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Mission Engineering Inc Gemini 2 - 220-watt 2x12" Powered Cabinet Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Mission Engineering Inc Gemini 2 - 220-watt 2x12" Powered Cabinet?

Questions about the Mission Engineering Inc Gemini 2 - 220-watt 2x12" Powered Cabinet?

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  • from Syracuse, NY March 24, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbyist/Gigging Player

    Gemini 2 is the way to go!

    While I did not buy my Gemini 2 from Sweetwater, I would have had they been in stock when I was ready to buy. I have tried using my Axe FX II through every combination there is. Whether it was my QSC K12's, two Mesa 1x12 cabs with a power amp, or a tube power amp with a 4x12 cab, the Gemini 2 is the best combination I have tried yet. Plenty of power, true FRFR, amazing construction, and the 'look' of a guitar amp. Active wedges were good, but the molded plastic had too much influence on the tone. The Baltic birch construction of the Gemini 2 just lends itself to a more balanced tone, the 'amp in the room' feel. It just seems to resonate better to me. Tons of headroom, you can play clean tones through this product at very high volume with no breakup. That's a must for me. It has all the bass and treble response as anything I have tried, but the treble is so much smoother and the bass is full, yet not overly boomy which can kill guitar tone. I hate making this comment as I don't want to offend anyone, but I also like my backline to look like a guitar amp and not a PA speaker. With careful placement, the Gemini 2 can be mic'd up just like a traditional cab as well. I'm very pleased and feel like this is the best overall solution for me, glad I chose the Gemini 2 and I think you would be too.

  • from Northern Virginia/D.C. August 26, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist/ Semi Pro Musician

    The Ultimate Active Cab for Modelers, (Kemper, Pod, Fractal)

    I own a Kemper Profiling Amp, which the ultimate tool for recording, as it accurately reproduces every nuance of a guitar system, (pre-amp, amp, effects, cabinets etc). I had been looking for the best active cabinet to use my Kemper for live performances. Standard guitar cabs will work, but that adds too much additional colour to the tone. Powered Wedges or P.A. Cabs are better as they accurately reproduce the "profile" the Kemper captured. Those " in the know" look for FRFR cabs, Full Range/Flat Response. There are a lot to choose from,... various pricing, various shapes, various quality. I feel very confident in saying the Mission Engineering Gemini 2 Active Cab is the Porsche of FRFR cabs. It has the the best Specs around, it is designed by a well respected company in the Musical Industry with a long history of quality gear, it is LOUD, and it looks like what a guitar Cab should look like ! Guitarists know that looks matter. We spend tons of money on cool looking guitars. So why use a small powered wedge ! Sounds great with my Boss GP-10 guitar processor too. Select the 8 String or Low B 7 string guitar model with a Soldano or Bogner style amp in the Gp-10 and pound the strings. Not only is it the best FRFR cab ever, but it's also an audio interface. A lot of guys on the road are using Apples Main Stage 3 as their amp and effects system and the Gemini 2 is the perfect Active Cab to reproduce those presets. Couldn't be a better system for a Keyboardist using Main Stage either. I haven't begun to scratch the surface of what the Gemini offers. If you have a modeling pre-amp, or like to use the effect and amp presets in Apples Main Stage 3, Logic, or Garageband , and are looking to step up to the best Active Cab there is, call Sweetwater and get the Gemini 2.

Questions about the Mission Engineering Inc Gemini 2 - 220-watt 2x12" Powered Cabinet?

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