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DigiTech GSP1101 Rack Processor Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from Left coast Nor-Cal November 15, 2016Music Background:
    you wouldn't believe it , if I told you , ah hobbyist

    Digitech GSP 1101

    I bought my second Digitech GSP 1101 from Sweetwater Music. The first one is still operating with out a problem . I record using my Digitech GSP 1101 using Proppellerheads Reason 9.0
    this unit is plugged into my Roland Duocapture ex interface ( which I bought from Sweetwater) and into the computer.quiet high quality recordings is what I get , from my set up.
    I bought this from Sweetwater after seeing an interview with Dweezil Zappa . He said that he had two in his rig " "they do those old tube amps really well." said he. Considering the source, I Bough the Digitech GSP 1101 and never looked back. The second unit will provide doubled recorded guitar , two separate amp sounds at the same time and also as back up just in case.
    Again Sweetwater Music has a great team providing great customer service, the best

  • from Dallas TX March 11, 2016

    The BEST amp modeler/effects unit $500 range

    I went through my L6 POD phase a couple years ago that ended in disappointment for me. The 1101 w the foot controller has everything I had hoped for without all the noise floor and level problems. In addition to the superior design and functions of the this unit you can upgrade for FREE to a better 3rd party software v68 and add even more amp models and some effects. There are not as many "effects" on this as the other big seller, BUT, these are not a cheese fest these are 90% musically useful. The typical modulations, delay and reverb are gorgeous, Not a fan pretty much of any digital attempt at overdrive or gains but the loop on this is perfect and controllable even placement options abound. The AMP models are stellar with the typical uber high gain onslaught as well as some very amp sounding cleaner things if you are not into over the top gain outs all the time. Noise floor is NULL compared to the Niagara Falls L6. Don't know how they kept it quiet, loud, dynamic and pure tone but it's #1 pick!!!

  • from Oakland Ca. October 21, 2015Music Background:
    I play the radio really well.


    THIS IS A DUAL REVIEW of the DigiTech GSP1101 Rack Processor,
    with USB with audio streaming, editor librarian software included
    and the DigiTech Control 2 Remote Foot Controller for GSP1101
    the GSP 1101 and the DigiTech Control 2 Remote Foot Controller for GSP1101 both worked perfectly right out of the box. The processor and the foot controller shock hands and every thing worked perfectly. The librarian software has a very stream lined user interface, it talks to the porcessor and performs very well As a person with dyslexia some times user interfaces can be less that a joy for me to learn, to put it politely.
    the Processor, foot controller, librarian were a breeze for me to use. If there was a learning curve I can not remember it.
    I bought these units from Sweetwater, a few , maybe 5 0r 6 years ago the transactions went so smoothly and effortlessly the units just seemed to appear at my door magically , that is an indicator of the high level of professionalism that I have experience , and that is why when I buy gear, It's from Sweetwater Music, quility gear , great customer service to the point of being transparent, so professional I have never had an experience that required my contacting Sweetwater Music's customer service department.

    I purchased the GSP1101 PROCESSOR after hearing Dweezil Zappa mention having two in his studio and that the 1101 did those vintage tube amp sounds really well. High praise given the source. I bought one knowing if I bought it, I could return it, no question asked with a complete refund . I still have it today and as some one who has owned and played through a number of older vintage Fender amps I am familiar with those tube sounds. YES ! It sounds great plugged directly into my recently purchased (also from Sweetwater Music) Roland Duo Capture audio interface. The 1101 also does some several Marshall amps, High Watt, Vox Ac 30 and AC 15 amps all tweekable and can be saved to memory. and that is just the beginning of the list of great sounding amp simulations
    Thank you to all the crew and support staff at Sweetwater for the great selection and service

  • from Earth, Milky-Way, local group, known universe April 16, 2014Music Background:
    Uber-experienced ancient pro-player

    Best value, versatile, all pro.

    After six years of owning this thing I have some insights that might help others considering this device.

    First, it is ALL STEREO. That is essential for any time-based effect like chorus, pitch, stereo delays, etc. Yes you can run it mono and still access all the effects, but Digitech wisely chose to make professional balanced (XLR) outs for true noise-free stereo operation into ANY rig for any gig..

    Lexicon reverbs rule!
    For those who do not know, Lexicon was the first digital reverb. Lexicon has more experience than any other engineering group with reverbs and other time-based algorithms. Though TC electronic and others have come a long way, the lexicon reverbs are still the original and to my ears, the best. Since Lexicon is part of Digitech through the umbrella of Harmon, you are getting the original Lexicon reverb quality with this unit.

    Digitech is a leader in guitar effects too. I will not claim that Digitech is "the best" at modeling or distortions, but their metal distortions are certainly among the best. You can A-B Digtech distortions against any other brand as I have. You will discover that in the heavy "brutal" distortion area, Digitech and Zoom have the least noise and the most gain. (Zoom's noise reduction is superb and its ADA conversion is awesome!) Frankly, I prefer the ZOOM products for their 24 bit 96 kHz sampling rate and super low noise. But I have found that for any recording that ends up at 44.1 / 16-bit, AND for any live gig, those differences are subtle... nearly unnoticeable. This is "CD" quality which is, to most ears, plenty good enough.

    The advantage with this is you can tweak the distortions to fit YOUR amps. You can make it work directly into a PA, Recording console, or combo amp. This unit allows you to make global EQ adjustments in three seconds. Even the superb Zoom, and TC units require significantly more tweaking to integrate into different rigs. They WILL do it, but this is just easier and faster.

    Also, you can use whatever your favorite distortion pedal or rack unit is WITH this. Not only that, but if your preamps distortions are midi-capable, the one pedal board will control this and everything else in your rack using only a single cat-5 cable for power AND commands. ( I use the Tech-21 PSA1.1 as the preamp with this for most effects.)

    I would like to address concerns from two other reviews on this site. Although both reviewers gave high ratings, there are three issues they point out:

    One, this is not ideal for acoustic guitars. Well, that's true. The sound quality is certainly high enough in terms of frequency response, low noise and dynamic range. However, this was not designed for acoustic guitars. Acoustic guitar is a different animal altogether. Electric guitar rarely produces frequencies above 7 kHz. Even when it does, most guitar speakers do not reproduce above 5kHz. So, devices like this are not meant for acoustic guitars. This and all others (Line 6, Roland, Digidesign Eleven-rack etc.) are EQ'd for electric guitars.

    Two: The same reviewer laments he cannot change delay times without changing patches. Well, that's true if you must change only with a foot pedal. But I know you can adjust any parameter on-the-fly from the front panel. Also, using the Digitech control pedal, you CAN access the tap tempo function in real time. You just have to set that function up in advance. Not only that, but you can have the same tempo-change work in sync with other midi-capable devices, all at the tap of a single switch on the floor. You just have to know how to set up each device in the chain for midi control.

    Three: One reviewer doesn't like the computer interface. Well, he may be right. The reason I like this unit is because I DO NOT NEED a computer to use it. I have never accessed the Digitech website for updates and never hooked this up to my computer except for recording. It works perfectly and I do not need a manual to operate it.
    I like the fact that it works just like an old-fashioned guitar amp. I can operate real knobs for all basic adjustments ( gain, EQ, volume) and get to any other effect parameter in one or two buttons.

    If you intend to use this live, just get the control pedal board too. Even with the control board this is less expensive than most other high-end rack effects units, yet it has ALL the pro features that count:
    True Stereo operation
    Balanced (noiseless) XLR outs.
    Superb time based effects and supreme reverbs.
    Great compression algorithms
    Good heavy distortions.
    Beautiful lush choruses that don't "suck" tone.
    Any delay you can need from pristine digital to ducking to lo-fi analog.
    Intelligent Pitch for diatonic harmony
    tunable Wahs and the unique "yay-ya" of Digitech
    A cadre of weird effects that make Japanese cartoon noises, synth sounds and other quasi-musical cacophony.

    Package all that in one rack space with an easy-to-use pedal board that attaches with a single Cat-5 cable... This is also the most convenient all-in-one electric guitar effects unit. It is also the best bargain too. If you want the greatest number of effects in the cheapest package, check out Line 6 PODs. If you want PROFESSIONAL MUSICAL effects for electric guitar in a rack unit, this is the best bargain.

    Like the (excellent) G-System, this allow us to use our favorite analog effects pedals for distortion or anything else. You are not "locked-in" to just the internal effects. This costs substantially less than the G-system though.

    Even the excellent G-system does not include true balanced xlr out. Instead, TC uses "pseudo-balanced" outs. Those are OK for short cable runs inside a rack, but for all-pro noise-free operation, (especially for long runs or in noisy studio environments) nothing beats a true balanced connection with real balancing transformers like this has.

    My current studio / live rig has the PSA 1.1 as the core preamp, controlled through this via midi along with a TC G-major for certain special circumstances. It gives me everything I ever wanted in a guitar rig, and the whole shebang fits into three spaces. One (cat-5) cable connects the pedal board. No other external power or audio connections are needed. Simple is good. It has been reliable and sounds great. It is easy to use and cost me far less than other options.

  • from New York, NY September 21, 2012Music Background:
    Recording engineer, musician

    Tone and tone and then some!!!

    I got this about a year ago for my birthday from my girl friend (how lucky am I ). I wanted an all in 1 system to get tons of tones and more. I had a zoom multi effects processor but could never get the tone I wanted even with all there presets. So when I got this bad boy and plugged it in I was blown away. The presets sound killer they have tons of tones to choose from. The emulations come really close. I found it real easy to mess with and get diffrent sounds and the software was real easy to understand and use. This Thing is also great for recording the XLR out makes it real easy and sound killer. I have already used it on a few recording projects and got some great results. So whether you use it on a solid state, tube amp, power amp or DI in to an interface this thing sounds killer !

  • from Annexia USA March 10, 2012Music Background:
    huge and varied

    DigiTech GSP1101 Rack Processor

    I must say first this unit is not to being compared to a Marshall JVM1974x or a Rivera Sedona 55 ES or any other wonderful tube amps costing 4 or 5 times as much.

    I have had mine for over a year now. It is plugged into a Mac Book Pro via usb2. I installed the driver, plugged it in and started recording. it has worked flawlessly from that time until now operation is completely transparent and trouble free. Would I replace it if it were lost/stolen?
    Yes, without hesitation.
    forgetting the presets, I will describe the fun programing my own custom patches. This is a very powerful unit . It is a breeze to program and tweak, creating everything from sweet as pie black face Fender sounds to grinding noise guitar ( I like noise it's a choice). This unit is very responsive to picking dynamics , there lots of very usable processing devices,there in an FX'S loop that can be incorporated in to each individual patch. To save time I'd recommend reading the long list of devices included and say to my dear reader they all do a fine job.

    The sound that prints to tracks is hum free and pristine, yielding an exact image of what was programed into it , "garbage in, garbage out."
    It sounds great with differant guitars Tele's Strats and my noise grindage machine the inexpensive Ibanez GAX 70 with a dimarzio Evolution in the bridge pick up.

    I use this unit in my bedroom studio. without ever having any problems without disturbing my neighbors with noise, eliminating all the problems of getting a good "live sound".
    I will confess that I heard about the unit on a video that Dweezil Zappa made discussing recreating Franks touring rigs, he said that he had two GSP 1101 units in his rack and that they were very good amp modeling. With a thirty day no questions asked return policy there was of down side to buying the unit. I bought the unit from Sweetwater Music it shipped from there to here in Annexia, it arrive with in a few days and here it sits staring at me as I type . I'm very pleased with the my experience of being a consumer with regard to Sweetwater Music,
    Greet price great sevice by a knowledgeable bunch of groovy guys.
    I like the GSP 1101 a lot, it's fun as home made taffy.

  • from Washington December 29, 2010Music Background:
    Musician, Recording and Live Sound Engineer

    Somebody got it right

    I dont write long reviews so I will just say this... Unreal, Easy to setup and use, USB interface works great, sturdy build, bright Leds and the sound its amazing. BUY IT

  • from missouri July 24, 2014Music Background:
    hobbyist, guitar/gadget lover

    Pretty tweakable

    Dedicated tube guy since mid 80's. Needed to give my back a break but still keep some tube feel. This box does that for me. Takes some fiddling around with but it's worth it. My back and ears are very satisfied.

  • from FL July 19, 2016Music Background:
    Played for many years in various club bands.

    Capable of Great Sounds

    I haven't played music in a band for several years. Now my only accompaniment is my midi keyboard and I play guitar for my own entertainment. I have hundreds of midi sequences and I also program my guitar effects into each sequence. It is very time consuming to reprogram my old sequences to control this new pedal, but it is worth it.

    The presets are mostly unusable for my style, but they give you a starting point. Once you play with the controls for a while you will catch on and each new tone you make will be easier.

    One point that is somewhat misleading is that the GSP1101 can be controlled by midi controllers 1 to 127. You must select 16 global controllers (from the 127) and then each tone can use up to 8 controllers out of the 16 global controllers. For all of my uses 8 is plenty, it just takes a lot of time to reprogram my old sequences with the new controller numbers.

  • from Atlanta, GA June 2, 2016

    Good sound. Easy to use. Probably awesome live.

    Let me start by mentioning that I purchased the GSP1101 to see if I would like the modeling, effects and 0 latency in comparison to my daw options. Digitech did an excellent job with the effects and many of the amp models are good. It sounds good out of the main outs, or over usb audio. The standalone/vst editor is pretty self explanatory and it's easy to tweak right from the front panel, so I would assume the GSP1101 is a great unit for live performance as well. Although it is very good, I've decided to return the GSP1101. I was able to produce very similar tones with my plugins, and the advantage of zero latency wasn't as profound as I'd imagined it would be compared to my daw running in low latency mode. So though it is a great piece, imo it's best suited for someone performing live on a regular basis.

  • from Pac NW November 22, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter

    Pretty good processor

    What can I say, this effects rack is good. Its easy enough to use and has everything you could ask for. I like what it has to offer but I still wish that Roland would come out with a COSM effects rack. This does the job for now.

  • from Atlanta, GA March 14, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar Instructor, Author

    Fairly Strong Unit, Weak Software Interface

    Though the software editor is lacking in many aspects, such as signal routing and placement of effects, this unit sounds pretty good. The reverbs and delays sound much better on this than on other FX units I've tried. Unfortunately, all of the frequency modulation effects are grouped together into one FX category, from which you can only use one at a time. This isn't an issue for recording, but for live sound, that does limit the amount of signal processing that can be achieved. Sadly, Digitech currently has a large list of extra presets on their website, but they do not work with the current firmware version. That doesn't detract from my review of the product itself, but I was rather unhappy with Digitech.

  • from peoria, il June 27, 2008Music Background:
    semi-pro guitarist, hobbyist Recording Engineer

    fantastic concept with a couple goofs

    I finally bought a guitar processor to replace the Digitech RP20 that I have loved for ten years. That in itself says a lot about the GSP1101. I play acoustic and electric in the same solo concerts, and I need to uplug one, plug in the other, and go. Furthermore, I use a Lexicon JamMan in my setup, so I need a unit with thorough MIDI implementation. The GSP1101 has finally answered the call!

    However, there are a couple major goofs that I wish I knew about. First (and most importantly), there is no way to change the delay time in a live situation other than switching or editing the preset. I need to set the delay time to quarter notes and prefer a tap-tempo function such as the RP20 and many other processors have. But currently (firmware version 2.0) the delay time cannot be mapped to a MIDI controller. Digitech knows they goofed and say they are in the final stages of developing an update that will fix this, but they will not even estimate a delivery date ("It will be posted when

    The other goof is the XLR outputs: Basically, they make my acoustic (Taylor 414CE) sound muddy--like they always have speaker compensation even when I choose "Direct" for a cabinet model (strangely, the "Direct" model sounds exactly like the "DigiTech SpkrComp" model). The only way to get a clean sound is to use the 1/4-inch outputs and uncheck the "cabinet to amp" control (which apparently forces a bypass around speaker compensation). In my correspondence, Digitech did not acknowledge this as a problem and says, "The Direct cabinet means no cabinet model is active, but speaker compensation is a subtle eq application to the XLR outputs that is present and active all the time." Bottom line, for acoustic guitarists, the XLR outputs are useless.

    I can live with the 1/4-inch outputs, and I trust Digitech to fix the delay-time issue, so I am not returning mine for a refund. Besides, I have programmed the daylights out of it and love everything else about it. So, in summary, we have a winner--I think.

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