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Martin GPCPA4R Rosewood - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Martin GPCPA4R Rosewood - Natural?

Questions about the Martin GPCPA4R Rosewood - Natural?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Grundy, VA March 2, 2017Music Background:
    Worship Musician, Session Guitarist

    Perfect In Every Way!

    When I began the search for my first quality acoustic, I was almost sure that the Taylor 314ce would be my eventual choice. However, one day I was in my local store and noticed a Martin with more or less the same specs as the Taylor. I'd never been a Martin fan before but I was completely blown away by this guitar. Eventually, I had narrowed my search down to this, a Taylor 814ce, and the limited edition 314ce with Rosewood Back & Sides. Much to my surprise, the 814ce was the first one eliminated. The Martin and 314 were an extremely close match but there was just something with the Martin that just stood out to me. The tone is extremely well rounded for one and the guitar seemed to have more volume. I ultimately went with this guitar and nearly half a year later the guitar has gotten even better. The neck is extremely comfortable on this and the finish feels amazing. It's a satin/natural type finish on it which was what I wanted. The tone just gets richer and fuller as time goes on. I go in shops now playing their acoustics and have been yet to find any model that sounds as good as this one, in any price range I might add. I'm definitely glad I picked this guitar and would highly advise anyone who is looking at the 314 or even 814 to give this a try first.

  • from Fla. Keys February 18, 2017

    The time to buy it is now

    Bought the GPCPA4R @ two years ago and can say without a doubt it was a great purchase. Intoned perfectly and shaved a bit off the bridge to lower the action, it's pretty close to perfect. Couldn't be happier. I notice the price is up since I bought it, hence the title line. You won't be disappointed.

  • from Chicago February 21, 2016Music Background:
    Semi Pro Guitarist for 30 years Recording Engineer Mom taught classical piano for over 35 years

    First Acoustic Purchase in Twenty Five Years

    I'm basically an electric player in the style of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, etc. I own fifteen electrics ( mostly purchased from Sweetwater ) but I finally broke down an bought this Martin. And boy am I glad I did!! The tone is amazing and the electronics are perfect for recording or playing live.The sound is big without any bad overtones and sounds tight no matter how hard it is played. It responds well to any picking style and the intonation is perfect. I have played some of the high end older Martins over the years and this one can hold its own with the best of them.

  • from Fishersville, VA January 16, 2016Music Background:
    Player since 1964 now mostly at home

    Still a great guitar

    I have now owned my Martin GPCPA4R for over 2 years and I feel that it was the best guitar I have ever purchased. (I also own a Martin D-18 from 1973. It was given to me by my father-in-law prior to his passing. It was his pride and joy & I feel the same about it.) Another person rated this guitar on this site and gave it 3.5 & 2.5. He said it was flat and wanted to trade it for a Taylor 314. I have owned a Taylor 314. I sold it because it just didn't sound like a Martin. When I bought my Martin GPCPA4R the Taylor 314 cost a lot more and still didn't have the sound of my Martin. Taylor's have many good guiltiest but they just cannot touch the Martin sound. I love both of my Martin's. I even use Martin silk and phosphor strings on both because I have arthritis in my hands. They still beat Taylor sound.

  • from Caseyville, Illinois December 18, 2015Music Background:
    Classic Country-Old School


    I just received my new Martin Performing Artist guitar and what a shock, I thought I would never hold and play a high end guitar like a Martin. Thanks Chris and all at Sweetwater for the excellent service and right on time delivery. The Martin is beautiful with the rosewood sides and the sound just mellows out from within to give you that country blend. I was very pleased that I did my homework, my first eye candy was a Gibson. Thanks to the hours I researched I found a great Martin guitar that I could afford at this time in the year. Sweetwater provided me the opportunity and with the professional help of Chris, I was very pleased with my decision to purchase a Martin PA, besides Martin has been around since 1833 and is American made having been played by great artist and still being played.

  • from Carol Stream IL December 3, 2015Music Background:

    Wonderful Guitar. Amazing service by Sweetwater

    I got this guitar yesterday. It is my first "expensive" acoustic guitar and I was blown away. So glad that Mike from Sweetwater recommended this model to me. My first time to shop at Sweetwater and what an amazing experience. They have personalized the attention to costumers like me. Amazing service. Many thanks to Mike Godlove my Sweetwater contact person. You did a good job.

  • from November 9, 2015Music Background:

    Great for everything!

    I have had this guitar for a few years now. Ages wonderfully. At first it was a tick bright, but has since balanced out and is just thunderous. I am in college and the electronics are spot on for gigs. Plays wonderfully, and maintenance is really low. Just change your strings and adjust your truss rod when the seasons change and that is all it will ever need.

  • from Los Angeles January 5, 2015Music Background:
    Church band. Mostly play electrics. Acoustic for home

    Nice all-around acoustic

    I would highly recommend buying this guitar. It's a great sounding and playing guitar. I'm extremely picky about my guitars. They have to play perfect! And this one passes the test.

    It took me a couple days to warm up to it. I didn't realize that you need an extra long wrench to adjust the relief. I took it back the next day and the salesman looked at it with me. We even opened up a brand new one and I compared the relief of both, and decided to stick with the one I bought.

    The day I bought it, a guy was there shopping and he told me"Get that one. It sounds the best." After I had been test driving quite a few.

    I was a little torn at first, because I wanted to go get a vintage acoustic
    (and spend twice as much) but I'm getting comfortable with my decision. And now I'm convinced that this is a keeper. Thanks Martin!

  • from Sterling, VA December 28, 2014Music Background:

    Incredible Martin Guitar

    I have had this model for over a year now ( 2013 model with the 'Taylor-like' pickguard shape) and I am continually impressed with its sound, either unplugged or through the Fishman Loudbox Mini amp (both bought from Sweetwater). The sustain, intonation and response is incredible. The thing stays in tune forever.

    I used it primarily for strumming, but now have progressed in my guitar learning to appreciate the excellent response it gives as a fingerpicking guitar. It works well as either, with a fantastic response across all strings.

    If you are trying to decide between the sapele or rosewood versions, seriously consider the rosewood (GPCPA4R). In my opinion it's well worth it.

    I was a bit unsure of buying this guitar (and the amp) sight unseen (except for the wonderful pictures), but my Sales Engineer (Jay at x1288) assured me this was an awesome combination. He was right. Get yourself one today.

  • from PITTSBURGH, PA December 19, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician and Playing over 52 years


    I wasn't sure which acoustic guitar I wanted so I went to a local music store who stocks every major manufacturer. They have a sound proof room which was great for comparing tone and projection. I spent about five hours there until I finally narrowed it down to two brands, Taylor and Martin. The store was getting ready to close so I came back the following week.

    During the week after researching online, I decided to go with an acoustic/electric so that eliminated quite a few guitars from my list. I had a budget so that excluded the top and bottom end of the two guitar lines. They had a couple of acoustic guitar amps so I could listen to both unplugged and amped sound. After just a couple of hours, I narrowed it down to the Taylor 814ce ES2 Custom and the Martin GPCPA4R. Both played easily and had great necks. I kept switching between the two guitars. The Taylor was a little too thin and trebley sounding both unplugged and amped. The Martin had a well balanced, bold tone with great projection. The unplugged and amped tones were natural and clear. I decided on the Martin GPCPA4 in Rosewood.

    Since I buy all my gear from Sweetwater, I went outside to call and get a price quote and to see if they had any in stock. The price was much better than the music store and they had two to choose from. I waited to get home since they had the actual photos, not stock photos, of the two Martins they had available.

    I chose the one I wanted and received it two days later. Being November and cold outside, I had to wait, what seemed a lifetime, to keep the guitar in the shipping box until the guitar reached room temperature. To be on the safe side, I waited until the next morning. I took it out of the two boxes, opened up the case and the scent of Rosewood filled the room. The setup was great right out of the box. This guitar plays and sounds great! Sweetwater even e-mailed me eight photos, from every angle of this sweet guitar. I would recommend this guitar to any serious musician who's looking for a fantastic sounding acoustic/electric well built guitar.

  • from NEVADA November 5, 2014Music Background:



  • from RI September 11, 2014Music Background:
    Been playing for over 25 years

    Incredible Acoustic!

    First off, I'd like to say that I had been saving up for this guitar for months. Then, my parents shocked me on my B-day with this guitar as a gift! This guitar is perfect for what I'm looking for in an acoustic guitar. Not only does it sound like a high end Martin, it plays like a dream. The neck is smooth and so comfortable. The cutaway gives nice upper fret access that most acoustics cannot offer. Indian Rosewood back and sides makes this guitar resonate, sustain and sound nice and crisp. My particular guitar came out of the box setup nicely and was in tune. Still haven't plugged it in yet but I'm sure it'll sound fantastic with the Fishman F1 Analog system. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a sweet acoustic to finger pick or flat pick on. Five stars from me.

  • from Fishersville, VA October 25, 2013Music Background:
    I played in public and church, but mostly play as a hobby now

    Martin GPCPA4 Rosewood Guitar

    I have owned this guitar for almost 5 months. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. The sound unplugged is typical Martin. The sound plugged in is also top of the line. I like the deeper body and the smaller (than a dreadnaught) size. I used this guitar to replace a Taylor. The Taylor was very playable but did not have the full sound like a Martin. The Martin GPCPA4 Rosewood is just as easy to play as the Taylor but blows it away with the sound. I did switch to the Martin Flexible Core Strings. The action is low and easy to play. I play both with a flat pick and finger style. I would easily recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a quality guitar in an affordable price range.

  • from Tazewell Virginia November 15, 2012Music Background:
    Church musician

    The Perfect Guitar

    This guitar is amazing... It is perfect for my style of playing--fingerstyle.
    Action is great....It resonates much more and sustains a note longer than most wooden guitars...could be due to the rosewood back and sides. Great looking guitar...as one friend from my church said who was another guitar player ...it really seems to shine on the stage. Wide and thinner neck makes it easier to play than most guitars. And wow it has that clean crisp Martin sound. It sounds good when not amplified, and even better when played through my amplifier

  • from Berlin Heights, Ohio USA October 5, 2012Music Background:
    retired professional musician

    Awesome Experience.

    The guitar was exactly as I had expected, fast neck and action. The only thing better than the instrument was the service! I got the guitar much faster than I expected, the people at Sweetwater went out of their way to help me purchase the right guitar.

  • from Freedom Pa July 5, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist since 1967


    I was less than awed by the unplugged tone , as delivered and felt unsure that the back and sides were really solid rose wood as well as the head plate which scratched easily when a string touched it while being changed and there was no center seam on the back . The pattern of wood looked like a vanear. The string change to Elixer light strings however did fix the tone problem. The sales people at sweetwater were great and offered to exchange it for my other choice aTaylor 314ce .

  • from Freedom , Pa June 14, 2013Music Background:
    Amiture playing for forty years

    Somewhat disapointed

    The Sweetwater service was great as I have come to expect. I received my martin latterly over night .
    Plugged , into my 60 watt Roland amp it sounds great , but unplugged it sound dead , like it had cotton stuffed in the sound hole . I wish I had opted for a 314ce . I feel like I made a mistake with this Martin. Kind of like buying a Harley I wanted the tradition.

Questions about the Martin GPCPA4R Rosewood - Natural?

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