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Allen & Heath GL2400-24 Dual-function Live Mixer Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Allen & Heath GL2400-24 Dual-function Live Mixer?

Questions about the Allen & Heath GL2400-24 Dual-function Live Mixer?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Evan Mehre

    Having used this board for everything from bands to corporate functions, I can appreciate its warm and clear preamps and musical yet powerful EQs. It's also incredibly durable. We had a soda line for a vending machine break above this board, and fill the console to the brim with soda. It took a week to dry out, but nothing was damaged, and the mixer is still working perfectly a decade later.

  • Evan
    from Wisconsin January 12, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Gigging Bassist, music major.

    Everything you need!

    Awesome board. I work at an event production company, and we have many boards, both digital and analog, ranging from $100 boards to $50k. This board is truly EXCELLENT. The preamps are very transparent, the EQs are well set up, the mode switching makes it very versatile (I like to run aux fed subs). I would say it tends to excel more with bands that we run than A capella groups because it's eq section is very sensitive. In the noisy clutter of a band, a bigger adjustment does just the trick, but for tweaking the EQ to 6 individual voices, one must be very careful in making even a small adjustment with this EQ section.

  • Mathias
    from Las Vegas May 1, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician/DJ/Entertainment specialist


    I love this company! They do what they say they're going to do. I can call and speak with someone if I have any questions. They product is delievered when they say it will be, and in perfect shape. Totally recommend this company to anyone...

  • Vince Masterson
    from Illinois April 9, 2012Music Background:
    recreational guitar player

    This is an Outstanding Mixer

    Bought this from Sweetwater on Monday and it arrived the next day for a truly speedy delivery. Worked with Chris and Justin on the purchase. Bought the dust cover and Litt lite LED lamps to illuminate the board during low light conditions.

    We were in a desperate situation at our Church having continuing issues with our old mixer, a Yamaha 32/14fx board and Easter services approaching on Thursday, 2 days away. Our old board had been around for 7-8 years and was popping and cutting out at all the wrong times forcing some musicians to unplug due to sporadic feedback.

    After much online research, my choices came down to Allen & Heath and Soundcraft. Decided to go with the Allen & Heath due to great reviews, reading about other Churchs using Allem & Heath and availability with Sweetwater.

    Absolutely no regrets getting this board! Being a novice to mixing, I brought in an audio engineer to help me adjust the sound at our Church and go through our system. We completed the install and component adjustments on Thursday @ 5:30 pm and were letting Parishners in at 6:30 pm.

    We have a Great Choir, but no one really new how good until we installed this board. At the end of services, we actually had people come up to us with tears in their eyes thanking us for the music. Each service ended in loud applause. It was truly a moving experience for Easter 2012.

    Folks came up and thanked our audio engineer, Matt and myself for making it all happen. I would recommend this board to anyone needing clean sound as the mic pre-amps are amazingly clean and warm.

    Our Church sound system now sounds truly amazing thanks in large part to this board. Absolutely the best purchase I have made regarding sound equipment! NO Regrets!

  • D
    from Madison, WI June 7, 2011Music Background:
    FOH Engineer

    No Comparison

    The Mackie will do the job well as long as you don't work the EQ's too hard, but they don't travel well. It is not a better value. My GL2400-24 is pristine and has never let me down. Even after hundreds of gigs, it sounds great and has had no problems, not even so much as a noisy pot or fader!

  • Derek
    from PA, USA August 2, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Recording Engineer Student

    Fantastic Mixing Console!

    I've been using this board for 2 months now, and love it. The board has features that can be applied to almost any setting, and definitely a great studio mixing console, which is what I am using it for. I really don't have any negative things to say about the GL2400-24. I would definitely recommend this console if you are thinking about purchasing it.

  • Tom
    from Chicago March 10, 2012Music Background:
    Live sound, Recording

    Best board for the money!

    I have used 2 of these in set up tear down churchs. They work perfect, sound great! I think what i like most is the meters on every channel they are very helpful for getting the best gain out of the instruments.

  • JOSH
    from MA January 27, 2011Music Background:
    Indie Record Label Owner, Studio Owner, Touring FOH Engineer

    Last Post Decieving

    I just wanted to wright a little on the last comment that was posted and on this product.

    First off, The Mackie ONXY 24-4 Not even in the same category of mixer at this console. Dont get me wrong, the Onxy 24-4 is nice it sound good, but the quality build is night and day. Mackie now manufactures everything in China, now more than ever there are issues with products, And will read as many reviews on that particular mackie board breaking, IT IS NOT MEANT FOR TOURING, or being moved at all!!! I would never puchase a Mackie console over Allen and Heath, EVER! This GL2400 IS TOUR WORTHY and probably they best console for the cost, BOTTOM LINE. Sure It doesnt have every bell and whistle the Onxy series has, But the GL2400 IS A WORKHORSE! with awesome preamps and tons of versatility.

    My main point, The GL2400 IS the best console for the price!

  • Andrew DeNunzio
    from NJ USA February 8, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Hobbist, Musician


    This board sounds great! Perfect for any project studio that's on a budget. The pres are crystal clear, the Eqs are very musical, and the routing is limitless. It can make any "in the box" mix come alive! Overall very well made and rugged. I would recommend this for any live or studio work!

  • D.J.
    from Monterey, TN September 5, 2008Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Recording Engineer, Vocalist

    Mackie Onyx 24-4 Is a Better Value

    First off, let me say that this is a truly great board. I owned it for a short time and had no serious complaints with the board, and the one defect I encountered was corrected very quickly by Allen & Heath's superior customer service team (they actually sent me a NEW replacement board free of charge when I returned the defective one). Great customer service is certainly worth something, and I commend A&H on this.
    The largest reasons for the title I gave this review can be found in the review I wrote for the Mackie Onyx 24-4. The bottom line for me was that the Mackie simply presented a better value in terms of features and functionality than the A&H, and at a lower price. I fully understand the arguments for paying for quality, etc., but I could hear no discernable difference in the sound between the two boards (positively none that would be heard in a live environment), and the Mackie gives me a few extras that the A&H has left out (again, check out my review of the Mackie for details). Make no mistake that this is a great board for the money, and if you are an "Allen & Heath guy", then by all means buy this board. You will be very happy with it. I am writing this review more for the guys who may be looking to buy their first 24+ channel live board who are wavering between all the choices out there. I just can't justify spending more money to get fewer features (unless you count the Allen & Heath name as a feature!), and hopefully this review will help someone make a better decision. And just in case you are also looking at options from Soundcraft and Midas, I can't fathom anyone other than a national touring act or huge touring sound company spending that kind of money on a live board. For us working musicians, save the extra cash and buy more processing equipment, better power amps, or an extra guitar (in case you break a string on stage!).

  • Greg @ The Totah Theatre
    from Four Corners August 7, 2007Music Background:
    Professional Audio Engineer

    Best Board for the Money

    Great features for such a small price. The pre-amps sound great. A few more auxes and busses would be nice but I can't complain because of the price. Highly recommended!

  • Shelly Pieper
    from St. Peter Lutheran Chruch, Dundee, Illinois August 22, 2013Music Background:
    Music Director and Music Teacher

    Excellent for a small church setting!

    We really like our new sound board and powercenter Pro! The Power conditioner has taken out the confusion for those who don't understand the process of turning on and off the system in an appropriate order! The soundboard has done wonders for the sound system. We had lots of problems before, and now we enjoy services that can be heard, and heard clearly

Questions about the Allen & Heath GL2400-24 Dual-function Live Mixer?

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