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Taylor GS Mini-e Koa - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 40 customer reviews
Questions about the Taylor GS Mini-e Koa - Natural?

Questions about the Taylor GS Mini-e Koa - Natural?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Grand Rapids, MI June 3, 2017


    This guitar is perfect is every way for me. I was enjoying my Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, and also wanted an acoustic guitar. My two sons each have a full-size acoustic, they can play them but for me those guitars are unplayable, very difficult to fret and also I don't like how big they are. Again I am used to my electric, which I really like. So after reading reviews I decided to go for this Taylor GS Mini-e Koa. WOW!!! I love this guitar, it's so easy to play, and the size is perfect, it feels so good! Sounds fantastic, and looks absolutely gorgeous. Also you can put a strap on it which I like. If you like the size, feel, and playability of your electric guitar you will love this Taylor. I'm SO glad I bought this!!!

  • from Virginia May 1, 2017Music Background:
    Hobby player for many years

    GS Mini-e Koa

    Great guitar, this is my second GS Mini (the other one is Mahogany). These are very good travel size guitars that think they are full size. Excellent ton and build quality, perfect setup right out of the box. The Koa is beautiful, and I like the ES2 system better than the ES Go in the Mahogany. Even the padded soft case that Taylor uses for the mini is top quality. I did change the strings to custom lights (.11), that us my preference on my acoustics.

  • from April 22, 2017


    Purchased this guitar after debating a few different acoustics. I was hesitant thinking the "mini" would maybe have a mini sound. After talking with Brad about a few models, I decided to order the Taylor GS Mini-e Koa.

    Wow! This guitar sounds great. Playability is great, the size is perfect, the look is great...the only problem I have is putting it down to go to work. Highly recommend this guitar. Brad was a huge help as well. Sweetwater is always top notch with customer service. Now click ADD TO CART!

  • from Myrtle Beach, SC April 7, 2017

    Absolutely Wonderful

    I have a high end Martin and Taylor which I love dearly, but this little gem is even more fun to play. The sound is incredible and I get compliments from all my friends on how beautiful it is.
    Also, working with the people at Sweetwater, especially my contact, Will could not have gone better. First class products delivered by a first class organization.

  • from Spokane, Wa March 22, 2017Music Background:
    Beginning guitar player

    Beautiful Taylor Koa GS Mini

    I am a beginning guitar player. Wanted a guitar that got better with me and that traveled well. Also wanted a beautiful guitar with a better than average sound for its 3/4 size, one that tempted me with beautiful tone and looks so I would practice everyday. I am 5' 10" and 160 pds with average finger/hand size. I did not care for full size guitars but felt the fit was better in the scaled down sizes. After much comparison I bought the Taylor GS Mini-e Koa. I tend to like the Taylor sound a bit better than the Martins but not by much. Couch, floor, car seat, this guitar is comfortable to play about anywhere. The shape just fits too. And the sound? Outstanding! While I am new at this, this guitar stood out among the GS Mini's I had the experts and strangers play for me in the stores. The Koa has a balanced shimmer in the chords with a bit more volume than the rest, and the sustain is impressive. Also considered were the Baby Taylors and the Baby Martins including the Big Baby Taylor and the Martin Dreadnought Jr. The Jr was a close second with it's solid wood construction and great Martin sound with a 1 3/4 inch nut. But again the amazing sound of the Koa GS mini won me over in the end and the shape seemed better for me over the dreadnought. Each GS Mini Koa guitar looks so different too and Sweetwater shows you the exact guitar you are buying with first class, photo images. That's a big deal. If you choose this guitar look at a lot of these things and be patient to choose the top you like. The tops can vary quite a bit from "not really that pretty " to "OMG! I can't believe my guitar looks like this it is so beautiful." No matter what the top looks like, the Koa wood does something magic to the sound. It put many full size guitars to shame. It arrived tuned and in mint condition as it should being new. Thanks Sweetwater and Gabe! Love it!

  • from March 13, 2017

    Great job

    Awesome customer service

  • from CT March 1, 2017Music Background:
    Not a great player but love to play

    Excellent, Exellent, Excellent

    This is my second GS Mini but the first one made of Koa. The build quality and attention to detail is fantastic as is the way it looks and sounds. I have been trying to buy a Koa GS Mini for about 3 months but once they are posted on the Sweetwater site they are gone. I took 15 minutes to look at one of the 4 they had and by the time I decided it was gone. So knowing the quality of Taylor guitars and the having the experience with my first Mini, great size, big clear sound and they are easy to play and travel with all that I had left was to find one that I liked the looks of. Well that day came and I spent a few minutes deciding between two and made my decision. When it arrived it looked just like the Sweetwater pictures just stunning and it sounds wonderful. As it ages the sound will open up. I have not tried the built in electronics since this small body guitar produces sounds that if you did not know better were from a larger guitar. Once again I must give my Sweetwater engineer Justin Sunday ext 1966 a hearty thank you. He keep me informed when the next shipment of GS Koa's were arriving so I would not miss out again.

  • from Carmel, Indiana February 28, 2017Music Background:
    I am fairly new to the guitar

    Taylor GS Mini e Koa

    I received this awesome guitar from an awesome company!

  • from Oklahoma February 17, 2017Music Background:
    45 years playing at home and other small places

    Taylor gs mini koa

    This is a great guitar that plays very well, and has the sound of an upper class full size guitar. Most of all I want to thank Sweetwater and there support cannot be beat. The most important to me is I got to pick the gs mini koa I liked best in the pictures with the serial number of the actual guitar I was buying. Other on line stores don't do this. They show a picture of a really pretty one, and then send you whatever. There are so many variations in color and wood grains in the gs mini koa. That's the beauty of koa.

  • from North Carolina January 18, 2017Music Background:

    Amazing guitar!

    I've had my GS mini koa for about a week now, and cannot put it down! I'm a relatively new guitarist and recently became obsessed with the GS mini - tried out the mahogany model and found it nice, but a bit too muted for my taste. Then I started reading reviews of the koa. I told myself I wasn't a "good enough" player to spend so much on a guitar, I have a Baby Taylor that I like a lot, I should wait until I'm a more advanced player to buy this nice guitar . . . but I am so glad I didn't listen to myself!

    This guitar is so beautiful and so easy to play. The action is wonderful, right out of the box. Chords that I struggle with on my BT seem easy on the GS mini. I really think it is helping me to progress, if only because I can't stop playing it!

    And many thanks to my Sweetwater guy, Derek Kemp, who was very helpful and responsive when I had questions or concerns. I'm sure I'll be lusting after something else in the future, and I'll definitely order it from Sweetwater, whatever it is.

    If you're on the fence about this guitar, just go for it. You will not regret it.

  • from Los Angeles January 17, 2017Music Background:
    Musician/Audio Engineer


    I play this thing everyday. Mind you that I own a martin D-18. The finish is flawless, the action is right. The tone is HUGE and balanced. I do not regret a thing buying this guitar. It's so warm it make you want to keep writing songs.

    I'd also like to thank Nick LaMendola for the help. For a first time Sweetwater purchase, it was such a great experience.

  • from Montana January 13, 2017

    Taylor GS Mini Koa

    Amazing sound and great fun to play. Purchased one for my girlfriend for xmas - couldn't keep my fingers off it so had to purchase a second one for me.
    Thanks to Ryan Murphy our sales engineer for over 8 years now for making the second one happen. And thanks to Sweetwater for such great customer service !

  • from Atlanta December 27, 2016

    Love this guitar.

    Bought this as my first new acoustic in about 20 years. I'm shocked at the volume I can get out of it and the crafting is very solid. One other bonus is the electronics. This was an afterthought for me, but it is quite impressive for an acoustic guitar. Definitely OK for some background acoustic strumming while recording (although I would mic it for anything else). I am not a professional, so take that with a grain of salt.

    Thanks to Jake for setting my mind at ease when buying. I was nervous about purchasing a guitar I had never played, but I was assured if there were issues there would be no problem getting a replacement. No need, the guitar is beautiful and plays wonderfully and because of the size (it is so easy to just grab it and start playing), I'm playing more now than I have in years.

    Finally - this is the most beautiful instrument I own. Striking to look at.

  • from December 15, 2016

    Great guitar

    Thank-you to Sweetwater love to be able to talk to real people I own a few guitars sigma fender and some less known but this guitar would be the only one I would need. Easy to play on the fingers and the tone is like no other. The es2 pick-up has a wonderful sound. Beautiful grains in the wood so many compliments.Will keep this one and play this one always.Thanks Sweetwater again!

  • from Ohio November 28, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Beginner

    Review Taylor GS Mini-e Koa

    I stumbled across Taylors in some store, kinda liked them and began googling for guitars for people with small hands, came across the GS mini, played, well "played" is a kindness since I'm a professional beginner but strummed a spruce top in some store, and liked the feel of it (I have this Epiphone that I bought in 1974 with action that might challenge Keith Richards) and decided then and there to do this right ...

    So the guitar you're gonna help me get is important to me. I want to love that guitar like one might love a supermodel or a Telecaster. I've already gone insane over it having pre-purchased West African hard ivory saddle, West African hard ivory nut, bridge pins and strap button and chosen a luthier. It will be both cool and pretty in my estimation.

    So what's my point?

    My point's this Brandon Eden, based off reviews of Sweetwater, which I stumbled across either by accident or by the divine providence of Prince (who's While My Guitar Gently Weeps solo renewed my interest in guitar), I'm entrusting you with aiding me in choosing an instrument that I will enjoy playing and more importantly WANT to play for the rest of my miserable life.

    You up for that?

    No harm, no foul if not.

    I wrote the above about five months ago. I wanted to sit on commenting for a bit and see how this played out. Well Brandon came through but honestly, I expected that. It's really cool that one can expect that sort of superior customer service from Sweetwater to the point of practically taking it for granted. By the time I got to Brandon I had a mortal lock on the Koa GS Mini-e. He helped me pick out the one I liked and I play/practice it (practically) daily and I get frustrated and suck with a capital "S" but you know what? That's OK, I'm 59 years old and I'm trying and having fun and it's not the gear's fault I'm no good and I'm getting better every day and it sounds great when I play it correctly. I didn't go wrong with this guitar and I'm certain you wont either. Buy one! The guitar arrived in perfect shape and taking it to the luthier was just icing on the cake. When I get good enough for an electric (I bought into Keith Richard's learn on on acoustic to build hand strength and technique) I'll buy it from Sweetwater. Sorry so wordy, be well!

  • from WA November 13, 2016

    Excellent guitar

    First of all, Sweetwater has changed my mind about buying guitars on the internet. My tech, Chris Neyman, went way above the call of duty and sent me pics of various guitars until I picked the beauty that I have now. It arrived very well packaged with no damage and was set up ready to play. Well, almost, I will get to that later.

    So . . . the guitar . . .

    This may be classified as a travel guitar but it has become my go-to guitar. It is gorgeous! The sound and tone that comes out of this guitar may blow you away. It blew me away. It is very easy to play, I love the neck for my small hands. This is also the first time I have played with Elixir Nanoweb strings and I like them. I have used Elixir Polywebs for many years but I may switch over to the Nanowebs now. I have not played it plugged in yet. I really have no need to plug in since I am relegated to the bedroom at home, and my church is very small with decent acoustics. I do not own an acoustic amp but I may give it a try in the future.

    I mentioned earlier that it was almost ready to play. The reason for that is because I am overly picky and I like to tweak things. The changes I have made were to install gold hardware: Grover 406G Mini locking tuners and a Dunlop gold colored strap lock (only one because I didn't want to fiddle with the battery compartment). Also Taylor ebony bridge pins instead of plastic. I might switch out the nut and bridge for bone, although I am not convinced it needs it. As to the Grover tuners, if you want to change them you will need to drill 6 tiny holes in the headstock but I was good with that because I doubt that I will ever change them again. The gold against the dark KOA wood looks very sharp indeed.

    I'm not sure what else needs to be said. The sound is amazing, the looks are amazing, the playability is amazing . . . it is an amazing guitar. I have others but this gets the most play time. As a bonus, it is easy to play while you are on your bed, propped up with pillows.

    If you are on the fence I would suggest you go for it. It simply cannot be beat in the "travel" guitar category.

  • from Emeryville November 8, 2016

    Beautiful guitar

    This is a beautiful, really well made guitar that sounds great- a very rich and full sound for a travel-sized guitar. Even my guitar instructor was impressed, and it took a little while to pry it back out of his hands when he was giving it a test drive. The koa top is lovely! FYI, the neck felt a little heavy in relation to the body to me, though that might be common to travel guitars- it's certainly not uncomfortable, though. Sweetwater shipped this to me right away, very securely packed up, and the set-up was completely perfect. I would not hesitate to order another instrument from here- super easy, and the support is great.

  • from October 31, 2016

    Love my Baby James

    I'm still paying for this beauty, but I love it! Sweetwater, of course, did their usual excellent job in facilitating my purchase and it was like Christmas opening up the box. The set up was perfect; playable right from the case. The Koa is beautiful, like a work of art in my living room. It makes me happy just looking at it.

    I am so impressed with this little guy. Very playable, lovely tone and feels like quality. The action is wonderful. Can't say enough. I look forward to a long relationship with my Baby James.

  • from West Virginia October 17, 2016Music Background:
    Singer Songwriter

    Big Taylor Tone Yet Mini Travel Size

    Pulled it out of the Box a month ago. Thought how beautiful it looked. Then strummed it and picked a bluesy riff. Wow!!! The tone was big. It sounded like a Taylor. It has a big full tone. I now carry it everywhere I go. I have entertained Doctors and their staff. Customers in waiting rooms. And most important of all myself. I am totally in awe the tone that comes out of this little KOA GSMINI-e.

  • from October 4, 2016

    Taylor GS Mini-e Koa

    goood tone,easy to play,best value for the money.

  • from upstate New York September 29, 2016

    Smaller doesn't mean quiter

    I loved the look of this guitar and told my wife that I needed a smaller guitar than my Grand Auditorium because it wouldn't be as loud when I practiced in the cellar. Boy was I wrong. It's just as loud and the tone is great. I really like playing it.

  • from Louisiana August 12, 2016Music Background:

    No Way to Beat This for the Money!

    I have purchased 5 of these for my personal collection. Gorgeous finishes and attention to detail ( even at this price) Just amazing! Plays astonishingly Superb too! Sweetwater always gets the action and playing dynamics right with their superb checkpoint systems.

  • from Bartlett,, il July 25, 2016Music Background:
    Piano Teacher/Professional Musician

    Great Guitar

    Bought this guitar for my 11 year old daughter. I play it as much as her. I am a professional keyboardist trying to learn guitar. This guitar sounds great and is easy to play for a beginner like me. I tried it outdoors through a midsize PA system and the pickups are crisp and clear. Doesn't bother me at all that it is 3/4 size, (of course I am a keyboardist so I guess I don't know better). Pricier that most this size but worth it. I'll have to check out the full size taylor next time for myself

  • from Fullerton July 25, 2016Music Background:

    Mini Koa magic

    My Taylor GS Mini Koa is wonderful. Warm and bright. I owned a Mini Mahogany and this Kia beats it. Adds another level of sonic brightness. Plus the ES2 is a great upgrade. Sweetwaters customer service is unmatched. My arrived a day earlier that expected. Thanks Sweetwater.

  • from Atlanta, GA July 9, 2016Music Background:
    Playing now almost 5 years

    Unbelievable Website and Service

    I knew I wanted a GS Mini-e Koa, so was shopping around many places. I like to buy from a physical store, or via Craigslist, but I decided to give Sweetwater a try. The selection and inventory are clearly displayed on the website, and it was a great selection indeed. I did a side by side of 4 models with very detailed images. I was impressed by the detail and professionalism of the website and decided to pull the trigger.

    I was equally impressed by the customer service. I got a personal call within 90 minutes thanking me and asking if I had questions. The guitar arrived exactly as promised on the website and was packaged very well. The outside box was over the inside Taylor box and while the outside box has some scuffs, the inside was pristine.

    I keep looking locally on craigslist, but if I ever pay retail again for a guitar I want, it will definitely be Sweetwater. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Now, there is a Cocobola T5 on the Sweetwater site that might be the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen. Maybe....

    Highly recommended to anyone.

  • from Bessemer city, North Carolina July 8, 2016

    Awesome guitar

    This is an awesome little guitar and the personal customer service from Mike Godlove was the best. If your looking for a great sounding little guitar with great looks buy now you can't go wrong

  • from Toledo, OH June 20, 2016Music Background:

    Worth the Wait (and the price)

    I waited patiently for a few months for my perfect GS Mini-e Koa to hit the Sweetwater inventory. I wanted a specific-looking top and Ryan Sloan delivered the goods. This sounds better than my GS Mini Mahogany and looks incredible. I currently own a Taylor 814e and Taylor W15 and my new GS Mini Koa (her name is Kunu) fits right into the family. Perfect for songwriting on the back deck with a cigar and a beverage. These guitars also travel extremely well, as I've taken my mahogany model to the UK and all over the USA. Get one of these Koa guys when you can (they go in and out of stock).

  • from Franklin, WI June 16, 2016


    First off, everyone should own at least one guitar with Koa top wood. It has the most amazing sound - rich, deep, and resonant. I am an average, hobby type guitarist, and even I can tell the difference between the sound of a Koa guitar and all other guitars. Next, I want to write about the aesthetics of the guitar. The look of Koa and its varied appearance makes each Koa guitar unique and beautiful. The variance between the dark and light ribbons in the wood help to make the matched pieces a piece of art. Sometimes I find myself just looking at it and seeing new qualities I hadn't noticed before. The front, the back, the sides all are beautiful. There is not a bad looking angle when seeing the beauty of this instrument. Lastly, the overall quality of this Taylor guitar is excellent. Out of the box it was tuned perfectly with excellent action. I played unplugged first and was amazed at the sound quality and the ease of fretting and bending strings. Next, I plugged in and was similarly impressed with the pick-up and the electronic controls. Some of my older guitars have large electronic compartments that take away from the look of the guitar. Not this one. The electronics are subdued and compliment the overall look of the instrument. I've always loved ebony fret boards and this one is no different. Slides are effortless and the frets don't hang up your fingertips through the slides. I was initially worried about the size of a travel guitar, but I adjusted quickly and the instrument became fun to play (I think I played it for about 2 hours on the first day alone.) I was also curious about how layered wood would affect the sound of the instrument, but I can hear no difference. As I increase my experience with guitars, I am beginning to appreciate rarity of exotic woods and the need to conserve and responsibly harvest these woods. I believe Taylor does an excellent job at this and I more and more support the use of layered woods and alternate source materials in the construction of guitars.

    On a side note - Sweetwater service is, as always, excellent. I ordered this guitar on a Saturday and received it the following Tuesday in perfect condition and got a follow up call from Jason, my service rep, immediately after. Couldn't be happier with Sweetwater as my go to dealer.

  • from June 16, 2016Music Background:
    Serious hobbyist

    Excellent guitar

    This guitar is an excellent instrument. To put this review in perspective, I have multiple Taylors including an 814ce, K24ce, K22ce 12 fret. Aesthetically, the GS Mini Koa guitar is just beautiful. The playability is great. The action is low & the strings are comfortable. Easy to form chords & play riffs. This guitar flat picks & finger picks very well. The tone is wonderful. Very balanced with more depth than you'd expect from a smaller scale guitar. I plugged into a Roland KC350 & was very pleased with the amplified tone. I actually had to roll back the bass a little on the ES2 because there was almost too much low end. I want to give a very special thank you to Sweetwater Sales Engineer David Hess who worked with me & went the extra mile to help get the perfect guitar for me. Koa is very variable & because of David's hard work I was able to get a guitar with the Koa grain pattern that I was looking for. In addition, David upgraded the guitar with a bone nut & ebony bridge pins which really adds to the great tone of this guitar. Great guitar & great service!

  • from Fayetteville, NC June 6, 2016Music Background:
    15 Year Professional Player

    Completely in love.

    I have friends that have Mahogany Minis and love them. I wanted one as well. Went with the KOA and am blown away by the sound. It is very loud to be so small. I have a 400 series Taylor as well and the sound from this guitar is different, but comparable, as far as the quality goes. Obviously the ES2 being included with these makes it an incredible value. I have used this guitar at several smaller pub gigs already, as well as my daily living room concerts for my family. Definitely a perfect instrument for both.

  • from May 16, 2016

    Great Guitar, Great Shopping Experience!!!

    Chris Carter... A million thank yous. I was nervous about buying this online but because Chris was so terrific in guiding me thru the process and answering my questions, I felt confident I would be satisfied with my purchase and if any problems might arise, they would be taken care of.

    Well, zero problems first of all. And more importantly, I am so happy with my new guitar! I'm a small person with small hands so the mini Gs is a perfect fit for me. Because of the scale length, I have no problem bending the strings. The intonation the entire length of the neck is perfect. I can't say that about the Martin Dred junior, which I also considered for a time. , the miini Taylor is so easy to play and despite the travel size, it sounds big. Finally, the Koa is just GORGEOUS... Even the neck on mine has beautiful markings.

    Thanks Chris Carter and Sweetwater

  • from May 14, 2016

    Worth it!

    Just got this guitar not to long ago and it is gorgeous and has such a big sound I love it sooo much!!!

  • from North Carolina May 12, 2016Music Background:
    Okay guitar player, nothing special

    KOA, what a fantastic choice

    I am blown away by this guitar. First and foremost I have to give a shout out to my sales engineer, Aaron Regenold. I had by telling Aaron for a while that I wanted one of these bad boys when he could get his hands on one. Aaron called me last week and let me know that he had one and he had picked what he thought was the best top of the bunch. Let me tell you, the top that I received is the most beautiful grain pattern I have seen on one of these. In regards to the guitar, its a GS mini which is an epic instrument. It has the ES2 system which is ridiculous, it has a solid KOA top, and it ships in an awesome gig bag. I haven't played the spruce or mahogany but this thing sounds fantastic. I primarily use a capo on the 1-3rd fret and haven't had any issues. The tuning pegs seem to be doing a lot better job than I had previously heard. Overall I would say that this guitar could easily cost over $1,000 for the fact that its solid KOA top, and that its an awesome all around guitar. Havent plugged it in yet but I would imagine the tones you can get with the ES2 would be superb. Buy it if you can get your hands on one!

  • from Punta Gorda Fl. March 21, 2017Music Background:
    Classically trained. Professional Top40 for 35 years

    Taylor GS Mini-e Koa

    I just love this guitar. Perfect size for a woman who plays 3-4 hour gigs. I've had one for a year and it has replaced the agony of neck/back pain with the joy of playing again. I use a wide strap that helps too. I have one disappointment with it though. The bottom end has no umph. Especially the low E string. It does get frustrating at a gig but I won't trade her for the world. So easy for practice and goofing around.

  • from NYC January 27, 2017Music Background:
    When I have free time

    Great Little Guitar

    I'm not an expert by any means when it comes to guitars, or instruments in general. I got a guitar from my parents years ago and loved the instrument. Recently, I decided that I had proved to myself that guitar playing was a permanent aspect of my life so I invested in the Taylor GS Mini-e Koa and it's been great. I don't know the fine details but it sounds nice, plays well, it's compact, and it's beautiful. I won't pretend to know much else about it. It has certainly earned my recommendation for what its worth.

  • from November 10, 2016Music Background:
    Co-worship leader, muscian

    Gs mini-e koa

    I was stuck between the mahogany top and koa top. I found it would be more worth it on the long run to have a koa top guitar because it takes longer to break it in. It may sound bright right now, but over time it will sound warmer. I own a 414ce and a spruce top gs mini replaced now with the gs mini-e koa. The spruce top was opened up and sounded very loud but it was too bright for me. Koa tops look a lot prettier than my spruce top and have less volume. Hopefully my koa top will become louder when I open it up. So I took off .5 star because of the lack of volume it has compared to the spruce top.

  • from August 4, 2016


    This little guitar has become my only everyday practice axe. Big sound from such a small super easy to play acoustic. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars are the pickups. I can't get a true amplified tone. I wouldn't recommend the added expense.

  • from May 9, 2017

    Taylor GS Mini-e Koa

    Once we got the right guitar and the correct strings, this product rocks. the only sad part is I had to make about 3 trips there, but they always take care of me.

  • from Vandalia, OH August 29, 2016

    To the Studio

    Bought this for sitting on the couch and banging around on it. The high tones I can create on this guitar also have a place in my studio. Great accent guitar.

  • from Florida December 8, 2016Music Background:
    Solo artist

    Taylor GS Koa

    Received my Taylor a while ago, what a piece of crap. This guitar at $ is not worth the money. It does however look beautiful and plays well, it just sounds muddled and like trying to talk with a mouthful of marbles. I have a Martin Ed Sheeran edition and a small bodied Bedell to compare the three of these. The Bedell sounds and looks amazing and clear. The quality of this koa is nothing like a higher end guitar as I also play a Martin D37K2 which is truly an all koa American made guitar. I also have a beautiful Taylor 612 that is gorgeous and plays like every bit of the price tag. I just would recommend when buying a guitar at this price point make sure to try every guitar you can touch at this point to get the most value for your buck.

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