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Allen & Heath GLD-80 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Northern, VA April 5, 2016Music Background:
    FOH, Producer

    Goodbye LS9 Hello GLD 80

    I have used an Yamaha LS9 for years and although it is a very solid board, I am thrilled to be using the Allen & Heath GLD board:

    I always found the Yamaha difficult to move around on especially when you needed to make any changes to INs/OUTs. Without a touch screen it was always challenging. And although the sound of the Yamaha is good, it is too sterile for me.

    Welcome to the GLD Mixer by A&H
    What I really love:
    Sound - Much warmer than the Yamaha. I had several people at my church say that the sound has NEVER sounded better in 20 years. (this is our 4th mixer in 20 years) Mackie and Yamaha and now A&H.

    Customizable Scribble Strips, Name (5-letter limit) and Color

    Assign any input to any fader

    Assign any output to any fader.... You get the idea

    Setting up the mixer from scratch was super easy; Allen & Heath provides 3 great templates to choose from to get you up and running quickly. I was able to configure the mixer and install it and test it in a couple of hours. Our very first service with the mixer, we did not have one issue with the sound. No Feedback, etc.. Very Happy!!

    There are other reviews here that go into more of the details and features and I would have to say I agree whole-heartedly with their assessments.

    I am thrilled to have this board as well as the AR2412, 2-AR84's and the Allen & Heath In-Ear setup; ME-1 (that is phenomenal too, coming from an Aviom unit). Our mixer is fully configured except for the Dante Card. That is the next purchase and we will be set for recording.

    I am looking forward to many years of use of our GLD Mixer.

    I can say with confidence, that you won't go wrong if you buy the mixer.

  • from Western PA August 5, 2015Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer 25+ Years, Former recording engineer

    Best in its class

    This was by far one of my best mixer purchases for many reasons. I run sound for a lot of medium sized outdoor festivals, most of which involve multiple bands.


    The offline editor for this mixer is one of the biggest advantages for my line of work. I get calls from bands during the week, and once I get their channel requirements, I can easily configure a show file right on my computer and later upload it to the mixer. The software saves the show file to a USB stick, then all that is needed is to plug that stick into the console to recall it later.

    Another great feature is the digital snake. After years of working with heavy multi-core snakes, along with the extra time (and space) required in order to use them, the digital snake with the GLD is another strong point of this setup. This is a huge time saver, and now I can carry several lengths of Ethercon cables to give me more options when I arrive.

    With 8 powerful effects processors on-board, no more outboard racks need to be carried, or setup, again shrinking my setup times considerably. GLD offers many additional effects that aren't part of the "standard effects" suites found on many consoles.

    The routing capabilities of the GLD are endless. You can digitally patch effects in-line or buss fed, tap from a variety of points in the input stream for aux sends, and map any of these things to a whole bunch of places on the console, snake, expansion card, or internally.

    With any number of varying configurations on Matrices, Groups, Aux’s, all with stereo or mono options, along with LCR, LR, or LRM, or LR into summed mono you get an incredible amount of flexibility with this console.

    The GLD80 is extremely flexible and can quickly be configured for any situation, using both the offline editing software, or right on the console itself, even on-the fly. I love being able to move individual faders to any position, and any layer as needed. With the use of Groups, DCAs, and putting faders anywhere I want to, I can usually mix an entire show while remaining on a single layer most of the time.

    The iPad app can also use a custom layer allowing you to mix very complex arrangements mostly from one layer remotely anywhere in the venue. I recently mixed a 12-piece band (vocals, piano, keys, guitars, bass, drums, 6 horns) using mostly the iPad after setting up the DCAs for drums, horns, and guitars, and then bringing vocal channels directly to the same layer. This allowed me to move around the venue, and listen to the sound at many different points while easily managing my mix.


    I currently own and have owned many analog and digital mixers over the years. The GLD80 has great sounding pre amps, amazing effects, and is overall a very clean sounding console. The EQs compressors, and gates, give you complete control over your sources, and you don't to fight them to get a great sound. All of the EQ and dynamics processing is very musical and very easy to find the sweet spot with quickly. You can do this with both the physical knobs on the console, or by dragging points around on the touch screen.


    The workflow on this mixer is extraordinarily flexible and easy. You can easily configure the mixer to your own personal needs and tastes without a degree in rocket science. You can do all kinds of things that you wouldn't think possible on other consoles, and all on a nicely lit, and very responsive touch screen with an intuitive interface. Drag faders to any position on the work surface that you want. This helps you logically group faders together for ease of use. This is especially nice when doing multi-band shows, and someone plugs something into the wrong input on the stage box. You can either remap the input, or simply drag the fader to a new location giving you several quick fixes on the fly.

    Once your mixer is configured to taste, managing the mixes, EQ, and dynamics are simple. One thing that I really like about this mixer, is the ability to select the mix button on any input or output and see the mix from that point of view. I can select the mix button for the Aux 2 master, and all of the input faders all become the Aux 2 sends showing what is going into that mix, just like most other digital mixers. But if I select the mix button on the lead guitar (or other input) channel, then all of the output mix master faders (Aux’s) change to show which Aux’s are being fed with that channel's signal, much like on an analog mixer. This gives you 2 ways to do the same thing, both of which come in handy at different times.


    I have yet to find anything that I dislike about this console. I would buy it again without even thinking about it. It sounds great, it is easy to configure, and use, and a real time saver. If you are in the market for a console at this price point, look no further, the GLD80 will fit the bill.

    If you plan on mixing more than 32 channels on a regular basis, you may want to look at the GLD112 instead as it gives you additional faders to work with, so you don't have to jump around as much. They are both the same other than the additional controls on the 112.


    I did a lot of research on this mixer and others at a similar price point, but managed to wait until the last minute (2 days before a big show), to purchase it. This is not the first time that I have done this, and Sweetwater has always bailed me out and turned my order around quickly and got it to me the very next day in these situations. This gave me time to get familiar with the console, and feel comfortable enough to use it the day after I received it.

  • from Dallas, PA February 19, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Pastor

    This board is amazing

    The GLD 80 has brought us to a whole new level of sound. It is incredibly sophisticated at what it can do, yet so intuitive we can't wait to get back to use it the next day. If you want to jump into the power of the digital world, this is your board. I can't believe the price dropped as well...run don't walk to buy one.

  • from Boston, MA April 9, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Pastor, Musician

    GLD-80 The Perfect Sound Board

    We are a young start up church who had no one with experience to run our sound board. A Sound Engineer pointed us to this board and it has been absolutely perfect. It is EASY to learn for beginners, far more intuitive than traditional consoles. But the best part is that this board will please beginners to professionals. I couldn't be happier with our purchase.

    The sticker price will scare many people away. But you need to consider it a significant investment. It is so expandable it will meet your needs for years to come.

  • from January 15, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    A Must For Live Sound

    Incredible Board for the price point. This is a fully digital board but it is simple to use. The Digital Routing makes Mixing so much easier, Avioms are easier than ever to patch, all digital in the Monitor Output. Don't be afraid to buy this board, The price point is worth what you buy, Say goodby to your outboard equalizers, compresses, effects processors, Aviom Sending Unit, Gates, High Pass Filters and more. You have more control over your channel strip than ever before. The slight learning cure is worth it

  • from Colorado September 14, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Enthusiast

    Sell Your Presonus Board!

    We were faithful fans of the very popular line of digital consoles that everyone owns. They truly changed the industry. But, after hundreds of rehearsals and dozens of shows with our two lower cost, bang for the buck boards, I came to the realization that the preamps weren't cutting it, the effects were equivalent to what you'd get on a $200 multi effects box and the signal coming thru the aux sends to our IEM's wasn't exactly what we were hearing in the mains. We decided to sell some stuff and upgrade to a more pro unit. After much research, we decided to go with the GLD 80.

    It ended up being one of those risky decisions that turns out even better than you had hoped. The sound quality is AMAZING. There is a night and day difference from our old board. It's that dramatic. The effects are wonderful. They're more in line with what you'd expect from a $2,000 processor. Perhaps, most amazing is the change in our IEM signal. In the past, we all played with one earbud out as the sound quality just wasn't cutting it. Now, we get it. We know why every pro artist has both IEM's in. Unbelievable difference in what we're hearing in our in-ears. I could go on and on but suffice it to say, sound quality - effects, preamps, etc., it is a slam dunk!

    The second biggest upgrade is ease of use. The digital snake and the ethernet connection is a godsend. It's lightweight. It's neat. Instead of running ethernet on the floor, we can put it up in the rafters - up to 300 feet with no latency. Try doing that with a copper snake! Even if we mix up an input on the AR 2412, we can just drop and drag the right input o the right fader on the console, no problem. Our set up and tear down time has been reduced considerably.

    Finally, the routing options are unbelievable. We're doing things we never even imagined now. The learning curve is a little steep. The iLive forum was more useful than the GLD forum as the iLive has been around for a while. This board is a mini iLive system.

    We could not be happier with our purchase. It's reenergized us and taken us to the next level. We are a much better band because of this board. It's a lot of coin but.... I would purchase it again in a heartbeat.

  • from Sc June 29, 2012Music Background:
    Live sound engineer


    Great board. Tons of features. You just can't get a better board with all these featurs at this price point. I have an ls9 32 and the gld 80 sound board has more feachers. I will admit the ls9 32 has a better display of numbers well using parametric EQs and a better house EQ on faders mode. But the extra feachers on the gld make it a much better consol. I could use the GLD consul or trade for abother LS nine. There is no comparison I am keeping the GLD Consol. So much better. I do wish the routing was more intuitive. But it still works. Looking to get a second gld 80 consol or maybe an sc48

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