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Mic Pre, Equalizer, and Dynamics Processor
Item ID: GML2020

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GML 2020 image 1

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GML 2020
Special Order

Three Phenomenal Components In One Box!

From the legendary George Massenburg Labs comes the GML2020 Integrated Input Channel, a brand new mono blockbuster combo of the three proven Massenburg designs in one box. The famed 8300 Mic Pre, a 4-band version of the 8200 Parametric EQ, and a complete 8900 Dynamic Range Controller combine to provide one incredible input channel, perfect for the most demanding recording and live performance situations.

GML2020 Integrated Input Channel at a Glance:
  • Combination of no-compromise components in one 2U rackmount case
  • Parametric EQ with pre- and post- dynamics or side-chain inserts
  • Additional mic, line and instrument DI and front panel controls for ease of use
Three proven components in one!

The GML2020 Integrated Input Channel begins with the 8300 Mic Pre, world renowned for its life-like realism, high resolving power, and reference-standard transparency. The 8300's all-discrete, bipolar transistor circuit topologies are completely transformerless with no FETs, ICs, or electrolytic capacitors in the signal path. Even the outputs are direct-coupled; time-proven active servos remove DC without adding any artificial color. From -10dB of attenuation up to a whopping 70dB of amplification, Input Gain is selectable in precise 5dB steps accommodating all sources from low output ribbon mics through semi-pro keyboards to inserts in super hot mastering chains with one knob. A +24dBv CLIP indicator warns of any impending overloads and switchable phantom powering is built in.

Flexible EQ, inserted where you want it

George Massenburg invented the concept of parametric equalization! The special 4-band version of the studio-standard 8200 parametric EQ adds to the GML 2020's power. Each of the four overlapping bands offers 15dB of boost or cut and adjustable bandwidth (or "Q") from 0.4 to 4. The lowest and highest bands also can be switched to Shelf mode. The 8200 possesses extraordinary resolution, benchmark transparency, generous headroom, and surgical precision. Especially useful about the 2020 is the way the 8200 EQ section can be placed either before or after the 8900 Dynamics section, or inserted into the Side Chain at the flick of a switch. This feature alone makes the 2020 an extremely flexible recording tool.

A limiter/compressor that works the way your ears work!

The GML2020 also includes the 8900 Dynamic Range Controller - a limiter/compressor that is unlike any other! The 8900 Dynamic Range Controller reacts to loudness (rather than volts), just like your ears do. Massenburg's psycho-acoustic approach uses multiple true-RMS detectors, remarkably accurate log converters, and fast peak detectors to respond intelligently to real signal energy, not just level. This unusual design employs unique controls, like Crest Factor, Timing, and Release Hysteresis to access the parameters that you really want to adjust. Familiar features such as Stereo Link, Soft/Hard Knee, Ratio, Output Level, as well as comprehensive Gain/Loss metering have been carefully optimized for flexible, creative control over a wide dynamic range with a lack of audible artifacts. Very useful is the Side Chain Input that permits external frequency shaping to be introduced into the detection circuitry. The entire audio path is all-discrete, including the VCA, for unsurpassed transparency and low-level resolution.

Additional inputs and controls add studio functionality

The GML 2020 comes with additional enhancements not found in the stand-alone units. These include Mic, Line, and Direct Instrument input selection, front panel mounted 2-Pole highpass Filter, Phase Reverse, and Phantom Power switches, as well as accurate LED input metering. Both the EQ and Dynamics sections are independently bypassable and up to eight 2020 units can be linked for multichannel work.

GML2020 Integrated Input Channel Features:
  • 8300 Mic Pre
  • 4-band version of the 8200 Parametric EQ
  • 8900 Dynamic Range Controller
  • Additional line and instrument inputs
  • Front-panel highpass filter, phase reverse and phantom power switches
  • Link up to eight 2020s for multichannel work
  • External power supply included
The GML2020 Integrated Input Channel for unparalleled audio quality!

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