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Gator G-ROTO-212 - 2X12 Combo Amp Transporter / Stand; Molded Plastic Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Gator G-ROTO-212 - 2X12 Combo Amp Transporter / Stand; Molded Plastic?

Questions about the Gator G-ROTO-212 - 2X12 Combo Amp Transporter / Stand; Molded Plastic?

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  • from South Euclid, OH November 8, 2016


    I own several amps,I have flight cases for some, I recently picked up a Blackstar HT-60 Soloist(1 x12), and wanted to get an inexpensive case to protect it going in and out of the car etc. Being that the amp is fairly large, for a single 12 combo, I decided to purchase the Gator G-ROTO-212. It fits great, about 3/4"space on either side on the width, but depth and height are great. It seems like it will protect the amp on the week to week gigs.I don't plan on flying anywhere. I like the feature of not having to bring an amp stand, also..Sweetwater shipped at 6pm monday, and it was at my doorstep Tuesday at 1:30pm! keep in mind this is NOT an "ANVIL" case, but I feel i will get years of use from it. Thank you again, Sweetwater!

  • from Richmond, VA May 24, 2016Music Background:


    Best way for a guitarist to move and set up your combo amp for live shows. Sturdy and affordable. This thing rocks!

  • from 21601 April 10, 2016Music Background:
    50yrs professional musician

    Amazing !

    With just a bit of shock absorbsion installed my new DSL40c rides from gig to gig safe an secure with room for peddels an cords & G stand :)

  • from Kansas January 7, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging Musician


    I've owned mine for 8 years and still looks and functions perfectly!

  • from pa January 25, 2013Music Background:
    over 30 years of non stop gigs

    Exactley what i was looking for

    Fit my Mesa Rectoverb perfectly. I also own the 1x12 version.

  • from Elmirs, NY March 21, 2012Music Background:
    guitar slinger for 30 years

    great amp case.

    I purchased a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL100 and a Line 6 spider 150 watt 2x12 combo a couple years ago from Sweetwater. I grew tired of pampering the Line 6 so I set out to buy a case for it. The Gator G-Roto-212 was the best choice. Very happy with it. Great quality and it looks good too! (Important because its a stand also). The best combo case for the money. A great value. And I wouldn't go any were else but Sweetwater. Luke, my sales consultant has been with me for the whole time I've been useing Sweetwatet and he is the best. He either has the answers to all my questions or he reserches and gets back to me in a timely manor. I have received the best service I could ask for from the day I requested my first catalog. Sweetwatet offers better service than you will get in a brick and morter store. Thanx Sweetwatet and thanx Luke for all you've done.

  • from Texas March 29, 2017Music Background:
    playing guitar since 1960

    2x12 amp transporter/stand

    The gator case is light weight, but has wheels for ease of moving around. My twin reverb is a bit heavy, but i can put in the case with some foam packing and it's good to go.Also setting amp on top of the case and it is at good level .it works good for me

  • from Rock Island, IL November 10, 2015


    Just got it.. I had to call Gator because I had a question. The Gator factory is pretty near Sweetwater' warehouse so they don't actually keep them in stock so it's easy to understand why Sweetwater couldn't answer my question. Just FYI this case looks to me like it would hold a taller combo say 25 inches tall. I have a Devil Cat "Jimmy" and it sits at 21 inches tall. The specs on this case state that it adjusts from 16 to 21. It's actually higher than that. I got this case because the amp is very heavy and to have it in an actual flight case would make it nearly impossible to get it to my home studio when needed. It's great for what it is... What you see in the pictures is what it is period.....

  • from Colorado Springs, Co November 4, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player since 1965.

    Gator G-Roto Combo Amp Transporter/Stand

    Better than I expected. Great for what my needs are for, light to moderate transport handling. Gets my amp safe to small stage events. Like the double duty of amp stand gets it off the floor where it projects nicely with out having to buy extra stands. Thanks Sweetwater and Gator.

  • from February 28, 2017Music Background:
    worship musician


    its better than I thought it would be. going to add some cushioning to it though. but makes my life easier. planning on buying another one to hold my vox ac15hw.

  • from Maine, USA May 20, 2010Music Background:
    working musician

    So Far, So Good

    Received the case, placed my Marshall 250 DX in it with no problems. I still have yet to take it out on the road, but it holds nicely as a case/stand as advertised. I may just get another for my Line 6 Spider 2x12!

  • from May 24, 2016Music Background:
    Play in band on weekends. Semi-professional.

    Gator case

    Pretty good case. It would be nice to have handles on the side but the design would make that difficult. You have to pick it via your amp handle. The straps won't last long if you try to lift with them. Looks like it will hold up well otherwise. The straps may be it's weak point. We'll see. Fits my Marshall DSL40c amp as well as my Blackstar HT20. Both of these amps have only one speaker. Be careful if your amp has two; measure before ordering.

  • from Dallas, Texas April 14, 2014Music Background:

    Gator Roto case

    The price here is why I couldn't give it more stars. For what it is, it's very usable. Not for heavy road use. I expect the rivets, for the straps, to pop off after awhile. It's made of molded plastic but it's thin. It reminds me of a drum case with better material. Casters are good. Easily holds up a Fender Frontman 2X12 cabinet. Will work just fine for local work or close to home trailer travel. Too much bouncing around, in a trailer, on long hauls, & you'll have problems. It should have been $50 cheaper. I needed it in a hurry & am reasonably happy with it.

  • from North Carolina March 3, 2016Music Background:
    Jazz, R&B & Acoustic Solo Fingerstyle

    Gator G-ROTO-212

    Great piece of gear that serves two purposes, a case to protect your amp and transport it and
    a great amp stand. The case is sturdy and appears to be well made. I like the fact that it is not
    heavy. I play acoustic gigs as well as electric so my acoustic amp fits in the case with room for
    CD's, cables etc. and I have the same benefit of a amp stand with room on the side for capos, bottle
    water etc.

Questions about the Gator G-ROTO-212 - 2X12 Combo Amp Transporter / Stand; Molded Plastic?

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