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Auralex GRAMMA Reviews

4.5 stars based on 25 customer reviews
  • from Lodi Ca. August 14, 2014Music Background:
    Bass player 30+ years. Semi Pro. Rock, Blues, Country, Contemporary Christian.

    Auralex GRAMMA

    Heard about this product and gave it a shot. One of my bass amps is in church with very high vaulted ceilings A frame by design. had a hard time hearing my G-K 2 12 bass combo. Was using scrap wood to tilt amp back slightly. Could hear it a bit better but still sounded bad. When I received the GRAMMA it was like night and day. Instant WOW!!! I could hear all tha I needed. The sound man was happy as I didnt need the extra volume any longer. Bought a second one for my small gig rig. Placed my SWR 210 cab on it and again WOW!!! In short I dont leave home without it. Well worth the money and an excellent design by Auralex. My only complaint is it wont effectively hold the rated weight capacity. Had a leaning tower when I used my full bass stack.

  • from Metuchen, NJ July 9, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Composer, Producer

    Better than I had expected

    Before purchasing the GRAMMA I did some research and saw a number of video reviews and I was impressed with how the riser did seem to clear up the low end of the amps being used in the various demos. The GRAMMA wasn't that much money and figured it would be beneficial for recording purposes even if it cleaned up the sound even a little bit. But I have to say that I was surprised by the difference when A-B-ing the amp on the ground and then on the riser. The difference was really night and day, and that was just plain old room sound without even recording it. Of course the difference was even clearer when it came to the amp actually being recorded. It really is a great investment and a very cheap and effective way to clear up the low end of your signal.

  • from Rochester NY USA July 8, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Hear your cabinet as it was meant to be

    This easy-to-carry isolation riser has made all my cabinets "come alive". It's especially helpful on elevated stages and outdoors. So glad I bought it.

  • from Lynnwood, WA USA. March 5, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist, Vocalist, Pianist, Drummer, Sound Engineer, DJ, should I continue?

    Simple, Just get it!

    Wowowowowowowo! Immediately took the crazy, neighboring offending noises off and all you hear is music coming out of the amps. It can support up to 300 lbs (so they say) but do not push it there.

    Will get the bigger one when I get my Orange guitar amp rig.

    Get it. It's the best!

  • from Silver Spring MD January 17, 2014Music Background:
    nonprofessional 25 yrs., occasional nonpaying gigs.

    The Auralex GRAMMA does the job.

    Bought one on a whim from an ad in a mag. I plan yo get more for all my speakers and monitors. Sometimes an ad is all hype--not this time!

  • from Denver December 10, 2013Music Background:
    semi-pro bassist 40+ years.


    I've been using mine since 2002 and I cannot recommend it highly enough. On hollow stages it's essential for a bass amp, and everywhere else it just helps even things out for a more consistent sound, venue to venue. When mine bites the dust I'll have to get another one.

  • from amsterdam, ny June 16, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician

    quality sound

    these isolation board add a new dimension to your sound. bright clear and outstanding tones

  • from May 15, 2012

    Auralex Gramma

    I got this to fit my BIC Acoustech PL-200 and it fits it perfectly even with a little extra in the back. I use it for HT purposes and it seems to work really well. I decided to purchase this after recommendations from the AVS Forum since I have hardwood floors. I know it might be expensive for what it is but it was worth it to me.

  • from Turtletown, TN July 7, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Studio Owner

    Buy them. What a difference.

    Placing speakers directly on a stage is just asking for resonance problems. Putting them on stands invites tip overís (read children). How to get rid of the boom without creating a hazard? The Auralex GRAMMA did the job. I placed a pair of QSC KW153s on an outdoor, covered wooden stage with the GRAMMA in between, turned up the volume to about 96 SPL at 15 feet, put my hand on the stage and didn't feel a single vibration. The stage disappeared sonically. I put a set of JBL JRX-112M stage monitors on another pair of GRAMMAs and as my rating states, I was Blown Away. I will be buying a GRAMMA for every stage speaker and instrument cabinet from now on.

  • from Out in the Woods of Central Missouri February 23, 2010Music Background:
    Ex-Pro Guitarist, Recording & Live Sound Engineer

    The Missing Link

    I knew how much Auralex's MoPads helped studio monitors, but I was not prepared for the drastic improvement the Gramma & Great Gramma made to my guitar system. No matter what amp I've used this with, it's like hearing it for the first time. Lows are no longer the least bit mushy, all the tone controls are much more effective, and the differences between guitars are much more apparent. Everything is clear, present, and perfectly blended. This was the piece I've been missing! Now, all my amps sound they way I've always wanted them to and the way I always thought they should but never quite did. If you're not happy with the way your rig sounds, forget changing guitars, pickups, speakers, amps, strings, cables, picks, or anything else until you get one of these. I've already got 2 Grammas for my combos (Fender, Vox, and others) and a Great Gramma for my 4x12s cabinets (Marshall and Mesa-Boogie), and I'm planning on picking up a few more, just to make sure have enough to go around. Absolutely the BEST upgrade I've ever made and one of the cheapest, too!! Live, in the studio, or in the living room, this should be a required part of every rig in every situation...

  • from Topeka Kansas May 15, 2009Music Background:
    30 years as a bassist. All styles.


    This is the answer to all the problems that curse bass tone in live situations...short of having a really good amp. Notes were so much more pronounced. This will make you become a better player because it allows your amp to speak the truth about your licks. It was like night and day the difference everyone immediately heard. I now have two, one under each cab. I won't play without it.

  • from April 18, 2007

    Also a good sounproofing tool.

    Band practice in my basement was brining too many noise complaints from my neighbor. As a last resort, I put one of these under the bass amp, which had been sitting on the concrete floor. The amp sounded dramatically better: You could pick out pitches a lot easier, where as before you knew it was there, but it was more of a rumble than a note. Although the volume in the room didn't change noticably, my decibel meter registered an average of about a 6dB drop outside the house. The difference was much more dramatic inside my neighbor's house -- apparently the bass was being transmitted through the ground and vibrating their foundation.

  • from San Antonio, Texas March 10, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Guitar & Pedal Steel Guitar


    great piece of equipment.... hear the real sound of your amp. It could use a double handle (comes with one on the underside) and a removeable frame with casters (still sounds great and makes it portable) I use it on stage in this manner.

  • from United States March 4, 2014


    Helps me neighbors retain their sanity, and keeps me in good standing in the building.

  • from Ohio October 6, 2013Music Background:
    Audio Hobbyist & Musician

    Aurales Gramma Good Stuff

    One is always hesitant about "tweaks" - sometimes good sometimes fool's gold. I have some Klipsch speakers on a cement floor in basement. These did indeed tighten up bass some and produce a noticeable not necessarily dramatic improvement. I imagine they would be awesome if you had a real bass rumble issue. Sweetwater's shipping was lightning fast and service great. I was delighted to get these on sale and would recommend them.

  • from St. Petersburg Fl USA June 20, 2013Music Background:
    keyboardist and drummer

    GRAMMA Auralex speaker isolation riser

    Another great product, well built, heavy construction not just a piece of foam. This immediately improved the sound quality of my speakers. You will love this product, buy one.

  • from Central Coast California August 18, 2012Music Background:
    all the above

    It works!

    Works really well! Does what it claims. Tip - stick the amp/speaker up to the edge - makes a difference.

  • from Santa Barbara, CA January 14, 2012Music Background:
    Overly Dedicated Hobbyist

    Excellent Purchase

    I bought this as part of an overall acoustics treatment I just applied to my home studio/music room. It's been a great addition.

    I use a dual amp setup with a lot of effects pedals. Specifically, I combine overdrive, delay, and a pitch-shifter to create a massive bass rumble from a regular guitar. Now that I have each amp up on a Gramma, my windows don't rattle, other gear in the room doesn't vibrate, and the clarity of the amp has greatly increased. When I bought these, I figured it would help with those issues, but didn't really know what I should be listening for. However, the difference was immediately obvious. I'm really looking forward to hearing how this affects recording quality.

    Overall, I really recommend this. Gives you a much truer picture of how your amps sound, especially if your floors are carpeted.

  • from New York City February 12, 2007Music Background:
    Audio for video producer


    We can't all "float" our studios, and acoustically decouple them from their environment. But I was able to decouple my monitors from the their dobro-like surroundings using the Gramma and MoPads. Evidently some things are better not together. Noticable improvement in every aspect of sound quality, dramatic improvement in tightness of bass and reduction of smear in stereo soundstage. You may not be able to float your room, but the coupled decouplers of Gramma and MoPads ought to float your boat.

  • from Muscat, Oman August 11, 2014Music Background:
    Home Theater

    Gramma for small room

    I was in a toss up between the Auralex Gramma and Bass traps for my room. I have small concrete room which is horrible with its bass response and really live on high frequencies. For the low frequencies I was wondering which one would have more of an impact for my special case. Since it was easier to transport and more convenient on the eye I ended up going for the Gramma. The result was amazing especially for how much it costs. I still have a problem with my high frequencies but I feel my bass has tightened up considerably.

  • from S. California July 28, 2010Music Background:
    Audiophile, HT Enthusiast and musican for many years early in life

    The GRAMMA. Mother of all Mothers for a Subwoofer

    Bought two to fit under my JL Audio F113's which, in my upstairs family room, were just incredible sounding but causing a great deal of floor, wall and whatever is inside the walls you can imagine, to vibrate with certain frequencies I could not tame causing uneven response across the lower audio band. Also, no matter what I did there seemed to be a mild to moderate thickening of the upper bass/lower midrange. After installng the two GRAMMA's and resetting the JL Audio ARO program for the woofers, I found a drastic reduction in room interaction when running the ARO program. Further, upon completion and auditioning the subs thereafter, I found a distinct improvement in clarity, tone (and they were superb before), frequency response, tight - fast transient response, and a new chestiness to the lower end that was missing. On HT material, the bombastic LFE effects are now superb and integrate perfectly with the mains. Even tighter and more realistic than before. Musically, they are now in an all new class. Just crank up The Police - Certifiable blu-ray at 24/96 encode and be prepared. The transient speed of the kick drum is just plain world class, with incredible kick, speed, and dynamics. Also, a natural, life like separation between the kick drum and Sting's bass is just incredible. I give these four stars only for the relatively spartan construction. Other than that, from a pure sonic stand point, 10 out of 10 and VERY highly recommended.

  • from Burnaby, BC, Canada October 21, 2007Music Background:
    home theatre enthusiast

    Should be included with every subwoofer!

    I'm using the GRAMMA under my HSU VTF-3 MK II subwoofer for multi-channel music and home theatre. Prior to buying the GRAMMA, I had the subwoofer sitting directly on thin carpet over concrete with the included feet/spikes. Puttin the GRAMMA underneath made a large and immediately noticable improvement. Without it, my wall and basement window used to vibrate at certain frequencies and there was an obvious "rumble" throughout the whole room and it could easily be heard throughout the entire house! With the GRAMMA in place, the window rattle disappeared and the room resonance was greatly reduced. You can still hear the sub throughout the house, but now it is only the notes coming from the sub itself. The whole house no longer shakes and the bass and LFE in my theatre now sounds much tighter and better defined. I gave a 4 star rating and not a 5 because the build quality is a little on the cheap side. The rugged carpet material used on the "platform" of the GRAMMA is very durable, but the edges are just glued down and it looks a little ragged up close. Looks a bit more like a DIY item, in other words, rather than a really clean, high class product. But given that it sits under a sub all the time, I doubt many people will really be looking at it close up very often. It performs, big time, and that is what matters. Every subwoofer in the world should have a GRAMMA under it as far as I am concerned.

  • from DFW Metroplex, TX February 16, 2014Music Background:
    gigging semi-pro musician

    Hear your gear consistently.

    People often ask me what this is and if it works. My answer is that it can make your rig sound more consistent from venue to venue. Without this, on a hollow stage, my bass rig just turns the hollow plenum underneath into a big, all encompassing muddy, inarticulate mess. This gets back some definition and punch. On a solid foundation, I've noticed little difference with or without.

  • from Dumont, New Jersey March 18, 2007Music Background:

    Great addition to my Velodyne DD15 Subwoofer

    Hello there: I have a very fine two-chanel system which includes Metronome Transport and d.a.c., Magnum Dynalab FM Tuner, Acoustic Signature Final Tool Turntable, McCormack DNA225 Power Amplifier and RLD1 Pre amplifier (both of them upgraded to "Platinum Edition" by the manufacturer), RGPC 240 Volts Sub Station and a pair of Ambience Superslim 1800se Ribbon Speakers. My Subwoofer is Velodyne DD15. After getting two Auralex Subdude side by side under my subwoofer I got an even better bass: subterranean, deep, flat and better focused bass. Those two Auralex Subdude are a great addition to get the very best from my DD15 subwoofer. Highly recommended.

  • from North Bay California October 1, 2004

    Gramma's work wonders

    Have had my Gramma for about 3months and it works great under my home theater subwoofer! The best $50 spent to improve the sound and feel of movies and music. The sub no longer vibrates across the hardwood floor causing a terrible sound, no to mention the scrathes. It's hard to explain how much better the sub sounds, here's a frequency response graph comparing with and w/o the Gramma. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/weezR/PB2Ultra/Wvs.jpg

    Just by adding the riser it tamed the peaks at 50 and 60Hz. Highly recommended!!! I just with it came in larger sizes.


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