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Gator GR-6S - 6 Rack Spaces Reviews

4.5 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Gator GR-6S - 6 Rack Spaces?

Questions about the Gator GR-6S - 6 Rack Spaces?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Agawam, MA April 3, 2017Music Background:
    50+ years

    Case Satisfaction

    As usual, Sweetwater and Dave Walent come through with great service, competitive pricing and quick delivery. Thanks again...

  • from Indiana June 11, 2016


    Easy to order, fast on delivery, good product. I wanted this type of road case for durability and lightness. The regular cases are already 33 lbs. Add to it approx. another 30 lbs and its too heavy for my back. I can easily manage this. Its a good looking case, closes up well, no problem with the rack and screws. Plastic compound used needs to air out for a while, but thats normal. Completely happy.

  • from KANSAS CITY, MO September 10, 2015

    Great Buy!

    Needed a small solution that was lightweight and sturdy. This thing fits the bill perfectly.

  • from FORT WAYNE, INDIANA August 3, 2015Music Background:
    semi-pro live sound mix man

    supreme case of audio hysteria

    Fantastic well built case for less than what SKB wants for similar model!

  • from Illinois August 25, 2014Music Background:

    Gator GR-6S

    This road case is great!!! So much lighter than the case I used to store my amplifiers and EQ in. Everything fits inside like a glove and is very secure, this is a perfect solution for my needs. I play out locally a couple of times a month and this case fits the bill.

  • from Cedar Rapids, IA March 2, 2012Music Background:
    Bar Band Musician

    6 space short rack

    I use this rack for my guitar rig. It's solid and fits perfectly on top of my (straight) 4x12 cabinet. After opening up the rack, the ends do not hang over the 4x12 at all.....perfect fit. With all 6 spaces full, I can now carry my rack with one arm since it's not big and awkward.

  • from St. Louis, Mo September 2, 2011Music Background:
    Guitarist (Not Pro) and Ambient music composer

    Built Like a Tank

    I bought this case to hold my Gibson Echoplex Loopers (Two). I have no fear that they will remain protected for years to come. As usual, the personal support from Sweetwater is beyond belief in this day and age. Thanks guys. You do NOT find this kind of support anywhere from any other company, other than Sweetwater.

  • from Florida May 17, 2012Music Background:
    40 years independent musician

    Works just fine

    Everything on the box works just fine. Strong, light, decent looking. I perform by myself, and this is part of my mobile set-up which breaks things down into small parts that a 60 year old man can carry. The only thing I would change on this is that I would have preferred not to have so much pressed design on the bottoms and tops so I could attach some stomp boxes easier to the bottom, but other than that minor thing, go for it.

  • from FL December 23, 2011Music Background:

    Nice Case

    Well made, rugged case. Very sturdy feeling. No jagged edges, etc. Lids fit and latch securely. I use this with a POD HD, Furman line conditioner and a sliding drawer with plenty of space in the rear to hide cables, etc. Looks good on my desk and can be quickly closed up for travel. Came with a pack of mountings screws as well.

  • from Michigan USA September 12, 2011Music Background:
    Rock/Blues/Country Bass, Live sound, and Drums

    Love these things

    great protection, very compact, and light. What a rack case is suppost to be. I have two of these things now, one for my bass rig and the other for live sound. The latches rattle a bit on the case I use for my bass rig but other than that perfect.

  • from Jackson, MS February 24, 2010Music Background:
    None, Case is used in Amateur Radio (Ham)


    When I ordered the case, I had no idea that it would be so spaceous and adaptable. I use my case as a portable integrated "emergency ready" kit for amateur (ham) radio. When a disaster happens, I don't have to break down a station and waste time installing it when I reach the disaster site, all I have to do is set up and antenna and apply power and I'm on the air. Thanks Sweetwater for being so helpful in making this selection. Doug K5CID

  • from April 10, 2017Music Background:
    Still working on it

    Gator case

    I bought this with aFurman power strip and loaded it up with some rack equip. I had and put it to work in my studio and if I want to do a live show I just close it up and take off

  • from St.Clair, Missouri October 23, 2015Music Background:
    Classic Rock, Blues.

    Gator GR-6S Rack-case

    For the price, it is hard to beat. If you want a flight-case type of rack-case, then this is not for you. But if you want a strong/sturdy rack-case without the flight-case prices, then you should consider this.

    The Pros: The six-space rack-case is much sturdier than I thought it would be. It holds my power conditioner, tuner, preamp, and a two-space bass head. I have one free space at this time. While it is considered a shallow rack, it is deeper than my former 4 space rack-case of a different brand. I like the extra space for including cables and a wireless receiver, plus I can actually get my hands inside it to reach inputs and such. I really like the sturdy handles on both ends.

    The Cons: The latches work sufficiently, but seem like they could be a little tighter. Maybe it is just me. So far, no problems.

    Very happy with this purchase!

  • from Fort Myers, FL July 21, 2015

    Good Value

    Functional, well designed, lightweight and sturdy. Perfect for our remote TV broadcast application.

  • from Spring Hill, FL March 6, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Just what the doctor ordered...Gator Rack

    I used a 10u Anvil rack case for years when I was on the road and didn't have to move anything... After I retired and started to do some local stuff I realized that I had too much stuff and the rack was very heavy... I downsized to a 6u SKB and used that for many years... very big and bulky but great construction... I have been looking for something shallow, light, but was still sturdy enough for travel... I came across this 6u Gator shallow case when I was scanning my favorite site, Sweetwater.com, and it looked like exactly what I was looking for... It came in about a month ago and it has worked out great... Light yet sturdy and no parts that can get knocked off like rubber feet or thinks like that... I have a bass amp, tuner, wireless, and power conditioner mounted in this Gator Rack and it has plenty of depth... Also it fits nicely on top of my 8x10 or 4x10 cabinet... It doesn't hang over or look awkward... So far it is holding up well I will review it again at the end of the year to see how it holds up...

  • from Rock Island, IL August 6, 2013Music Background:
    weekend bass player for 35 years

    Great Case!

    I'm getting older and was looking to reduce the size and weight of my rig. I got the shallow case and it works great! It's small and with the plastic construction it weighs next to nothing but is still durable and protective of all the goodies inside.

  • from Northfield, IL September 1, 2004

    Fits on desk + holds some gear

    Unit came with a pack of seventeen rack screws and plastic washers, no instructions.

    I am new to rack gear, so I had to figure out which side was "up" from sweetwater product pictures. You'd be hard-up to find a picture of gator cases in normal horizontal use, on the gator product website!

    Four butterfly-style latches are secure and trouble-free to operate. Case feels solid. Gear is mounted by "+" headed machine screws through plastic inserts, through the target piece's rack ear, through gator case frame, to threaded mounting bar (not attached to case frame), 18 holes on each side. There's about 2-3mm of play in this arrangement when screws are loose. Removable case ends are similar in shape, one has a gator logo secured to it. Top of case has two "nubs" and bottom has two "indents" for stacking. Handles on each side are rigid, with a graded recession into the case (perhaps to make it easier to put your hand in there for carry). Short legs (four of them) are on each side of the case. Would not worry about standing case on-end.

    You cannot put, say... a mixer securely on top of this case, without some non-slip material or taping a flat surface to the top. The shell of the gator case, though textured, has those nubs and is too smooth for placing items other than stackable rackmount cases on top. I used some duct tape and an old highschool yearbook. My mixer sits on top of that.

Questions about the Gator GR-6S - 6 Rack Spaces?

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