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Auralex GRAMMA v2 Isolation Riser Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Auralex GRAMMA v2 Isolation Riser?

Questions about the Auralex GRAMMA v2 Isolation Riser?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Blackstone MA April 8, 2017

    Great buy!

    I bought one of these years ago at a friend's suggestion. I was in a band with six other people and no matter how my monitors were my guitar would get lost in the stage noise. PROBLEM SOLVED. I put this thing under my amp at a gig untested and heard every note I played that night and so did the band. I even noticed in small venue situations, where I needed to set up close to the drummer, it even reduced his snare wires from rattling when I was the only one playing. It solved so many sound problems onstage, in the studio, and in rehearsals. Get this thing if you like to hear your self play. Great for bassists too!

  • from DFW, TX March 19, 2017

    A great improvement

    A bass player's friend: removes a lot of the wolf tones, boominess and inconsistency from less-than-perfect stages and rooms. I used one of these on a stage where it was provided by the sound company, and thought, wow, my rig sounds clean and defined.

    I went home and home-made one, using a stiff closed cell pink packing foam. It helped, really quite a lot. But I finally ordered the Auralex real deal, and it's better. The foam choice is mushier than my home-made pad, but oddly more stable.

    The flattening and de-mudding would surely carry to floor wedges and subs, guitar amps and oh, under keyboard amps for sure, which are famous for erasing the bass player's sound.

    My current rig is a Fender Rumble 200V2 and the matching 12" extension cab. The stack probably weighs 75lbs, nowhere near the pad's 300lb limit.

    This is a fine product... five stars. You will sound better.

  • from Salinas, CA December 22, 2016

    A M A Z I N G

    This small detail piece of gear makes an amazing difference in "controllability" of the sound of the amp. Without one, you are at the mercy of the layout of the room and any surprise unwanted resonance. Think of what a clothes dresser sounds like if vibrating! This one piece of gear goes a long way to eliminate noise and vibrations from the space you are in, so important in home studio applications. Try one!!!!

  • from Indiana June 30, 2016

    It really works!

    For years I would get so frustrated by my bass guitar notes disappearing on me from one room to another etc...I tried one of these and what a difference my frustration is gone for the most part. Now my band uses these under the subs for the sound system and our lead guitar player has one to. It removes the mudd and help my bass notes to ring more even. Try one for yourself

  • from December 31, 2015

    Great Quality Product!!

    Amazing Acoustic Stage!! does the job exceptionally well. You can actually notice the difference in sounds with and without the stage. as always my Good Friends at Sweetwater Shipped it very quickly and like always their Quality Products and Packaging never Fails :)

    Special Thanks to Ryan Wiltermood!!

  • from November 4, 2015

    Amp Stand & Gramma II

    I bought the RS7000 Tailback Amp Stand and the Gramma II, toward which my personal agent, Mark Bruhn directed me. I had chosen an alternative. Mark had reservations about the suggestion I myself proposed, and gave good reasons why, but he didn’t tell me not to buy the items I proposed. Coming to know Mark as I do, I decided to go with his first suggestion, and I’m glad I did. It all worked out perfectly. (Thanks, Mark.)

    Sweetwater has the most informed, intelligent, non-greedy sales team you’ll ever see on the internet. I know from previous experience that Sweetwater’s salesmen have scruples. They won’t steer you toward something you don’t need, even if what they suggest is cheaper!

    My personal agent, for whom I have the greatest respect, has helped me with questions I’ve had, and he’s always lead me in the right direction. Mark is scrupulous, knowledgable, has a great bio, and he’ll lead you in the right direction.

    Kudos to Mark Bruhn and thanks to the entire staff at Sweetwater, the best musician’s store online!

  • from Cedarville, OH December 22, 2014Music Background:
    Music Performance/Education

    Simple - Effective

    Placed this under my Bass Combo and it fixed the "boomy" sound I was getting on hollow, hardwood floors. Now I can keep those lower mids that I was having to reduce. In other words - more and cleaner sound. So, this Gramma helps create a perceived increase in volume, along with a fuller, more consistently flat sound along all the bass frequencies. It is stable and quite effective. I've said in other reviews and I'll say it here: If something helps me sound better I like it. And I definitely like this Auralex Gramma v2.

  • from North Pole,AK. November 12, 2015Music Background:
    40yrs. of BASS playing

    Auralex GRAMMA v2 Isoation Riser

    Needed one because of such a different variety of stage's I use. and the amount of sound each one absorbed. worked just fine ,a little pricey. If I use my older 70's Amp & cabinet's with casters I like to isolate the head from the speakers with the Riser to cushion the vibration, since I mostly play through a two 15" configuration. It is now a piece that I would recommend as part of your standard Gig equipment.

Questions about the Auralex GRAMMA v2 Isolation Riser?

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