problems. GONE! I can put all my pedals on at once and it's still dead quiet. Attack and release is magical for a single knob unit. Clean tones are not affected like the simpler model when you switch off the drive boxes. This pedal is a must have for any rig. Pricey but worth every penny. It's a set it and forget it pedal that makes everything sound better. Don't buy the one without the side chain input. Get the G-String II.

  • from Atlanta, Ga USA February 23, 2015Music Background:
    semi-professional muscian

    Great Noise Gate!

    I've used this and the Boss noise suppressor and this one wins, hands-down. This pedal fits perfectly at home in both of my tube amps' fx loops (which is why you would presumably buy this pedal over the considerably cheaper version of the decimator II). I haven't really noticed a tone change like the boss pedal did. I play mostly heavy metal and I keep it at around noon and there is no feedback at all. There are issues that keep it from being perfect. #1 This complicates my rig's signal chain because of the "x pattern" wiring when utilizing it's full potential. #2 It's a constant battle between sustain and feedback which can become frustrating and tedious, so it's not perfect.

  • from Post Falls Id. November 15, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Guitar warrior

    ISP G String decimator

    Works great! I Run it last in chain in front of amp, and use the effects loop for time based effects. Really simple to set up and kills any noise. I bought it for the Marshall JVM..these amps are stupid noisy, and it works amazing! I have other amps not so noisy, so then you can take the threshold down and get even a better real feel, but even with the threshold up higher it still sounds and breaths great! I would give it 5 stars if the price was lower! Bought the boss and wouldn't kill the Marshall JVM noise...Bought the Decimator 2 and better , but still not great..G string is the way to go!

  • from W. Lafayette, IN December 24, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist/Recording Guitarist/Vocalist Jack of all, Master of none.

    Great product! Works better than HUSH!

    This is the best noise reduction I have found, my ONLY complaints are that to run Mono, -requires a patch cord (which I already had), and that I REALLY wish it had "2" knobs for independent threshold settings for each "loop".

    Only one knob limits how fine tuned you can get a clean noiseless sound, without cutting off lower decibel sounds (like the tail of a reverb).

    But as always, -great support and fast shipping with Sweetwater, and Steph McDowell! Thank You!!!

  • from New York March 26, 2015Music Background:
    18 year Touring Musician, Sound Engineer, Electrical Engineer

    Love and hate it

    Ok, praise this pedal because, yes it sounds amazing and does exactly what it says to do, and surpassed my expectations sound-wise. Quiets up my 5150 to sound as tight and responsive as a soldano SLO (if you ever played one you'll know they are dead silent) Great feel and response, no loss in tone, no loss in articulation or feel... so I love this pedal for that reason...

    Now for the real reason for this review. This pedal is one of the most poorly designed pieces of gear I have ever owned. Im assuming ISP engineers produced this pedal this way for space constraints on the inner circuit board, however I have seen multiple ways around this in IC placements as well as just basic greenboard routing... it seems to me they rushed a product to get it out, without application testing. I have a very small pedal board setup... wireless, tuner, this unit, chorus, digital delay, and a boost pedal, and unfortunately due to 3x 1/4 inches on one side, it is the biggest pain in the ass to route on a small board and required me to purchase a significantly larger board to keep assembled. the easiest rectification of this would be to put the output to amp on the same side as the return side... but again this could have been due to space constraints on the board, but i have seen ways around this and im sure the engineers saw this and just did not care. routing this as a preamp noise reduction circuit and fx loop reduction circuit is too much of a pain and required me to custom make my own angled and straight cables to accommodate it, plus took up way too much space, and kind of upsets me that I could have room for 2 more pedals if this was not on my board. again im sure you can find ways around this but is it convenient, absolutely not... I kind of want something i spend nearly 300 dollars on to function (this includes cable prices etc) to be as idiot proof as possible.

    now for using in a touring rig... I have many friends I toured with as a sound engineer, as well as myself touring... national, and internationally... and have nothing but praise about the resilience of this pedal... on more than one instance this thing had been COVERED in beer, and still functioned without so much as a crackle... without being maintenance'd or cleaned, it still lasted the entire tour without any issues. never had any issues with power jack *which usually ends up becoming a problem for every other pedal I've ever toured with* also had very good battery life in situations where outlets were not available... usually the 9v batteries only last a single show or 2, but this would go nearly 4-5 gigs without having to change batteries, and honestly, that was only In case they died, we changed them anyway, so they may have gone longer. SO amazing praise to ISP on the design for this. however in more than one case *maybe 2-3 times* the threshold knob became loose in a sense that it longer functioned... now this was not because it wasnt mounted, but the actual inner shaft of the potentiometer just turned infinitely. it is easily repairable if you have the know how, but not something I would suggest to the average guy/gal.

    all that being said, would i still recommend this pedal... absolutely... just keep in mind, routing this thing is like pulling teeth... they do make a single channel decimator which is amazing as well, so do your research as to which product you need... and what you need it for... if you are using many pedals in the fx loop, id suggest placing it there, but if you are getting super high squealing even with a shielded cavity on your guitar, and you know your pickups are non micro-phonic, and all your cables are well shielded and have quality end pieces (neutriks etc) then place on the input... but I feel like the standard decimator will do the job for most rigs.

    I hope this review was helpful to at least one person out there.

  • from Celina, OH December 1, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Not impressed

    Bought this after reading all reviews to kill the noise in my 5150ii. It kills the noise but also kills the noise from it's own ground loop hum. As soon as you plug in the dec in and out jacks the ground loop hum begins. When paying over $200 for a pedal I shouldn't have to buy a humx or anything to make it work correctly. Also tried running my carbon copy delay in front and as well in the loop after the deci of course and it squashed my delay. So I stuck my mxr smart gate in the loop....preamp hiss gone, guitar noise gone, and doesn't squash my delay nearly like the isp does. Sweetwater is great with returns and communication so no issues there just believe there is a lot of hype with this pedal

Questions about the ISP Technologies Decimator II G String Noise Suppressor Pedal?

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