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Ultimate Support GS-1000 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 65 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Chris McCown

    This is what a guitar stand should be. One of the many benefits of this stand is that the strap doesn't get hung up on anything when you pick it up to play. After using one of these, I can't use anything else. I also don't have to worry about my precious axe falling out of the cradle, because there is no cradle! "It's just a stand." No, it's not - it's a GS1000!

  • from Fort Wayne October 5, 2015Music Background:
    Love music more than foods


    Perfect for all the guitars, heavy or light

  • from Greensboro NC August 6, 2015Music Background:
    Folk Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal

    GS-1000 Stand

    Awesome stand. Great for V shaped guitars.

  • from Dayton, Ohio July 10, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist, Classic Rock & Smooth Jazz

    Great Guitar Accessory

    Bought this at Gearfest. Great guitar stand. Highly recommend. I have replaced all my older stands with this stand. Folds up very nicely for transporting to your next practice session or gig.

  • from United States March 13, 2015

    Finest stand ever

    Will not fall over even if a 70 pound dog "loves on it" and the guitar will not fall off. Great protection.

  • from Richmond, VA USA January 19, 2015Music Background:
    Fifty years as a guitarist, singer/song writer, and home recordist

    Best Guitar Stand I've Ever Had

    This guitar stand is probably the most stable stand I've ever owned. In fact, I like it so well that I keep my first one at the nursing home where I do ministry every Wednesday and bought this one to keep at church. All I need now is one at home. *G*

  • from Kansas July 21, 2014

    Great STAND

    Holds guitar securely and is very stable. I feel comfortable leaving my guitar in this stand knowing it will not fall over.

  • from Nashville, TN May 17, 2014Music Background:
    Musician and Song Writer

    Great, sturdy storage

    I've had a few guitar stands but this one goes beyond others.
    First the locking legs get held in place with a firm snap of the hub.
    Second the height adjustments are very easy to make.
    And the guitar is held, suspended by it's neck, keeping the guitar ready for you to grab and play that baby.

  • from Newport, NH April 23, 2014Music Background:
    Plays in a small country band

    Ultimate Support GS-10000

    I like this very much, I like the way it folds up into a nice compact package.
    Makes it easy for transporting and also seems strong and well made.

  • from NJ March 22, 2014Music Background:
    35 years exp.

    Love it...

    The good: Solid, secure and stable. Holds my Taylor like a glove! Very easy to set up and break down. A million times better than the standard stand in every way. I'm ordering another one as soon as I send in this review.

    The bad: When first opened the top of the stand, where the headstock of the guitar sits was sticking in the closed position. I had to open and close it (moving the yoke up and down) a bunch of times. It freed up I after a minute or so and works perfectly now.

    Way suggest this stand, like I said im buying another one now.

  • from Northern Illinois November 12, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Just Buy this one

    I now have three of these and will likely get a couple more.
    A little pricey, but well worth it. Folds up nice and small and will hold basses and guitars and most headstock shapes. The other reviews name some exceptions, but they are the odd ducks. You can buy a cheaper stand, but they will disappoint in some way.

  • from hudson, IL September 29, 2013

    great stand

    Very secure

  • from Richmond Va September 3, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Player for National Recording Act Ron Moody & The Centaurs


    Electric,Acoustic,or Bass Guitar.This will be the Choice for you. One Stand Fits All. Secure to feel safe when on stage or at Any Gig. You will Not be Disappointed. Try it and see it will be your choice from now on. All you will need is to buy Several for your collection and Investment to be Safe ! It the Best I ever Tried and The Only Stand I want to use when on stage !

  • from New York, NY August 21, 2013Music Background:

    stands alone!

    My Taylor 12-String is nice and secure with it's home away from home.
    If she's not in her case, she's on my Ultimate Support GS-1000. If you have to ask why, then get with the program; go check it out and see for yourself. It works with gravity and style. A nice combination. This gets my vote. A full 5 stars!

  • from Farmington, NM July 23, 2013Music Background:
    Church Musician

    Named Appropriately

    Excellent stand. Well worth the money. I no longer have to worry about my instrument cable getting caught on the cradle. Holds my Ibanez SR1205E securely. Do yourself a favor and buy one.

  • from West Virginia July 22, 2013Music Background:
    Church Worship Leader

    Awesome Stand

    This stand is great! Easy placement and release of your instrument and it doesn't bind your cord when setting it in place.

  • from South Elgin, Illinois July 19, 2013Music Background:

    Easy to use

    The stand is portable, very easy to use and very sturdy.

  • from Central Illinois May 16, 2013Music Background:
    Keyboarding , slave-driving band leader

    Ultimately Sweet

    What do you call a product made by Ultimate and sold by Sweetwater?
    Ultimately Sweet!!
    This is one cool stand that stands up to the task of protecting your axe...in this case my sons bass.
    He loves it so I am a coooool Dad, it works like it should in a cooooool way, so, Ultimately, I'm looking real sweeeeet in this birthday arrangement.
    Thank you Sweetwater!!
    You DO put the sweeeet in Sweetwater!!

  • from Duarte, CA April 16, 2013Music Background:
    Have had my own C&W band. Now, just for fun.

    An outstanding product at a very fair price

    I love my guitar. No, I REALLY love my guitar and this stand lets me rest in the knowledge that it is going nowhere when I hang it in the GS-1000. Its ease of operation, its steadfastness and its padded legs has given me reasurrance that I have done ALL that I can do to not only protect my guitar, but also have it ready within a split second.
    Instructions are a snap...even for this ol' man. Spend the extra couple of bucks and move up to this beauty

  • from Virginia USA March 18, 2013Music Background:
    Playing Live,and Home Recording

    Service & follow Up

    Thank to the Staf at Sweetwater for your Comitment in Processing
    my Orders,as soon as they were orded.
    The delivery's arrived on time,the Prices were the best that I could find.

  • from NYC February 24, 2013

    Like having a person take and hand back guitar

    I appreciate creative and well engineered products and this is one. You place down or pick up (not forward and back) the guitar. It almost seems like someone is taking it out of your hand and giving it back to you. Such an elegant product. My Reverend Warhawk II 390s with the jack where it is, if you leave the cord in, the plug would hit the floor or stand on other stands I have. This works so perfectly solving my problem. In a gig situation I would unplug the cord just to be safe.

  • from Bayside NY USA January 28, 2013Music Background:

    Don't even bother with other stands

    I have 3 other stands of various makes and price points and this is my favorite without a doubt. More secure then a regular hanger and nothing for your straps or cables to get hung up on. It's a plus that you can adjust the height so the cable jack is not hitting or resting on the legs as the guitar hangs.

  • from Placerville,CA USA January 18, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    love this unit

    real smooth operating---holds my Jazz bass. Blown away, well ok yes

  • from Richmond, VA January 14, 2013Music Background:
    Have played guitar for fifty years.

    Best Guitar Stand Ever

    For years I've favored hanging guitar stands. As much as I loved my old Hamilton, I have to say the Ultimate really is "the Ultimate." That self-closing yoke security gate is unbelievably clever--not to mention effective.

  • from Florida December 12, 2012Music Background:

    Very happy with product and Sweetwater

    Stand works great, exactly what I was looking for

  • from Texas September 1, 2012Music Background:

    Great Stand

    The GS-1000 changed my mind about these types of stands. I swore I would never buy a stand that didn't have some sort of support under the body. I now know that it isn't necessary. This stand is strong, light, and holds my basses firmly and worry free. I own three of them and I'm getting ready to buy two more. Love 'em!

  • from Fort Wayne IN. July 21, 2012Music Background:

    Guitar stands GS 1000

    Great sales staff.

  • from July 12, 2012

    Best stand I've ever used!

    Outstanding! (Pun intended.) Finally a stand that's secure but still quick to use. Just place your guitar on it. Done. Grab it and take it off. Simple. Bought two of them, one for electric and one for acoustic.

  • from Huntington, IN June 27, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist, Engineer, Music Geek

    This is Brilliant

    Incredibly simple, easy to pack away. and a bunch of more adjectives that don't do this justice. Bought on a whim and I will never use another guitar stand again.

  • from Atlanta, GA, United States May 1, 2012Music Background:
    Long-time musician

    Ultimate Support GS-1000

    I know that many musicians argue against the use of guitar stands, insisting that an instrument should be put in its case whenever it is not being held. For someone doing home recording, like me, working from a case may be too inconvenient. This convenience is so important to me that, although I paid a high price for my use of a guitar stand, I still use one.

    I had been using an inexpensive stand of the sort that cradles the instrument in a two-pronged support which pivots in the stand, but had to replace it after it tipped over, dumping my 1968 ES-335 on the floor and breaking the headstock.

    The GS-1000 looked like a good bet, so I ordered one from Sweetwater. I was delighted with it. The design is superior to the other style, and it works with acoustic, semi-hollow and solid-body guitars, unlike the previous stand, which allowed solid-body guitars to slip through the cradle. The self-actuating yoke which captures the neck is a smart design, as are the locking legs. The yoke is made of material which is not damaging to nitro-cellulose finishes. This is of such obvious importance that I won't call it a feature. Incredibly, the previous stand was not made of such a material, and I was forced to wrap the yoke with cotton to protect the finishes of my instruments. The legs are angled so that the likelihood of tipping over is greatly reduced. I did not attach the ten pound lead weight to the GS-1000, as I had to the previous stand after the accident. I have not used the "handy guitar pick storage slots". I'm sure they work well.

    Of course risks remain, and no stand is entirely immune to disaster. Recently an over-enthusiastic friend lost his balance, fell off a drum stool and crushed my GS-1000, bending one of the legs severely. I ordered another.

  • from Springfield, IL. April 1, 2012Music Background:
    Amateur singer/guitarist


    I was pleasantly surprised with the versatility and durability of this guitar stand, to say nothing of the ease in using and transporting. I highly recommend it; It's been a great addition to my gear.

  • from West Valley, UT USA March 10, 2012Music Background:

    One size does not fit all

    The stand is great and is well made, the only downfall is that the entire reason i purchased it was to cradle my 8 string guitar. and the neck is a little too wide for it to work properly, if i do get it to fit the locking arms will collapse so close that its near impossible to get the guitar back out, probably due to the locking nuts. I still gave it a five star warning, as its not the fault of the manufacturer, but i think this warning needs to be out there, and maybe dimensions should be put in the sweetwater.com description so that i could find a stand that meets my needs.

  • from Vancouver, WA February 8, 2012Music Background:
    engineer, performer, producer, touring artist, pastor of rock

    The perfect guitar stand

    Seriously, there is no other guitar stand.

  • from Piedmont, SC January 21, 2012Music Background:

    Great stand!

    Great product. Best stand for the money. Works great with my bass guitars.

  • from Adelaide, SA Australia August 5, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar player


    A great stand. Very secure with the lock in legs and the closing yoke gate. Packs up into a compact size, keeps the cable well off the ground if you have an input on the very bottom of your guitar.

    Only small quibble I have is with the smoothness of the sliding components. Everything still moves fine, just not very smooth.

    Fantastic stand with everything you could want!

  • from All over June 6, 2011Music Background:

    Finally - a guitar stand worthy of 5 stars...

    Finally, a great stand with no parts to assemble or remove. It is sturdy as hell and travels well. It lays back and the adjustable height allows your guitar to hang at the right angle and rest against the foam legs. Great for odd shaped guitars...a must really. The locking mechanism is great too. I bought 4 of them and may get a couple more.

  • from Southeastern USA December 4, 2010Music Background:
    Guitarist, Songwriter, Keyboardist, Engineer, Horns, Piano, Pro when the price is right!

    Finally...perfection in a guitar stand!

    I've always loved USS's guitar stands, but this one with the new yoke locking mechanism simply blows me away. In fact, I bought 3 of em and may have to replace all of mine, as it is very hard to use anything else after using this baby. The price is right, the extension is secure and solid, and works for pretty much ANY shaped guitar (or length, for you low-enders), the foldup is easy, it's all ONE PIECE, the rubber is NONREACTIVE, and the lock...oh..the lock....!

    You've never used a stand like this...until you use a stand like this. You'll never want anything else. And the price is right. Sweetwater did me right and got 'em out to me FAST.

    You owe yourself and your guitars the favor of using these wonderfully safe and secure stands for everything you play. They'll take care of your babies...

  • from Reno, NV March 18, 2010

    A great stand

    This is a truly good stand. Very easy to use and holds my guitar steady. Safe for my LP's nitro finish which puts my mind at ease. A very good product that does what it is supposed to do.

  • from October 5, 2015

    Nice stand

    Simple, effective, low cost guitar stand solution. I'm only using it at home to hold an acoustic and don't take it on jobs so I can't comment on it's durability. It does, however, seem to be well built and I like the "locking" feature to keep the instrument more secure.

  • from September 29, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar Player


    What a great stand. Rock solid, sturdy, and easy to transport. What isn't there to love? Best guitar stand I've ever owned.

  • from New England, USA June 13, 2015Music Background:
    Producer, Songwriter, Audio Engineer

    Great Stand

    Waited too long to get one of these! The GS-1000 is a great stand design. It's very sturdy - and easily folds-up to a portable size if needed for travel or gigs. The auto-locking mechanism works perfectly - and keeps your guitar safe and secure - without any extra step - just place your guitar on the stand and it's locked-in. The main tube is adjustable with a simply flip latch - and you can re-adjust the stand height in seconds - whether for a Les Paul, a Jazz Bass, etc. So.., the GS-1000 costs a bit more than those cheap(er) alternatives, but I think it's well-worth it. The only thing that knocked-off half a star in this review is that there is a bit of wobble where the main tube is attached to the base. The tube is well-set into the base and attached with a rivet - but, I would have expected it to be more tightly attached. That's my only complaint, though - and could just be a defect in the stand I received.

  • from United States April 15, 2015

    Great for Gigging

    I really Like these guitar stands. Constructed well and light. They break down for transport too. Ultimate Support is awesome.

  • from Chicago February 4, 2015

    Never thought I would like a guitar stand until now

    had a few guitar stands over the years, and I've never trusted any of them until now.Finally they made one that doesn't worry me about falling over, destroying my guitars finish, etc. legs lockable in the open position, and folds up nice and small making it very travel friendly.

  • from Leominster, Ma, USA September 23, 2014Music Background:
    Bass Player (pro)

    One and only

    No feeling of,'' is my instrument secure''? Cushioned leg supports and head stock locking feature are the only way to go. No second guessing.

  • from Cincinnati, OH August 4, 2012Music Background:
    I dabble

    Pretty Good Design. Simple, But Good.

    I was kinda wondering exactly how this was going to work, since there weren't any pictures of the stand with an actual guitar on it. Well, it actually is quite simple, and effective. It seems to be build pretty well, not perfect, but pretty well.

    I still think it's a little overpriced for what it is, but besides that, it is a good stand.

  • from Yorba Linda Ca. July 27, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader / Writer - Acoustic/Electric Guitar

    Stable Stand

    This stand takes care of all my guitars when sitting ready to record in my home studio. I feel like the guitar is much more stable then when in any other I have used. It is easy to fold up and carry as one piece without any arms jutting out. Great piece of gear

  • from Central NJ February 3, 2012Music Background:
    long-time player

    Nice stand

    I am so far very impressed with this stand after 2 months of use. I love the automatic locking in of the guitar. And the way it hangs and rests on the frame bottom is a lot easier than worrying about sitting it just so and getting the balance right. Recommended

  • from Longview, WA December 23, 2011Music Background:
    beginning musician

    nice stand

    All the features seem right on to me. Granted I have had it for only about six months and have been fairly nice to it. The price is right and so far so good.

  • from Long Beach April 15, 2015Music Background:
    Intermediate- Beginner Bedroom rocker

    Ultimate Support

    This stand fits my Epiphone perfect. It is adjustable, but one thing is you have to remove the guitar first before you try to move the stand

  • from Newman, Il. August 10, 2014Music Background:

    Ultimate Support GS-1000

    Adjustable for length, folds for transport or storage.

  • from Northern California July 8, 2014Music Background:
    50+ years playing writing, performing mainly jazz guitarist and vocalist

    why did I wait so long?

    After 1 too many launches of one of my fine archtops with a standard stand, I knew I had to get one of these. No more launches. VERY hard to knock over!

  • from Ypsilanti, MI December 18, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Warrier having a ball

    I like it

    I switch hit between bass guitar and an EUB. I needed something fast. No puttsin around with getting the cord in exactly the right spot and no flipped over stand upon retrieval. This is doing the job. I've had it for a month and it works perfectly. One decal popped of the gate. Not a crisis. It is not as rigid as my other stands which gives me pause in regard to how long it will last. Only time will tell. So far, it sets up and packs down fast. Grabs my bass and lets it go fast. A slick solution.

  • from San Diego, CA October 5, 2011Music Background:
    all of it

    A BETTER guitar stand?

    I admit it, I have a love-hate relationship with guitar stands. I've got to have them and rely on them to hold My Darlings, but sometimes that doesn't work out so well. These stands are definitely BETTER than conventional stands. For one thing, you get rid of the stupid U-shaped piece that invariably gets stepped on or bent, or is impossible to get in that upside down hole on a dark stage. Also, you don't have to deal with losing the rubber or foam parts of the neck rest that always come off. These GS-1000s are BETTER stands. I really only have 2 issues, and only 1 of those 2 count to keep me from a 5-star rating. That issue is price. I've not had these long enough to know if the $40 price tag is worth it. I've got 4 of them right now, so time will tell. But $40? Really? That's the price of 4 crappy stands. It's not that over-the-top, but still seems about $15 too much. There is another brand with a similar locking yoke, but the price-tag was a so stupid 50 bucks that I never even tried it.

    The only other minor issue is that if you want to use the stand for something big (my Dobro neck) the yoke is a tiny bit narrow, and if you want to use it for something small (my mandolin), it is lacking one piece of foam just above the tripod lock to protect the beautiful piece of maple on my F-style. Overall, I'm pretty happy, and expect you will be too.

  • from Buffalo, NY June 8, 2011Music Background:

    Excellent guitar stand

    Very pleased with this guitar stand. It's well constructed and most importantly holds my acoustic or electric securely in place thanks to the self-closing yoke. No set up needed and adjusts easily.

  • from Missoula, MT USA April 6, 2012Music Background:

    Don't clip your 'Snark' tuner on the 'forks!'

    Someone I know clipped my 'Snark' Tuner to the Ultimate Support GS-1000's 'fork'. I grabbed my 'Axe' to show how cool the 'auto release' function is (to another friend), and it didn't open. Thankfully, I still have good reaction time, so I didn't damage my brand new guitar, but it was still a lot closer than I would have liked. Please - 'Fool-Proof!'

  • from Kenosha, WI July 22, 2012Music Background:

    Ultimate GS1000 - split decision

    I bought this stand at Gearfest. By the time I tried it out, Gearfest was over and I was home, 2 states away. To my chagrin, the spring loaded mechanism did not work properly. It would grab the guitar and not let go when I picked it up. Sweetwater took care of me and arranged for me to get a replacement at no cost to me and the replacement works fine so far. I gave 3 stars because I still have doubts about the quality control and durability of an item that comes out of the box nonfunctional.

  • from August 9, 2015

    Not recommended for a bas

    This stand was among the recommended accessories for the 70 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass which I purchased from Sweetwater. However I couldn't manage to make the bass sit right, it was just to heavy and would have tipped over had I tried to use it. This stand is now holding my Squier Telecaster instead. It does a great job but I can't help but think a stand half the price would have worked just as well. File under gimmicky?

  • from Leesburg July 20, 2013Music Background:
    Semi Pro 30+ Exp.

    I Miss the Old Ultimate

    I own 2 old style molded plastic Ultimate stands. They are perfect, very stable and when you grab your guitar it comes out of the stands. The GS-1000 has a locking system that depends on the weight of the guitar on the yoke to activate it, but when you lift the guitar it often wont release resulting in your lifting the guitar and pulling down on the stand to get it out. Maybe it will wear in. Still not a bad stand for the price.

  • from New york April 29, 2015Music Background:
    Semi pro player 40+ years

    Good not great

    I own 2 of these.. Most of my guitars are Teles and unfortunately this stand doesn't do a real good job of holding Teles due to the narrow head stock. The guitar ends up being supported by its tuner and when you try to lift it off the stand it gets wedged in between the fork and the locking mechanism. When this happens the entire stand gets lifted up with the guitar. Works well with Strats and other electric guitars with 3X3 head stocks. Lighter weight acoustics don't seem to release as smoothly as heavier guitars and sometimes require a 2nd hand to hold the stand in place. It would have been nice if the flaw with Telecasters had been mentioned when I bought these.. I wouldn't have bothered. If I had thought about it a bit it makes sence that a Tele wouldn't fit real well. They don't fit to well on the standard wall hangers for the same reason. This shortcoming has more to do with the unique design of the Telecaster but the failure to inform buyers about this problem strikes me as a bit shady.

  • from Chicago, IL March 11, 2014Music Background:

    Poor build quality

    Out of the box, the yoke was twisted slightly on the main post, so hanging guitars were always a bit off-center. The collapsing mechanics were very nice and it folds up into a really small, convenient shape, but within a year, the yoke wasn't closing quite right and as of a few months ago it gave up entirely.

  • from San Francisco bay area, CA December 30, 2013Music Background:

    2 failures in 3 years

    When this stand works, it's great - and I love it's portability and overall function. But 2 parts have failed after 3 years of light use: 1) the locking collar for adjustable height broke off, and 2) the leg-lock became unreliable - causing several crashing falls of my instruments! For each problem, the manufacturer said it was basically "wear and tear," and would charge $20-25 per repair (ship to them at my expense). For #1, they did agree to send a free collar replacement, but I was on my own to do "pop rivet" work. So, I've lost confidence in the durability of this product, and will choose another brand to replace this one.

  • from New York, NY February 17, 2013Music Background:

    Work great with my bass but not with my guitar.

    I'm not sure why Ultimate made the headstock holder a V shape. My tele slides right down and the strings push right up against the 'yoke security gates'. As a result, when I lift up on the guitar the whole stand lifts up because the gates can't release. This is a serious design flaw. The stand works fine with my bass however. It's much heavier of course and doesn't slide forward like tele does.

    I have the Hercules version of this stand as well and it's properly designed. The headstock holder is U shaped.

  • from Atlanta, GA September 13, 2012Music Background:


    This is an update to a previous, overly enthusiastic review, written when I didn't have enough experience with the stand. I have learned that there are two serious problems with the design.

    One problem is inherent to the design. Because the instrument hangs from the stand, suspending the full weight from the neck, it causes the guitar to stretch slightly detuning it sharp. The result is that usually after placing the guitar on the stand for even a short time, I must retune.

    The other problem is with the flanges that retain the guitar in the neck grip. It is too easy to catch the edge of the head on these when removing the guitar, possibly causing a chip or dent.

    The solution might be to use a combination of a bottom support and a redesigned neck grip. That would, of course, be a very different design.

    It's too bad that the stand has these deficiencies, since otherwise it's very well made.

  • from Central Indiana USA April 17, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    GS-1000 Defective Locking Mechanism

    I purchased a GS1000 about 2 years ago specifically to have a good holder for my Vintage Les Paul. It was a great holder and I liked it very much with the following exception. A short time ago when I put my Vintage Les Paul in it the legs spread open and my guitar went down and rested on the floor and I grabbed it before it toppled over. The twist lock mechanism will not stay locked even when I put my lightweight AE128 Applause Electric Acoustic in it. I now have it squeezed between two pieces of equipment in order to hold the legs in place so I can use it (only with my less expensive guitars). I checked the manufacturers web site and it has a 5 year warranty but they want the original receipt. To this date I have been unable to locate my receipt so it looks like I'm OUT of LUCK unless I can find my receipt. By the way I did not buy it from Sweetwater but I did buy it at a Music Store when I was on the road and its a 2 Hour drive back to that store and of course I can't remember the name of the Music Store so I have no way of calling them. At present I keep my Les Paul in its case which is kind of unhandy. I don't know, if I could find the receipt maybe they would fix it or replace it, but I have no way of knowing. So for the present I will not buy any Ultimate products unless I find my receipt then I'll know if more Ultimate Products are in my future. I do buy products from Sweetwater and plan on being at the big event in June. So far I have been happy with the service I have received from Sweetwater.

  • from bayport ny February 16, 2015Music Background:

    poor quality

    the guitar stand is poorly designed with a very ineffective locking mechanism located underneath the stand. I ordered two.
    one of them does not work at all

  • from Northern California October 30, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician, recording studio owner

    Broke after less than a year

    Bought this in spite of warnings from 2 people -- 1 who had another Ultimate Support guitar stand that broke soon after he bought it (height adjustment clutch), and another who worked in a music store who said these stands had a bad rep. What the heck, I liked the one-piece design, easy setup, and "auto-lock" feature.

    Well, I was wrong. Broke after less than a year, and I'm not especially hard on my gear. One of the auto-lock "ears" has a permanent droop, making it a struggle to get my bass into or out of this stand. And there's no way to fix it, it's all riveted together. So it's basically land-fill material.

    Moral, from my point of view -- never buy a guitar stand with moving parts!

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