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Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor with GK-3 Pickup Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor with GK-3 Pickup?

Questions about the Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor with GK-3 Pickup?

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  • from June 19, 2017


    Great sound. Easy to use. Cool pedal

  • from August 26, 2015

    GP-10 Exploration

    Very interesting interface. You have an effects only with the gt-100 pieces in it. Then there is the synthesizer area with some classic oscillators and modulations with the pedal. Very clean to my ears and not noisy or too noisy. The one area waiting on is there is no windows 10 driver for it, but their testing and working on the windows 10 version and sure it will surface. Basically there is enough easily to keep you busy whether the synth side or effects only as an effects unit. Some of the patches are both and you can program whatever you want mixing. The quality was a surprise just on a basic wah patch that was excellent in its own right. Very powerful abilities but subject as to what you want not what "I" like about it. Worth the cash. Should read up and watch a few videos on installing the gk-3 and what guitar to choose. Very good videos out there to inspire you.

  • from New Hampshire April 20, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist/singer for 40 years, former MIDI software developer

    More than just a trimmed down GR-55

    I bought a GR-55 as soon as it came out, and have been a big fan. When the GP-10 was announced it seemed to me like a stripped down GR-55 in a smaller package. How wrong I was. True, the GP-10 loses the GR-55's two PCM synth blocks, the looper and the MFX block. It also has 99 user presets instead of 297. But the remaining features have been updated and improved, and in some cases, expanded. And the GP-10 adds a powerful new synthesis block, a harmonist, a string bender, the ability to combine alternate tunings with a 12 string guitar, and more. The GP-10 adds a second built-in control pedal, expandable either to 4 CTL pedals or 2 EXP pedals. I added a Boss FS-7 to give me 4 CTLs, which provide great foot access to the features. The GP-10 is also much more powerful and flexible than the GR-55 for assigning features to buttons/pedals.

    The re-amping feature is great for recording. The editing software is powerful and intuitive, and allows for sharing presets with others. It also makes the 99 preset memory less of a limitation, as you can create and save as many live sets as you want.

    Another huge plus for the GP-10 is you can access all the amp and effect models without a 13 pin connector. I have been bypassing the amp block and just using the GP-10 effects in front of my tube amp with great results. So the GP-10 is great for direct-to-PA with a GK guitar or a regular guitar, and a great front end to a guitar amp.

    Features aside, the GP-10 just sounds better than the GR-55. Less noise, and just better overall sound quality. The COSM models have been refined and are more responsive feeling and realistic sounding. In particular, the new COSM amp models sound great, and the old ones have been significantly improved (and I thought they were good before). While I was able to coax good sounds out of the GR-55, great sounds just seem to leap out of the COSM models in the GP-10.

    I will still turn to my GR-55 when I want the PCM synths. Otherwise, I'm moving on to the GP-10.

    The big letdown is lack of CoreMIDI compliance. Let's hope Boss/Roland get on board here with an update.

  • from Jackson, TN December 21, 2014Music Background:

    Very good guitar processor

    I previously owned a GR-55 but could never warm up to it. I could not play my other guitars through it which really hurt that unit's value to me. I saw this on Sweetwater and they had a demo unit. Put the pickup on my PRS 10 Top via the double sided tape. So far it is holding up. I run it through my Vox Amp or mostly through my KRK monitors I use with Logic. What Boss did was create a real guitar pedal with some of the great guitar modeling from the GR-55. The Nylon guitar is my favorite and it sounds pitch perfect. The guitar modeling is incredible and the alternate tunings are very, very handy. One thing you can't do is play say a pad effect over a modeled guitar, something you can do on a GR-55. They also stripped down all of the PCM sounds from the GR-55 so you will not be able to play a Tuba on your Les Paul. The software is a must have. The GR-55 had a GUI that someone created and it was all we had. This is the real deal. It is very cool how Boss laid it out as you can place the amp and any effects in either your guitar pickup stream or the modeling stream. I like combing a deep wave synth with a very distorted guitar. Correct placement of the GK3 pickup is key but it tracks extremely well. One thing about the GP-10 is that the midi out is much improved it seems from the GR-55. I can record a nylon guitar from the GP-10 with a backing midi track with strings or a violin in Logic and it tracks perfectly. Then I can plug my Les Paul into the "guitar in" and crank the COSM guitar amps using all of the Boss effects glory. I need to find a batter way to mount the pickup though. The tape will start to wear down and I rest my palm over where the GK3 pickup is on my PRS. I'm not going to drill holes in my guitar so I need to figure something out. This is the last pedal I will buy for awhile. You need some basic understanding of synth like oscillators and wave forms to really get some crazy sounds. The download tone section of the software is very cool as it incorporates directly into your patch list. Very easy and clean to use interface. I hope this helps anyone who wants to come back to a guitar synthesizer that may have left the GR-55.

  • from Myrtle Beach, SC September 7, 2014Music Background:
    Professional gigging musician and teacher

    Finally it works

    Amazing piece of gear. I use it almost exclusively as an alternate tuning device, with the rest of my sound coming from other pedals and amps. It does the job amazingly well. Best part is I have it installed on a 7 string guitar - which, even though you can't use the divided pickup with all seven strings, means I can have modeled 6 string sounds, and/or my real seven string sound at the flick of a switch. Line 6 Variaxs can't do that.

    Plus the COSM sounds have come a long way. I use the internal amp modeling for practice and it works great. Not as good as my live rig, but great for quiet practice or smaller gigs.

  • from Iraq June 5, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar enthusiast, gear geek, sound man

    Amazing Guitar Modeling + Multi Effect

    I wanted a:
    - Acoustic guitar sound on my Les Paul
    - 12 String sound
    - Up and down tunings
    - Harmonic and whammy effects
    - Ability to mix two different guitar sounds

    Variax could cover most of the above, but I will be buying a new instrument!

    The GP-10 does modeling very well, just make sure you install and configure the GK pickup very very well. Although I am thinking about buying a Graph Tech Hexpander with a Les Paul bridge to make the installation very clean and the sound to be more accurate.

    it is a very good solution for bands that uses many tones and guitars in one gig, anyone with budget and a decent guitar. The Amps and effects modeling is good (Better that ME-80 by far).

    At the end, it is Sweetwater when you decide to buy something musical just do it here, They are the best in my experience.

  • from TN July 28, 2015Music Background:

    Magic Box for Guitarists

    I gave this a 4.5 stars only because there is no such thing as a perfect piece of gear. I'm quite a tech head in general but when it comes to guitars I've been a traditional guitar and amp guy. This was the first time I've bought a guitar synth/modelling product and I am very impressed. The sounds are great and I like the fact that I can use the guitar of my choice. I have several custom patches with wacky tunings to emulate custom instruments but I also use a number of the presets as well. I would recommend to anybody buying this to use the BOSS Tone Studio software to edit the patches, it is MUCH EASIER than fiddling with the hardware interface buttons and menus.

    I was originally going to buy a Variax with a Fishman Triple play but for less than what the JTV Variax alone would have cost me, I bought a GP-10, a Gibson SGJ and a Behringer powered PA speaker. So it is very cost effective and with the new price drop, it really is a smart choice.

    I've been using the GP-10 for almost a year now and I have no regrets. I would also recommend to anybody buying this or any other guitar synth type product to pay a visit to the vguitarforums (just google it). They have lots of great info and a friendly community dedicated specifically to this stuff. I did most of my research there before buying this and it helped immensely.

    Last but not least, I had yet another fantastic experience with Sweetwater's customer service when I purchased this. You really get white glove treatment when you buying from here and that's something of a rarity these days.

  • from Spokane WA USA January 19, 2015Music Background:
    Playing and writing for about 7 years, degree in Audio,

    Very Very Nice.

    This piece of gear is a personal game changer for me. I use a Les Paul and generally cant tune down to anything below Drop C without the strings flopping about, with this i can get down to the drop B and A tuning, and they sound great.

    The Modeling stuff is pretty cool too, the ability to instantly get an acoustic 12 string or a Sitar is awesome when you get an idea, and you want it captured.
    personally the modeled Jazz Bass guitar sounds better then my actual bass,

    It Also works really well as a small interface, I normally run a Motu as my main stuff but i had to send that in for repairs and i've been using this and it can be set up to run in several different modes depending on what you want it to do.

    The pedal it self is built like a tank as well and does not slide around and i can't see any thing that would break assuming it's taken care of.
    The pickup is plastic and it would have been nice to see a metal casing for it but again assuming you dont beat your guitar it shouldn't be a problem

    The only that made me give it a 4.5 out of 5 is when you are using alt tunings, natural harmonics (like the 5 and 7 fret) don't sound right, even after proper setup,

    I Also ended up get a bad power supply but was lucky to have a second one lying around, but Sweetwater quickly helped me out with that.

    All in all for the price, it's an awesome buy and I do not regret it.

  • from Southern California November 7, 2014Music Background:
    6 shows a month

    Very versatile

    I've only spent a few hours with the GP-10, but I can see that it will be very useful. I recorded an acoustic rhythm track and my music pals couldn't tell I was actually playing a strat. I'm playing bass this weekend with the same stratocaster, I doubt that anyone will hear the difference, I've also created a very lush pad to use in when there's no keyboardist. Oh yeah, the amp modeling and guitar fx are also excellent. I sold my GR-55. It was great, but the GP-10 is more guitar-focused, and a better fit for me.

  • from DFW Texas August 8, 2016

    Very Cool Box

    It will more than likely take years to learn all of what this box has to offer.
    I'm finally getting the hang of a few things, really love being able to use the mandolin that I got off of the Boss website. Still learning.
    Thanks, Jeff Bohan

Questions about the Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor with GK-3 Pickup?

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