George Ls .155 Guitar Connector - Nickel, Angled 12-pk

Nickel Connector Plugs, Right-angle, .155 Diameter, for Use with George Ls .155-diameter Bulk Cable - 12-pack
4.5/5 3 Write review Item ID: GLPlugA12pkN
George Ls .155 Guitar Connector - Nickel, Angled 12-pk image 1
George Ls .155 Guitar Connector - Nickel, Angled 12-pk image 1
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George Ls .155 Guitar Connector - Nickel, Angled 12-pk
In Stock!

Make Your Own Custom-size Cables!

Pros around the world choose George Ls guitar cables for their transparent sound and exceptional durability. With this pack of George Ls .155-diameter connectors and some George Ls bulk guitar cable, you can make top-quality cables of whatever custom length you need. You'll appreciate the ultra-low noise and low capacitance of George Ls cable, especially if you're making a lot of jumper cables for a large pedalboard. And because George Ls cables and connectors don't require stripping or soldering, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to re-fit your whole rig with George Ls .155-diameter guitar cables.

George Ls .155-diameter Nickel Guitar Cable Connector Features:
  • Quantity: 12 connectors
  • Nickel
  • Right-angle
  • Requires no stripping or soldering
  • For use with George Ls .155 bulk guitar cable
Customize your rig, with George Ls .155 connectors and cable!

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Manufacturer Part Number .155 Plug, Ang Ni 12pk

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George Ls - the best there is

Bought a Sweetwater pedalboard kit a while back and it included some George Ls connectors and .155 cable. I assembled custom length cables to suit the signal path I wanted to use with my pedals. The results were amazing...not the sound, but it was the silence. Even with all 9 pedals turned on there was no noise more than a gentle whisper and when I played the tone was as clean and unadulterated as it gets. So, I went and bought another larger board and then bought a coil of cable and a few dozen of the angled connectors and a dozen straight connectors. I'll never use anything else again. I even used these things to connect a wireless receiver to an amp. The quality is top notch and they can be reused as needed!! Even the cable can be reused...just snip off the used end (less than half an inch) and re-cable away! My latest pedalboard project has 19 pedals on it and is so quiet I have to look twice to make sure the pedal I want to use is actually on.
Music background: Hack. Always have been...always will be...over 50 years...

The Cure for OCD

These are great for keeping things neat and in order. I know the pros say to use soldered cables, but these really do sound great! They are easy to make and can save you a lot of precious real estate on your board. I tested these against some of my soldered cables and you would have to have superhuman hearing to tell the difference. I tested them with a multi-meter difference. The ONLY drawback is that it take some time to cut and assemble the cables, but the quality seems to be top-notch.

George L connectors

Easy enough once I went online and read someone else's instructions - came with no instructions. You have to tighten the set screw down hard enough to pierce the outer layer of the cord in order to make it grounded - without instructions, that was not obvious to me. Lots of instructive info on the web though. The G L cables/connectors greatly reduced the amount of hum in my signal path - almost silent now.

Sweetwater Advice

Zach Neels

When putting together my larger pedal board, I wanted to have my own custom lengths to maintain some cleanliness to my board - these George Ls plugs really came in handy when I ran out trying to put together an additional six with leftover cable!
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