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Gator GRB-4U - 4 Rack Spaces Reviews

4.5 stars based on 16 customer reviews
Questions about the Gator GRB-4U - 4 Rack Spaces?

Questions about the Gator GRB-4U - 4 Rack Spaces?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Central Ohio April 25, 2017Music Background:
    working musician for over 30 years

    perfect for my use

    I bought this case a part of a package deal for my Soundcraft mixer. It fits perfectly and there is all the room I need for all the XLR cables I use for the show. The side pouch holds my laptop and the large handles make it easy to carry. I highly recommend this case for the Soundcraft unit.

  • from April 24, 2017


    Use for Helix Rack (3ru) with a blanking plate. Perfect and good quality.

  • from Cicero, Il December 14, 2016Music Background:
    Everything from orchestra to rock

    Nice bag except for top zipper

    The bag is nice for my GK 700rb head, however, about after a year of use the top zipper doesn't zip in the cord compartment on top of the bag. Plastic zippers are cheap.

  • from Germantown April 8, 2016Music Background:
    30 plus years as a Professional Composer & Producer

    Nice Bag, great price!

    Simple, great bag at a great price. I purchased new rack screws as well. I was surprised by the quality of this Rack Bag. My super salesman at Sweetwater us Ryan Wildermood ext 3090. Get it from the best music retailer by far via the best salesman at Sweetwater. He has been my rep for many years and many sales. There is no one bette.r After 42 years of purchasing professional music equipment , as soon as I found Ryan, there was nothing to fear regarding new gear. Thank's, Ryan, for another terrific desk!

  • from RI April 4, 2016Music Background:
    Sound Engineer

    Gator GRB-4U

    Exactly what I needed for my Presonus RM16AI and power conditioner.

  • from NJ December 12, 2015Music Background:
    Home & On location recording.

    Gator GRB-4U Soft RAck Case

    This is one bag that has it all, well built and nice looking but most importantly very functional. Don't hesitate, buy this bag!

  • from Wake Forest. NC October 27, 2015Music Background:
    Rhythm guitar, electric bass, sound enigeer, and melody writer.

    Good Quality Rack Case

    The Gator GRB-4U - 4 Rack Spaces bag is ideal for transporting your audio equipment. It is equipped with a handy accessory bag as well as being constructed out of quality material.

  • from Traverse City, MI June 5, 2015Music Background:
    Mobile DJ

    Good stuff

    I used to use a big ol' SKB slant top cabinet (which was great for years) but, with my newer setup, I needed something to put certain rackmount pieces into a smaller "housing". This rack bag works perfectly. Sturdy, but not too heavy... access from the front or the back, and an extra pocket to throw a couple of cables into. Bam! Good stuff!

  • from Great Falls Montana March 23, 2015Music Background:
    String bass and Fender bassist

    Gator 4 racks pages bag

    I ordered the 4 rack space bag for a Gator 4 rack drawer , the only problem was that the drawer was .2 inches bigger then the bag.
    When I got the bag it fit just perfectly. It closed perfectly and no problem zipping the top.
    I also have a gator 10 u rackmcase a gator 3u drawer and a gator combo 4u rack case laptop/ iPad case which is also a 5 star product.

  • from Frazier Park, CA February 17, 2015Music Background:

    A light weight bag

    This bag is perfect for my small mixer and equalizer. It's light and sturdy. The front and back are padded and have a zippered closure which allows me to leave most the cables connected and rolled up in the back of the case. The soft bag is easier on the interior of my car, which is a big plus to me. Overall this is way better than the plastic cases I've tried. It would have been nice for the handles to strap/velcro together.

  • from Los Angeles, Ca November 26, 2013Music Background:
    Drummer, Producer

    Buyer Beware

    Beware of weight with this bag. I only have two Universal Audio Apollo's inside. The strapped snapped on me and sent my bag to the ground. I freaked out a little bit. Again, I only had half of the bag full.

  • from Dallas, TX February 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    Great for its purpose

    Like you are probably thinking, I was initially a bit skeptical of the fabric rack case design. How could it possibly be stable and protect your gear? Well, you have to keep things in perspective. This case is meant for local transport, not really meant to be loaded on a truck and dragged across the country. If you've broken your back loading anvil cases in and out of local gigs, you know how that just gets old. So for its purpose it's great, even more stable and hearty than I anticipated. The outer pocket is quite large and more than adequate to hold all your knick-knacks and doilies.

    My beefs are quite minimal at best - the zippered face covers don't have a tremendous amount of protection but certainly adequate for tossing in the trunk. It's not likely you're gonna have bowling balls rolling around in there smashing up gear anyway, right? Also the zippered ends don't complete un-attach, which means they have to be folded under the unit when in use. That's ok if you have a flat top cabinet, it's stable enough. But I suspect if your cabinet had big chunky handles on top, the case would teeter around a bit. Keep that in-mind.

    The carry handles are quite solid and strong, having some sort of solid dowel sewn inside. The only thing they should add is some sort of velcro wrap to tie the handles together, making them easier to manage. But man, I'm just picking...

    The other thing I was a bit worried about was heat dispensation. I'm running an Ampeg SVT Pro and a BBE Sonic Maximizer and thought they could possibly generate a bit of heat, causing fuses to blow. But I can say after running for several hours at a time in rehearsals and a few gigs, it has not been a problem. BUT keep in mind that some units such as the Ampeg heads require a bit more space for air circulation. So I left a full space open between the two units. Certainly something to keep in-mind.

    Overall, the Gator GRB-4U is a good buy, as long as you keep within its purpose uses. Use the hard cases when appropriate.

  • from San Antonio TX January 31, 2013Music Background:
    Acoustic musician

    Perfect combo of strength/portability

    I'm pretty "type A" about our equipment. If I can swing it, I buy the best I can afford and take care of it. We have good mics, Mackie Onyx mixer, QSC K-series loudspeakers and DBX EQ units, including the awesome DriveRackPA. I have black nylon covers for everything and this case fits in perfectly. We don't throw equipment around and don't have to ship it commercially, and this case is perfect to protect our stuff without adding lots of weight. Much better than the plastic SKB in my opinion.

  • from near a swamp in souh Louisiana September 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Exactly what it should be

    Ok, it's just a rack in a bag, but it's much more solidly constructed than I expected. I needed something to carry an Axe FX II and a Voodoo Labs GCX in, and I wouldn't have put anything as expensive as the Fractal Audio Axe FX into anything that wasn't well built. This fills the bill perfectly, and the inside is more padded than you'd find in a regular rack. Plus, the zip compartment on the top holds more than I'd hoped.

  • from La Plata, MD June 24, 2012Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Great Rack

    This is an awesome rack. it is lightweight and well built.

  • from San Antonio, Tx. USA May 2, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    This Bag Really Works

    Our recent purchase of the Gator GRB-4U has proven to be money well-spent. The bag is light, easy to carry, and looks sharp. It is sturdily built, and makes gigs so much easier.

Questions about the Gator GRB-4U - 4 Rack Spaces?

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