GML 8200

5-Band Stereo Parametric EQ with Broad Variable Q, 15 dB Boost/Cut Per Band, and Renowned Sonic Clarity
GML 8200 image 1
GML 8200 image 1
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GML 8200
Special Order

This Parametric EQ Wrote The Book!

The GML8200 Parametric Equalizer is brought to you from George Massenburg, the man who invented the very concept of parametric equalization! The 2U rackmount 8200 has been an industry standard for over twenty years, and can be found on virtually every major recording studio's stereo bus.

GML8200 Parametric Equalizer at a Glance:
  • Industry-standard EQ found in most major studios worldwide
  • 5-band EQ with overlapping bands and 15 dB boost or cut
  • Incredibly transparent and natural sounding

The choice of studios all over the world
Go into any major recording studio, anywhere on earth, and you'll probably find at least one GML8200 Parametric Equalizer in the rack or built into the board. It's that clear! George Massenburg, the inventor of parametric equalization, created the GML8200 for no-compromise audio environments in which the wrong EQ could mean the difference between a Grammy and an also-ran.

Five bands, extraordinary control
Each of the GML8200's five broadly-overlapping bands offers 15dB of boost or cut and adjustable bandwidth (or "Q") from 0.4 to 4. The lowest and highest bands also can be switched to Shelf mode. With uncommon front panel simplicity you can shape your signal a little or a lot!

An astonishingly clean, clear sound
Quite simply, the 8200 is the archetype Stereo Parametric Equalizer. Its extraordinary resolution, benchmark transparency, generous headroom, and surgical precision have been imitated by many other equalizers, but exceeded by no other.

GML8200 Parametric Equalizer Features:
  • Unparalleled sonic clarity and control
  • 5-band stereo parametric equalizer with 15 dB of boost or cut per band
  • Bandwidth adjustable from 0.4 to 4 octaves
  • Switchable low and high shelving
  • 2U rackmount convenience
  • Includes external Power Supply
Trust the GML8200 Parametric Equalizer for the ultimate professional control!

What Does "Special Order" Mean?

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Tech Specs

Number of Channels 2
Tube No
Bypass Yes
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR
Number of Bands 5
Q Type Variable
Boost/Cut Range ±15
Frequency Response 10Hz-80kHz (+/- 0.1dB)
Freq Range High .4-26kHz
Freq Range Hi-Mid .4-26kHz
Freq Range Mid .12-8kHz
Freq Range Lo-Mid 15-800Hz
Freq Range Low 15-800Hz
High Pass Filter No highpass filter
Low Pass Filter No lowpass filter
Rack Spaces 2U
Height 3.5"
Depth 8.5"
Width 19"
Weight 6 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 8200

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Cream of the Crop!!!

This EQ is the best of the best i've owned this EQ now for about a month and have been able to achieve some great results. Its amazing for surgical eq-ing and really does magic to the low end and top around 10khz. Great for removing resonance from your mix and getting it to really "pop out of the speakers."
Music background: Mixing/Mastering Engineer/Studio Owner

Sweetwater Advice

Forrest Powell

Definitive clarity. No one seems to argue the point. Everyone loves GML and the 8200 is a staple in the industry for distinction at every frequency you can sweep. No harshness, nothing brittle, no grit. Just clean as a whistle.

Joseph Secu

Most of my customers ask me "What are some ways I can improve my sound?" One way of course is to have some great outboard gear. A must-have in any studio is a great EQ. If you're serious about your music and sound quality, then you have to include the GML 8200 in your arsenal.

Kenny Bergle

Well, even if George Massenberg was not my friend, I would recommend this EQ as it's the REAL DEAL! Honestly, if you can buy from the inventor of the parametric EQ industry, why wouldn't you? Guess what George Massenberg didn't invent? Good sound! He just figured out ways of getting it into recordings! I'm honored that George comes here to Sweetwater and trains us and helps us. That further proves what he's really concerned with - getting good recordings.

Jeff Hollman

One of the best, most useful hardware EQs for a studio professional. George Massenburg invented parametric equalization, so is it any surprise that his own version of it is so highly regarded? The 8200 has a smooth, transparent sound that is great not just for fixing things in the mix, but also for sculpting your sound!

Ted Hunter

Even though this equalizer comes from the man who invented the parametric EQ years back, it's still without a doubt one of the most versatile and useful equalizers on the market, and works great for everything from broad tonal shaping to precise surgical tweaks. The amount of boost and cut you can apply with this Eq is almost unnatural... when I use it I find myself having to constantly switch the EQ in and out to make sure that it's on because it's so transparent and neutral. There's a reason it's been the industry standard for decades, and surely will be for decades to come.
See also: GML, GML Parametric EQ