Grover GP800C Strap Lock Set - Chrome

Locking Strap Buttons for Electric Guitar or Bass - Chrome
Grover GP800C Strap Lock Set - Chrome image 1
Grover GP800C Strap Lock Set - Chrome image 1
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Grover GP800C Strap Lock Set - Chrome
In Stock!

Secure Locking Strap Buttons

Trust your guitar to Grover Strap Locks. They keep your guitar's strap connection safe and secure, with an easy-to-use quick release design. Grover Strap Locks replace your guitar's original strap buttons and are easy to install with no instrument modifications necessary. And because they're made by Grover, you know you can count on Grover Strap Locks.

Grover Strap Locks Features:
  • Locking strap buttons for electric guitar or bass
  • Style: Chrome
  • Set of two
  • Quick release design makes it easy to switch instruments during a gig
  • All hardware is provided
  • Easy installation - replaces your original strap buttons
Secure your guitar in style with Grover Strap Locks!

Tech Specs

Finish Chrome
Manufacturer Part Number GP800C

Customer Reviews

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Mind at ease

I have these lock sets on all of my guitars, acoustic and electric. I had to modify one set for my 335 for larger screws, but I am confident it will never hit the ground.
Music background: Starting over novice

The one for me

Ok, I dont have comprehensive experience with all the strap locks. I can say what I know. I did a lot of research -- talking to friends with Schallers and reading a lot of reviews and when I discovered these, I thought the idea was the best. I now have four of these -- and am about to buy two more. I got a sweet Tele from Sweetwater that came with Fender-Schaller strap locks... Well, it's been 11 months and the nut has worked it's way off the pin and is lost forever -- likely in the bowels of my sofa or dog. I have spent a hour trying to find a replacement nut and then realize -- I never wanted these dang things to begin with. I want my Loxx that's on my other guitars -- why -- b/c I have never had to think about them since installing them. So, I am sure that Schallers are just as good. And maybe I'm just the knucklehead that didn't screw the nut on tight enough. But still, the Loxx never ever have failed in any way for me. Ever. And now Schaller has. For me, it's just that simple, ymmv.
Music background: Guitarist

The Best!

I have three Gibson Les Paul models and they all have Grover's strap locking system.This is the best system I have encountered. Classic looking and well built. I use them with thick Levi straps, and they keep my guitars secure and without having to worry about accidental drops.Highly recommended!
Music background: Student

Excellent product, beware immitations

I have over 50 guitars and basses, all fitted with Grover or Schaller (same design) straplocks. They work great for me but I've only scored them 4.5 due to a couple of caveats. See below. I've tried the Dunlop system but for me, I don't warm to them.Grover/Schaller issues:1. Beware when replacing strap buttons which had big fat screws. Take the time to plug the hole properly before re-drilling for the straplocks.2. The straplocks may work loose over time even if the screw hole was ok. I always insert the screw with a dab of glue on the threads to lock it3. You do sometimes get some mechanical squeaking noises while playing as the two parts of the lock move together. Not much of a problem but I lubricate with chapstick when recording. For this reason though, I don't think I would use these locks for acoustic (even if i could find solid woos to attach them).Lastly - BEWARE CHEAP IMMITATIONS from the far east. They rattle like heck, are made of cheap pot metal and the threads & nuts are coarse pitch so they don't grip sufficiently on thick straps.
Music background: Weekend warrior guitar & bass for 35 years
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