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GML 2032 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the GML 2032?

Questions about the GML 2032?

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  • David Stewart

    One of the sweetest and most natural sounding EQ's I've ever used.

  • Ted Hunter

    The 2032 has the cleanest preamp I've ever encountered, and the equalizer is so transparent I had to keep bypassing it to make sure it was engaged. It works the way an equalizer is supposed to work.

  • from Bamboo Room Studio December 2, 2016Music Background:
    Music Professional & Studio Owner

    If you can afford it buy it!

    The mic pre is colorless and very 3D! Just amazing like you are in the room. What you would hear if you were in the iso room... no joke. Plus you get an incredible EQ with perfectly chosen overlapping frequencies designed by the guy who invented parametric EQ!!!! You might wonder if you have it engaged for lighter EQ adjustments because you don't hear the frequency changes until you bypass the EQ, only to realize it was engaged but only adjusting the frequencies without adding "color" while increasing overall fidelity. Even with heavier handling of the EQ this remains true. Say the low spectrum is boosted pretty well, It just sounds bigger in the spatial field, no muddiness here...Also, no noise whatever the setting unless it is in the source itself. By capturing the best source, everything gets easier. Less need for further processing. If GML made a console with these strips and incorporated their compressor / Limiters into buss groups and Master it would be a real game changer and favored competitor for any analogue board from the industry leaders and probably start a new musical revolution! The better an engineer captures the true unadulterated sound source, the more options available to the engineer in manipulating the source material to taste and genre. Much easier to add than take away ...worth every cent to me...seriously.

  • from New York City May 30, 2012Music Background:

    Excellent Audio

    Besides being clean (yet superbly full) the 2032 has become my #1 direct input for electric bass and guitar. It's the fullest clearest DI I've ever used and prefer over my Avalon (which I sold) and the DI on my Avid OMNI.

    On top of that the EQ bands overlap so well that you can carve anything you want. It's an amazingly natural EQ which just makes whatever you put through it sound like it was that great at the source.

    For me, just the DI is worth it. It's that good.

  • from Prospect, CT. March 21, 2007Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer, Studio Owner

    Simply Outstanding!

    First, let me say that I have used and tested a variety of mic-pre's. This one is a keeper! Everything I plug into it seems to come alive. Almost a 3D type sound. Bigger, warmer, etc. The EQ is one of the most musical I've worked with. I'm convinced that nothing sounds bad going thru this baby.This was money well spent. I'll have this in my studio for along time.

  • from Clovis, CA USA June 24, 2013Music Background:
    Singer/ Songwriter

    This Pre Delivers What It Promises

    I used both the preamp and EQ (which you can insert separately) extensively on vocals with both my U87 and Sm7 microphones during the four years I had my project studio. It was extremely difficult to part with this piece of gear: it produces a beautiful clarity, and you really have to boost the 3k region mercilessly to produce any harshness. My 4.5 rating (instead of a '5") is merely a hook for this caveat: the heavens don't open when you process vocals through a GML 2032; your room does, as well as your performance. This is a very revealing preamp which provides incredible depth and detail, which is why it is critical to take care in preparing both your recording space and, of course, your vocals. Look up "quality" in the dictionary, and you may see a picture of GML gear next to the word...

Questions about the GML 2032?

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